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Impact Indicators Data from ACCION USA’s 2008 Microtest Impact Analysis

Job Creation Each loan ACCION USA provides creates or retains 1.7 jobs in lowto-moderate income communities.

Increases in Revenue 50 percent of existing businesses noted an increase in business revenue post-loan, with a median change of $6,298.

Increased Family Income 61percent of ACCION USA clients reported an increase in overall household income

Positive Community & Personal Change ACCION USA borrowers frequently report heightened community involvement and personal satisfaction.

Social Return on a Financial Investment: ACCION USA Loan Impact

Lyn Genet Recitas — Neighborhood Holistic — New York, NY

After a traditional bank left Lyn $10,000 short of opening Neighborhood Holistic, a yoga center, ACCION USA stepped in to provide the extra capital Lyn needed. Today, a previously abandoned Harlem brownstone now serves as a community center that employs 12 people and provides Lyn with family income.

Milka Luciano — Abuela’s Cocina — New York, NY

An $8,000 loan from ACCION USA helped to finance a new refrigerator, allowing Milka to keep the business that employs her whole family up and running. Milka’s loan also allowed her to make other business improvements that boosted revenue and her family’s income.

Rebecca Irfan — Little Blessings Day Care — Fitchburg, MA

Rebecca’s home-based day care center was put at risk when the piping in her restroom needed to be replaced. A $3,000 ACCION USA loan allowed Rebecca to make the repairs and keep her business, which provides family income for Rebecca and services to local low-income families, open.

Marcela Mezones — Sol de Cuzco — Miami, FL

Originally from Peru, Marcela worked at a Miami hotel for minimum wage to earn enough money to accomplish her dream of entrepreneurship. She opened Sol de Cuzco with her savings and a $12,000 loan for ACCION USA. Sol de Cuzco provides a better income for her family, and makes Marcela proud of her life in the United States.

ACCION USA Loan Impact  
ACCION USA Loan Impact  

ACCION USA Loan Impact