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Living My Fa i t h

Faith Summary

God creates all things. We can pray every day.

He sees a

to see things and


in a

Look out your


. What do you see?

How can you thank he creates?

2 Connect Say: We have talked about how God creates the world and everything in it..

Remind children that the Sign of the Cross poster will help them remember how to pray the Sign of the Cross. Ask children to pray aloud the Sign of the Cross. Say: Thank you, God, for creating this great world for us. We know you love us because you made this beautiful world for us to enjoy.

Read the story with your family. Talk about it.

He sees the

Faith Summary  Read aloud the summary and discuss the ideas. Have children trace the words God, creates, and pray. Review the meaning of each word in the Glossary.


With My Family

Sam looks out the creates.

1 Begin

for what

UNIT 1 • Session 1



With My Family  Read aloud the directions in blue type for the rebus story. Use the Picture Glossary to review with children what each picture means. Then invite children to read and discuss the story at home.

3 Go in Peace

Session Assessment Option An assessment for this session can be found at

Collect materials and return them to the appropriate places. Say: Enjoy reading the story with your family. Remember, God’s creation is all around us!

PL AN AHEAD: Get Ready for Session 2 Consult the catechist preparation pages to prepare for Session 2 and determine any materials you will need.


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Finding God (Bilingual) Kindergarten - Teacher Edition  
Finding God (Bilingual) Kindergarten - Teacher Edition