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Delightful Stories of Maisy Mouse 7 Books Set Designed for Young Childrens Join the fun club by read Maisy Mouse 7 books set Collection by Lucy Cousins. Below are the tiny descriptions of each and every book Maisy Mouse. All these books stories based on Maisy Mouse and his friends. Enjoy the read.


Maisy Dresses Up Join the adorable little mouse and her friends in this sturdy and colorful board book, introducing the very young to the appealing world of Maisy. In Maisy Dresses Up, Maisy has been invited to Tallulah's fancy-dress party, but what should she dress up as?

Maisy Tidies Up Everything is always fun with Maisy, even tidying up – especially if you have a friend who can come and help. Charley smells something delicious in Maisy’s kitchen but has to wait until the floor is dry. Time passes more quickly, though, when he helps out by picking up some toys and washing the windows with Maisy. Now the floor is finally dry, and there are the treats, all ready to eat. A story that parents will love as much as their kids!

Maisy Goes Shopping From Choosing apples and bananas playing at the till - and then home for lunch!

Maisy's Pool Maisy's Pool is a delightful story, designed to let young children see that reading can be fun. Maisy and Tallulah are feeling the heat. It's a sunny day, so the obvious thing to do is to get out the paddling pool, fill it with water, then cool off. Here is another story in the very popular Maisy series, one to which children can easily relate. The book contains brightly colored, board pages and is chunky and easy to handle. The characters are stimulating and amusing, and it contains an imaginative twist when Eddy the Elephant decides to join them and sit in the pool.

Maisy's Bedtime 'Maisy's Bedtime" is one of four stories adapted from the "Maisy" animated TV series. Read about Maisy's bedtime and all the things she has to do before she can go to sleep. Lift the flaps and pull the tabs to find out.

Maisy Makes Gingerbread Are you crazy for Maisy? If so, you'll love this story book about the little mouse and her friends, as seen on television. Today Maisy is busy in her kitchen. What's she doing? Making some delicious gingerbread for tea!

Maisy Makes Lemonade Mmmmm, it’s a hot day, and Maisy is having a nice cold drink. Eddie is hot, too, but it takes a lot of lemonade to satisfy this thirsty friend. Not to worry - Maisy goes out to the garden and, with a boost from Eddie, picks some fresh lemons. Together they stir in some water and sugar, and there - a jug of refreshing lemonade! Now she just needs to go and get some cups - but what is that slurping noise? Good thing they made enough for an elephant!

Delightful stories of maisy mouse 7 books set designed for young childrens  
Delightful stories of maisy mouse 7 books set designed for young childrens  

Maisy Mouse 7 Books Set - Join the adorable little mouse and her friends in this sturdy and color ful board books collection by Author Lucy...