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CAREER, TECHNICAL, AND AGRICUlTURAL EDUCATION (CTAE) Career Clusters: Preparing Georgia’s Students for College and Career Readiness

Georgia has implemented the 17 Cluster model using the National Career Clusters/Pathways utilized by most of the United States. Georgia’s Career Clusters allow students to choose an area of interest in high school from the 17 clusters listed below. Students take classes tailored to their cluster, which helps them navigate their way to greater success – no matter what they choose to do after high school graduation. Each cluster will include multiple career pathways. The aim of the program is to show students the relevance of what they’re learning in the classroom, whether they want to attend a two-year college, a four-year university or go straight into the world of work. Georgia’s initiative is based on the National Career Cluster Model.

​Georgia College and Career Clusters/Pathways

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Cluster

Architecture and Construction Cluster

Arts, AV/Technology, and Communications Cluster

Business, Management, and Administration Cluster

Education and Training Cluster

Energy Cluster

Finance Cluster

Government and Public Administration Cluster

Health Science Cluster

Hospitality and Tourism Cluster

Human Services Cluster

Information Technology Cluster

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security Cluster

Manufacturing Cluster

Marketing Cluster

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Cluster

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Cluster

Lowndes High School is proud to offer all students the opportunity to pursue educational and career goals through Career Clusters/Pathways. Georgia’s Career Clusters/Pathways provide a structure for organizing and delivering quality CTAE programs. Career pathways are state-approved career enhancement programs comprised of coherent, articulated sequences of rigorous academic and career related courses usually commencing in the ninth grade and leading to an associate degree, an industry-recognized certificate or licensure, and/or a baccalaureate degree and beyond. CTAE provides all Georgia students with the opportunity to select at least three sequenced electives in a career pathway, along with the recommended academic course work. Selection of a pathway is based on self-awareness and the investigation of occupations plus related educational levels aligned with each pathway.

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