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Riley Peet 10-18-19

This Week

Chapter 1: The wake-up call

October 13th, 1954 2:30 A.M. Detroit lakes, Minnesota Crystal Lake, Maple Street. A bright light of flame woke me up at 2:00 A.M. I went outside to check only to see a 3 story house with the lights on at the very top. ​What was he doing awake at 3:00 A.M.? ​He shrugged and went back to sleep in his cabin. Once again he saw a bright light. He fell asleep again. Two minutes later he woke up to a loud ​BOOM​.

Chapter 2: Ready for lift-off

He looked out of the window and saw the house fly up like a rocket ship, except it was a rocket house. He saw a tree fall over and hit a car, the driver was fine, but his car was ruined. He walked outside as he watch up in the sky and saw the house explode on impact to a meteor. Then he realized the person in the house wasn't going to the moon, but saving Earth's existence!

Chapter 3: The news

There was news about the house all over the Ěˆ Midnight Newspaper.¨ It was on television. Rumors of the house being a time machine went around. Some thought it was an alien UFO. Scientists studied how it took flight but couldn't figure out how. Personally, he thought it was just more advanced human technology. Most people didn't believe it. People were amazed by the news, the news he saw live.

Chapter 4: The woods

Just when he thought it was done and went back to sleep, when he woke up he saw a tall man in the distance. He had to be like 7 feet tall. ​How tall can a person get?​ He didn’t know what it was, but then he saw he had no face. ​Slenderman?! H ​ e panicked and ran to the phone booth, he called the police. ​Come on pick up!​ No one answered the phone. He quickly and quietly snuck to his cabin.

Chapter 5: The fight Slenderman was still there staring off in the distance he could tell Slenderman could see him but didn't know why he wasn't attacking him. Suddenly he realized, in the distance, it was another person. But he wasn't afraid, he seemed to be armed with ̈dagger nails¨. They quickly leaped towards each other, Slenderman grabbed hold of him by the neck. ̈ ̈Who are you?̈ Said Slenderman in a deep voice. ̈ ̈Freddy Krueger.̈ said the man. ̈ Leave ̈ said Slenderman. He quickly sprinted away to the creek. ¨This isn't the last time you see me.̈ said Freddy Kruger.

Profile for Lower School Writing

The House on Maple Street-Riley Peet  

The House on Maple Street-Riley Peet