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Important Life Lessons for Childrens – Anne Fine Collection 6 Books Set Anne Fine Collection of 6 Books Set is fantastic children reading of childhood and friendship.

Titles The Jamie and Angus Stories Jamie and Angus Together How to Cross the Road and Not Turn into a Pizza Nag Club The Haunting of Pip Parker Care of Henry


The Jamie and Angus Stories From the moment Jamie sets eyes on Angus in the shop window, with his silky white coat and forlorn stare, he just knows that they belong together. On Christmas morning, they’re finally united and soon the toy Highland bull is Jamie’s constant companion. Jamie and Angus. Angus and Jamie. Jamie and Angus Together Once best friends, always best friends. That’s the way it is with Jamie and his toy Highland bull, Angus. Join them as they tackle a lively play mate, get muddled in a pretend game, and discover that playing isn’t fun unless they’re doing it together. These six heartwarming stories are complemented by black and white illustrations, and reveal the intricacies and ultimately the importance of friendship.

How to Cross the Road and Not Turn into a Pizza Crossing the road safely is like anything else – you can learn how to do it. That’s what Miss Talentino tells Simon and the rest of his class, and she even gives them a demonstration. But there is one big difference: if you get a question wrong in class, you won’t end up as flat as a pizza! Nag Club Boggle hats are the latest craze. Everybody at school wants one – but only Lola has one. So she decides to form a club to show the other children how best to nag their parents into buying them one. Tactics range from the Huffy Nag to the Blazing Tantrum. However, the children soon discover that the best way of all is to just be pleasant and say please – or even to earn some money and buy one for themselves! The Haunting of Pip Parker Lots of children find it difficult to sleep on Christmas Eve, usually because they are excited about the presents that Father Christmas is going to bring. But Pip Parker is not excited; she’s scared. Every night for a week she’s been lying awake watching the horrible skull shape gleaming from her bedroom wall. What is it? Why is it haunting her? When will it go away? Care of Henry Hugo has to choose who to stay with while his mother’s having a baby. Granny? Mrs Mariposa next door? Uncle Jack? Who will care for him – and his dog Henry – the best?

Important Life Lessons for Childrens – Anne Fine Collection 6 Books Set