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By: Paulina Montgomery  



Chapter 1: Riverville   Riverville was a beautiful town full of gossiping people who also had children.  There were always clear skies and small clouds. The sun always shined brightly  ware the flowers grew. In the garden park where the river turned in a fast  stream. But there was always something glowing on the rock, the people wanted  to know what it was. Little did they know a girl named Stella Riverstone knew  but kept it a secret.      The town was full of color and beautiful trees that grew fruits. And  sometimes the moon would glow silver. And in the day the sun would glow gold.  And at sunrise and sunset, the sky would be pink, orange and yellow. People  would love to walk throwe the garden park.   

Chapter 2: Stella Riverstone       Stella Riverstone was such a pretty girl and she always had flowers in her  hair. She also had a blue flower dress with vines with her chartreuse hair. And  pink eyes with yellow on the inside borders around the pupils. She always had a  glowing charm on her bracelet, little did the village know the charm bracelet  was magical. Turns out the golden glowing thing on the rock in the garden park  was hers and it gave her powers. So that she could grow any tree or plant and  any color she wanted.     

Chapter 3: The villages problem   You see, the villagers did not understand Stella so that is the reason  they did not like her. They did not know her secret, no one else but her. But  one day a villager snuck into her house and read her diary. Then he found  out her secret and left to tell everything that he found out. Then  confronted her the next morning and made her prove that she had powers  which she did. They told her to stop growing plants in the garden park.  And she had to agree, but little did they know her not growing plants  which would mean something would happen to the garden that she grew in  the park.       

Chapter: 4 The hard decision   A week has passed, Stella stayed in her house, and the once beautiful flowers in  the town had welted. Almost everyone had forgotten about Stella all, but one, a child that  was the same age as Stella her name was Tulip. She wanted to convince the villagers that  Stella was trying to help the village because Stella was her best and only friend. So she  went to Stella´s house to talk about what happened to the magic garden park.     Stella told Tulip that her powers were what kept the magic garden alive. But if she  did not return within three weeks the magic would disappear forever and the magic plants  would shader and Stella would lose her powers. But if she did return to take care of the  plants she could renew the garden. So Stella and Tulip went to talk to the villagers, Tulip  explained what Stella told her, the villagers looked confused after. They told the two  eleven-year-olds they needed time to think. 

Chapter5: The final decision     Another week passed and with only two weeks left Stella was slowly losing  her powers. The other children wanted to help Stella and Tulip, but the adults  were still unsure. Tulip tried to think of everything she could do to help Stella,  but finally, the villagers agreed to let Stella back into the garden and grow the  plants and soon she regained her magical powers. And the garden regrew more  powerful than before. But Tulip had an idea to share Stella’s powers with the  whole village so they can grow whatever they wanted in their Garden. Stella  agreed and soon enough all the villagers in children had half of Stella's powers.  The people of Riverville were happy once again. Stella put two of them in charge  of all the flowers in the garden and the village was happy once more the end.      

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The Harp-Paulina Montgomery  

The Harp-Paulina Montgomery