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Broken Porcelain   By: London Hill 

Chapter 1   Year: 1984    Many towns have names, names that tell something about their town and the  different people that live there. But in this town, the name gives it a different story.  Broken porcelain is a small, small town hidden by big green hills. All the houses in Broken  Porslin have green grass, all the bushes are freshly cut, all of the flowers are blooming  year-round, and every house is ether or pink, blue, or green.     You could say this town was perfect, except for one house at the end of the cul de  sac. The grass was never cut, the flowers always dead, and the house was grey. No one  lives there anymore. It was nearly 15 days till Halloween and the whole town was 

wondering if this year would be anything like the tragedy last year. Could Broken Porcelain ever be as perfect on the inside as it is on the outside?             

Chapter 2   Molly Margret     Broken Porcelain was full of picture-perfect people with picture-perfect lives from  what it seemed, but last Halloween the grey house at the end of the cul de sac had  someone living in it with a different life from the rest of the town. Molly Margret did not  have a husband or kids. All she ever wanted is kids ,but she wasn't able to have any so she  lived her life alone. Molly's family lived in another town away from her so they never  visited. Molly was probably the kindest person in this town, she did not judge and she  loved all. She volunteered at the orphanage and loved watching the kids play in her front  yard at the end of the day.    

You could be asking why is Molly’s life so different from the other people of broken Porcelain? The neighbors did not like Molly because she hallucinates. At night when all the  kids were sleeping, Molly would scream because of her hallucinations. No one knows what  she sees in her house ,but inside there is not much on the walls. Molly likes to collect  porcelain dolls in her glass case sometimes she will let the children of the town play with  them. she would tell stories of how they come alive at night everyone ,but the children  know it is all in her head.       

Chapter 3 The vivid glow       Today was not like a regular day for broken porcelain. ​It​ was quite gloomy and dark  outside. Molly was at the orphanage helping the kids make cookies for the Halloween block  party tomorrow. All the kids were very fond of her and loved it when she came to visit  them. When they just put last batch of cookies in the oven and Molly was getting ready to  leave, one of the little girls named Lucy gave her a doll to fix. Molly loves to sew and is  very good at it so when any of the children of the town had a toy or doll to fix Molly  would fix it. She put the doll in her purse and walked out the door. The neighbors were all  looking at Molly as she hopped in her car and drove away. Molly knows the adults of 

broken porcelain don't like her, but she didn't care as long as the children like her that's all that matters.     For the block party, Molly was bringing pumpkin pie. She was driving to pick up the  perfect pumpkin at the local patch. The patch was in the middle of the dark green forest it  was a windy night and the stars were out. Molly saw all the pumpkins but only one had  her attention. It was like it was possessing her body to walk towards it. For some reason,  she couldn't move all she was doing was walking towed her pumpkin. She bought it and  drove away and left the cold dark forest but not for good. Molly had all her tools out  ready to bake the pie. She grabbed a knife and her hand started to shake for no reason at  all. Why was she so afraid. But she couldn't believe her eyes the more she lowered the  knife it grew even brighter how could this be. Molly was blinded by the light when she 

finally cut the pumpkin. Inside there was a brighter light that took over her body she couldn't see. Molly screamed so loud louder than she had ever screamed. It woke all the  neighbors. Finally one called the police. Molly still had the knife in her hand while she was  blinded by the ghost-like light. Could this be another hallucination? Whatever it is, it felt  real.     The police finally showed up at her door and after breaking the windows down so  they could get in all that the cops saw was broken picture frames, broken plates, broken  glass, and broken porcelain dolls. Molly's house was a mess in the kitchen the officers saw  molly out of breath-holding a knife with the cursed pumpkin lying on the floor. She  couldn't remember anything that just happened except driving away in an ambulance  while all the picture-perfect neighbors stared at her in horror. The next morning Molly 

woke up in her own bed everything was normal like last night was all a dream but she felt different. All the doctors in her “dream’’ told her it was just an extra vivid hallucination.  But Molly felt something real about it because this morning when she woke up, she was  not the same person. Molly suddenly realized that the Bloc Party was today so she looked  around her house and started cleaning up. Even though all the people of the town knew she  was broken she wouldn't let them make her crack because nobody likes broken porcelain.             

Chapter 4 Missing pieces     Molly was gluing any pieces of what was broken back together and trying to  recover from last night but whenever she tried to think about something different all she  thought about was how she felt like she was a different person like her soul was trapped  deep down inside her. She was getting ready to walk out the door and even though she felt  like she was about to throw up and even if she was confused about everything she was  feeling, she smiled. She put on a mask and smiled.     When she arrived at the block party all the Neighbors were smiling and looked like  they were having fun but molly saw right through them. They were hurting inside just like 

her but they were better at hiding it. It made molly sick watching the neighbors fake their lives. Molly just walked up to Lucy the little girl at the orphanage and gave her back her  doll as good as new. Molly was starting to feel more comfortable at the block party  hanging out with the kids until The neighbor who called the police on molly walked up to  her. She asked her a question that made Molly lose it all. She asked how is life without  kids? She couldn’t help herself molly scream and picked up the nearest thing by her which  was a cupcake and shoved it at the neighbor’s face. Molly was losing her mind she flipped  over tables, threw food at the people, and screamed so loud till her mask came off she  definitely was not the same person.   That night everyone’s mask came off. Molly felt so embarrassed but yet so relieved.  She didn't say a word and ran all the way home. Molly cried she cried until she passed out  on the floor in the kitchen and all that was left of her was missing pieces. 

Chapter 5   Gone missing      When Molly woke up on the kitchen floor the next day she had an idea it was  a terrible idea ,but to her it was the best idea she had ever had. She knew something was  wrong with herself because when the cops came into her house after she was possessed  they couldn't see a bright light only she did. Molly didn't believe she was only seeing  things because she was mentily ill but even though that was the reason why she saw that  pumpkin glow molly was blind to see it. You could say she was possessed by her own  hallucinations. In Molly's mind it really happened and she felt helpless against it. In  Molly's head she wanted to save all the kids From broken porcelain town from becoming  like their parents hidden, hurting inside, and forced to be perfect.  

So her idea was to steal the kids of the town and take them to a better place where they could be themselves. Something about it didn't feel right to her but she couldn't stop  herself from doing it. She was planning to carry out her plan and where she even take  them. Then it came to her like someone whispered in her ear the answer to the problem.  Molly decided to take the children to a little cottage in the woods that has been empty for  years but the unusual thing about her plan was that she had never known anything about  a cottage in the woods the ‘’ghost’’ inside her mind must have been messing with what she  can remember and how she sees things.      It was the end of the day when all the kids off the town came to Molly's house without  their parents knowing, Molly came outside and brought out her porcelain dolls for the kids 

to play with and when no one was looking one girl named Lucy (the girl from the orphanage) came inside Molly's house for water. That was molly's chase, she grabbed lucy  by the hand and snuck out the back door into the woods where the cottage was.      Weeks had gone by and she took more and more children in that cottage the kids  were happy there because she let them get their clothes dirty, she let them play with bugs,  and she let them be kids in her eyes they don't have to be perfect so there was no way  they would be broken.     

Chapter 6 Gone to another world      It was Halloween night when Molly came back home to get some food from house her  ‘’old’’ house. When she Walked into her house there were police officers everywhere  inspecting everything because she was a suspect for All The Children that disappeared One  Cop with the taser gun in his pocket saw Molly behind the couch hiding He started chasing  her. The officer finally caught up to her and grabbed her arm Immediately Molly started to  scream “It wasn't me the ghost in the glowing pumpkin told me to take them’’ she  screamed ‘’the children’’? Asked the cop. ‘’Yes’’! Molly screamed as she started to cry.     

Molly was taken to the Police station for a detective would be questioning her. Molly could hear voices in her head telling her to take the laser gun and run away but molly was  not a terrible person she only meant for the kids to be happy.’’11 kids were reported  missing’’ said the detective ‘’what glowing ghost pumpkin told you to do this’’ he carried  on. ‘’The cottage in the woods is where they are’’ said Molly finally giving in. The detective  left the room and came back almost 5 minutes later with too police officer standing next to  him ‘’show us where the Cottage is’’ said the detective    

Molly walked through the woods and showed the detective and the police officers 

where she was keeping the children in the cottage. Molly watched with tears in her eyes as the children were taken away. Molly Thought she was about to be in jail for the rest of  her life and live alone forever but one voice in her head told her to do something that she 

agreed with. Molly grabbed Lucy the little girl from The Orphanage and her doll and ran, ran as fast as she could ever go, as fast as her legs would ever take her. she ran farthere  and farther away from that stupid little town named broken porslin.     After that halloween night no one ever saw molly and Lucy again, the cops searched for  months but they couldn't find them. From now on all the adults in the town made up  stories about where they disappeared to. But the truth is Molly took Lucy to go live a  better life in a better town where they could be themselves forever. The kids of the town  knew that Because they didn't judge Molly instead they dreamed they will find Molly and  Lucy again away from broken porcelain Somewhere where people will not judge them  somewhere where they didn't have to be perfect they would find them somewhere in  another world. 


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Broken Porcelain-London Hill  

Broken Porcelain-London Hill