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REEL TIME seniors’ special



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by Julienne L. Joven

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AMIDST the hubbub of the Loyola Film Circle (LFC) org room, Will Fernandez sits, pensive in contrast to his animated orgmates. “I think I just got older,” he said. An LFC member for his whole stay in the Ateneo, this 15th LFC president maintained that aging is the only way he changed in his four years in the org. “When they ask, ‘What changed when you

became president?’ lagi kong sinasabi, ‘Nothing,’” Will said. “It’s just a position; it doesn’t change who you are. They still know you as the Will that they’ve known for the past four years.” And those years in LFC began with the help of his Log during OrSem – Gael Gatbonton, who eventually became LFC’s 14th president. From simply enjoying films with his family, Will found fellows in LFC who watched the

same films as he did and also those who taught him more. However, his plans for his presidency changed when a bomb was dropped on him: LFC was put in probation by the Office of Student Activities. This meant that unless LFC 15 performed extraordinarily well during his term, LFC could lose its accreditation as an official student organization in the Ateneo. “Whatever I planned before, I had to let go kasi this is more important than what I want to implement,” he said, confessing that he had no original plan as he took on the mantle.

dawned on him.

Will started directing the organization’s plans towards getting out of probationary status. The LFC 15 officers used this year as a time to bring about changes they always wanted to see in Ateneo, things that they always declared in the LFC vision and mission.

“The needs of the audience [are] changing as well,” he said, referring to the members and to the Ateneo community as well. “Hindi na talaga magwowork yung projects na paulit-ulit… so you always have to add something new… Change is necessary and it’s fun.”

Un Unexpectedly, it was this year’s Ulolympics that provided Will the direction he needed. Looking around the venue, he had what he called a “philo” moment wherein the changing faces and changing identity of LFC

Several new projects were created this year under Will’s term such as the Loyola Film Festival, a celebration of Ateneo student films, and the Movie Trivia Gameshow where Ateneans showcased their

from the org room to the screenings to Under the Stars. “It’s something to treasure talaga, the whole experience: the good, the bad, the weird,” he said. “Kasi when you look back in hindsight, you never see any particular event. It’s always the big picture.” The only legacy Will believes he leaves LFC is the fact that he became a member. “The memories that I had – yun na yung legacy ko kasi within those memories – doon nacocontain how I affected my fellow LFC members.” film knowledge, among many others.

Up to the very end, Will is self-sacrificing. From letting go of his platform to freeing his successors from probation, Will showed himself as the great president that gave his entire being for the organization he so loves, without caring about personal acclaim or glorification.

This feeling of achievement soon culminated with the Year-End Status (YES) Report and YES Presentation. As Will summed up everything that LFC did and proudly told the panelists what they accomplished, he claimed he felt a sense of accomplished “Personally, I couldn’t imagine myself not an redemption. LFC member; ganoon na kadaming memories meron ako with LFC,” Will said. “That was the most fulfilling thing I’ve done “That’s something I leave behind with those in my whole stay sa LFC,” he said. Thanks to who’ll succeed me… in the hopes that they’ll Will’s guidance, LFC is now out of probation. be better than me.” Will says he’ll miss everything about LFC,

As a member of the Documentations and Publications committee, Fel had many experiences with Loyola Screen. She was its head during the first

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Felyne Siao joined the Loyola Film Circle when she was in her first year of college. It was “more of a bandwagon thing,” with almost half of her block joining the organization. Little did she know that the bandwagon would turn into the steering wheel of her life.


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Name: Mariel Shelette Felyne “Fel” Siao Date of Birth: August 6, 1992 Course: AB Communications LFC 15 Position: Vice President for Secretariat The 3 F’s: Food, Fashion, Film

semester of her first year, which is quite a big feat for a freshman. The film shown was Boses by Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil – Fel’s favorite film when she was interviewed during RecWeek, which is also why she headed LS. She went on to be the project’s deputy for the second semester.

appreciating film. “Getting yourself immersed in this culture… I developed this passion for Filipino Films. It’s like a virus – nahawa ka lang. I didn’t really like films that much, but in the process of screening films – Filipino Films – talking to filmmakers, making my own films, helping out with my friend’s films, it’s really made me invested in film.” Also, re she’s very protective of the “tambay culture” of the org, another thing she’s learned to adapt with over the years. This is also her advice to the next EB. “Just tambay in the org room,” she states. Overall, the impact LFC had on Fel’s life is undeniable:

By her third year, Felyne Siao became the Doc and Pub head – overseeing once more the success of Loyola Screen. It was the first time LFC had ever reserved Escaler Hall, and they were able to fill it up to the brim, screening “Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa” by Alvin Yapan. The success of the event was unexpected, as the film was already shown in UP, so Fel and the team had doubts whether or “I wouldn’t miss school if it weren’t for not people would still come to watch. LFC. And how has LFC changed my college life? It’s basically my college life.” For her final year in college, Fel was elected Secretary-General, which was once again another feather added to her cap. What made it even more special was that there were no “abstain” votes for her position. This was also “her year with LFC”, as it was her main priority now as Sec-Gen. Sec-Gen Throughout her stay in the Ateneo, Fel has learned to grow in terms of

1. What movie did you discover through LFC that you thought you wouldn’t watch? “A Serbian Film. (Don’t watch it, it’s really… ugh.) Also, The Room.” 2. Make another meaning for the acronym LFC. “Ayaw ko talagang binibigyan ng ibang meaning yung LFC. It’s like when people say ‘Loyola Film Club’… it’s not a Club, it’s a Circle! And sobrang galing ng nag-isip na tawagin siyang Loyola Film Circle. ‘Yung iba, may word na ‘Ateneo’. This one is more, like, it’s different from all the other org names. I wouldn’t give it another meaning.“ m 3. If you would lick ice cream off a movie actor’s/actress’/director’s body, who would it be? Kate Beckinsale.





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Jenica “Jen” Ti came on the scene in her freshman year. Though LFC was “sort of [her] last option”, it became her number one priority. It all began when she (and the rest of her block) accompanied her other blockmate to join the org. However, as the year progressed, Jen was the only one left stand ing – she was the only one who became active. “It was weird kasi wala siya sa list ko but it became my number 1,” she states. Why? “First [because of] the people. Then the activities, especially Under the Stars and


Name: Jenica Edlyn S. Ti Born: August 11, 1991 Course: AB Psychology Position: LFC 15 Vice President for Internals (IVP)

AVO.” From HR deputy to executive until finally becoming IVP, Jenica knew the responsibiity she had to take on. “It takes a lot of effort to [stick] through all the projects – making sure that everything follows the rules. Sometimes, kahit mahirap, I don’t feel Sometimes stressed about it ‘cause I know it’s a job I took – it wasn’t forced upon me. I ran knowing that I would take this responsibility.” Jen initially had her fears and doubts as IVP. She was afraid that people would not know her and that they would not approach her and ask for help with their projects. Despite that, Jen took the effort of being visible to everyone at all possible times. She wanted to make members comfortable with the EB, getting rid of the chasm of position between ge them. Along with the EB, Jen “wanted to pursue the correct way of implementing projects [and] rules” – a “fresh start” as she put it. “I have to manage the org making sure that they follow the constitution and as much as possible I want to leave LFC with the impression that everyone follows the rules. That was my vision.” But her responsibilities as IVP were not

always a walk in the park. Which is where her fellow EB-mates come in. They would help each other out especially during hell weeks. Dubbed “the clingiest EB ever”, Will, Fel, Alisa, Zack, and Jen were glued together like a family. Despite being a Psychology Major, Jen saw LFC not just as her home org, but also as her first and only home in college. She has gone from the “quiet, shy type,” to someone more “artsy fartsy” – more resourceful and creative with a love for local film (and the horror genre). And though she is not technically sure what exactly about LFC she will miss (“What’s not to miss?” she asks), she knows that it has been a part of her 4 years in the Ateneo – 4 good years of her life.

A Walk Down Memory Lane “Ever since first year, I wanted to be a project head. But I never got the chance to be one… [Until] UTS last year. 2012. I helped with managing the tech booth. We had some problems kasi may simbang gabi din and we had to equalize the volume. [But it] gave me a sense of being a project head kasi ang dami kong kinausap no’n.” “Plansem when I was HR executive. Daming nangyari e ;) [Nagtanungan kami ng] Who is your cactus? The general interpretation of that was: You love the person but it hurts. Kasi pag hinug mo parang… *laughs* It was the start na parang tine-train kami para maging EB member.” membe Random Question Section If you could lick ice cream off a movie character, who would it be? “Kili from the Hobbit. (Aidan Turner.) SOBRANG HOT NIYA.” Why? “Kasi hot siya. Medyo immature na sagot pero… that’s how I roll. ;)”


Zack by Julienne L. Joven

INVESTING in a film org was never part of From having LFC as his only org in first year, Zack has moved on to becoming a member of Zack Tioseco’s plan. AIESEC Ateneo and becoming Deputy for “When I was in first year, for me, there was no OrSem 2012: Sinag. He said that working for path but business,” he said. “Business lang.” Promotions in LFC helped him gain confidence, encouraging him to diversify Zack said his parents were only familiar with with other orgs. the management courses in Ateneo, further pushing him into this career path. For fresh- “Iba talaga yung passion, iba yung work kasi man Zack, the Loyola Film Circle (LFC) was if you’d rather do it than sleep,” he said, simply a way to bond with his high school referring to the joy he feels when working best friend Toma Cayabyab, who took up with his orgs. communication in Ateneo.

Amazingly, Zack has found a way to combine his seemingly disparate interests. As LFC’s Vice President for Finance, he wanted to streamline operations in the organization. Zack believed that although he may not be as artsy as his fellow executive board (EB) members, his value in LFC is to make members sure that he lessened clustering and overspending for the org projects. And Zack is not alone. According to this LFC veteran, LFC 15 is the most diverse batch he has seen in his four years with the organization. Zack witnessed how a lot of business majors also joined this year, aside from the usual fare of communication and psychology majors. For him, the different personalities proved to be an asset for the organization. “We just had so much fresh perspective. It was a year of constant challenging of what was the status quo in LFC,� Zack said. So many things were overhauled this year, beginning with the special attention given to Filipino film, from changing Fete du Film to Piling-Piling Pelikula to screening various local films. The EB also put the Film Literacy Classes back to back with IsaPelikula, allowing the members to specialize in either

From being a casual moviegoer, Zack thanked LFC for introducing him to several movies he otherwise would not have watched. Zack also loved the Ateneo Video Open, wherein they went to the Cultural Center of the Philippines not only to watch films but really to showcase other’s films. critiquing or production.

“I really different; parang iba yung feeling “It’s when you’re doing something significant Zack also set the projects at zero finances, this early in your life,” Zack said. asking the project heads to defend why they needed their specific budget and granting it Although he claimed he isn’t the most according to reasonability. Using this artsy person, now Zack can at least method, overspending was avoided and distinguish and appreciate more of it inZack was able to be more connected with stead of just focusing on work and business. how the projects managed their money. From being a self-confessed arrogant freshStarting the year with minimal resources, Zack proudly claimed that his legacy for LFC is the money he left the org for next year. With discipline in following the Office of Student Activities’ recommendations, LFC survived the year and delivered a good Year-End Status Report. “Every day is special,” Zack said. “I come from a thoroughly business background so LFC is a breath of fresh air, no bull. Every moment surprises me.”

man, Zack thanked his fellow officers for infecting him with selfless commitment to LFC. “Sometimes, it’s not about what you’re gonna tell your employers na what you did in the org but [it’s] the service talaga,” he said.

One unforgettable experience for her as deputy was Loyola Film Circle’s annual




Alisa first joined the Loyola Film Circle in her freshman year. Her love for film propelled her into the arms of LFC. It didn’t hurt to add that she learned about LFC through its e-mail blasts to all the freshmen. She was not necessarily active during that year, but it changed once she reached her sophomore year. She became S&M deputy – therefore getting more involved in the organization’s affairs.




Name Alisa Joanna A. Betita Born: September 13, 1991 Course: BS Management major in Communication Technology Position: LFC15 Vice President for External Affairs (EVP)

event, Under the Stars. Halfway through the year, the S&M Head resigned. And when he resigned, she was left to do all of the UTS work – and not just her initial task as marketing head. “SOBRANG STRESS,” she says. “I was super cramming a lot of things... But it turned out well naman.” After being deputy, Alisa moved on to become the Sales and Marketing Head. As head, she and her committee got the opportunity to bond in a cafe in Xavierville. They went on a Movie Marathon, with one of the films being Back to the Future. As “chill” it was and as few as they were, Alisa marked members were now active. “Daming freshit as memorable. ies. This year is when I really got to know Coming into her final school year as Exter- people from LFC... This year madaming nals Vice President, Alisa was determined to kids.” shake off the existing stereotype as her position being a lax position - the position coined as “wala namang ginagawa diyan”. “I think I did a lot naman,” she states. She was able to get a good number of speakers and films for the organization’s various events. She was also able to strengthen LFC alumni relations. Moreover, she saw the organization blossom into something better, something more distinct from its predecessors. “We were able to [achieve] our vision which is Filipino film.” Also, more

As she graduates from the Ateneo, she brings with her the memories of LFC. The people, the fun, the org room (which was her “second room” for she would take naps there), and how it changed her. “I became more assertive... more confident.” She didn’t expect it of herself to take up such a position, she adds. “I think at first napilitan position lang ako. Sobrang by chance lang. But then eventually I really started to embrace the role.”

Make a different acronym for LFC.

“Loko Fun Circle. With LFC it’s not just work all the time. You bond with the people, then mayroong mga inside jokes – which makes it fun and crazy.”

e v i t a e r C s t a C  l o  Co

4. Probably meeting the craziest set of creative people in the Ateneo! I've met Kasey Albano and Rob Cham during my sophomore year. I was able to work with Totep Velasquez and Kitkat Pecson during my junior year as well. I've come to work with my ID batchmates, as well as talented undergrads. Will surely miss these people!!! t


1. I've been in the Creatives Department since 2nd year!

2. I didn't join any org in my freshman year because I was scared that I might not be able to handle the workload (haha lame, I know!). But I wanted to try my hand at applying in this prestigious organization, especially because LFC Creatives has a certain standard and aesthetic when it comes to producing promo work! 3. Being the co-project head of LFC's first Creatives Talk, Kinetic Aesthetic, which brought big names in the creative industry, was probably one of my most industr memorable experience in LFC.

5. LFC, as a group of people with a common love and interest in film, has changed my college life in a sense that they were the closest group of friends I have made which I share a common interest with apart from my ID batchmates. Being part of LFC, especially the Creatives Department since it was the inner group that I am part of, has shown me that despite coming from different courses and backgrounds, people can come together and be friends! =)) I don't know. LFC has a different, friendlier vibe compared to other organizations that I have been part of!

KOOKIE SANTOS 1. 3rd year, 2011

2. Since I'm a part of ID (Information Design), I thought it would be good for me to join the Creatives team and so I did. It really was an honor to get in, and it really helped me kindle the passion I have for film and for art. 3. Doing promotions for Under The Stars this year. I never expected to have the job, and it really was an honor. 4. The people I've met, meeting new people, being open to other people, the activities of the org, and the sincerity of its members. 5. It has helped me grow a lot artistically, and it has developed my own personal taste when it comes to film and art. It has also been a great place and environment for nurturing my love for film.

RUTH RIVERA 1. First time was in 1st year but I decided not to join on my 2nd year. On my 3rd year I joined again hanggang 4th year

2. It seemed like a cool and unique org, also because of the OrSem film!

3. Going to Under the Stars and being part of the Creatives team. 4.




5. It exposed me to different kinds of film and it showed me that there are different ways to interact with movies (na hindi lang limited sa panonood): critique, appreciation & production app

TINTIN LONTOC 1. Freshman year, 2009

2. I didn't really know what LFC was back then, but I saw it in Rec Week and thought it was cool, so I thought why not? At first I really wanted to write for it but by second year, I was invited to be a part of the Creatives team and I accepted. 3. First LFC party - ulolympics 4. The friends I've made, especially the creatives team. 5. It helped me become more involved with design (since my course is related to it), and it gave me the upper edge in designing as well. More than this, the friends I've made, the influences and the tastes I've acquired, they mainly came from this org. Before, I wasn't open to other films but now I'm exploring them more and more, like European Films.

LFC 15 Senior's Special  
LFC 15 Senior's Special  

Get to know the EB and the other LFC15 alumni! Thanks to the LFC15 DP (most especially, the LFC15 Reel Time Team)