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It is the oblique position in which the contemporary artist are involved: his goal is to cross many aspects of the creating process in the domain of the intermedia development . LOXOSconcept is an artistic collective. It works around creation and production of multimedia installation and electronic music performance. After a period of time spent in study and research in the domain of electronic music, and after several international experiences and award reached by each of its components, LOXOSconcept moved also in the direction of real time video elaboration, paying attention of interactive dimension of its artistic projects. Some of our more recent awards and achievements (individually or as a group): GAUDEAMUS MUSIC WEEK 2008, 36°CONCOURS INTERNATIONAUX de MUSIQUE et d’ART SONORE ELECTROACOUSTIQUES de BOURGES 2009, EMUfest 2009, NYCEMF 2009, BEAM FESTIVAL 2011 (selection of this installation "CUT it !"), TORONTO ELECTROACOUSTIC SYMPOSIUM 2011.


CUT it  !  

©2011 Donato Corbo   Giulio  Colangelo   Valerio  De  Bonis  


LOXOSCONCEPT Curriculum vitae

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