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The 20%: A Film Festival Showcasing Women Filmmakers TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2020 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM CST Eventbrite Registration Link (free ticket)

https://bit.ly/35C6qNO Link to attend the event

https://bit.ly/3mucsqA Home Site

www.loynofemfest.com Sponsored by Newcomb Institute and The Center for Public Service at Tulane University & School of Communication and Design & the Women’s Resource Center Loyola University New Orleans

Program Description “The 20%: A Film Festival Showcasing Women Filmmakers” is an event designed to celebrate

women filmmakers from all over the world. Each year, Loyola University New Orleans’s Women’s Resource Center hosts a Feminist Festival in the last weeks of March, and the film festival is included in the annual festivities. For the 2020 festival, the WRC has partnered with Tulane University’s Newcomb Institute and School of Communication & Design. Students from Loyola and Tulane participated as jurors to review the films, to decide the winners of the Jury Prize and Best Student Film award, and to create a final program. Due to COVID-19, we decided to push the film festival to the fall and to create a fully remote event.

Trigger Warning

The program contains material that viewers might find disturbing and triggering. Viewer discretion is advised.


The views, thoughts, opinions, and content expressed in the program are those of the creators and do not necessarily represent the perspectives of the sponsors and organizers of the program.

Introduction The program will open with an introduction by Tyler Sanchez and Carrie Elizabeth Smith, the hosts of At The Intersection, a feminist talk show produced by Loyola’s Women’s Resource Center.

Screening of Short Films Over fifty filmmakers from around the globe submitted films for this festival. A jury composed of students from Loyola University New Orleans and Tulane University selected seven films to feature for this festival, including the films the jury selected for the Jury Prize and the Best Student Film Prize. Please note that after the program, those persons registered on Eventbrite for this event will receive a ballot via email to vote on their favorite film for the audience prize.

Films Featured Canis Major, Charli Brissey

This video-animation hybrid ruminates the relationship between dancing and earthly survival at the “end of the world.”

Recipient of Best Student Film Café Crème, Raymond Gaëlle

Set in France, “Café Crème” is about a young black woman who feels pressured to use lightening cosmetics to bleach her skin.

Hesar (gate), Farnaz Ohadi

This animated short focuses on themes of Iranian women’s struggles, immigration, mental health, and journey when Farnaz Ohadi in Canada in 1990.

Recipient of Jury Prize Fear No GUMBO, Kimberly Rivers-Roberts

This short film is about the lasting effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Ninth Ward in New Orleans.

like mother, Leigh Harmer

Harmer describes her film as an exploration of how one girl’s eating disorder is influenced by her relationship with her mother.

January 14th, La’Chris Jordan

Inspired by true events, Jordan features a young black couple’s anniversary that takes a bittersweet turn when a police officer pulls the husband over on a questionable traffic stop.

Hourglass, Yelizaveta Sergei

At the risk of her life, a young woman travels back in time to confront her father.

Spotlight Screening Following the films submitted for the competition, the program will feature a screening of Angela Tucker’s film “All Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk,” which chronicles the mayoral runoff in New Orleans in 2017 between two remaining candidates: LaToya Cantrell and Desirée Charbonnet. The program will close with an interview of Tucker by Tulane University student Shalini Kishore.

Sponsors Newcomb Institute The H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College Institute shapes the future by educating students to achieve gender equity. We develop leaders, discover solutions to intractable gender problems of our time, and provide opportunities for students to experience synergies between curricula, research, and community engagement through close collaboration with faculty. Tulane’s Center for Public Service The Center for Public Service at Tulane University was established in 2006 as part of the University’s Renewal Plan, instituted after Hurricane Katrina. The Center supports a University curriculum and research agenda by uniting academics and action, classroom and communities through which students, faculty, and community partners dedicate themselves to the transformation of civic life. School of Communication & Design The School of Communication & Design is part of Loyola’s College of Music & Media. Students in the college engage in an array of activities including developing creative social media, paintings, and interactive designs, and filming with drones. This well-rounded background makes alumni more versatile and marketable for careers in the digital age. Students are musicians, actors, dancers, singers, artists, filmmakers, journalists, designers and future public relations and marketing experts who explore and learn from the city of New Orleans, an internationally known diverse community for creative professions. Women’s Resource Center The Women’s Resource Center (WRC), directed by Dr. Patricia Boyett, and staffed with over thirty student leaders at Loyola, is an intersectional feminist center that collaborates with a variety of community and university partners to empower women and all marginalized communities and to advance gender equality through a commitment to diversity and social justice.

Festival Staff Program Directors Caleigh Flynn (Loyola) Delaney Harper (Loyola) Video Editor Caleigh Flynn (Loyola) Website Design Caleigh Flynn (Loyola) Program Design Aisha Champagne (Newcomb Institute) Program Hosts Carrie-Elizabeth Smith (Loyola) Tyler Sanchez (Loyola)

Film Festival Jurors Loyola’s Women’s Resource Center Audrey Reames Chiara Romano Delaney Harper Eryn Loria Jordan Nave Victoria Blondell Tulane University Abbe Brenner (Spring 2020) Addison Harris (Fall 2020) Amanda Berk (Fall 2020) Audrey-Rose Fallon (Fall 2020) Barron Jones (Fall 2020) Ben Feldman (Spring 2020) Brennen Fields (Spring 2020) Caroline Latta (Fall 2020)

Hanna Dawley (Spring 2020) Hazel Singleton (Spring 2020) Holly Fortner (Fall 2020) Isabele Baunsgard (Fall 2020) Jae Clark (Fall 2020) Jasmine Young (Fall 2020) Jessie Hensel (Fall 2020) Josh Meister (Spring 2020) Lily Kanigher (Spring 2020) Maddie Ganley (Spring 2020) Marvel Sherman (Fall 2020) Meg Rolfson (Fall 2020) Molly Guidry (Spring 2020) Parker Ambrose (Spring 2020) Penelope Pollard (Fall 2020) Shalini Kishore (Fall 2020) Tara Phalin (Fall 2020)

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The 20%: A Film Festival Showcasing Women Filmmakers  

“The 20%: A Film Festival Showcasing Women Filmmakers” is an event designed to celebrate women filmmakers from all over the world. Each year...

The 20%: A Film Festival Showcasing Women Filmmakers  

“The 20%: A Film Festival Showcasing Women Filmmakers” is an event designed to celebrate women filmmakers from all over the world. Each year...