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How I spent my summer vacation. 04 Well, the first week of August anyway. Sun Aug 1. Eeeek. My computer crashed. I learned to never stop a download in progress because the patch for Quicken crashed it all. I spent the afternoon at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. And had to leave it there. I had also worked out a budget yesterday that I lost, plus all the Quicken work I had done. So much lost time. Mon Aug 2. When I went to pick up t he computer, I couldn’t – Yes, indeedy, everything lost – including ALL MY DC PICTURES!!! Damn! They’ll put a clean install in tonight. Pick it up tomorrow. ‘ Tues Aug 3. So I did. Here we go again with all the installations. Air conditioning put in all day – and then we learn we may have to get new electrical panel to the tune of about $2000. I’m mad. Cubs win in Denver. Wed. Aug 4. Worked pretty much all day on computer re-installing and cleaning up library. Thursday, Aug 5. Bob cranky because the electrician hasn’t called back to set up appointment and all this stuff is sitting around. About the stuff. All my stuff. It’s getting me down. I want to change this part of my lifestyle. It’s too much – I’m not playing enough with art and I’m tired of the clutter. I did bring out the journals and did some things in them. Why am I so stuck right now? I did supper – got a roasted chicken and made a spinach salad with it. Friday, Aug 6. cool today – overcast all day. We don’t have to put in a new panel after all and the electrical panel is complete. One more quick step tomorrow and we have air conditioning. We congratulated ourselves at Azteca. Poured rain today! I watched Clear and Present Danger till about 1:00.

Oh, God, I found the rebate check I was kicking myself for misplacing (yet again.) I HATE rebates. It’s like a curse on them from the start to finish. I had tucked iit away in my new empty drawer made for the pending current things (that I forgot I had made. Typical.) Sat. Aug 7 Went to the new Joanne’s – I don’t see the art paints that I have seen at the fed Way store but they do have the most glorious beaded trims !! Spent my 50% Michael’s coupon on some black metal large letters in the scrapbooking section – normally $20.00. B ob made a vegetable ratatouille (without eggplant) that I devoured – also pork tenderloins. Sun. Aug 8 – didn’t go out at all today – stayed around putzing more in the library, on the computer, reading about Nixon (the arrogance of power – a big book I should have started sooner. The Blue Angels were in town today but I never heard them. Weather got pleasantly warm again today – in fact I turned on the air conditioner for the first time! Am watching another favorite – In the Line of Fire and loving these Sunday nights I don’t’ have to go to work tomorrow. But they are getting fewer. And I am getting tenser. Monday Aug 9 – It was HOT today and we so appreciated the air conditioning. I’m reading The Arrogance of Power about the man I love to hate, Richard M. Nixon. Spent more time working on the back to school stuff and once again didn’t exercise. Shame on me.; Geez Louise I almost choked to death tonight. It was close. I was scared. Bob tried to help with Heiimlich but he wasn’t high enough. I struggled jujst to get a whiff of air in so I could finally catch a breath.. I could see myself passing out if I didn’t work at not. Piece of corn in my windpipe. I stayed up until 2:00 working on a Powerpoiint presentation for curriculum night. It just takes that long and you get real involved. I figure I’ll never have the time later and I’ve got it now. (sort of)

Tuesday 10 We got the rid of the library sofa bed! Bob unscrewed the insides and we moved them separately. It was relatively easy! The trip to the dumb was interesting. – Lines of people waiting to throw their things into the pit! We threw the sofa right in! Bongo! I’ll miss the nice lines of the sofa and I thought it was a nice place for an afternoon nap when it wasn’t hot and covered with stuff. After salmon on the deck (flies tonight – what’s with THAT?) Then we went to alki Bakery terrific few of Seattle tonight and I had the BEST DISCOVERIES: PREVIEW program on Mac – much better than Acrobat.

Taking snapshot of screen (shiftcommand-4) beats stickies and is so handy! Wow it’s sept 2 the first day of school and I haven’t done ANY journaling. Why? Tired, of course – feel I don’t have the time to get into it – can’t find anything to write on at the time I have something to say. – the last two weeks typically every day on school – why does this always happen? I have never been so unprepared as today – which I can get away with, in the teaching, since it’s so much business, but the room – way not ready. Surroundings around the house also a mess and out of control Gosh, today was the day I should have sent in artfest – guess I’m really not going this time.

Oct 9 04 Back from Spokane ! One of the best Conferences I’ve been to. I love Kim Sutton’s humor and energy. Take ‘em Down to the river! You get whatcha get and you don’t throw a fit. Oct 15 on a test Cory Sakamoto

No, I didn’t enjoy collecting and classifying seeds) because it was a big wastge of my all so precious life. I’ve only got one life here and I should use it carefully. Coughing all the time – my annual tghroat thing – Lately a typical day Monday – oct 18 need to give levels tests today but I don’t hve the answer sheets for 3rd grade. Hunting down Jenny but her door is locked (it’s 10 to 9) we get a key from officee and open her office to find the tests we need – but we’re short some levels. I’ll need to hunt them down from another teacher.. Going through tests to make sure I have one for each kid. Go to sally eaden’s room (after trying 2 other places ) and get one level 13. I call Jenny to see if we have blank answer sheets. She says yet. I send Daiel down to get them. He comes back with Locator answer sheets. Pul eeze. I walk down to get them myself. Oh, you dojn’t have yours? NO, Jenny, she gives me some blank ones. So the kids need to write names in them and later I get to bubble all those fucking bubbles in for student nujber and names. The woman is utterly useless useless useless. Test coordinator my fat ass Nancy Cartwright calls at end of the day about mr pickett wanting to remove Breanne from my room – they shouldn’t have 120 minutes of homework and it says right here that’s how much they should work, he says to her. Coulda come to curriculum might, mr p, yes? Coulda asked me, mr. P yes? Let’s just ignore the teacher and talk to everybody else. Brenane doesn’t like suggestions or corrections and I’ve seen that grey fume cloud over over head more than once. Gee mr pc could youo be looking at the assignment sheet instead where it says HOW MUCHG TIME THEY ACTUALLY HAD IN SCHOOL TO GET THINGS DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE??????

How I spent my summer vacation  
How I spent my summer vacation  

I did bring out the journals and did some things in them. Why am I so stuck right now? I did supper – got a roasted chicken and made a spin...