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For Girls Reading Magical Series of The Sprite Sisters Series Collection by Sheridan Winn 4 Books set The Sprite Sisters Series Collection of 4 Books set by Sheridan Winn is classic series of magical adventures in which 4 sisters has 4 different powers.

Titles The Magic Unfolds book is about the family home to generations of Sprites is falling apart and money is running out. Meanwhile, the girls are preparing for the most important concert of their lives. But who is the mysterious Mrs Duggery who has come to the house? And why is the icy Verena now being so nice? The Sprite Sisters must find a way to resolve their differences and summon all their powers.

The Secret of the Towers book - The summer holidays bring campfires and new-found freedom to the Sprite Sisters. When they find the key that promises to unlock the secret of Sprite Towers it seems that the magic of the magic of the mysterious old house is about to be released… The Ghost in the Tower book - When the ghost of Glenda Glass’s wicked ancestor Margaret is released, the atmosphere at sprite Towers gets decidedly chilly, and the Sprite Sisters’ Halloween party turns far more sinister than anybody had planned. With Grandma away, only the sisters can that means entering the portal in the tower and risking their lives to change the past. New Magic book – When the Sprite Sisters’ distant cousin, Verena Glass, inherits the magic power of the Spirite family, her evil grandmother Glenda Glass sees a way to get rid of the Sprite sisters once and for all. About Author of this collection “Sheridan Winn” who is currently writing a Young Adult novel set in Breckland, West Norfolk. The Sprite Sisters series has been hugely successful in Germany, where the books have sold over 270,000 copies and are known as Vier Zauberhafte Schwestern. In 2001, Sheridan became a freelance journalist specialising in profiles of business leaders and lifestyle features for international newspapers and magazines. Today she divides her time between freelance work and book writing. Between 2008-2010, Sheridan published five Sprite Sister books: The Circle of Power, The Magic Unfolds, The Secret of the Towers, The Ghost in the Tower and New Magic (all published by Piccadilly Press, originally). These stories take place within one year when Flame is 13, Marina is 12, Ash is 10 and Ariel is 9.

For Girls Reading Magical Series of The Sprite Sisters Series Collection by Sheridan Winn 4 Books