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Introductory Team Sports/Intermediate Team Sports/Advanced Team Sports Includes basketball, flag football, volleyball soccer, and softball

Introductory Lifetime Sports/Intermediate Lifetime Sports/Advanced Lifetime Sports Includes badminton, tennis, wrestling, table tennis, golf, track and field, and horseshoes

Rhythmics and Dance/Intermediate Rhythmics and Dance/Advanced Rhythmics and Dance Includes modern dance, ballet, and country western, aerobic, creative, choreography

Body Sculpting, Advanced Body Sculpting Provides methods to redefine body shape through specific exercise

Physical Conditioning/Advanced Physical Conditioning Provides to participate in a variety of activities to enhance flexibility, muscular strength an opportunities d endurance, cardiovascular endurance and body composition.

Exercise and Weight Control/Advanced Exercise and Weight Control Provides safe, effective and physiologically sound ways to manage weight and alter metabolism and body composition

Weight Training/Advanced Weight Training Introduces weight training, strength development, and proper lifting techniques

Principles of Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Introduces techniques to prevent recognize, evaluate, manage, treat and rehabilitate athletic injuries

Driver Education/Study Skills Prepares students for on the road driving and the State of Georgia driver exam. Students must have a driving permit to participate in the course. First-Aid includes basic first aid and safety techniques.

FINE ARTS Drama: Theatre Arts/Fundaments I, II, III, IV Introduction to pantomime, simple acting, theater and film figures, drama terms and theater history. Techniques of oral interpretation are studied in II. Levels III and IV focus on production and performance.

Theatre Arts/Acting I,II, III, IV Introduces advanced acting process. Includes recitals, one act and full length plays.

Theatre Arts/Advanced Drama I, II III, IV Builds on concepts from Theatre Arts/Acting. Includes vocal techniques, creating a character, improvisation. (Eleventh and Twelfth graders by permission)

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2018/19 - LHS Advisement Guide

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2018-2019 Lowndes High School Advisement Guide  
2018-2019 Lowndes High School Advisement Guide