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Zak Kurz 10-18-19 Just Desert

Chapter 1 Welcome To Sleepy Hollow,s Sleepy hollows. Some people think it's scary, but for many people, it's home. There were always dark and stormy nights. People say you can hear footsteps from Pumpkin girl. Sometimes you could hear someone cutting a pumpkin. People were afraid of this old house. A rickety and broken old house. Some say the family perished in a fire that's all anyone knows. Some say the daughter still roams around that house. Most of the time in Spooky Hollows it's rainy. For some it's annoying. Everybody barricades their houses because when the blood moon happens, everyone thinks Pumpkin Girl comes to town. It happens during the end of

October Pumpkin girl comes out.

The city is pretty much run down, but there's one attraction called The Mystery Shack. The owner of the Mystery Shack is Uncle Jack. The Mystery Shack has sculptures including Sherlock Holmes, Shrek, and Thor. Most people in spooky Hollows have trailer homes, so they can drive off as soon as the pumpkin girl comes.

Chapter 2 Pumpkin Girl comes out

Pumpkin girl's real name is Alice Burdick. She was very independent. She loves pumpkin carving so she found her own pumpkins. she was fearless so she would adventure Into the woods alone. She was out of the ordinary she would always wear dark black clothes. She was very cautious she would watch out for her baby brother all the time. Very curious she would run into abandoned houses. She likes hiking a lot and she like biking a lot.

Chapter 3 the New family It was 2009 Midday a new family moved to Burdick's house. It was Rickety Floorboards. One of the kid’s name was Ella. She had suspicions of the house. But still, so many things were left. It's like the past family, the Burdick’s, just left one day and never came back. They were moving and getting all their stuff inside when they heard someone carving a pumpkin and horse footsteps. Then on the wall baseball a picture of a girl and a horse and a pumpkin. Then they realized is your house haunted. They called the realtor and the realtor said, “Nope I don't know anything about that.”

Chapter 4 Pumpkin girls attack

Then they came over and it was time for bed but they heard footsteps a knife cutting a pumpkin. What must this mean Ella said. Her parents said it just It is the floorboards. Then they snooze dog to sleep and then the daughter came running in at 1:30 in the morning because a pumpkin head came up to her window. Her parents woke up saying what's wrong she said I saw a pumpkin head. We will call the realtor in the morning. She slept in her parent’s room for the rest of the night. When they woke up the baby’s brother was gone.

Chapter 5 Baby Gone Missing

Then they heard Ellie’s baby brother crying on a horse and the person holding the baby had a pumpkin head. Then they called the police. But first, the Mystery Shack people came and attempted to broadcast all of it. When the police finally arrived they said this has happened before. People have moved out of this house many times. The police started a big search party all around town. The the police they thought it was ghost pumpkin girl because this was her old house. they were very scared for newcomers in the town. They hoped that Pumpkin Girl would never come back.

The End

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Just Dessert-Zak Kurz  

Just Dessert-Zak Kurz