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Faith Summary

Jesus is our Savior . Jesus saves us so that we can enter into heaven .

Living My Fa i t h



Marta thinks of all the people


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Say: Today we learned that God sent us a Savior. Our Savior is his son, Jesus.

With My Family  Read aloud the directions in blue type for the rebus story. Use the Picture Glossary to review with children what each picture means. Then invite children to read and discuss the story at home.


saves Marta. Whom else does

2 Connect

Ask children to close their eyes, fold their hands, and pray silently as you pray aloud: Thank you, Father, for sending us a Savior to help us make good choices in our lives. We want to be like Jesus in everything we do.

Read the story with your family. Talk about it.


Faith Summary  Read aloud the summary and discuss the ideas. Have children trace the words Savior and heaven. Review the meaning of each word in the Glossary.


With My Family


1 Begin

save? UNIT 1 • Session 4



Session Assessment Option An assessment for this session can be found at

3 Go in Peace Collect materials and return them to the appropriate places. Remind children to read the story at home. Say: Share the story with your family. Tell them that God the Father wants to be close to us even though we sin sometimes. He sent Jesus to save us from our sins.

PL AN AHEAD: Get Ready for Session 5 Consult the catechist preparation pages to prepare for Session 5 and determine any materials you will need.


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Finding God (Bilingual) Kindergarten - Teacher Edition  
Finding God (Bilingual) Kindergarten - Teacher Edition