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Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus

Introduce children to the unit saint and theme.

Saint Thérèse and her simple life lead us to God.

1 Begin Have children form a circle and sit on the floor. Hold up a Children’s Book. Say: We’ll use this book to help us learn about God. Now I want to learn about you. I will pass around the book. When it’s your turn to hold the book, say your name and tell us your favorite thing that you do with your family. Invite children to hold the book and introduce themselves. Then say: Now that we know a little more about one another, let’s keep learning! After children return to their seats, distribute a copy of the Children’s Book to each child.



2 Introduce the Saint

God, Our Creator and Father 2


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Saint Thérèse s one “little t show a picture tha of theDrthiaw Child Jesus for God. do n ca u yo ” ng Thérèse entered the Carmelite monastery at age 15. She devoted herself to God daily in thought and action— B/W line art. her “little way.” Thérèse’s simplicity inspires millions. She was canonized in 1925. Thérèse is also known as Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and “The Little Flower.” D Her parents were canonized at the Synod of the Family in 2015.

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Have children turn to pages 1–2, the Unit Opener saint pages. Read aloud the unit title and say: We will learn about God, our Creator and Father. Read aloud the name Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus. Say: Saint Thérèse loved flowers. She loved God’s creation. Her simple life leads us to God. Ask children to color the picture. Say: We will make a little book that tells about Saint Thérèse. A saint is a person who lived a good, holy life as a follower of Jesus and who now lives with Jesus in heaven. Guide children to tear out and fold the Unit 1 saint booklet at the back of the book. Read aloud page A, inviting them to track the words with their finger. Show children the country of France on a globe or map. Say: Thérèse was born in France almost 150 years ago. She was such a good woman that we still learn about her today! Read aloud pages B, C, and D. Have children complete the activity on page D and share it with a partner. Then ask children to turn to page 3 in their books.

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Finding God (Bilingual) Kindergarten - Teacher Edition  
Finding God (Bilingual) Kindergarten - Teacher Edition