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C L E V E L A N D W E L S E R - M Ö ST






2O15 Holiday Festival 7

The Cleveland Orchestra Welcome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Musical Arts Association . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 The Music of Christmas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Orchestra News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Roster of Orchestra Musicians . . . . . . . . . 14 Concert Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Severance Hall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Getting Involved . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 The Cleveland Orchestra. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 By the Numbers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61

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Conductor: Robert Porco . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Sing-along Text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Cleveland Orchestra Chorus . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Cleveland Orchestra Children’s Chorus . . 23 Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus . . . . . 24 Wooster Chorus. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 University of Akron Chamber Choir . . . . 26 Cleveland State University Chorale . . . . . 27

Program books for Cleveland Orchestra concerts are produced by The Cleveland Orchestra and are distributed free to attending audience members. Program book advertising is sold through Live Publishing Company at 216-721-1800


The Cleveland Orchestra is grateful to the following organizations for their ongoing generous support of The Cleveland Orchestra: National Endowment for the Arts, the State of Ohio and Ohio Arts Council, and to the residents of Cuyahoga County through Cuyahoga Arts and Culture.


Cleveland Orchestra program books are printed with EcoSmart certified inks, containing twice the vegetable-based material and one-tenth the petroleum oil content of standard inks, and producing one-tenth of the volatile organic compounds.


Back to the Future DECEMBER 10

About the Composer: Alan Silvestri . . . . 39 Conductor: Brett Mitchell . . . . . . . . . . . . 35


The Cleveland Orchestra is proud of its longterm partnership with Kent State University, made possible in part through generous funding from the State of Ohio. The Cleveland Orchestra is proud to have its home, Severance Hall, located on the campus of Case Western Reserve University, with whom it has a long history of collaboration and partnership.

Christmas Concerts DECEMBER 11-20

Eric Sellen, Program Book Editor E-MAIL:

Home Alone DECEMBER 16

About the Composer: John Williams . . . 43 Conductor: Brett Mitchell . . . . . . . . . . . . 35


Support Sound for the Centennial . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Corporate Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Foundation / Government Support . . . . . 55

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The Cleveland Orchestra

Happy holidays to all, and to all a good flight. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport wishes you safe travels this holiday season. And, with more non-stop flights and lower fares to where Clevelanders want to go the most, we’re happy to be a part of connecting you with the ones you love.

Less fare. More there.

Going Places.

The fine art of gift giving. © 2014 Jennie Jones

This holiday season, give your loved ones a gift membership to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Membership privileges include free admission to ticketed special exhibitions, invitations to member events, discounts in the store and café, and more. To give the gift of museum membership, visit or call 216-421-7350.



Welcome from the Executive Director December 2015 Generations of listeners from our community have celebrated the holidays with The Cleveland Orchestra. We are delighted that you are here to continue the tradition — or perhaps to make a new one of your own during this joyous season. Here, you can take a step away from the hustle of last-minute errands and meal planning . . . step back from the bustle of holiday shopping and visiting family . . . and simply nourish your soul with a musical celebration of the season. A Season of Joy and Music. The holidays are a time of shared traditions. From elaborate meals with friends and neighbors . . . to trimming a tree or lighting a candle . . . to watching eyes light up in response to the perfect gift. In fact, the true spirit of the season lies in serving others. And Franz Welser-Möst and I, and the entire Cleveland Orchestra family, are delighted to serve you and all of Northeast Ohio through the power of music this season and every season. Through summer concerts under the stars at Blossom Music Center, or joined here together for the holidays. Through free performances downtown on Public Square, or as part of the Orchestra’s “At Home” neighborhood residency. Through education programs in local school classrooms or right here at Severance Hall. We take great pride that we are sharing more music with more people across our region than ever before. Loyal subscribers who wouldn’t miss a concert. Young people, experiencing the magic of The Cleveland Orchestra for the first time. New listeners, dazzled by the beauty of this concert hall and the magnificence of the musicianship onstage — whether the Orchestra is accompanying “O Come, All Ye Faithful” or playing music by Beethoven or the Beatles, Mussorgsky or Mozart. A Time and Town of Generosity. Franz and I are very grateful to you and to everyone who experiences the joy of the Orchestra’s music-making. We are deeply appreciative of the many ways that the Orchestra musicians, staff, and board work together to create unforgettable musical experiences for you. In a very real way, each and every day, we are most thankful for our many supporters: Foundations, who provide funding for innovation. Corporations, who sponsor our concert presentations. Individuals, who donate to The Cleveland Orchestra at a rate higher than at any other major orchestra in the country. I’m proud to say that our supporters are the most loyal group anywhere. Yet I know that we can’t afford to be satisfied with our achievements. We must continue to serve Northeast Ohio to the utmost. We continue our efforts to offer more kinds of concerts and to perform more music for more people than ever before. We rely on you and your generosity to keep our organization moving forward at the very highest levels of excellence and service. As you reflect on what you are grateful for in your own life, I hope you will recall the special memories you associate with The Cleveland Orchestra, Severance Hall, and Blossom, and that you will honor those lasting memories with a year-end gift to the Orchestra. We greatly appreciate all that you do. With all best wishes for a joyous holiday season,

Gary Hanson 2015 Holiday Festival



as of October 2015

operating The Cleveland Orchestra, Severance Hall, and Blossom Music Festival O F F I C E R S A ND E XE C UT I VE C O MMIT T E E Dennis W. LaBarre, President Richard J. Bogomolny, Chairman The Honorable John D. Ong, Vice President Jeanette Grasselli Brown Matthew V. Crawford Alexander M. Cutler David J. Hooker Michael J. Horvitz

Norma Lerner, Honorary Chair Hewitt B. Shaw, Secretary Beth E. Mooney, Treasurer

Douglas A. Kern Virginia M. Lindseth Alex Machaskee Nancy W. McCann John C. Morley

Larry Pollock Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. Audrey Gilbert Ratner Barbara S. Robinson

RE S I D E NT TR U S TE E S George N. Aronoff Dr. Ronald H. Bell Richard J. Bogomolny Charles P. Bolton Jeanette Grasselli Brown Helen Rankin Butler Scott Chaikin Paul G. Clark Robert D. Conrad Matthew V. Crawford Alexander M. Cutler Hiroyuki Fujita Paul G. Greig Robert K. Gudbranson Iris Harvie Jeffrey A. Healy Stephen H. Hoffman David J. Hooker Michael J. Horvitz Marguerite B. Humphrey David P. Hunt Christopher Hyland Trevor O. Jones

Betsy Juliano Jean C. Kalberer Nancy F. Keithley Christopher M. Kelly Douglas A. Kern John D. Koch S. Lee Kohrman Charlotte R. Kramer Dennis W. LaBarre Norma Lerner Virginia M. Lindseth Alex Machaskee Milton S. Maltz Nancy W. McCann Thomas F. McKee Beth E. Mooney John C. Morley Donald W. Morrison Meg Fulton Mueller Gary A. Oatey Katherine T. O’Neill The Honorable John D. Ong Larry Pollock

Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. Clara T. Rankin Audrey Gilbert Ratner Charles A. Ratner Zoya Reyzis Barbara S. Robinson Paul Rose Steven M. Ross Raymond T. Sawyer Luci Schey Hewitt B. Shaw Richard K. Smucker James C. Spira R. Thomas Stanton Joseph F. Toot, Jr. Daniel P. Walsh Thomas A. Waltermire Geraldine B. Warner Jeffery J. Weaver Jeffrey M. Weiss Norman E. Wells Paul E. Westlake Jr. David A. Wolfort

N O N- R E S I D E NT TRUS T E E S Virginia Nord Barbato (NY) Wolfgang C. Berndt (Austria) Laurel Blossom (SC)

Richard C. Gridley (SC) Loren W. Hershey (DC) Herbert Kloiber (Germany)

Ludwig Scharinger (Austria)

T R U S TE E S E X- O F FI C I O Faye A. Heston, President, Volunteer Council of The Cleveland Orchestra Dr. Patricia Moore Smith, President, Women’s Committee of The Cleveland Orchestra Elisabeth Hugh, President, Blossom Friends of The Cleveland Orchestra

Carolyn Dessin, Chair, Cleveland Orchestra Chorus Operating Committee Beverly J. Warren, President, Kent State University Barbara R. Snyder, President, Case Western Reserve University

H O NO R A RY TR U S T E E S FO R L IFE Robert W. Gillespie Gay Cull Addicott Dorothy Humel Hovorka Oliver F. Emerson Robert P. Madison Allen H. Ford PA S T PR E S I D E NT S D. Z. Norton 1915-21 John L. Severance 1921-36 Dudley S. Blossom 1936-38 Thomas L. Sidlo 1939-53

Percy W. Brown 1953-55 Frank E. Taplin, Jr. 1955-57 Frank E. Joseph 1957-68 Alfred M. Rankin 1968-83

Robert F. Meyerson James S. Reid, Jr.

Ward Smith 1983-95 Richard J. Bogomolny 1995-2002, 2008-09 James D. Ireland III 2002-08

THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA Franz Welser-Möst, Music Director


Gary Hanson, Executive Director

Musical Arts Association

The Cleveland Orchestra

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2O15 Holiday Festival

The Music of Christmas remind us more quickly of the Christmas season than the sound of a favorite carol, song, or piece of holiday music. Beyond thoughts of the Christmas Story itself, few things are as sure to set us smiling, humming, and looking forward to annual greetings and visits from family and friends. The rituals of baking, shopping, and hanging decorations are amplified with the simple pleasure of listening to some of the beautiful music inspired by this December holiday. While music specifically associated with Christmas can be dated back at least as far as the 13th century, many of today’s favorite Christmas carols and songs were created in the past 300 years. “Adeste Fideles” was written in 1782, “Silent Night” in 1816, and “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” in 1850. Many composers have been inspired by the Christmas Story to write great music — from Bach’s Magnificat (1723) and Christmas Oratorio (1734) to Handel’s Messiah (1741), from Berlioz’s L’Enfance du Christ (“The Childhood of Christ,” 1854) to Johannes Brahms’s arrangement of “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming” (1896), and into the 20th century with such well-known collections as Benjamin Britten’s A Ceremony of Carols (1942) or the many carol and song arrangements created by Robert Shaw and Alice Parker, and more recent songs for the season by Mel Tormé, John Rutter, Vince Gill, and others. Throughout the 19th century, a renewed interest in (and commercialization of) Christmas saw the growth of many traditions — including the introduction of the Christmas tree (brought to England by Prince Albert in 1834 from his native Germany), the manufacturing of many new kinds of seasonal decorations, the writing of many new Christmas stories (including the publicadeco tion of “The Night Before Christmas” in 1823 and Charles Dickens’s A Christtio mas Carol in 1843), and the widespread adoption of St. Nicholas (soon to be m called Santa Claus) as customary parts of the season. Musical offerings also expanded, with the planning of ever-more elaborate and festive presentations to celebrate the season in sound. In e America, such inspirational 20th-century choral leaders as Fred Waring A and Robert Shaw helped popularize new songs and new arrangements, while major orchestras, new brass ensembles, and groups like the Morwhil mon Tabernacle Choir helped fill the airwaves through special Christmas recordings — and inspired ensembles throughout the country to offer annual holiday concerts. Such performances are today one of the season’s most eagerly awaited traditions, filling concert halls from coast to coast with beloved music and the spirit of Christmas. FEW THINGS


The Music of Christmas

The Cleveland Orchestra


18 East Orange Street Chagrin Falls, Ohio (440) 247-2828



OrchestraNews Orchestra’s new Brahms DVD on sale now at Severance Hall Following their critically-acclaimed releases of Bruckner symphonies with Clasart, Franz Welser-Möst and The Cleveland Orchestra are releasing an all-Brahms DVD box set this fall. The set features all four symphonies, Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 with Yefim Bronfman and the Violin Concerto with Julia Fischer, and selected other orchestral works. The set is specially available for purchase at the Cleveland Orchestra Store in December, prior to the general U.S. release.

Cleveland Orchestra offers holiday gift ideas, including new recordings, gift certificates, and more . . . Music and the holidays are a perfect match. The Cleveland Orchestra Store offers a host of musical performances this holiday season, including the Orchestra’s latest DVDs and CDs, as well as releases by Orchestra musicians. Music boxes and music-themed holiday ornaments, stationery, books, stuffed toys and musical gifts for children of all ages, fashion scarves, jewelry, and Cleveland Orchestra logo apparel are also on sale at the Store. In addition, Cleveland Orchestra Gift Certificates and Blossom Lawn Ticket Books for the Orchestra’s 2016 Blossom Music Festival ($145 thru December 31, $165 thereafter) are available at the Severance Hall Ticket Office by calling 216-231-1111 or 800-686-1141, or at

* % 10 OFF


Offer expires December 23, 2015

CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA MERCHANDISE, MUSICAL GIFTS, WINTER APPAREL, & MORE! *Redemptions by telephone are not accepted. This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer. This coupon has no cash value, cannot be redeemed for cash, and cannot be used toward the purchase of media or clearance items. 2015 Christmas Silver Bells are not included in this offer.

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Orchestra News

The Cleveland Orchestra

OrchestraNews Women’s Committee continues a holiday tradition with Silver Bells raising money for The Cleveland Orchestra Silver Bells and The Cleveland Orchestra have gone hand in hand for more than four decades, and they’re ringing in another year. Reed & Barton silver bells inscribed with “Christmas 2015” are being sold to benefit community and education programs of The Cleveland Orchestra. The bells are a project of the Women’s Committee of The Cleveland Orchestra. Silver-plated Reed & Barton bells to benefit the Orchestra cost $25. The bells can be purchased from the Cleveland Orchestra Store and from several local gift shops. In addition, Women’s Committee members are selling the bells in the lobbies of Severance Hall at concerts throughout the holiday period.

Free tickets to Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Concert go on sale January 4 On Saturday, January 16, The Cleveland Orchestra performs its 36th annual concert celebrating the spirit of Dr. King’s life, leadership, and vision in music, song, and community service recognition. Admission to the concert is free, but tickets are required. Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis beginning Monday, January 4, through the Severance Hall Ticket Office in person, by phone, or online at There is a limit of 4 tickets per household. Due to high demand, all tickets for this concert are usually distributed by 2 p.m. on the day they are made available.


more coverage MATTERS

WKSU 89.7 has you covered with more engaging NPR programs and in-depth reporting in more of Northeast Ohio (22 counties to be precise).

Celebrating 65 years WKSU, an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, is committed to attaining excellence through the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce. 15-UR-00125-129

2015 Holiday liday Festival

New Orchestra News





DIRECTOR Kelvin Smith Family Chair


Blossom-Lee Chair


Clara G. and George P. Bickford Chair



Gretchen D. and Ward Smith Chair

Takako Masame Paul and Lucille Jones Chair

Wei-Fang Gu Drs. Paul M. and Renate H. Duchesneau Chair

Kim Gomez Elizabeth and Leslie Kondorossy Chair

Chul-In Park Harriet T. and David L. Simon Chair

Miho Hashizume Theodore Rautenberg Chair

Jeanne Preucil Rose Dr. Larry J.B. and Barbara S. Robinson Chair

Alicia Koelz Oswald and Phyllis Lerner Gilroy Chair

Yu Yuan Patty and John Collinson Chair

Isabel Trautwein Trevor and Jennie Jones Chair

Mark Dumm Gladys B. Goetz Chair

Alexandra Preucil Katherine Bormann Analisé Denise Kukelhan


SECOND VIOLINS Stephen Rose * Alfred M. and Clara T. Rankin Chair

Emilio Llinas 2 James and Donna Reid Chair

Eli Matthews 1 Patricia M. Kozerefski and Richard J. Bogomolny Chair

Sonja Braaten Molloy Carolyn Gadiel Warner Stephen Warner Ioana Missits Jeffrey Zehngut Vladimir Deninzon Sae Shiragami Scott Weber Kathleen Collins Beth Woodside Emma Shook Elayna Duitman Yun-Ting Lee VIOLAS Robert Vernon * Chaillé H. and Richard B. Tullis Chair

Lynne Ramsey 1 Charles M. and Janet G. Kimball Chair

Stanley Konopka 2 Mark Jackobs Jean Wall Bennett Chair

Arthur Klima Richard Waugh Lisa Boyko Lembi Veskimets Eliesha Nelson Joanna Patterson Zakany Patrick Connolly

The Orchestra

CELLOS Mark Kosower* Louis D. Beaumont Chair

Richard Weiss 1 The GAR Foundation Chair

Charles Bernard 2 Helen Weil Ross Chair

Bryan Dumm Muriel and Noah Butkin Chair

Tanya Ell Thomas J. and Judith Fay Gruber Chair

Ralph Curry Brian Thornton William P. Blair III Chair

David Alan Harrell Paul Kushious Martha Baldwin BASSES Maximilian Dimoff * Clarence T. Reinberger Chair

Kevin Switalski 2 Scott Haigh 1 Mary E. and F. Joseph Callahan Chair

Mark Atherton Thomas Sperl Henry Peyrebrune Charles Barr Memorial Chair

Charles Carleton Scott Dixon Derek Zadinsky HARP Trina Struble * Alice Chalifoux Chair This roster lists the fulltime members of The Cleveland Orchestra. The number and seating of musicians onstage varies depending on the piece being performed.

The Cleveland Orchestra

2015-16 SE ASON

O R C H E S T R A FLUTES Joshua Smith * Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Chair

Saeran St. Christopher Marisela Sager 2 Austin B. and Ellen W. Chinn Chair

Mary Kay Fink PICCOLO Mary Kay Fink Anne M. and M. Roger Clapp Chair

OBOES Frank Rosenwein * Edith S. Taplin Chair

Corbin Stair Jeffrey Rathbun 2 Everett D. and Eugenia S. McCurdy Chair

HORNS Michael Mayhew § Knight Foundation Chair

Jesse McCormick Robert B. Benyo Chair

Hans Clebsch Richard King Alan DeMattia TRUMPETS Michael Sachs * Robert and Eunice Podis Weiskopf Chair

Jack Sutte Lyle Steelman2 James P. and Dolores D. Storer Chair

Michael Miller

Robert Walters

CORNETS Michael Sachs *

ENGLISH HORN Robert Walters

Michael Miller

Samuel C. and Bernette K. Jaffe Chair

CLARINETS Robert Woolfrey Daniel McKelway 2 Robert R. and Vilma L. Kohn Chair

Mary Elizabeth and G. Robert Klein Chair

TROMBONES Massimo La Rosa* Gilbert W. and Louise I. Humphrey Chair Alexander and Marianna C. McAfee Chair

Shachar Israel 2



BASS CLARINET Linnea Nereim BASSOONS John Clouser * Louise Harkness Ingalls Chair

Gareth Thomas Barrick Stees 2 Sandra L. Haslinger Chair

Jonathan Sherwin CONTRABASSOON Jonathan Sherwin

2015 Holiday Festival

Margaret Allen Ireland Chair

Donald Miller Tom Freer Thomas Sherwood KEYBOARD INSTRUMENTS Joela Jones * Rudolf Serkin Chair

Carolyn Gadiel Warner Marjory and Marc L. Swartzbaugh Chair

LIBRARIANS Robert O’Brien Joe and Marlene Toot Chair

Donald Miller ENDOWED CHAIRS CURRENTLY UNOCCUPIED Sidney and Doris Dworkin Chair Dr. Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Dr. Glenn R. Brown Chair Sunshine Chair Robert Marcellus Chair George Szell Memorial Chair

Richard Stout

Linnea Nereim

Stanley L. and Eloise M. Morgan Chair

PERCUSSION Marc Damoulakis*


* Principal § 1 2

Associate Principal First Assistant Principal Assistant Principal


Giancarlo Guerrero TUBA Yasuhito Sugiyama* Nathalie C. Spence and Nathalie S. Boswell Chair

TIMPANI Paul Yancich * Otto G. and Corinne T. Voss Chair

Tom Freer 2 Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Smucker Chair

The Orchestra



Elizabeth Ring and William Gwinn Mather Chair


Frances P. and Chester C. Bolton Chair


Celebrating 160 years.

Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC. Copyright Š 2015, Dollar Bank. Federal Savings Bank.


We are proud to sponsor The Cleveland Orchestra’s Christmas Concerts.


2015-16 SE A SON

Friday evening, December 11, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon, December 12, 2015, at 2:30 p.m. CSU, Wooster, Akron Saturday evening, December 12, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. Akron Sunday afternoon, December 13, 2015, at 2:30 p.m. Children’s CSU, Wooster

Thursday evening, December 17, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. Friday evening, December 18, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. Youth Saturday afternoon, December 19, 2015, at 2:30 p.m. Children’s Saturday evening, December 19, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. Youth Sunday afternoon, December 20, 2015, at 2:30 p.m. Children’s Sunday evening, December 20, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. Youth


conducted by Robert Porco

with the Cleveland Orchestra Children’s Chorus Children’s and the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus Chamber Ensemble Youth and members of the Cleveland State University Chorale CSU and the Wooster Chorus of The College of Wooster Wooster and the University of Akron Chamber Choir Akron PA R T O N E O Come, All Ye Faithful — Traditional, arranged by Mack Wilberg orc h e st r a a n d c horus “Sheep May Safely Graze” from Cantata No. 208 by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) transcribed for orchestra by William Walton

orc h e st r a Sussex Carol — Traditional English Carol, arranged by Barlow Bradford orc h e st r a a n d c horus “What Is This Lovely Fragrance?” — Traditional French Caroll arranged by Healey Willan and Robert Triplett

orc h e st r a a n d c horuse s AT DECEMBER 13, 19, AND 20 MATINEES ONLY:

“Kling, Glöckchen, Kling!” — Traditional German Carol arranged by Robert Sieving

c h i l dr e n ’s c horus a n d orc h e st r a 2015 Holiday Festival

Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concerts


“Deck the Halls” — Traditional arranged by Robert Shaw and Robert Russell Bennett orchestra and chorus Lux Aurumque (“Light and Gold”) by Eric Whitacre (b. 1970) L chorus — a cappella S I N G - A L O N G Joy to the World words by Isaac Watts (1674-1748), music by Lowell Mason (1792-1872), arranged by John Rutter orchestra and chorus with audience (see text on page 20)

Waltz from Eugene Onegin by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) orchestra Hallelujah! Chorus from Messiah by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) orc h e st r a a n d c horuse s I N T E R M IS S I O N

PA R T T W O Star of Bethlehem from Home Alone by John Williams (b. 1950) orc h e st r a “God Bless Us, Every One” from Disney’s A Christmas Carol by Alan Silvestri (b. 1950) and Glen Ballard (b. 1953), arranged by William Ross

orc h e st r a a n d c horus Walking in the Air from The Snowman by Howard Blake (b. 1937), arranged by Paul Bateman

orc h e st r a a n d c horus The Twelve Days of Christmas — Traditional, arranged by John Rutter orc h e st r a a n d c horus Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson (1908-1975) orc h e st r a White Christmas words and music by Irving Berlin (1888-1989), arranged by Randol Bass

orchestra and chorus The concert is approximately two hours in length.

These concerts are sponsored by Dollar Bank.


Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concerts

The Cleveland Orchestra

Robert Porco Director of Choruses Frances P. and Chester C. Bolton Endowed Chair The Cleveland Orchestra

Robert Porco became director of choruses for The Cleveland Orchestra in 1998. In addition to overseeing choral activities and preparing the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and the Blossom Festival Chorus for a variety of concert programs each season, Mr. Porco conducts the Orchestra’s annual series of Christmas concerts at Severance Hall and regularly conducts subscription concert programs, both at Severance Hall and Blossom. In recent seasons, he has led performances of Handel’s Messiah, Vaughan Williams’s A Sea Symphony, Verdi’s Requiem, and evenings of Broadway and American favorites at Blossom. Highlights of Mr. Porco’s Cleveland tenure have included preparing the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus for a wide variety of performances and repertoire, including performances of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 conducted by Franz Welser-Möst in January 2007, released as a Deutsche Grammophon recording. He has prepared the Chorus for touring appearances with the Orchestra, including the 2013 European Tour, and performances at the Edinburgh International Festival, Lucerne Festival, London Proms, and Carnegie Hall, as well as for the series of operas at Severance Hall under Welser-Möst’s direction. In 2011, Mr. Porco was honored by Chorus America with its annual Michael Korn Founders Award for a lifetime of significant contributions to the professional choral art. His activities and achievements across four decades of work have included preparing choruses for such prominent conductors as Pierre Boulez, James Con2015 Holiday Festival

lon, Christoph von Dohnányi, Raymond Leppard, James Levine, Jesús López-Cobos, Zubin Mehta, André Previn, Kurt Sanderling, Robert Shaw, and Franz WelserMöst, among others. As a guest conductor, Mr. Porco has led performances across North America, and in Europe and Asia, with appearances from Edinburgh to Lucerne, Reykjavik to Taipei, and from Chicago’s Grant Park Festival to the Cincinnati May Festival, where he has served as director of choruses since 1989. Ohio native Robert Porco served as chairman of the choral department at Indiana University 1980-98, and in recent years taught doctoral-level conducting at the school. Highlights of his work at Indiana University have included a special performance by 250 students of Leonard Bernstein’s Mass as part of the Tanglewood Music Festival’s celebration of the composer’s 70th birthday. As teacher and mentor, Mr. Porco has guided and influenced the development of hundreds of musicians, many of whom are now active as professional conductors, singers, or teachers. As a sought-after guest instructor and coach, his teaching work has included programs at Harvard University, Westminster Choir College, and the University of Miami Frost School of Music.

Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concerts


Audience Sing-along Joy to the World! 1. Joy to the world! the Lord is come; Let earth receive her King. Let ev’ry heart prepare him room, And heav’n and nature sing, And heav’n and nature sing, And heav’n, and heav’n and nature sing.

Severance Hall Christmas Lighting Designer: Christopher Shick, Vincent Lighting Varilite Programmer: Ben Starett

4. He rules the world with truth and grace, And makes the nations prove The glories of his righteousness And wonders of his love, And wonders of his love, And wonders, wonders of his love.


%2/ %




%DFKÂśV&KULVWPDV2UDWRULR Sunday, December 20 @ 10AM &KULVWPDV(YH&HOHEUDWLRQV Thursday, December 24





Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concerts

The Cleveland Orchestra

December 11-13 and 17-20

Cleveland Orchestra Chorus Robert Porco, Director Lisa Wong, Assistant Director

Joela Jones, Principal Accompanist

The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus is one of the few professionally-trained, all-volunteer choruses sponsored by a major American orchestra. Founded at the request of George Szell in 1952 and following in the footsteps of a number of earlier community choruses, the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus has sung in hundreds of performances at home, at Carnegie Hall, and on tour, as well as in more than a dozen recordings. Its members hail from nearly fifty Cleveland-area communities and together contribute over 15,000 volunteer hours each year. SOPRANOS

Lou Albertson* Amy Foster Babinski Amanda Baker* Karen Bauer-Blazer* Kimberly Brenstuhl Adriana Changet* Yu-Ching Ruby Chen Mary Rose Coyle* Susan Cucuzza Karla Cummins* Anna K. Dendy Emily Engle Lisa Rubin Falkenberg Sarah Gaither Annie Gartman* Lou Goodwin* Julia Halamek* Rebecca S. Hall Lisa Hrusovsky Shannon R. Jakubczak Sarah J. Jones Hope Klassen-Kay Adrienne Leska Dawn G. Liston* Kate Macy Lisa Manning Megan Meyer Angela Mitchell Kathleen Moreland* Heather Morrison* Roberta Myers* Julie MyersPruchenski S. Mikhaila Noble-Pace Jennifer Heinert O’Leary Sarah Henley Osburn Lenore M. Pershing Joy M. Powell Roberta A. Privette Nadia Robinson* Cassandra E. Rondinella

Meghan Schatt Monica Schie Miranda Scholl * Elizabeth Spencer* Laurie Starner* Megan Tettau* Jane TimmonsMitchell Melissa Vandergriff Tunde Varga* Sharilee Walker Carole Weinhardt* Kiko Weinroth Anna White* Mary Krason Wiker* Marilyn Wilson* Mary Wilson Constance Wolfe ALTOS

Alexandria Albainy Emily Austin Alissa L. Bodner Katherine Brown* Lydia Chamberlin Kathy Chuparkoff* Brianna Clifford Barbara J. Clugh Carolyn Dessin Brooke Emmel* Marilyn Eppich Amanda Evans Nancy Gage* Diana Gardner* Rachael Grubb* Kathy Jo Gutgsell Ann Marie Hardulak Laura Skelly Higgins* Julie Evans Hoffman* Gloria Homolak* Betty Huber Karen Hunt Sarah N. Hutchins Judith Karberg* Lucia Leszczuk Diana Martin Danielle S. McDonald Karla McMullen

2015 Holiday Festival

Donna Miller* Holly N. Miller* Mary-Francis Miller Patrice Moore* Ann Nagy* Peggy A. Norman Marta Perez-Stable Alanna M. Shadrake Peggy Shumate* Shelley B. Sobey* Kellie Sonntag* Ina Stanek-Michaelis Melanie Tabak* Rachel Thibo Martha Cochran Truby Gina Ventre Laure Wasserbauer Meredith Sorenson Whitney Nancy A. Wojciak* Alex Wuertz* Debra Yasinow Lynne Leutenberg Yulish TENORS

Robert Bordon* Vincent L. Briley Gerry C. Burdick Brent Chamberlin Ross Downing* Thomas Glynn* Manuel Gomez Corey Hill  Michael J. Hives Gary Kaplan* Daniel M. Katz Patrick Knaubert Peter Kvidera Tod Lawrence Shawn Lopez Rohan Mandelia Paul March* Stephen Mason* Daniel May, Jr. James Newby

Tremaine B. Oatman Nick Penfound* Bronson Peshlakai* Matthew Rizer John Sabol Lee Scantlebury Jarod Shamp* James Storry Charles Tobias William Venable Adam Vlainic* Michael Ward Steven Weems Allen White* BASSES

Christopher D. Aldrich Tyler Allen Craig Astler* Jack Blazey Sean Cahill Kevin Calavan Charles Carr Carlos CastellsHogan* Peter B. Clausen Dwyer Conklyn* Nick Connavino Thomas Cucuzza* Christopher Dewald Jeffrey Duber Matthew Englehart Thomas E. Evans Richard S. Falkenberg

Benjamin Heacox* Kurtis B. Hoffman Ryan D. Honomichl* Martin Horning Bernard Hrusovsky* William Hrusovsky* Paul Hubbard* Jeral Hurd* Joshua Jones Kevin Kutz* Charles Langmack* Jason Levy Tim Manning Scott Markov Tyler Mason Roger Mennell Robert Mitchell Stephen Mitchell Tom Moormann Keith Norman Glenn Obergefell Daniel Parsley John Riehl Steven Ross Thomas Shaw Steven Skaggs James B. Snell David A. Welshhans Caleb A. Wright

 = Shari Bierman Singer Fellow  * = The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus is pleased to welcome singers marked with an asterisk — members of the Blossom Festival Chorus or former Cleveland Orchestra Chorus members — who are singing with us in these Holiday Festival performances.

Carolyn Dessin, Chair, Cleveland Orchestra Chorus Operating Committee Jill Harbaugh, Manager of Choruses

Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concerts


DISCOVERY STARTS HERE THE CENTENNIAL CAMPAIGN FOR THE CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY A bold and innovative transformation is coming to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s campus, bringing science and nature to life for visitors of all ages. For nearly 100 years, we have been recognized as a global leader in scientific research, education and conservation. Our vision for our centennial anniversary in 2020 is to fully integrate our world-renowned collections and the research of our curators into the visitor experience. With new discoveries at every turn, our Museum will spark visitors’ curiosity and a passion to learn more about science and the natural world around us. Help us create the transformational museum experience of tomorrow. Your involvement can make a great impact on science education for generations to come. Join the campaign at or call Sheryl Hoffman, Leadership Giving, 216-231-3310.

December 13, 19, 20

Cleveland Orchestra Children’s Chorus Ann Usher, Director

Suzanne Walters, Assistant Director Dianna White-Gould, Accompanist

Created in 1967, the Cleveland Orchestra Children’s Chorus is an ensemble of children in grades 6-9 who perform annually with The Cleveland Orchestra. A Preparatory Chorus, comprised of children in grades 5-8, performs twice each year with the Children’s Chorus. The members of the Children’s Chorus and of the Preparatory Chorus rehearse weekly during the school year and are selected by audition with the director (held annually in May and June). A number of Children’s Chorus graduates have continued their association as members of the Youth Chorus or Youth Orchestra or have become adult members of the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus. Yasmin Ahuja Sydney Ball Leah Benko Célina Béthoux Colin Blades-Thomas Anna Buescher Brendan Burdick Alexandra Dodd Taniya Dsouza Baileigh Edelman Aidan Elliot Megan Fowler Brigette Fuentes

Alana Goldschmidt Mariana Gomez Zoe Hartz Celia J. Hawk Maria Hisey Adam Holthaus Annalise Johnson Sohum Kapadia Rachel Kovatich Charlette Kukowski Molly Largent Bridget Lee Arthur Z. Li

Narayah B. Lyles Catherine Eileen Martin Isabella Martin Genesis L. Merritt Grace Mino Nathan Niedzwiecki Amanda Ostroske Alexandra Petro Charlie Proctor Victoria Rasnick Graham Richard Simon Richard Emma Violet Rosberil

Jennifer Rowan Amanda Sachs Somiya Schirokauer Eva Shepard Taylor Sobol Anna Stenger Michael Stupecki Christina Troyer Meridith Vandall Julia Venesile Charles C. Williams IV

Julie Weiner, Manager of Youth Choruses

Ann Usher

Director, Cleveland Orchestra Children’s Choruses

Ann Usher has served as director of the Cleveland Orchestra Children’s Choruses since 2000. She prepares the Children’s Chorus for their appearances as part of the annual Christmas concerts, community concerts, and in the Orchestra’s performances of operas and symphonic works that call for children’s voices. Ms. Usher is director of the School of Music and a professor of music at the University of Akron, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate choral music education courses. Prior to her appointment as director, she also supervised student teachers and directed the University Singers. She previously taught choral music in the public schools, specializing in the middle school level. She has served on adjudicated committees for the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) and in 2014 served as director of OMEA’s inaugural All-State Children’s Chorus for fourth and fifth graders. Active as a clinician and adjudicator, Ann Usher holds a bachelor of music education degree from the University of Northern Iowa, and a master of music degree in choral conducting and a doctorate in music education from Kent State University.

2015 Holiday Festival

Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concerts


December 18, 19, 20 and December 16

Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus Lisa Wong, Director Daniel Singer, Assistant Director John Simmons, Accompanist

Founded in 1991, the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus gives vocally talented singers of high-school age the opportunity to experience music-making at a professional artistic level. Comprised of students in grades 9-12, the members of the Youth Chorus represent some 40 different communities across Northeast Ohio. The Youth Chorus performs with the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra each year, with local colleges and community organizations, and on special occasions with The Cleveland Orchestra. Membership is by annual audition. YOUTH CHORUS (singing in “Home Alone” — see page 41) Graham Ball Sema Albulet Ben Anderson Jillian Anderson Amelia Bayless-Marr Luke Benko  Samuel Blocker  Jack Byerley  Claire Chaikin Max Clifford Hannah Cogar Katelyne Crouch Kassandra Cudnik Maya Cundiff  Maksim Damljanovic Nina Deng Sasha Desberg Megan Janine Dorogi Ivan Dorsey Jasmine Feng Christopher Foley 

Joe Foti  Paula Freccero Sarah Grube  Gillian Hagen Abby Halaszi Isaac Halaszi  Emily Hallock Mark Hermann  Madison Higgins Rachel Imhoff Tiger Jin Eleni Karnavas Aaron Kim Rebecca Li Jennifer Lutz Kasey Madsen Annamarie Martin Ellie Martin Madeleine Massey Reilly McGovern Eddie McLaughlin

Eunice Min Kristina Mullen Lena Nazelli Charlie Newell Isabella O’Brien-Scheffer Camryn Ovsek Solana Petrone Rosalie Phillips Sara Phillips Rose Price Justin Prindle  Megan Qiang Jasmine Ridler Lauren Rogers Martin Rong Melissa Rowan  Steven Schein  Maria Schreiner Elise Scullin Robert Shaw

Eva Shepard  Aaron Siegal Kaya Sittinger  Ilana Solomon Brooke Stiles Lauren Strasser Meghan Sweeney  Natalie Thomas Joey Thornton  Angel Victoria Tyler  Marilyn Violas  Marissa Vitalone  Dana Way  Teagan Webb  Kathryn Weber Sydney Williams Alex Wuertz Rachel Zurilla

Michelle Holy, Coordinator, Youth Choruses

 = Youth Chorus Chamber Ensemble singing in Christmas Concerts, December 18-20 (see page 17).

Consistently Ranked Among “Best Communities for Music Education in the Nation!”



Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concerts

The Cleveland Orchestra

December 11, 12 Members of the

Wooster Chorus Lisa Wong, Director Toni Shreve, Accompanist

Founded in 1964, the Wooster Chorus of the College of Wooster is comprised of undergraduate students representing all academic areas within the College of Wooster’s liberal arts program. The choir has been praised for its artistry and engaging performances. The Wooster Chorus presents several concerts both on and off campus throughout the academic year, and embarks each spring on a week-long United States tour. Alyssa Angle Margot Bruce Alyssa Emery Emma Farrenkopf Jesse Garrett-Larsen Catherine Jaicks Jane Kuan

Zoe Kuhn Rob MacLellan George Marn James May Mickey Osthimer Hannah Paredes Victoria Peacock

Jacob Priest Jordan Shremshock Salena Stewart Matt Turell Lauren Vanden Broeck Carl Vaughan Jessica Vorse

Afton Widdershins Franky Xu Jeff Young Siyan Zhou

Lisa Wong

Assistant Director of Choruses, The Cleveland Orchestra Director, Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus

Lisa Wong has served as assistant director of choruses for The Cleveland Orchestra since 2009. She is also director of the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus, and is a faculty member at the College of Wooster, where she conducts the Wooster Chorus and the Wooster Singers and teaches courses in conducting and music education. At Severance Hall, Ms. Wong assists in preparing the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and Blossom Festival Chorus for performances each year. She previously taught in public and private schools in New York, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, where she worked with the choral department of the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (including directing the Chamber Choir of the Indiana University Children’s Choir). Active as a clinician, guest conductor, and adjudicator, Ms. Wong holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from West Chester University and master’s and doctoral degrees in choral conducting from Indiana University.

2015 Holiday Festival

Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concerts


December 12

University of Akron Chamber Choir Marie Bucoy-Calavan, Conductor

The University of Akron Chamber Choir is the premier auditioned choir at the University, consisting of undergraduate and graduate students. Comprised of both musicc and non-music majors, the group prides itself on its artistry, versatility, and a high level of musicianship and musicality. The University of Akron Chamber Choir is the flagship touring ensemble, performing music from a multitude of historical genres and styles in venues throughout the United States and abroad. Anna Ahrens Jeff Boggs Megan Calderone Kayla Carson Nathan Embaugh Ashlee Foreman Angelica Fulop

Steven Holcomb Brian Kovach Emily Larson Jacob McClellan Michael McGroarty Katie Miller Nick Modney

Brian Patton Hannah Royer Alex Schmidt Sarah Schwartzer John Semenik Emily Smith Moriah Sprit

Joe Strahl Kelsey Usher Kevin Walters Peter Wright

Marie Bucoy-Calavan Marie Bucoy-Calavan is in her second year as the director of choral studies of the University of Akron, where she conducts the Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, and Men’s Chorus, and teaches courses in undergraduate and graduate choral conducting. She has prepared and performed with symphonic choruses in such distinguished venues as Walt Disney Concert Hall, Hollywood Bowl, Cincinnati’s Music Hall, and the Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary. Ms. Bucoy-Calavan has conducted a variety of collegiate opera performances, and is active as a guest clinician and conductor.  She recently served as assistant conductor of the May Festival Chorus, the symphonic chorus for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and has begun her first seasons as the artistic director of Summit Choral Society.  She completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at California State University, Fullerton, and her doctorate at the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music.


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Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concerts

The Cleveland Orchestra

December 11-12

Cleveland State Universiy Chorale Brian Bailey, Conductor

Daniel Overly, Rehearsal Accompanist

The Cleveland State University Chorale is a select ensemble for students with previous vocal and choral experience. The group has been invited to sing as part of The Cleveland Orchestra’s Christmas Concerts every year since 1993. They have also toured to Canada, Germany, Israel, and Poland. For further information, please contact the CSU Department of Music at (216) 687-5039. Julia Abbadini Michael Abbadini Cassandra Acree Freddie Assmus Julian Brill Savanna Carlton Caitlin Cole Kasey Colligan

Kari Cook Katherine DiPiero Riley Faulhammer Joshua Fern Noah Foutz Michaella Frank Madelyn Hasebein Samuel Householder

Le’Vaughn Leath Preston Masters Hannah Maynard Taalibah Muhammad Shelby Namsick Jylian Purtee Joseph Rangel Trista Reagan

Drewcilla Roberts Peter Sherman Ben Smith Lorna Spar Seth Thomas

Brian Bailey Brian Bailey is in his seventh year as director of choirs at Cleveland State University, where he conducts the CSU Chorale and University Chorus. He previously taught for ten years at the School of Music at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, and served as the visiting director of choirs at the College of William and Mary. Mr. Bailey’s training as a choral conductor includes study and ensemble experience at Augustana College in Illinois, Eastman School of Music, Indiana University, and the University of Iowa. His principal teachers have included Timothy Stalter, Donald Morrison, Robert Porco, and Jan Harrington. He has also held a variety of positions as a church musician, and has also been active as a harpsichordist and continuo player.

The Cleveland Orchestra extends a special welcome to Bishop and Mrs. John Hopkins and members of the Cabinet and staff of the East Ohio Annual Conference of Cab the U United Methodist Church, who are enjoying a special evening aatt Sev Severance Hall as part of this year’s Holiday Festival.

2015 Holiday Festival

Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concerts







Bronfman Plays Beethoven

December 10 — Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

January 7 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Thursday at 7:30 p.m. January 8 Âł)ULGD\DWDP <18s January 9 Âł6DWXUGD\DWSP

Back to the Future THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA Brett Mitchell, conductor

THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA Franz Welser-MĂśst, conductor <HĂ&#x20AC;P%URQIPDQ, piano Cleveland Orchestra Chorus *



Sponsor: BakerHostetler

Sponsor: PNC Bank

Shostakovichâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fourth Symphony


January 14 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Thursday at 7:30 p.m. January 15 Âł)ULGD\DWSP <18s

Christmas Brass Quintet December 11 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; )ULGD\DWDP <18s December 12 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Saturday at 11:00 a.m. <18s

THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA Franz Welser-MĂśst, conductor Barbara Hannigan, soprano

with Jack Sutte, trumpet Michael Miller, trumpet Hans Clebsch, horn Richard Stout, trombone Kenneth Heinlein, tuba


SHOSTAKOVICH 6\PSKRQ\1R Sponsor: Jones Day


Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Concert January 16 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Saturday at 7:00 p.m THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA Robert Porco, conductor Hannah White, violin Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Chorus :LOOLDP+HQU\&DOGZHOO, director and conductor


Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concerts December 11 thru December 20




Sponsor: Dollar Bank


Home Alone

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Severance Hall Open House



Sponsor: PNC Bank


Concert Calendar

The Cleveland Orchestra



Ravel and Debussy



February 4 — Thursday at 7:30 p.m. February 5 — Friday at 7:00 p.m. <18s February 6 — Saturday at 8:00 p.m. THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA Vladimir Jurowski, conductor -HDQ(IÁDP%DYRX]HW, piano

'$/%$9,(La Source d’un Regard* RAVEL Piano Concerto in G major  '(%866< Images * not part of Fridays@7 concert Sponsors: Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. Sponsors: KeyBank (Fridays@7)

Mitsuko Uchida’s Mozart February 11 — Thursday at 7:30 p.m. February 12 — Friday at 8:00 p.m. <18s February 13 — Saturday at 8:00 p.m. THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA 0LWVXNR8FKLGD, piano and conductor William Preucil, concertmaster and leader


MOZART Piano Concerto No. 17 MOZART Symphony No. 34 MOZART Piano Concerto No. 25 Sponsor: Quality Electrodynamics (QED)

Saturday January 16 at 7:00 p.m.


THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA Robert Porco, conductor Hannah White, violin Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Chorus William Henry Caldwell, director/conductor

Gotta Dance!

February 26 — Friday at 7:30 p.m. <18s THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA %UHWW0LWFKHOO, conductor with special guests &OHYHODQG%DOOHW Put on your dancing shoes, grab your partner, and join The Cleveland Orchestra and Cleveland Ballet for a concert of history’s most toe-tapping music. With selections including a habanera dance from Bizet’s Carmen, a wild square dance from Copland’s Rodeo, and rousing Slavonic 'DQFHVE\'YRŐiN<RXZRQ·WEHDEOHWRVWRS\RXUIHHW from tapping. Free pre-concert activities begin one hour before start time. Supported by The Giant Eagle Foundation

Under 18s Free FOR FAMILIES


Concerts with this symbol are eligible for "Under 18s Free" ticketing. The Cleveland Orchestra is committed to developing the youngest audience of any orchestra. Our "Under 18s Free" program offers free tickets for young people attending with families (one per full-price paid adult for concerts marked with the symbol above).

The Cleveland Orchestra’s 36th annual concert celebrating the spirit of Dr. King’s life, leadership, and vision. Presented in collaboration with the City of Cleveland. TICKETS: Admission is free, but tickets

are required. Tickets become available beginning January 4, 2016 Concert Sponsor: KeyBank


216 - 231-1111 800-686-1141 2015 Holiday Festival

Concert Calendar


11001 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44106 CLEVELANDORCHESTRA.COM


LATE SEATING As a courtesy to the audience members and musicians in the hall, late-arriving patrons are asked to wait quietly until the first convenient break in the program, when ushers will help you to your seats. These seating breaks are at the discretion of the House Manager in consultation with the performing artists.

of the world’s most beautiful concert halls, Severance Hall has been home to The Cleveland Orchestra since its opening on February 5, 1931. After that first concert, a Cleveland newspaper editorial stated: “We believe that Mr. Severance intended to build a temple to music, and not a temple to wealth; and we believe it is his intention that all music lovers should be welcome there.” John Long Severance (president of the Musical Arts Association, 1921-1936) and his wife, Elisabeth, donated the funds necessary to erect this magnificent building. Designed by Walker & Weeks, its elegant Georgian exterior was constructed to harmonize with the classical architecture of other prominent buildings in the University Circle area. The interior of the building reflects a combination of design styles, including Art Deco, Egyptian Revival, Classicism, and Modernism. An extensive renovation, restoration, and expansion of the facility was completed in January 2000. HAILED AS ONE


PAGERS, CELL PHONES, AND WRISTWATCH ALARMS All electronic and mechanical devices — including pagers, cellular telephones, and wristwatch alarms — must be turned off while in the concert hall. PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEOGRAPHY, AND RECORDING Audio recording, photography, and videography are prohibited during performances at Severance Hall. Photographs of the hall and selfies can be taken when the performance is not in progress. As courtesy to others, please turn off any phone/ device that makes noise or emits light. IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY Contact an usher or a member of house staff if you require medical assistance. Emergency exits are clearly marked throughout the building. Ushers and house staff will provide instructions in the event of an emergency. HEARING AIDS AND OTHER HEALTH-ASSISTIVE DEVICES For the comfort of those around you, please reduce the volume on hearing aids and other devices that may produce a noise that would detract from the program. Infrared AssistiveListening Devices are available. Please see the House Manager or Head Usher for more details. AGE RESTRICTIONS Regardless of age, each person must have a ticket and be able to sit quietly in a seat throughout the performance. Winter season subscription concerts are not recommended for children under the age of 8. However, there are several age-appropriate series designed specifically for children and youth, including: Musical Rainbows, (recommended for children 3 to 6 years old) and Family Concerts (for ages 7 and older).

Severance Hall

The Cleveland Orchestra

Your Role . . . in The Cleveland Orchestra’s Future Genera ons of Clevelanders have supported the Orchestra and enjoyed its concerts. Tens of thousands have learned to love music through its educa on programs, celebrated important events with its music, and shared in its musicmaking — at school, at Severance Hall, at Blossom, downtown at Public Square, on the radio, and with family and friends. Ticket sales cover less than half the cost of presen ng The Cleveland Orchestra’s season each year. To sustain its ac vi es here in Northeast Ohio, the Orchestra has undertaken the most ambi ous fundraising campaign in our history: the Sound for the Centennial Campaign. By making a dona on, you can make a crucial difference in helping to ensure that future genera ons will con nue to enjoy the Orchestra’s performances, educa on programs, and community ac vi es and partnerships. To make a gi to The Cleveland Orchestra, please visit us online, or call 216-231-7562.

Wishing you a healthy holiday season from the health sciences schools of Case Western Reserve University


      M61EE #6'8'4#0%' #.. EE61E



  n


       

ůĞǀĞůĂŶĚWKW^KƌĐŚĞƐƚƌĂǁŝƚŚĂƌůdŽƉŝůŽǁǁŝƐŚĞƐLJŽƵĂ dŝĐŬĞƚƐ͗Ψϯϭ͕Ψϰϲ͕Ψϱϲ͕ΨϳϬ͕ΨϭϭϮͬĂůůϮϭϲ͘Ϯϯϭ͘ϭϭϭϭŽƌƚŽůůĨƌĞĞϴϬϬ͘ϲϴϲ͘ϭϭϰϭ͕Žƌ ďƵLJŽŶůŝŶĞĂƚĐůĞǀĞůĂŶĚƉŽƉƐ͘ĐŽŵ

Brett Mitchell Assistant Conductor Elizabeth Ring and William Gwinn Mather Endowed Chair The Cleveland Orchestra

T H E 2 0 1 5 - 1 6 S E A S O N marks Brett

Mitchell’s third year as a member of The Cleveland Orchestra’s conducting staff and as music director of the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra. His contract has been extended through the 2016-17 season, with his title raised from assistant conductor to associate conductor. Mr. Mitchell serves as cover conductor for Severance Hall and Blossom Music Festival subscription concerts, and provides assistance to music director Franz WelserMöst — in his first season, he stepped in on several occasions to lead concerts of The Cleveland Orchestra for ailing colleagues, at Severance Hall and Blossom. In June 2015, he led the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra in the ensemble’s second international tour, to China. As a guest conductor, Mr. Mitchell has led performances throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, including appearances with the orchestras of Columbus, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee, Oregon, Rochester, Saint Paul, and Washington D.C., and the Frankfurt Radio Symphony, among others. He has also acted as musical assistant and cover conductor with the Philadelphia Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, London Philharmonic Orchestra, and Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. Recent return engagements include appearances with the orchestras of Detroit, Houston, Rochester, Saint Paul, and Washington D.C. Mr. Mitchell served as assistant conductor of the Houston Symphony (200711), where he concurrently held a League of American Orchestras American Conducting Fellowship. Since that time, he

2015 Holiday Festival


has returned to lead the Houston Symphony regularly as a guest conductor. He was also an assistant conductor to Kurt Masur at the Orchestre National de France (2006-09) and served as director of orchestras at Northern Illinois University (2005-07). He was associate conductor of the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble (2002-06), where he led many subscription programs, six world premieres, and several recording projects. Mr. Mitchell has also served as music director of nearly a dozen opera productions, principally as music director at the Moores Opera Center in Houston (2010-13), where he led eight productions. A native of Seattle, Brett Mitchell holds a doctor of musical arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin, where he was also music director of the University Orchestra. He earned a bachelor of music degree in composition from Western Washington University. Mr. Mitchell also participated in the National Conducting Institute in Washington D.C., and studied extensively with Lorin Maazel at the Castleton Festival and with Kurt Masur as a recipient of the inaugural American Friends of the Mendelssohn Foundation Scholarship.


for getting everyone out of their seats. Inspiring. Thought Provoking. PNC is proud to sponsor The Cleveland Orchestra. Because we appreciate all that goes into your work.

4 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC Š2013


The Cleveland Orchestra


2015-16 SE A SON

Thursday evening, December 10, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. STEVEN SPIELBERG presents



with the score performed live by THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA conducted by BRETT MITCHELL The Cleveland Orchestra’s At the Movies Series is sponsored by PNC Bank, a Cleveland Orchestra Partner in Excellence. Media Partner: The Plain Dealer This movie presentation runs about two hours and twenty minutes, with one intermission.

2015 Holiday Festival

Back to the Future


FROM THE COMPOSER Great Scott! After thirty years, we find ourselves being sent Back To The Future. This time the re-entry is in the concert hall, bringing a new sense of excitement through gifted musicians all around the world. Unlike Doc Brown, I could never have dreamed that I would have the opportunity to set the time circuits back to 1985 and have the chance to relive the excitement of the arrival of Back To The Future. “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads . . .” With a timeless film, and a timeless machine known as an orchestra, we can go anywhere. —Alan Silvestri

BACK TO THE FUTURE FILM WITH LIVE ORCHESTRA PRODUCTION CREDITS Back to the Future — Film with Live Orchestra produced by Film Concerts Live!, a joint venture of IMG Artists, LLC and the Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency, Inc. Producers: Steven A. Linder and Jamie Richardson Production Coordinator: Rob Stogsdill Worldwide Representation: IMG Artists, LLC Technical Director: Mike Runice Marketing Coordinator: Dan Barry Music Composed by Alan Silvestri Music Preparation: Jo Ann Kane Music Service Film Preparation for Concert Performance: Kristopher Carter and Mako Sujishi Technical Consultant: Laura Gibson Synthesizer Programming: Alex Levy Sound Remixing for Concert Performance: Chace Audio by Deluxe The score for Back to the Future has been adapted for live concert performance. With special thanks to: Universal Studios, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, Alan Silvestri, David Newman, Chris Herzberger, Tamara Woolfork, Adrienne Crew, Daric Murphy, Mark Graham, and the musicians and staff of The Cleveland Orchestra.

Back to the Future is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios and U-Drive Joint Venture. Licensed by Universal Studio Licensing LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Back to the Future

The Cleveland Orchestra

Alan Silvestri In his ongoing, decades-long career as a composer, Alan Silvestri has scored some of the most iconically revered and profitable films in Hollywood history, amassing over a hundred credits and including two Oscar and Golden Globe nominations, two Emmy awards, as well as three Grammy awards. Born in New York City and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, Silvestri first thought of becoming a bebop jazz guitar player. After spending two years at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he hit the road as a performer and arranger. Landing in Hollywood at the age of 22 and armed with film scoring books and a sense of adventure, Silvestri found himself composing the music for 1972’s The Doberman Gang. A sequel, The Amazing Dobermans, was followed by several low-budget but successful films, further cementing Silvestri’s place in the world of film composing. The 1970s witnessed the rise of energetic synth-pop scores, establishing Silvestri as the action rhythmatist for TV’s highway patrol hit CHiPs. This actiondriven score caught the ear of budding filmmaker Robert Zemeckis, whose 1984 hit film Romancing the Stone was the perfect first date for the composer and director — and its success became the basis of a decades-long collaboration between the filmmaker and composer that continues to the current day. Their numerous collaborations have taken them through many fascinating landscapes and stylistic variations, from the Back to the Future trilogy and the jazzy world of Toontown in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? to the tension-filled rooms of What Lies Beneath and Death Becomes Her, from the cosmic wonder of Contact to the emotional isolation of Castaway, and from the Wagnerian brawl of Beowulf to the magic of The Christmas Carol and Polar Express. But perhaps no film partnership defines their creative relationship better than Zemeckis’s 1994 Best Picture winner, Forrest Gump, for which Silvestri earned an Oscar nomination. Though the Zemeckis/Silvestri collaboration is legendary, Silvestri has scored well over 100 films across many styles and genres, including The Bodyguard, Judge Dredd, The Avengers, Predator, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Abyss, The Mummy Returns, Soapdish, The Mexican, Parent Trap, The Quick and the Dead, Stuart Little 1 and 2, Lilo and Stitch, and the Night at the Museum trilogy. Alan Silvestri and his wife Sandra are long-time residents of California’s central coast. They are founders of the local branch of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Monterey branch and have served in many capacities through their long relationship with the organization since their son was diagnosed as a young child in 1992. They are also the founders of Silvestri Vineyards. 2015 Holiday Festival

Back to the Future


for getting everyone out of their seats. Inspiring. Thought Provoking. PNC is proud to sponsor The Cleveland Orchestra. Because we appreciate all that goes into your work.

4 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC Š2013


The Cleveland Orchestra


2015-16 SE A SON

Wednesday evening, December 16, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX presents A JOHN HUGHES Production A CHRIS COLUMBUS Film

MACAULAY CULKIN JOE PESCI DANIEL STERN JOHN HEARD and CATHERINE O’HARA Music by JOHN WILLIAMS Film Editor RAJA GOSNELL Production Designer JOHN MUTO Director of Photography JULIE MACAT Executive Producers MARK LEVINSON & SCOTT ROSENFELT and TARQUIN GOTCH Written and Produced by JOHN HUGHES Directed by CHRIS COLUMBUS with the score performed live by THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA and the CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA YOUTH CHORUS (see page 24) conducted by BRETT MITCHELL This evening’s concert presentation is sponsored by PNC Bank, a Cleveland Orchestra Partner in Excellence. Media Partner: The Plain Dealer This movie presentation runs about two hours, with one intermission. Soundtrack Album available on CBS Records, Cassettes, and Compact Discs.

2015 Holiday Festival

Home Alone


FROM THE COMPOSER Ever since Home Alone appeared, it has held a unique place in the affections of a very broad public. Director Chris Columbus brought a uniquely fresh and innocent approach to this delightful story, and the film has deservedly become a perennial at Holiday time. I took great pleasure in composing the score for the film, and I am especially delighted that the magnificent Cleveland Orchestra has agreed to perform the music in a live presentation of the movie. I know I speak for everyone connected with the making of the film in saying that we are greatly honored by this event . . . and I hope that tonight’s audience will experience the renewal of joy that the film brings with it, each and every year.

H O M E A LO N E F I L M W I T H L I V E O R C H E S T R A PRODUCTION CREDITS Home Alone — Film with Live Orchestra produced by Film Concerts Live!, a joint venture of IMG Artists, LLC and the Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency, Inc. Producers: Steven A. Linder and Jamie Richardson Production Coordinator: Rob Stogsdill Worldwide Representation: IMG Artists, LLC Technical Director: Mike Runice Marketing Coordinator: Dan Barry Music Composed by John Williams Music Preparation: Jo Ann Kane Music Service Film Preparation for Concert Performance: Ramiro Belgardt Technical Consultant: Laura Gibson Sound Remixing for Concert Performance: Chace Audio by Deluxe The score for Home Alone has been adapted for live concert performance. With special thanks to: Twentieth Century Fox, Chris Columbus, David Newman, John Kulback, Mark Graham, and the musicians and staff of The Cleveland Orchestra and the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus.

Color by DELUXE®

Film screening of Home Alone courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox. © 1990 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


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The Cleveland Orchestra

John Williams In a career spanning five decades, John Williams has become one of America’s most accomplished and successful composers for film and for the concert stage, and he remains one of our nation’s most distinguished and contributive musical voices. He has composed the music and served as music director for more than one hundred films, including all seven Star Wars films, the first three Harry Potter films, Superman, JFK, Born on the Fourth of July, Memoirs of a Geisha, Far and Away, The Accidental Tourist, Home Alone, and The Book Thief. His forty-year artistic partnership with director Steven Spielberg has resulted in many of Hollywood’s most acclaimed and successful films, including Schindler’s List, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Indiana Jones films, Munich, Saving Private Ryan, The Adventures of Tintin, War Horse, and . His contributions to television music include scores for more than 200 television films, for the groundbreaking, early anthology series Alcoa Theatre, Kraft Television Theatre, Chrysler Theatre, and Playhouse 90, as well as themes for NBC Nightly News, NBC’s Meet the Press, and the PBS arts showcase Great Performances. He also composed themes for the 1984, 1988, and 1996 Summer Olympic Games, and the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. He has received five Academy Awards and forty-nine Oscar nominations, making him the Academy’s most-nominated living person and the second-most nominated person in history. He has received seven British Academy Awards (BAFTA), twenty-two Grammys, four Golden Globes, five Emmys, and many gold and platinum records. Mr. Williams received the prestigious Kennedy Center Honor in December of 2004. In 2009, he was inducted into the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, and received the National Medal of Arts, the highest award given to artists by the U.S. Government. In January 1980, Mr. Williams was named nineteenth music director of the Boston Pops Orchestra, succeeding the legendary Arthur Fiedler. He currently holds the title of laureate conductor with the ensemble, following his retirement in December 1993. He also holds the title of artist-in-residence at Tanglewood. Mr. Williams has composed many works for the concert stage, among them two symphonies, and concertos commissioned by several of the world’s leading orchestras, including a cello concerto for Boston, a bassoon concerto for New York, a trumpet concerto for Cleveland, and a horn concerto for Chicago. In 2009, Mr. Williams composed and arranged “Air and Simple Gifts” especially for the first inaugural ceremony of President Barack Obama. 2015 Holiday Festival

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Each year, thousands of Northeast Ohioans experience The Cleveland Orchestra for the first Ɵme. Whether you are a seasoned concertgoer or a first-Ɵmer, these pages give you ways to learn more or get involved with the Orchestra and to explore the joys of music further. Created to serve Northeast Ohio, The Cleveland Orchestra has a long and proud history of sharing the value and joy of music. To learn more, visit

The Cleveland Orchestra performs all varie es of music, gathering family and friends together in celebra on of the power of music. The Orchestra’s music marks major milestones and honors special moments, helping to provide the soundtrack to each day and bringing your hopes and joys to life. From free community concerts at Severance Hall and in downtown Cleveland . . . to picnics on warm summer evenings at Blossom Music Center . . . From performances for crowds of students, in classrooms and auditoriums . . . to opera and ballet with the world’s best singers and dancers . . . From holiday gatherings with favorite songs . . . to the wonder of new composi ons performed by music’s rising stars . . . Music inspires. It for fies minds and electrifies spirits. It brings people together in mind, body, and soul.


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Celebra ng Life & Music

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Ambassador to the World


Changing Lives The Cleveland Orchestra is building the youngest orchestra audience in the country. Over the past five years, the number of young people a ending Cleveland Orchestra concerts at Blossom and Severance Hall has more than doubled, and now makes up 20% of the audience! • Under 18s Free, the flagship program of the Orchestra’s Center for Future Audiences (created with a lead endowment gi from the Maltz Family Founda on), makes a ending Orchestra concerts affordable for families. • Student Advantage and Frequent FanCard programs offer great deals for students.

The Cleveland Orchestra is one of the world’s most acclaimed and sought-a er performing arts ensembles. Whether performing at home or around the world, the musicians carry Northeast Ohio’s commitment to excellence and strong sense of community with them everywhere the Orchestra performs. The ensemble’s es to this region run deep and strong: • Two acous cally-renowned venues — Severance Hall and Blossom — anchor the Orchestra’s performance calendar and con nue to shape the ar s c style of the ensemble. • More than 60,000 local students par cipate in the Orchestra’s educa on programs each year. • Over 350,000 people a end Orchestra concerts in Northeast Ohio annually. • The Cleveland Orchestra serves as Cleveland’s ambassador to the world — through concerts, recordings, and broadcasts — proudly bearing the name of its hometown across the globe.

• The Circle, our new membership program for ages 21 to 40, enables young professionals to enjoy Orchestra concerts and social and networking events. • The Orchestra’s casual Friday evening concert series (Fridays@7 and Summers @Severance) draw new crowds to Severance Hall to experience the Orchestra in a context of friends and musical explora ons.


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The Cleveland Orchestra



Building Community The Cleveland Orchestra exists for and because of the vision, generosity, and dreams of the Northeast Ohio community. Each year, we seek new ways to meaningfully impact Cleveland’s ci zens. • Convening people at free community concerts each year in celebra on of our country, our city, our culture, and our shared love of music.


Inspiring Minds Educa on has been at the heart of The Cleveland Orchestra’s community offerings since the ensemble’s founding in 1918. The arts are a core subject of school learning, vital to realizing each child’s full poten al. A child’s educa on is incomplete unless it includes the arts, and students of all ages can experience the joy of music through the Orchestra’s varied educa on programs. The Orchestra’s offerings impact . . . . . . the very young, with programs including PNC Musical Rainbows and PNC Grow Up Great. . . . grade school and high school students, with programs including Learning Through Music, Family Concerts, EducaƟon Concerts, and In-School Performances.

• Immersing the Orchestra in local communi es with special performances in local businesses and hotspots during our annual “At Home” neighborhood residencies. • Collabora ng with celebrated arts ins tu ons — from the Cleveland Museum of Art and PlayhouseSquare to Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet — to bring inspira onal performances to the people of Northeast Ohio. • Ac vely partnering with local schools, neighborhoods, businesses, and state and local government to engage and serve new corners of the community through neighborhood residencies, educa on offerings, and free public events.

. . . college students and beyond, with programs including musician-led masterclasses, in-depth explora ons of musical repertoire, pre-concert musician interviews, and public discussion groups.

2015 Holiday Festival

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Suppor ng Excellence

The Cleveland Orchestra is in the midst of the Sound for the Centennial Campaign, a ten-year ini a ve that seeks to sustain the musical excellence and community engagement that sets this ensemble apart from every other orchestra in the world.


Get Involved The Cleveland Orchestra has been supported by many dedicated volunteers since its founding in 1918. You can make an immediate impact by ge ng involved. • Over 100,000 friends of The Cleveland Orchestra par cipate online in our news, concerts, and performances through Facebook and Twi er. • The Women’s Commi ee of The Cleveland Orchestra and the Blossom Women’s Commi ee support the Orchestra through service and fundraising. For further informa on, please call 216-231-7557.

Ticket sales cover less than half the cost of The Cleveland Orchestra’s concerts, educa on presenta ons, and community programs. Each year, thousands of generous people make dona ons large and small to sustain the Orchestra for today and for future genera ons. Every dollar donated enables The Cleveland Orchestra to play the world’s finest music, bringing meaningful experiences to people throughout our community — and acclaim and admira on to Northeast Ohio. To learn more, visit

• Over 400 volunteers assist concertgoers each season, as Ushers for Orchestra concerts at Severance Hall, or as Tour Guides and as Store Volunteers. For more info, please call 216-231-7425. • 300 professional and amateur vocalists volunteer their me and ar stry as part of the professionally-trained Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and Blossom Fes val Chorus each year. To learn more, please call 216-231-7372.


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The Cleveland Orchestra



Learn More To learn more about how you can play an ac ve role as a member of The Cleveland Orchestra family, visit us at Blossom or Severance Hall, a end a musical performance, or contact a member of our staff.



Making Music The Cleveland Orchestra passionately believes in the value of ac ve musicmaking, which teaches life lessons in teamwork, listening, collabora on, and self expression. Music is an ac vity to par cipate in directly, with your hands, voice, and spirit. • You can par cipate in ensembles for musicians of all ages — including the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus, Children’s Chorus, Youth Chorus, and Blossom Fes val Chorus, and the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra. • Each year, the Orchestra brings people together in celebra on of music and events, giving voice to music at community singalongs and during holiday performances. • We partner with local schools and businesses to teach and perform, in ensembles and as soloists, encouraging music-making across Northeast Ohio. Music has the power to inspire, to transform, to change lives. Make music part of your life, and support your school’s music programs.

2015 Holiday Festival

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Severance Hall  11001 Euclid Avenue  Cleveland, OH 44106

Blossom Music Center  1145 West Steels Corners Road  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

CONTACT US Administra ve Offices: 216-231-7300 Ticket Services: 216-231-1111 or 800-686-1141 or Group Sales: 216-231-7493 Educa on & Community Programs:   216-231-7355   educaƟ Orchestra Archives: 216-231-7356 Choruses: 216-231-7372 Volunteers: 216-231-7557 Individual Giving: 216-231-7556 Legacy Giving: 216-231-8006 Corporate & Founda on Giving:   216-231-7523 Severance Hall Rental Office:   216-231-7421


Sound for the Centennial TH E C A M PAI G N FO R TH E C LE V EL AN D O RC H ESTR A In anticipation of The Cleveland Orchestra’s 100th season in 2017-18, we have embarked on the most ambitious fundraising campaign in our history. The Sound for the Centennial Campaign seeks to build the Orchestra’s Endowment through cash THE gifts and legacy commitments, while also securing broad-based and increasing anCLEVELAND ORCHESTRA nual support from across Northeast Ohio. The generous individuals and organizations listed on these pages have made long-term commitments of annual support, endowment funds, and legacy declarations to the Campaign as of November 20, 2014. We gratefully recognize their extraordinary commitment toward the Orchestra’s future success. Your participation can make a crucial difference in helping to ensure that future generations of concertgoers experience, embrace, and enjoy performances, collaborative presentations, and education programs by The Cleveland Orchestra. To join this growing list of visionary contributors, please contact Jon Limbacher, Chief Development Officer, at 216-231-7520. GIFTS OF $5 MILLION AND MORE

The Cleveland Foundation Cuyahoga County residents through Cuyahoga Arts and Culture Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Cutler

Maltz Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Ratner Anonymous


Art of Beauty Company, Inc. BakerHostetler Mr. William P. Blair III Mr. Richard J. Bogomolny and Ms. Patricia M. Kozerefski Mrs. M. Roger Clapp Eaton FirstEnergy Foundation Forest City Enterprises, Inc. The George Gund Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz Hyster-Yale Materials Handling NACCO Industries, Inc. Jones Day The Walter and Jean Kalberer Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Keithley KeyBank Kulas Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. LaBarre Mrs. Norma Lerner The Lubrizol Corporation The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


Ms. Beth E. Mooney Sally S.* and John C. Morley John P. Murphy Foundation David and Inez Myers Foundation The Eric & Jane Nord Family Fund Ohio Arts Council The Payne Fund PNC Bank Julia and Larry Pollock Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. James and Donna Reid Barbara S. Robinson The Leighton A. Rosenthal Family Foundation The Sage Cleveland Foundation The Ralph and Luci Schey Foundation The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation The J. M. Smucker Company Joe and Marlene Toot Anonymous (3)

Sound for the Centennial Campaign

The Cleveland Orchestra


Gay Cull Addicott Darby and Jack Ashelman Claudia Bjerre Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Glenn R. Brown Robert and Jean* Conrad GAR Foundation Richard and Ann Gridley The Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation Martha Holden Jennings Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Kern James and Gay* Kitson

Virginia M. and Jon A. Lindseth Ms. Nancy W. McCann Nordson Corporation Foundation The Honorable and Mrs. John Doyle Ong Charles and Ilana Horowitz Ratner Sally and Larry Sears Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Smucker Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP Thompson Hine LLP Anonymous (2)

GIFTS OF $250,000 TO $500,000

Randall and Virginia Barbato John P. Bergren* and Sarah S. Evans The William Bingham Foundation Mr. and Mrs.* Harvey Buchanan Cliffs Natural Resources The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Crawford William and Anna Jean Cushwa Nancy and Richard Dotson Patricia Esposito Sidney E. Frank Foundation Albert I. and Norma C. Geller The Gerhard Foundation Mary Jane Hartwell David and Nancy Hooker Mrs. Marguerite B. Humphrey James D. Ireland III Trevor and Jennie Jones Myra Tuteur Kahn Memorial Fund of The Cleveland Foundation

Mr. Clarence E. Klaus, Jr. Giuliana C. and John D. Koch Dr. Vilma L. Kohn Mr. and Mrs. Alex Machaskee Robert M. Maloney and Laura Goyanes Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund Mr. Donald W. Morrison Margaret Fulton-Mueller National Endowment for the Arts William J. and Katherine T. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill Parker Hannifin Corporation Mr. and Mrs. James A. Saks Hewitt and Paula Shaw The Skirball Foundation R. Thomas and Meg Harris Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Jules Vinney* David A. and Barbara Wolfort

GIFTS OF $100,000 TO $250,000

The Abington Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George N. Aronoff Jack L. Barnhart Fred G. and Mary W. Behm Ben and Ingrid Bowman Dr. Christopher P. Brandt and Dr. Beth Sersig Helen C. Cole Charitable Trust The Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation Mary Kay DeGrandis and Edward J. Donnelly George* and Becky Dunn Mr. Allen H. Ford Dr. and Mrs. Hiroyuki Fujita Dr. Saul Genuth The Giant Eagle Foundation JoAnn and Robert Glick Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP Iris and Tom Harvie Jeff and Julia Healy Mr. Daniel R. High Mr. and Mrs.* S. Lee Kohrman Kenneth M. Lapine and Rose E. Mills

2015 Holiday Festival

Dr. David and Janice Leshner Mrs. Emma S. Lincoln Linda and Saul Ludwig Dr. and Mrs. Sanford E. Marovitz Mr. Thomas F. McKee The Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation The Nord Family Foundation Mr. Gary A. Oatey Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. Polsky Fund of Akron Community Foundation Quality Electrodynamics (QED) Helen Rankin Butler and Clara Rankin Williams The Reinberger Foundation Audra and George Rose RPM International Inc. Raymond T. and Katherine S. Sawyer Mrs. David Seidenfeld Andrea E. Senich David Shank Naomi G. and Edwin Z. Singer Sandra and Richey Smith

Ms. Lorraine S. Szabo Virginia and Bruce Taylor Dorothy Ann Turick Ms. Ginger Warner The Denise G. and Norman E. Wells, Jr. Family Foundation Mr. Max W. Wendel Paul and Suzanne Westlake Marilyn J. White The Edward and Ruth Wilkof Foundation Katie and Donald Woodcock William Wendling and Lynne Woodman Anonymous

Sound for the Centennial Campaign


More time with family. Our doctor recommended calling Hospice of the Western Reserve after mom’s illness caused frequent trips to the hospital. Now with 24/7 support, we have more family time. If you or a loved one has a serious illness, ask for us by name. Call 800.707.8922 to learn more.


800.707.8922 | |


Working on your 2016 advertising budget? Don’t forget Northeast Ohio’s most influential audience of professionals. JJoin the “who’s who” of EŽƌƚŚĞĂƐƚKŚŝŽĂĚǀĞƌƟƐĞƌƐ͘ WĂLJĂƐůŝƩůĞĂƐΨϭ͕ϱϳϬĨŽƌ ϴŵŽŶƚŚƐŽĨĂĚǀĞƌƟƐŝŶŐŝŶŽƵƌ ϮϬϭϱͬϮϬϭϲƐĞĂƐŽŶƉƌŽŐƌĂŵŬƐ͘

Call 216-721-1800.


The Cleveland Orchestra


Corporate Support The Cleveland Orchestra gratefully acknowledges and salutes these corporations for their generous support toward the Orchestra’s Annual Fund, benefit events, tours and residencies, and special projects.

Cumulative Giving

Annual Support


The Partners in Excellence program salutes companies with annual contributions of $100,000 and more, exemplifying leadership and commitment to musical excellence at the highest level.



BakerHostetler Bank of America Eaton FirstEnergy Foundation Forest City Enterprises, Inc. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Hyster-Yale Materials Handling NACCO Industries, Inc. Jones Day The Lubrizol Corporation / The Lubrizol Foundation Medical Mutual of Ohio Parker Hannifin Corporation The Plain Dealer PolyOne Corporation Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich (Europe) The J. M. Smucker Company UBS The John L. Severance Society recognizes the generosity of those giving $1 million or more in cumulative support. Listing as of September 2015.

gifts of $2,500 or more during the past year, as of September 5, 2015


Hyster-Yale Materials Handling NACCO Industries, Inc. KeyBank Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich (Europe) The J. M. Smucker Company PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE $200,000 TO $299,999

BakerHostetler Eaton FirstEnergy Foundation Jones Day PNC Bank PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE $100,000 TO $199,999

Forest City Enterprises, Inc. The Lincoln Electric Foundation Medical Mutual of Ohio Nordson Corporation Foundation Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP Thompson Hine LLP White & Case (Miami) $50,000 TO $99,999

Dollar Bank Parker Hannifin Corporation Quality Electrodynamics (QED) voestalpine AG (Europe) Anonymous $25,000 TO $49,999 Buyers Products Company Greenberg Traurig (Miami) Litigation Management, Inc. The Lubrizol Corporation Olympic Steel, Inc. RPM International Inc.

2015 Holiday Festival

Corporate Annual Support

$2,500 TO $24,999 Akron Tool & Die Company American Fireworks, Inc. American Greetings Corporation Bank of America BDI Brothers Printing Co., Inc. Brouse McDowell Eileen M. Burkhart & Co LLC Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP Cleveland Clinic The Cleveland Wire Cloth & Mfg. Co. Cohen & Company, CPAs Consolidated Solutions Dominion Foundation Ernst & Young LLP Evarts Tremaine The Ewart-Ohlson Machine Company Feldman Gale, P.A. (Miami) Ferro Corporation FirstMerit Bank Frantz Ward LLP Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. The Giant Eagle Foundation Great Lakes Brewing Company Gross Builders Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP Huntington National Bank KPMG LLP Littler Mendelson, P.C. Live Publishing Company Macy’s Materion Corporation Miba AG (Europe) MTD Products, Inc. North Coast Container Corp. Northern Haserot Oatey Co. Ohio CAT Ohio Savings Bank, A Division of New York Community Bank Oswald Companies Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. The Plain Dealer PolyOne Corporation The Prince & Izant Company The Sherwin-Williams Company Stern Advertising Agency Struktol Company of America Swagelok Company Tucker Ellis UBS University Hospitals Ver Ploeg & Lumpkin, P.A. (Miami) WCLV Foundation Westlake Reed Leskosky Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LPA Anonymous (2)



Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center Audiologists ĚĞůŝǀĞƌƚŚĞŐŝŌŽĨďĞƩĞƌŚĞĂƌŝŶŐ͊ Hearing Screenings zǀĂůƵĂƟŽŶƐ ĞǀŝĐĞ&ŝƫŶŐƐz&ŽůůŽǁͲƵƉ^ƵƉƉŽƌƚ Expert service for over 90 years Individualized service for your needs and budget zEĂŵĞďƌĂŶĚƉƌŽĚƵĐƚƐ͕ĐŽŵƉĞƟƟǀĞƉƌŝĐĞƐ z

“Your programs at ideastream are beyond expectation.” - Jenny and Glenn Brown

Find out more at


Enjoy all the sounds of the season! Don’t wait, call today. 216-231-8787



Foundation & Government Support The Cleveland Orchestra gratefully acknowledges and salutes these Foundations and Government agencies for their generous support toward the Orchestra’s Annual Fund, benefit events, tours and residencies, and special projects.

Cumulative Giving

Annual Support




The Cleveland Foundation Cuyahoga County residents through Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Kulas Foundation Maltz Family Foundation State of Ohio Ohio Arts Council The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation

gifts of $2,500 or more during the past year, as of September 5, 2015

The Cleveland Foundation Cuyahoga County residents through Cuyahoga Arts & Culture The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation $500,000 TO $999,999

The George Gund Foundation Ohio Arts Council Timken Foundation of Canton $250,000 TO $499,999

Knight Foundation (Miami) Kulas Foundation John P. Murphy Foundation The Eric & Jane Nord Family Fund


$100,000 TO $249,999

The George Gund Foundation Knight Foundation (Cleveland, Miami) The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation John P. Murphy Foundation

GAR Foundation Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund David and Inez Myers Foundation The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation


$50,000 TO $99,999

The William Bingham Foundation The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation GAR Foundation Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation The Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation Martha Holden Jennings Foundation Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund David and Inez Myers Foundation National Endowment for the Arts The Eric & Jane Nord Family Fund The Payne Fund The Reinberger Foundation The Sage Cleveland Foundation The John L. Severance Society recognizes the generosity of those giving $1 million or more in cumulative support. Listing as of September 2015.

2015 Holiday Festival

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation The Gerhard Foundation, Inc. Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation The William Randolph Hearst Foundation Martha Holden Jennings Foundation Myra Tuteur Kahn Memorial Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Marlboro 2465 Foundation Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs (Miami) The Nord Family Foundation The Payne Fund The Sage Cleveland Foundation

$20,000 TO $49,999 The Batchelor Foundation, Inc. (Miami) Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation Mary E. and F. Joseph Callahan Foundation The Helen C. Cole Charitable Trust The Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation Mary and Dr. George L. Demetros Charitable Trust The Helen Wade Greene Charitable Trust National Endowment for the Arts The Frederick and Julia Nonneman Foundation Peacock Foundation, Inc. (Miami) The Reinberger Foundation James G. Robertson Fund of Akron Community Foundation The Sisler McFawn Foundation The Veale Foundation

$2,500 TO $19,999 The Abington Foundation Ayco Charitable Foundation The Ruth and Elmer Babin Foundation Dr. NE & JZ Berman Foundation The Bernheimer Family Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Elisha-Bolton Foundation The Conway Family Foundation The Harry K. Fox and Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation Funding Arts Network (Miami) The Hankins Foundation The Muna & Basem Hishmeh Foundation Richard H. Holzer Memorial Foundation The Laub Foundation Victor C. Laughlin, M.D. Memorial Foundation Trust The Lehner Family Foundation The G. R. Lincoln Family Foundation Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Foundation The Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation The M. G. O’Neil Foundation Paintstone Foundation The Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Foundation The Leighton A. Rosenthal Family Foundation SCH Foundation Albert G. & Olive H. Schlink Foundation Jean C. Schroeder Foundation Kenneth W. Scott Foundation Lloyd L. and Louise K. Smith Memorial Foundation The South Waite Foundation The George Garretson Wade Charitable Trust The S. K. Wellman Foundation The Welty Family Foundation Thomas H. White Foundation, a KeyBank Trust The Edward and Ruth Wilkof Foundation The Wuliger Foundation Anonymous (2)

Foundation and Government Annual Support



The Cleveland Orchestra

Dreams can come true

Cleveland Public Theatreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s STEP Education Program Photo by Steve Wagner

... WITH INVESTMENT BY CUYAHOGA ARTS & CULTURE Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC) uses public dollars approved by you to bring arts and culture to every corner of our County. From grade schools to senior centers to large public events and investments to small neighborhood art projects and educational outreach, we are leveraging your investment for everyone to experience.

Your Investment: Strengthening Community Visit to learn more. 2015 Holiday Festival



its founding in 2018, The Cleveland Orchestra is undergoing a new transformation and renaissance. Under the leadership of Franz Welser-Möst, entering his fourteenth year as the ensemble’s music director with the 2015-16 season, The Cleveland Orchestra is acknowledged among the world’s handful of best orchestras. With Welser-Möst, the ensemble’s musicians, board of directors, staff, volunteers, and hometown are working together on a set of enhanced goals for the 21st century — to continue the Orchestra’s legendary command of musical excellence, to renew its focus on fully serving the communities where it performs through concerts, engagement, and music education, to develop the youngest audience of any orchestra, to build on its tradition of community support and financial strength, and to move forward into the Orchestra’s next century with an unshakeable commitment to innovation and a fearless pursuit of success. The Cleveland Orchestra divides its time each year across concert seasons at home in Cleveland’s Severance Hall and each summer at Blossom Music Center. Additional portions of the year are devoted to touring and to a series of innovative and intensive performance residencies. These include an annual set of concerts and education programs and partnerships in Florida, a recurring residency at Vienna’s Musikverein, and regular appearances at Switzerland’s Lucerne Festival, at New York’s Lincoln Center Festival, and at Indiana University.


Musical Excellence. The Cleveland Orchestra has long been committed to the pursuit of musical excellence in everything that it does. The Orchestra’s ongoing collaboration with Welser-Möst is widely-acknowledged among the best orchestra-conductor partnerships of today. Performances of standard repertoire and new works are unrivalled at home, in residencies around the globe, on tour across North America and Europe, and through recordings, telecasts, and radio and internet broadcasts. Its longstanding championship of new composers and commissioning of new works helps audiences experience music as a living language that grows and evolves with each new generation. Recent performances with Baroque specialists, recording projects of varying repertoire and in different locations, fruitful re-examinations and juxtapositions of the standard repertoire, and acclaimed collaborations in 20th- and 21st-century masterworks together enable The Cleveland Orchestra the ability to give musical performances second to none in the world. Serving the Community. Programs for students and community engagement activities have long been part of the Orchestra’s commitment to serving Cleveland and surrounding communities, and have more recently been extended to its touring and residencies. All are being created to connect people to music in the concert hall, in classrooms, and in everyday lives. Recent seasons have seen the launch of a unique “At Home” neighborhood residency program, designed to

About the Orchestra

The Cleveland Orchestra

tions with pop and jazz singers, ballet and opera presentations, and standard repertoire juxtaposed in meaningful contexts with new and older works. Franz Welser-Möst’s creative vision has given the Orchestra an unequaled opportunity to explore music as a universal language of communication and understanding.


bring the Orchestra and citizens together in new ways. Additionally, a new Make Music! initiative is being developed, championed by Franz Welser-Möst in advocacy for the benefits of direct participation in making music for people of all ages. Future Audiences. Standing on the shoulders of more than nine decades of presenting quality music education programs, the Orchestra made national and international headlines through the creation of its Center for Future Audiences in 2010. Established with a significant endowment gift from the Maltz Family Foundation, the Center is designed to provide ongoing funding for the Orchestra’s continuing work to develop interest in classical music among young people. The flagship “Under 18s Free” program has seen unparalleled success in increasing attendance and interest — with 20% of attendees now comprised of concertgoers age 25 and under. Innovative Programming. The Cleveland Orchestra was among the first American orchestras heard on a regular series of radio broadcasts, and its Severance Hall home was one of the first concert halls in the world built with recording and broadcasting capabilities. Today, Cleveland Orchestra concerts are presented in a variety of formats for a variety of audiences — including popular Friday night concerts (mixing onstage symphonic works with post-concert entertainment), film scores performed live by the Orchestra, collabora2015 Holiday Festival

An Enduring Tradition of Community Support. The Cleveland Orchestra was born in Cleveland, created by a group of visionary citizens who believed in the power of music and aspired to having the best performances of great orchestral music possible anywhere. Generations of Clevelanders have supported this vision and enjoyed the Orchestra’s concerts. Hundreds of thousands have learned to love music through its education programs and celebrated important events with its music. While strong ticket sales cover just under half of each season’s costs, it is the generos-

About the Orchestra


ity of thousa thousands each year that drives the Orchestra O h t fforward and sustains its extraordinary tradition of excellence onstage, in the classroom, and for the community. Evolving Greatness. The Cleveland Orchestra was founded in 1918. Over the ensuing decades, the Orchestra quickly grew from a fine regional organization to being one of the most admired symphony orchestras in the world. Seven music directors have guided and shaped the ensemble’s growth and sound: Nikolai Sokoloff, 1918-33; Artur Rodzinski, 193343; Erich Leinsdorf, 1943-46; George Szell, 1946-70; Lorin Maazel, 1972-82; Christoph von Dohnányi, 1984-2002; and Franz Welser-Möst, since 2002. The opening in 1931 of Severance Hall as the Orchestra’s permanent home, with later acoustic refinements and remodeling

of the hall under Szell’s guidance, brought a special pride to the ensemble and its hometown, as well as providing an enviable and intimate acoustic environment in which to develop and refine the Orchestra’s artistry. Touring performances throughout the United States and, beginning in 1957, to Europe and across the globe have confirmed Cleveland’s place among the world’s top orchestras. Year-round performances became a reality in 1968 with the opening of Blossom Music Center, one of the most beautiful and acoustically admired outdoor concert facilities in the United States. Today, concert performances, community presentations, touring residencies, broadcasts, and recordings provide access to the Orchestra’s acclaimed artistry to an enthusiastic, generous, and broad constituency around the world.

Franz Welser-Möst leads a concert at John Adams High School. Through such In-School Performances and Education Concerts at Severance Hall, The Cleveland Orchestra has introduced more than 4 million young people to symphonic music over the past nine decades.


About the Orchestra

The Cleveland Orchestra


Seven music directors have led the Orchestra, including George Szell, Christoph von Dohnányi, and Franz Welser-Möst.


1l1l 11l1 1l1I

The 2015-16 season will mark Franz Welser-Möst’s 14th year as music director.

SEVERANCE HALL, “America’s most beautiful concert hall,” opened in 1931 as the Orchestra’s permanent home.


each year

Over 40,000 young people attend Cleveland Orchestra concerts each year via programs funded by the Center for Future Audiences, through student programs and Under 18s Free ticketing — making up 20% of audiences.

2015 Holiday Festival


Over half of The Cleveland Orchestra’s funding each year comes from thousands of generous donors and sponsors, who together make possible our concert presentations, community programs, and education initiatives.


Likes on Facebook (as of Oct 30, 2015)

The Cleveland Orchestra has introduced over 4.1 million children in Northeast Ohio to symphonic music through concerts for children since 1918.




concerts each year.

The Orchestra was founded in 1918 and performed its first concert on December 11.

The Cleveland Orchestra performs over






2015-16 SE A SON




Thursday January 7 at 7:30 p.m. Friday January 8 at 11:00 a.m. <18s Saturday January 9 at 8:00 p.m.

Thursday February 11 at 7:30 p.m. Friday February 12 at 8:00 p.m. <18s Saturday February 13 at 8:00 p.m.


THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA 0LWVXNR8FKLGD, piano and conductor :LOOLDP3UHXFLO, concertmaster and leader

A Cleveland favorite, Yefim Bronfman’s commanding technique and exceptional lyrical gifts have won consistent critical acclaim from audiences worldwide. This all-Beethoven concert features Bronfman playing the dashing Third Piano Concerto and joining in for the Choral Fantasy. Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 15 is presented, played by the exquisite strings of The Cleveland Orchestra. Sponsored by BakerHostetler * Not appearing on Friday Morning Coffee concert.

Mitsuko Uchida’s interpretations of Mozart are renowed for their intelligence, elegance, and purity. She continues her acclaimed collaboration with The Cleveland Orchestra, performing — and conducting from the keyboard — some of Mozart’s most extraordinary piano concertos. Sponsored by Quality Electrodynamics (QED)

“The give-and-take response between Uchida and the Cleveland strings and winds attractively beguiles. Superb!” —Audiophile Audition

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The Cleveland Orchestra

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The Cleveland Orchestra 2015 Holiday Festival  

Dec. 11-20 Christmas Concerts Dec. 10 Back to the Futre Dec. 16 Home Alone