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Ladycross Infant School Ladycross is a large Infant school in Sandiacre, on the Nottinghamshire Derbyshire border, with a quota of 220 children across Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. We are early adopters of the Kaleidos Learning Platform (KLP) and are now in our second year of use within school. We have found that the children are greatly enthused by this fantastic tool and it has helped to enhance their learning in all areas. Motivation Our Interest Spaces link into the topics at Ladycross, as we try and include each area of a termly topic in our class spaces. The children are enthused by the breadth of their KLP spaces as they have found there is an interest for all. It also works two ways, as the topics in school inspire the children’s access at home, so too does their access out of school inspire their learning in their topics. Impact and Outcomes The impact on our children’s ICT literacy and confidence is astounding. The children are becoming more advanced than the staff! All through a self driven desire to log on and contribute more. An impact on writing has been noticed in some children, especially focussing on spelling when sounding out of simple words and finger spaces are involved. The children have also learned advanced conversational and discussion skills through the discussion forums on the KLP. The children are also finding a renewed enthusiasm for topics that sometimes wane after 2 weeks of history! Learning uses and benefits General: ICT skills come on in leaps and bounds through extended use of keyboards and navigation tools. Children have an exciting reason to log onto the internet, something that will be shared with the class! WIKI’s: Children work collaboratively to write stories and fact files enhancing learning writing, editing and proof reading skills. Blogging: Include communication with parents as part of a class learning blog. Children can express what they have learned and also enjoy writing daily as part of a ‘diary’. Discussions: Children engage in frank discussions about topics and can share experiences through text. The children learn how to communicate as part of a two way conversation and move away from a selfcentred approach. Quizzes: Excellent Assessment of/for Learning tool used prior to or as part of the conclusion of a topic. Children love to compete these! News and What’s on: Using news as a way to announce achievements and awards is a super way to encourage our children. Alongside ‘What’s on’ it is also a very good way to keep some parents ‘better informed’ of events coming up! Games and Web Links: Always a winner! The children love to feel the freedom that they can go where they want on the Internet and choose what they are doing, especially when it’s playing a game. Our web links allow us to focus their gaming and learning on our topics and areas for that term.

Objectives: To encourage our children to use ICT in order to enhance their learning. To engage our children in cross curricular learning. Curriculum links: Literacy, Science, Art, P.E., Geography, even Book Week.

An easy to spot children’s link moves the children into their student space, where they find this lovely view!

Hints and Tips Engage! We all know children love funny pictures, sounds, games and videos, so use them! An interesting page is a well used page. Have lots for the children to do, whether it’s WIKIs, Blogs, Discussions or just games and links, if there are things to do on your space the children will come back! Finally keep interest in your classroom. It’s easy to run out of time for referral to the learning platform but take time regularly to share the children’s contributions and show any new additions you have made for them to interact with. Next steps We’re in the Second world war after the holidays! Our children will be watching videos of evacuees and soldiers, adding to war discussions, writing an evacuee diary, and adding to their learning Blog. All this as well as discussing where our rats have gone? They’ve escaped! Hurdles Once your leadership is on board and your staff are introduced to the KLP’s effect on children, it’s difficult to stop it from snowballing out of control in your school. Get staff introduced in strongly supported environments, but keep it simple to start with. When they are hooked there will be no stopping them. Then your only hurdle will be reminding yourself that there are other things you should be doing rather than interest spaces! Like sleeping!

Clicking on their own teacher’s link takes our children into their class space and towards their own Learning Platform adventure! or other websites such as provide fantastic headers, fonts and GIFs to easily transform any ‘no notice’ board into a ‘TAKE NOTICE’ BOARD.

Our topic for this term was Charlie and his Chocolate Factory. This enticing ticket takes the children to an Oompa Loompa quiz, and our WONKA WIKI! The children all contributed at school and at home to the retelling tof his fabulous story!

By clicking on their teacher’s picture the children can gain easy access to their classes vibrant and engaging noticeboard. From here they can navigate around their space, using all the fantastic WIKIs, Blogs, Quizzes, Discussions, Videos and Games.

Our discussion pages encourage the children to share thoughts and ideas together. Our class rats are a popular topic but we have also discussed transport, monsters, animals amongst other things.

A slideshow on our noticeboard is used to display photos of the children, as well as any work or images from our topics. The children love to see their photos and work on the internet. This photo is part of our MONSTERS book week.

The news section is regularly updated to include our children’s latest proud achievements, such as spelling test results, school awards and other achievements, as well as important news and reminders for the class.

An exciting interactive game at the bottom of the children’s noticeboard gives some more reluctant learners a real reason to visit our space!

Web links related to our topics are chosen to inspire and support the children through games and other interactive activities. Learning through fun!! These activities help to improve the children’s keyboard and mouse control skills, while also exciting them about visiting their space!

Learning Platform case study  

Exemplar use of the Kaleidos Learning Platform in an infant school

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