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Joel McPeters October 17, 2019

Attack of the Engines

Chapter One: Dairyraiy

There once was a town in Arizona named Dairyraiy. It’s a very pretty town full of nice people and friendly animals. there is a small house on every street. But there is one problem there are tiny daemons known as engines and they steal kids' souls. This has been going on for 200 years. But no one tells the kids. In fear, they would go looking for them. This only happened once to a 10-year-old. His parents never heard of him again. Now people just ignore the disappearances. Maybe that’s for the better.


Chapter Two: the Man in Black

A tall dark man fell out of the sky through a barn that is very large. No one knows the name of the man they call him the man in blake. Mainly because he wears a long dark coat and a dark t-shirt long dark boots and dark blue jeans. He had fallen from the sky because he is from another world where engines had


taken over. He’s very angry. He wants to kill every engine he had completely forgotten who he used to be.

He is here because engines had come to this wold and this wold will come to the same fate as his wold did. He hates engines so much case they had just murdered his father. Now he is here to kill them. the Man in Black is mean and stern if you said hi to him he would probably hit you. So don’t talk look or step in front of him.


Chapter 3: The Boy

The Man in Black walks to the small town of Dairyraiy. He finds a small school where he sees a little boy being bullied. He looks around 9 or 10 he’s small and skinny. barely any meat on his bones. the Man in Black jumps the


fence and pushes the bullies aside. And gets the boy out of there way. He sits the boy down and asked if the boy was ok. But he found the boy had a black eye. Are you ok? No, the boy said, my family is very poor and can barely afford an apple and I’m bullied for it.

the Man in Black saw a lot of himself in the boy’s case he was also very poor when he was little. What’s your name he asked. Damian, he said. the Man in Black is starting to feel for the boy. But all of a sudden he heard crying and saw the bully’s souls had been taken by none other ten the engines. He picked


up the boy and ran in school. The boy was confused and frightened but he was somewhat comforted by the Man in Black.


Chapter four: Another One Bites the Dust

They were running as fast as possible. Then they hide in the boy’s homeroom. Tired and scared, they sat against the wall. They heard the engines in the hall they knew where they were. The man looked to his right and saw the boy was dead. After the brief time they spent together, he felt a part of him die. He felt as if his father just died again. His father was killed by engines back when


he was a child when his father tried to protect him. He wanted to cry but there was no time. He jumped up and ran outside. He wanted to kill them more than ever. But then he saw them.


Chapter five: Taking a Beating

There were a bunch of engines bigger then clouds. He knew he was no match for them, but he wanted to save the little boy because he felt that it was his fault. He felt that if he didn’t save the boy he would die. So he jumped on one of them and pounded his fist inside it and made a massive hole in it. But to his surprise, the skin only grew back. And then that engine launched the man in blake against the wall of the school.


When the Man in Black stood up all the engines were merging together to form a giant beast with razor-sharp teeth and long pointy claws. He couldn’t hurt one, how would he stop this beast? He picked up a brick and threw it against the monster, but it bounced off like he threw a squeaky toy against a wall. Then the beast punched the Man in Black so this time he was launched through the wall. what was he going to do. He knew he was no match for the beast.


Chapter Six: failure Just then the monster started to walk away. Of course, the Man in Black followed. The beast turned around and hit him into the ground. Then the beast vanished. the Man in Black looked all around him, but couldn’t find him. He collapsed and cried so loudly because the boy is dead and he couldn’t get revenge. He also cried because he just released this is the day his world ended. He was too late. There was nothing he could do than fire started to burn all around him people crying and dying. He let his father down.



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Attack of the Engines-Joel McPeters  

Attack of the Engines-Joel McPeters