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God Calls Us to Faith Goals The children will realize they are called to be one of God’s holy people. They will desire to live like Jesus.

1 God Calls Us God calls each of us to take part in the plan of salvation. God promises to help and bless us if we trustingly respond. In this chapter the children learn that Abraham and Ruth are models of fidelity to God’s call. They learn that faith means a willingness to do what God asks, knowing that God always brings us to a fuller, richer life.

4 God Called Mary At the Annunciation Mary was asked to be the mother of Jesus, God’s Son. By saying yes she became the mother of God, our spiritual mother, and the Mother of the Church. In this chapter the children learn from Mary’s example to answer the call of God willingly and promptly. They also become familiar with the Joyful Mysteries, as they are taught how to pray the rosary.

2 God Gives Us Gifts Each person fulfills God’s plan in a different way. God gives us the gifts and talents we need to do this. In this chapter the children learn that God expects us to be responsible for our talents. We should develop them to the best of our ability and use them to improve ourselves, to help others, and to praise and glorify God. They meet David, who used his gifts this way.

5 Jesus Calls Us to Follow True disciples of Jesus listen to his Word and walk in his way. In this chapter the children hear how Jesus called the apostles, the disciples, and Paul. They learn that Jesus calls them, too, to follow his way of love and to share in his mission of leading all people to God.

3 We Are God’s Holy People God calls us to be a holy people and gives us his Son to be our Way, our Truth, and our Life. In this chapter the children learn that Jesus became man to show us how to live a holy life and to teach us the way to the Father. Through his Church and the saints, God continues to guide us. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we are strengthened and brought closer to God as God’s holy people.



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God Calls Us


Faith Focus We are called to believe in God and to do what God asks.

Reflecting on the Faith Experience Take a few moments to reflect prayerfully before preparing the lesson.

Listening I have called you by name: you are mine. Isaiah 43:1

The Lord said to Abram: “Go forth from the land of your kinsfolk and from your father’s house to a land that I will show you. “I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.” Genesis 12:1–2

Abraham and Ruth are models of fidelity to the call of God: Abraham responded to the direct call of God with faith; Ruth responded to the indirect call of God, made known to her through the needs of her mother-in-law, Naomi. Both Abraham and Ruth received the gift of faith. Both were blessed in many other ways, especially by progeny who were direct ancestors of Jesus.

Responding Holy Spirit, strengthen the children’s faith and mine!

Like our ancestors in faith we too are called to holiness, to sanctity. For I, the Lord, am your God; and you shall make and keep yourselves holy, because I am holy.

Scripture for Further Reflection Genesis 12, 17, 21, 22 Abraham responded to God’s call to leave behind the security of his possessions and homeland to experience the wonder of God’s life-giving love. Leviticus 26:1–13 God promises to bless those who obey his Law.

Leviticus 11:44

Reflecting God is always calling each one of us to himself. Every moment of our lives is an opportunity to respond to God’s gift of himself and to answer his call. God calls us in many different ways, even in the most ordinary situations, and each call is both an election and a promise. God’s call is an election to a particular work in his plan of salvation. It is also a promise of help and blessing if we have faith in God and respond trustingly to this call. In whatever manner it is given to us, each call contains a personal challenge directed to the deepest level of our sense of moral responsibility. God awaits our response, for although God is the Lord, the events of history depend upon people’s response to God’s call.



Through grace, we have been made God’s in Baptism and share in God’s divine nature. We have been sanctified. However, we are called to live the new life we have received and to bring it to perfection in all that we do. To encourage us, God says: Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name: you are mine. When you pass through the water, I will be with you; . . . When you walk through fire, you shall not be burned; . . . For I am the Lord, your God, . . . your savior. adapted from Isaiah 43:1–3

How do my actions testify that I am a Christian living according to the Holy Spirit received at Baptism?

God Calls Us to Faith


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Preparing for the Faith Experience Scripture in This Chapter Genesis 12–21 God’s Promises to Abraham The Book of Ruth Ruth Responds in Faith

Catholic Social Teaching • Family and Community • Solidarity

Church Documents Catechism of the Catholic Church. The themes of this chapter correspond to the following paragraphs: 144–146, 2156–2159, 2653.

Before You Begin 1. We all like to be called by our names. It makes us feel that we are unique and important. When you distribute the student books, call each child by name.

2. You may wish to put together a list of the children’s names and what they mean. You can use a book or the Internet to look up the history and meaning of each name.

3. A bulletin board or a mobile displaying the names of the children makes a good introductory device.

General Directory for Catechesis #157. All Christians are called to respond to the gift of God through prayer, participation in the liturgy, and a commitment to justice and peace. National Directory for Catechesis #45. God calls each person by name, and proper address shows reverence for the person. Dogmatic Constitution on the Church #39–#42 (Vatican II). God calls everyone to holiness of life and gives each person all that he or she needs to answer that call with devotion.

Music in This Chapter For a list of all the music suggested in this program, see page T393.

Enriching the Faith Experience Use the activities at the end of the chapter to enrich a lesson or to replace an activity with one that better meets the needs of your class.

The Jewish People and Their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible #28 (Pontifical Biblical Commission). In choosing Abraham, God revealed his plan for blessing all the people on earth.

4. Faith is a special gift that God bestows on us in Baptism. Through faith, we are able to transcend our own ideas of what is good for us and trust confidently in God’s promise to bring us ever closer to him and each other. In this lesson the children hear how God called Abram to forsake home and country. Abram responded in faith, and God made him the father of many nations.

5. The story of Ruth is a heartening affirmation of family life and loyalty. Ruth left her home and country to go with Naomi and be her support in old age. For her

kindness, God blessed Ruth with the gifts of faith, a fine husband, and a child who would be the grandfather of King David—of whose family line the Savior would be born.

6. Have the children tear out pages v–vi, Note to Families, to take home.

7. This lesson offers the opportunity to use the “Gifted with Faith” Scripture prayer booklets. If you choose to use these booklets, you may wish to prepare them before class. Alternatively, you could have the children assemble them during class.

God Calls Us


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Get-Ready Guide Steps

Learning Outcomes

Action Plan


Student books, one for each child

The children will be able to

Centering 5–10 minutes

Welcome the children and distribute the student books. (T5)

Page 2 ✦ Explain to the children that they will bring home a letter for each unit to share what they are learning with their families.

Pages 1–2


describe how God calls and speaks to us.

40–55 minutes

name ways that we can show we respond willingly to God’s call and trust in his ever-loving care.

Pages 3–7 ✦ ✦

identify the many families to which we belong. explain how God called Abraham and Ruth.

Page 3 ✦ Read God Calls Us by Name and discuss how we feel when people know our name.

Badges from the punchouts in the back of the student books

Page 4 ✦ Read We Are Family and discuss the different families to which we belong.

Masking tape or pins to attach to the badges

Have the children make decorative name badges. (T7)

Crayons or markers

Read and discuss God Speaks to Us in the Bible.


Option: Complete the activity A Message from God.

Option: Names under Additional Background written on the board or on flash cards (for Sharing #10).

Page 5 ✦ Read and discuss God Called Abraham to Believe and God Gives the Gift of Faith. Page 6 Read and discuss God Called Ruth to Believe.

Page 7 ✦ Pray A Moment with Jesus.

Acting 5–10 minutes

demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts in this chapter.

Page 8

Option: Complete the activities God Calls You to Believe and A Picture from Your Life.

Option: Have the children assemble the Scripture Prayer booklet “Gifted with Faith” (if not already assembled). (T10)

Option: Have the children read the Scripture verses on page 3 of “Gifted with Faith.” (T10)

Option: Have the children complete the activity on BLM 1 Three Families of Faith. (T10)

Page 8 ✦ Let the children compose short prayers. (T10) ✦

Option: Administer the Chapter 1 Quiz.

Encourage the children to take home the Review page.

Option: Scripture prayer booklet “Gifted with Faith” from the back of the student book; Stapler Option: BLM 1

Option: BLM 2 Quiz

Additional Background

Boaz—Naomi’s kinsman who marries Ruth

Abram—Abraham’s name before God changed it

Israel—the land occupied by the descendants of Jacob (to whom God gave the name “Israel,” meaning “he strives with God”)

Canaan—the Promised Land to which God led Abraham and the Hebrews

Moab—ancient kingdom that was east of the Dead Sea

Haran—country from which Abram was called Sarai—Sarah’s name before God changed it



God Calls Us to Faith


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Centering 1. Welcome the children and

A Letter Home

introduce yourself.

2. Pose this riddle to begin a discussion about how special our names are: ✦ I have a riddle for you. Each one of us has something special. It is our very own; yet other people use it more than we do. What is it? (my name) ✦

What would happen if we didn’t have names?

How do you feel about your name?

How do people feel when someone makes fun of their name?

Our names are important to God too. Today you will receive a very special book that will help you understand why.

Dear Parents and Family,


elcome! This year and this program present a wonderful opportunity for you to embark with your child on a discovery of what Catholics believe. Engaging with your child’s studies at home will help make this learning relevant for your child and demonstrate its importance in your own life. The third-grade program of Christ Our Life presents the main truths of Catholicism as expressed in the Apostles’ Creed. The children will study God as he is revealed in creation, in his interaction with his Chosen People, and in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. They will see that they are called to be part of God’s holy people in the community of the Church. The children are first introduced to people who serve as models of fidelity to God’s call. Through these stories, the children are reminded that they, too, are called by God to be his holy people. They play a part in Jesus’ mission of leading all people to God. The children are introduced to Abraham and to Ruth as models of holy people who said yes to God even when it was challenging. Chapter 2 presents King David, and the children learn how he used his talents and gifts from God. The children are encouraged to develop their own gifts to help others and to praise and glorify God.

1 God Calls Us to Faith

The third chapter is about Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. UNIT The children will learn how Jesus shows us the one true way to a life in friendship with God. In the fourth chapter, the children will learn about Mary, the Mother of God. Mary’s heroic yes encourages the children to respond willingly to God and to trust him, just as she courageously did.

3. Distribute the student books. ✦

The final chapter features Jesus’ call to the apostles, to the disciples, and to Paul. The stories of these ordinary people and their extraordinary response to God’s call show the children that they can proclaim Jesus’ message even in the small things they do each day.

Call each child by name. The reverence with which you present the books will help the children sense how they should handle them. Tell the children that the books will help them understand God’s call and respond to it. Allow a few minutes for everyone to look through the books. Encourage the children to write their names on the inside front covers of their books.

At the end of each chapter in this unit, the children will bring home a review of the chapter along with the Building Family Faith feature, which will give you a quick review of what your child has learned. At the end of the unit, the children will bring home the Family Feature handout to help nurture the family’s faith at home. Visit for more family resources.


UNIT 1 God Calls Us to Faith

I have called you by name: you are mine.


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LoyolaPress. Isaiah 3/20/09 11:58:12 AM 43:1 1


4. Explain A Letter Home. ✦

Refer the children to page 2. Explain that in every unit of the book, there is a letter for them to take home to their families. Tell the children that the letter explains what they will be learning throughout the unit. Have the children remove the page from the book either now or at the end of the lesson.

5. Introduce the theme for the year. What is the name of your book? (We Believe) It explains how God calls us by our names to follow the way to happiness. Through this book, God will speak to you

~ pg 1 ~


PDF Revision: 3/20/09 PDF Signoff: Production _______ Design and help you to know and love ✦ Calling someone by his or_______ her

him more. ✦

1. Discuss the importance of names. A person’s name has always been something very special. It not only stands for the person, but it may also have its own meaning and history.

2. Explain what it means when God calls us by name.

Read aloud the passage from Isaiah on page 1. What is God telling us by saying “I have called you by name”? (God knows us; we are God’s friends.)

God first called you when he called you into being. He knew your name before your parents gave it to you. There was a time when you did not exist. But God wanted you to be, so God made you a person.

God Calls Us


~ pg 5 ~



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first name shows that you know the person as a friend. God calls people by name. How do you know? (In the Bible, God called Samuel, Moses, Mary, Joseph, Peter, and others by name.)

Why is your religion book a special book? How should you handle it?


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Use the names of several children and repeat the words.


What other time has God called you by name? (in Baptism) The priest or deacon said your name and then baptized you. God called you to be his friends. God called you to follow his Son, Jesus. To each one of us God said, “[Name], I have called you, and you are mine.”

3. Option Help the children


God Calls Us

realize that God calls them by name whenever God speaks to them. ✦ When might God call you by name again? (anytime; when I pray) ✦



God Calls Us by Name “Hi, Marty!” “Tina!” “Mario!” Excited voices rang out as friends greeted each other after vacation.

God loves us, and we belong to God. God calls us by our names whenever God speaks to us. How does God speak to us? (through the Bible; through people, such as our parents, teachers, and priests; through the things that happen to us; in our hearts when we pray)

• When have you felt strange and alone? How do you feel when someone calls you by name? • What makes you feel you “belong”?

Leah felt strange and alone. No one called her name. No one knew her. Then she heard “Leah!” and looked up. Miss Link called out, “Boys and girls, this is Leah Suh. She’s in our class this year. Leah has come from Miami, Florida.” “Hi, Leah!” “Welcome, Leah!” children called from all parts of the room. Leah smiled as she looked around. Everyone called her by name. Now she “belonged.”

What should we do so that we can hear God speaking to us? (pray; take time to be silent and listen; listen to the good things our parents and those who care for us tell us to do; listen to the readings at Mass)


4. Connect the use of names to the feeling of welcome and belonging. ✦ Help the children realize how important it is for us to use other people’s names with respect. ✦

Calling someone by his or her name is a sign of welcome and belonging.

5. Read the story God Calls Us by Name on page 3 and discuss the questions that follow.





~ pg 3 ~

Lead the children to discover that they belong PDF Signoff: Production _______ to several families. Have them read We Are Family on page 4. Family and Community Solidarity ✦ Families have special names. What is your family name? [Let a few children respond.] You received your family name when you were born. You share in the life of your family.


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People who belong to the family of Jesus, the Church, have a special name. What are they Design _______ Editorial _______ called? (Catholics; Christians) ✦

There is another gigantic family to which we all belong: the family of the human race. Everyone in the world is our brother or sister. God loves all families and all people. They belong to God.

God Calls Us to Faith


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7. Option Suggest that the children call people by name to show their love. Let the children dramatize occasions when they can show love for others by using their names. (when they greet, answer, or thank them)

8. Create Made by God with Love Made by God badges. with Love ✦ Have the children remove the badges from the back of their books. Ask them to write their names on the badges and color them. ✦

We Are Family You belong to your family at home. When you were baptized, you joined another family, the Catholic Church. You also belong to the big Christian family of all people who believe in Jesus.

Use masking tape or pins to attach the badges to the children’s clothing or bag. Tell them to wear the badges all day as a reminder that God calls them by name.

You have two special names that show that you belong to the family of Jesus. Now you are called a Christian and a Catholic. You also belong to the great human family of people all over the world. All these families belong to God.

9. Have the children read God

God Speaks to Us in the Bible

A Message from God

Speaks to Us in the Bible on page 4. ✦ Reverently show the children a Bible.

Write the letter that comes after the given one. Find out what God says to us.

will be my p e o p l e .” O D N O K D

“I will be your G o d , and you F N C

You all know this book. What is it? Why do we call it the holy Bible? (It is God’s Word.) What do we find in the Bible? (stories, letters, poems, songs) Through the words of the Bible, God tells us about himself, ourselves, and the world in which we live. So we say that the Bible is God’s Word. When we listen to the words of the Bible, we hear God speaking to us.

10. Option Tell or read the story of Abraham. Explain to the children that they will now listen to the story of God’s Word to Abraham. ✦ Because Abraham believed in God, we say he had a strong faith in God. God kept his promises, and Abraham became the father of all those who believe in God. ✦ Point to the names on the board or on flash cards as they are mentioned. ✦

God wants us to get to know him. He speaks to us in our hearts and through the Bible. The Bible is filled with stories of how God speaks to his people and how people respond to God in faith.

Leviticus 26:12


UNIT 1 God Calls Us to Faith


~ pg 4 ~

The Story of Abraham PDFago Signoff: Production A long time God called a man_______ named Abram to do something special. God promised him blessings in return. God said, “Leave your home, your country, and your relatives. Go to the land I will show you. I will make you the father of many nations.”


This was hard for Abram because he did not know what land it was or how to get there. But Abram believed that God would show the way. He left the land of Haran with Sarai his wife and with his nephew, servants, and all he owned. During the long journey they had to cross a wide river and a desert. God took care of Abram and his family and brought them to a land called Canaan.

Abram believed God, even though he did not know how he could become the father of many people. He and his wife were old and had no children. Then one day God called Abram and said, “You and your wife shall have a son. Look at the sky and count the stars. The children of your family who come after you will be as countless as the stars. Now you shall be called Abraham and your wife shall be called Sarah.” God kept this promise and gave Abraham and Sarah a son. They called him Isaac. They were full of joy. adapted from Genesis 12—21

God Calls Us


~ pg 7 ~

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In Canaan, God spoke to Abram again. He said, “This will be your land Design _______ Editorial _______ and the land of your people. I will be your God.”



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11. Read God Called Abram to Believe on page 5.

God Called Abram to Believe

12. Help the children compare our

A long time ago God called a man named Abram. God said, “Leave your home and your country. Go to the land I will show you. I will make of you a great nation.”

journey of faith with that of Abraham by having them read God Gives the Gift of Faith on page 5. ✦ God’s message to us is very much like the message to Abraham. God says if we believe in and obey him, we will belong to his people and family. Like Abraham, we are on a journey to a new land. What is it? (heaven) When did God call us to begin our journey to heaven? (at Baptism) ✦

Abram believed that God would take care of him. He did as God told him. He went to the new land. Then God spoke to Abram again. He gave him the land and said, “Look up at the sky. Count the stars if you can. The children of your family will be as many as the stars in the sky. You shall be called Abraham, and your wife shall be called Sarah. You and Sarah will have a son.” Abraham believed what God said. Although he and Sarah were very old, they had a son. They called him Isaac. He was a great joy to them.

We meet some hardships just as Abraham did. What helped Abraham when he met hardships? (faith) Faith in God helps us too. We also have many people around us who have faith and support us. What do we call this group of faith-filled people? (the Church) At Baptism we received the special gift of faith that enables us to believe.

God Gives the Gift of Faith Abraham always believed in God’s loving care. He did what God asked even when it was hard. Even though we cannot see God, he also calls us to believe him. At Baptism we celebrate the gift of faith. It helps us believe in God. We believe that God made us and that we are his children. We believe that God takes care of us in everything that happens. We believe that we can live with him forever.

God has told us more about himself than God told Abraham. What do you know about God? (God made us; we belong to God; God loves us; God calls us to live with him forever in heaven.)

Just as God spoke to Abraham, he speaks to us in our hearts. He helps us know him better. He helps us do what he tells us even when it is hard. With faith we trust God to do what is good for us. We know God wants us to be happy. God Calls Us CHAPTER 1


13. Discuss our faith in God’s care. ✦


God takes care of us just as God watched over Abraham, Sarah, and their family. What good things have happened to you? We thank God for all these things. God takes care of us even through the sad things that happen to us. What sad things have happened to you? We ask God to help us come closer to him during the sad times.



~ pg 5 ~

God speaks to us as he did to Abraham. In our hearts God tells us what do to Production be happy with PDF to Signoff: _______ him forever. Has God told you to do something? What was it? What hard thing has God told you to do? How did you feel when you did what God wanted?


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God Calls Us to Faith


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14. Option Tell the story of Ruth. God Called Ruth to Believe

God Calls Ruth

The Book of Ruth is about a young woman named Ruth. Ruth was from Moab, a country where people believed in false gods. She learned about the one true God from her husband and his mother, Naomi. When her husband died, Ruth stayed with Naomi. Naomi was kind and Ruth loved her.

Ruth lived in Moab, a country where the people believed in false gods. She learned about the true God from her husband and his mother who were Hebrews, successors of Abraham and Sarah. After her husband died, Ruth lived with her mother-in-law, Naomi. Ruth loved Naomi and helped her. Naomi was always kind and gentle toward Ruth.

One day Naomi decided to go back to Bethlehem, the city in Israel where she had been born. Ruth wanted to go with her. She said to Naomi: “Wherever you go, I will go. Where you live, I will live. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God.”

One day Naomi decided to return to Bethlehem, in her homeland. When Ruth heard this, she wanted to go with her. Naomi said, “Stay here with your own people.” Ruth felt sad about this. She loved Naomi so much that she would not let her go alone. She begged Naomi, “Do not ask me to stay behind. I will go where you go. I will live where you live. I will love the God that you love. I will belong to your people.” So Ruth went with Naomi to Bethlehem. God blessed Ruth for her goodness to Naomi and gave her the wonderful gift of faith. Now Ruth believed in God and joined his people. In the new land Ruth worked hard and helped Naomi. Every day she gathered grain from early morning until night. Everyone could see how much Ruth loved and cared for Naomi. Boaz, the owner of the fields, who was related to Naomi, saw this too. God blessed Ruth’s goodness again. In the fields Ruth met Boaz. Boaz was kind to Ruth, and eventually he married her. God blessed them with a son. In time Ruth became the great-grandmother of King David. From the family of David, Jesus the Savior was born.

adapted from Ruth 1:16

Ruth went with Naomi to Israel. In the new country she worked hard every day. She gathered grain in the fields of a man named Boaz. Boaz was good and kind. Before long, he married Ruth. They were very happy together. God blessed them with a son. Ruth became the great-grandmother of King David. Into the family of David, many years later, Jesus the Savior was born. God called Ruth to believe in him. She learned about God from Naomi and the Israelites. God was pleased with Ruth and gave her the gift of faith. Ruth knew God and loved him.


UNIT 1 God Calls Us to Faith


~ pg 6 ~

15. Read the first two paragraphs of God Called Signoff: Production _______ Ruth PDF to Believe on page 6. ✦ What is the title of this story? (God Called Ruth to Believe) ✦

Why was Ruth living with Naomi? (because Ruth’s husband, who was Naomi’s son, had died)

How did Ruth and Naomi show their love for each other? (by being kind to each other; by helping each other)

based on the Book of Ruth ✦

What did Ruth say to Naomi? Why do you think Naomi was pleased that Ruth wanted to go with her? (She loved Ruth.)

How did God show he was pleased with Ruth? (God gave her the gift of faith.)


the story. Design Editorial ✦ _______ What sacrifi ces did_______ Ruth make to

help Naomi? (She worked in the fields.) ✦

What good things happened to Ruth because of her goodness to Naomi? (She received the gift of faith. She married Boaz.)

How did God bless Ruth and Boaz after they were married? (He gave them a son.)

Ruth became the greatgrandmother of King David. Why was King David important for God’s people? (The Savior was born from his family.)

God Calls Us


~ pg 9 ~

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16. Read and discuss the rest of



Design _______

Editorial _______


11/7/07 12:38:43 PM

17. Option Have the children read God Calls You to Believe and do the activities on page 7.

God Calls You to Believe

18. Guide the children through A Moment with Jesus. A Moment with Jesus is an opportunity for the children to turn to God in the quiet of their hearts. This is a time for personal, interior prayer. You may wish to use a soft chime or other musical tone to let them know when prayer time begins and ends.

Invite the children to take a few minutes for prayer.

We’ve spent some time today talking about God and our faith. God is always with us while we are studying, reading, playing, or sleeping. Wherever we are, God is! Even though God is always with us, it’s always good to take a few minutes to be with God in the quiet of our hearts.

It may be helpful to give the children some context in which to begin their prayer. In this case, you may wish to say something like the following:

Think of a typical evening for you at home. Perhaps you are doing your homework, watching your favorite television show, or helping with the dinner dishes. Imagine that the phone rings. One of your family members answers and then turns to you and says: “It is Jesus; he's calling for you.”

Give the children time to pray in silence.

19. Option Introduce the

Imagine getting a phone call from Jesus. What do you say when you get on the phone with Jesus? Let him know that you are always ready to answer his call.

Write the names of people who help you learn about God.

Write what you learned about God from one of them.

A Picture from Your Life Draw a picture of your family.


~ pg 7 ~

One way God let us know him better and deepen our faith was by giving us his Word. Where is PDF Signoff: Production _______ God’s Word? (in the Bible)


1. _______ Let theEditorial children compose Design _______

You will each have a Scripture prayer booklet to help you use God’s Word to grow in faith.

Dear God, I believe that you are good. [The children might add the following prayers of what they believe: that you love me, made me, take care of me, call me to live with you forever.]

Help the children assemble their booklets.

Stack the pages with the cover on top and page 5 on the bottom. Fold the booklet and staple it in the middle.

2. Encourage the children to

Read and explain page 3 of the booklets. Tell how to use the other pages.

3. Option

adapted from Isaiah 43:1,4

Show the children a copy of “Gifted with Faith” and explain what it is.

short prayers telling God what they believe. ✦ Begin by saying:

Carefully remove the booklets (if these were not prepared ahead of time).

This book belongs to

8/3/07 4:48:01 PM


I have called you by name: You are mine. You are precious in my eyes. I love you.


God Calls Us CHAPTER 1

Scripture prayer booklet. Gifted with Faith

A Moment with Jesus

Abraham and Ruth had faith in God. They knew and loved God. You received the gift of faith at Baptism when you became a Christian. What things do you do that please God?

remember what they have learned using the Review on page 8. BLM 2 Distribute and administer BLM 2 Chapter 1 Quiz.

20. Option

BLM 1 Have the children complete copies of BLM 1 Three Families of Faith.




God Calls Us to Faith

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4. At the end of class, have the C





children tear out page 8. Encourage them to share Building Family Faith with their families.


When you were baptized, you joined the Church and the family of Jesus. Since then, you have had two special names that mean that you belong to the Church family. What are they?


Print these names in the puzzle.










Chapter 1

adapted from Psalm 56:10,12


Building Family Faith CHAPTER SUMMARY God calls us to take part in his plan of salvation. He promises to help and bless all those who trustingly respond to his call. Abraham and Ruth show us how. They show us that having faith means listening for and obeying what God asks. They exemplify how faithfulness to God is good and proper and leads to a fuller, richer life. REFLECT Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name: you are mine. Isaiah 43:1 DISCUSS AS A FAMILY • What does this reading tell us about God’s love? • What good things can you name that God has given your family? • How do you show your faithfulness to God in the way you live as a family?

1. Have the children use a black

PRAY I have called you by name: you are mine. DO • Learn the meaning of each family member’s name. • Make a photo collage of your family. Print the words of Isaiah 43:1 around it. • Ask your child to tell you the stories of Abraham and Ruth answering God’s call. • Make a connection between these stories and your family’s experiences. Visit for more family resources.



names they have because of the families to which they belong. (first and last name, Catholic, Christian, American, human)

I know that God is with me. In God I trust.


Use the following activities to enrich a lesson or to replace an activity with one that better meets the needs of your class. For additional enrichment ideas, such as preparing for the Sunday Scripture readings or using activities on the Christ Our Life Web site, see page T390. For activities related to the liturgical season, see Special Seasons and Lessons, which begin on page T273.

2. Ask the children some of the

We Respond


Enriching the Faith Experience

crayon to write their names on 9-by-12-inch manila paper. Then they may use other crayons to make a colorful design around the contours of the letters.

What does God call us to do? God calls us to believe in him and to do what he asks. What is faith? Faith is a gift from God that helps us to believe in him.

Your Special Names

• Were the learning outcomes achieved?

We Remember

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Abraham: A Rap Abram had a pretty good life, living in Haran with Sarah, his wife. Then God called Abram one special day— said, ”Pack up your things. Be on your way to a fine new land that I will show. I will bless you if you do go. People will be glad because of you. You’ll be great before I’m through.” Because Abram followed God’s command, God promised him and his kin the land. But Abram and Sarah were very old and had no kids to inherit, we’re told.

Still God told Abram that by and by his descendants would be like the stars in the sky. What’s more God made him leap for joy by promising him a baby boy. After meeting God, Abram was never the same. God even changed his and Sarah’s name. Now Abraham is honored by all as “father in faith,” who answered God’s call. M. Kathleen Glavich, S.N.D.

God Calls Us


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