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Celebrating Ordinary Time



SES SION 5 OUTCOMES ▶▶ Tell about the Church season of

Ordinary Time. ▶▶ Describe Ordinary Time as a season

of thanks and praise.

Special Days and Seasons

▶▶ Define grace and Ordinary Time.

1 Set the Stage

The Church has special seasons that are different from winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Say: The Church celebrates seasons that are different from winter, spring, summer, and fall. We pray certain prayers. We listen to certain Bible stories. Ask: What Church seasons do you know? (Possible answers: Easter, Christmas)

One Church season is called Ordinary Time.

2 Get Started


Thank you, God, for times to celebrate your love. UNIT 1 • Session 5



Have children open their books to page 27. Read aloud the title and the sentences. Invite children to name special days when they celebrate with family. Say: Look at the words Ordinary Time. They are written in heavy type. We can look them up in the Glossary. Help children find Ordinary Time in the Glossary and discuss the definition.


Caring Connections Provide a green ball of yarn. Have children sit with you in a circle. Tell them that they are going to play a game. Hold the end of the yarn. Say: I am thankful for all of you. Then gently toss or roll the ball of yarn to someone across the circle. That child says something he or she is thankful for and keeps hold of the strand as the ball of yarn is passed to someone else. Play continues, eventually forming a web of caring connections.

Help children get ready to pray. Invite them to close their eyes if they wish. Say: This is a prayer for Ordinary Time. Then pray the prayer slowly and reverently. Together pray Amen.

God’s Creation

Service: Grounds Cleanup Provide gardening gloves and trash bags. Arrange additional chaperones for a walking field trip. Find an outdoor area near you that is in need of a manageable cleanup. Pick up the area together. Talk about the importance of not littering as a way to give glory to God and care for his world. God’s Creation


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Finding God (Bilingual) Kindergarten - Teacher Edition  
Finding God (Bilingual) Kindergarten - Teacher Edition