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God Loves Us God loves and cares for us. God wants us to love and care for one another too.

1 Begin Invite children to bring in pictures of themselves and their family. Display the pictures on a bulletin board. Add a title above the arrangement, such as “God Loves Us.”

Whom does God love? Color the parts marked with a dot.

2 Connect Have children open their books to page 11. Read aloud the title and the sentences. Point out the word loves in heavy type. Help children find the word in the Glossary. Read aloud and discuss the definition. Tape butcher paper onto the wall. Provide watercolor paints to children and brainstorm what they might paint to show God’s love and care. Invite children to add to the mural during the week. Read aloud the directions on page 11. Have children complete the activity. Then read aloud the hidden word that answers the question.

A Friend of God

God’s Creation

Saint John followed Jesus. He tells us to love one another.

Art Time

UNIT 1 • Session 2


FYI John the Apostle

Session 2 BLM I Use My Senses  Have children complete the Session 2 Blackline Master [T-258] to highlight the five senses God gave us.

Invitation to Inclusion Use this opportunity to explain that God creates people in his image and cares for all of us. Emphasize that God loves us just the way we are. For more inclusion ideas, see pages EC-8–EC-9.


John was the youngest of Jesus’ twelve apostles and a Gospel writer. Like Peter, he was a fisherman who followed Jesus’ call. John witnessed several important events of Jesus’ life, including miracles as well as the agony in the garden. Jesus entrusted John to care for Mary after his Death on the Cross. His simple and powerful message was “love one another.”


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A Friend of God Read aloud the feature. Tell children that John was one of the apostles.

3 Close

Peaceful Children

Art Time  Display Art Print 2: Peaceful Children. Use the English instruction on the back of the Art Print or the Spanish instruction on page T-222. Also, use the Explore Art Print 2 Blackline Master.

UNIT 1  •  Session 2  11

Finding God (Bilingual) Kindergarten - Teacher Edition  
Finding God (Bilingual) Kindergarten - Teacher Edition