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Do The Right Thing Assemblies

Assemblies are provided for transmitting information to the student body and for programs of interest and enjoyment. Students are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior during assemblies.

Display of Signs

The appropriate administrator must approve all posters, signs, announcements, etc., before being posted in the school. All approved signs must be posted on the bulletin board. No signs are to be taped to the walls.

Fines and Fees

Students are responsible for any debts incurred while enrolled at LHS. These include but are not limited to monies owed to the office, library, cafeteria, athletic department, graduation supplies, lost/damaged books, school board in the case of damage assessments, fundraisers, club dues, or any settlements. Failure to settle financial obligations may result in one or more of the following actions: 1. Withholding of an additional textbook or library book until restitution is made. 2. Withholding of all grade cards, class schedules, diplomas, or certificates until restitution is made. 3. Denying privileges of participating in clubs, field trips, parking privileges, etc.

Off-Limit Areas

During the lunch period, students should report to the cafeteria or to the media center. During school hours, all parking lots are off limits to students unless approved by an administrator. Consequences for violation of these guidelines will be at the discretion of the administration.

Outward Displays of Affection

An outward display of affection through physical contact is inappropriate at school. Violation will result in disciplinary warning and parent notification.


Students who leave the classroom during classroom time must have a pass. Teachers will provide hall passes on lanyards for students going to the restroom, office, guidance, etc. For students going to the media center or school nurse, students should have a written pass from the teacher with the designated time, date, and destination. There should be no movement the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class.

See Something, Say Something!

If students are aware of problems, conflicts, or safety concerns, they are encouraged to inform an adult in the building. Counselors, teachers, and administrators are here to assist and want to know how we can help. Information is kept confidential. Our goal is safety for all!

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