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One of the most important functions of us, as parents and mentors, to kids nowadays is teaching them and being able to do it successfully. There are a lot of tools and methods that can be used to teach our kids especially Mathematics but we really cannot tell how successful these tools may be unless maybe when we see them hurdle those Math lessons and exams in school. There are three basic keys or skills we need to develop and enhance to be able to successfully teach our kids Math: Memory, Mental Picture and Reasoning (Logic and Analysis). Memory Memory is one of the priority skills we need to develop and improve in our kids to be able to teach them Mathematics. As we all know math requires a lot of memorization and having a good memory will be a big advantage on our kids. Enhance your kid's memory by giving him/her number exercises on mental addition or multiplication, remembering dates such as birthdays or anniversaries or dates for special occasions and making connections to other events that happened or will happen on a certain date. Exercising your kid's memory will truly be an asset later on when he has to memorize rules, formula, methods or procedures in solving mathematical problems or equations. Mental Picture It is a fact that one of the areas of Mathematics is that of seeking patterns and visualization. In solving Math problems especially in geometry there is a need to visualize the object whether it be a three dimensional or a plane figure. It is thus important that your kid/s should be able to mentally picture every side, aspect or feature of an object, area or place. You can exercise this skill by making your kid/s describe from memory what he remembers about going to the zoo. Your kid/s should be able to:

describe the place the people with him other children or families he saw picture the different animals he saw how the animals looked how colorful the animals are how their cages looked like the different smells of each area his feelings like if he was afraid, excited or tired

This exercise will help utilize almost all of his senses: sound, smell, sight. Being able to see the wider perspective of things or places will enhance your child's view and angle of things or objects. Reasoning (Logic and Analysis) Reasoning in Mathematics is a very important function because Math is problem solving. Problem solving requires reasoning to be able to find out the answers. You should allow your child to ask the "Whys" of everything he sees because this will provide him with skills in logic, analysis and reasoning. This will also provide your child the opportunity to nourish his curiosity which will later on help him in solving his mathematical problems. Developing and enhancing these key skills will really make teaching Math to your kids successful because they will be armed with the skills that will help them understand and comprehend the many Math concepts they have to learn.

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