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Nate Bergman Another Place, Another Time

Chapter 1: Setting

Train land is a place where are many flowers and lakes. It has lots of hills and grass in the forest. Trains move and stop sometimes in this place. Sometimes it’s cloudy and dark but most of the time it’s stormy, foggy and misty outside. Some people think when they go to the place they start to fell curious, worried and sleepy. The only colors are black, gray, and white in the Town


Chapter 2: Main Character

Cameron was really cooperative, calm, friendly and shy. He was A bit little responsible for doing the job, and trying to make it work so he did something to the train, also he was brave also because he had a giant sword to cut monsters that are Attacking they and he has going on great Adventures over is life and every mission he goes on is always going to be different, and it going to be the best thing he ever did in is life and it will be awesome, because he is doing different stuff and different ways to go in the adventure.


Chapter : 3 Problem

Sometimes on adventures, Cameron has to go into different parts in the adventure world to fight a battle. In each battle, he has different weapons and each weapon has a final strike and kills the monster. So when going to fight they have that thing in the pockets so they keep them safe so they won’t lose their weapons and make sure that they try to kill the monster. If they kill the monster, Cameron will get a Special A word. If he dodges the attack, they will make a last strike to the monsters.


Chapter: 4 The win to the problem.

Usually, Cameron will lose in a fight, but sometimes when Cameron verse someone you win and against that person. The only way you will win is when you need a strategy to figure out how to beat the monster and win, but why a strategy will it’s because if you do a strategy your team will know which part is the Easiest place to kill all of the monster’s so they die and beat all the monster’s and win the battle and go to the next world.


Chapter: 5 The defeat Of the Adventure

Congratulations Cameron, you made it to the final battle of the adventure. you have beat all bosses in the adventure but you fighting a big boss. If you beat him you will need A plan so you can win the boss battle. The boss battle has the most powers to Upgrade to full power to destroy Cameron but Cameron needs a plan to kill the boss battle. Suddenly he transformed to Super Cameron. He can fly and kill the boss battle and has a Special hammer that can kill almost anything and will Defeat the boss battle. After he defeated the monster, he got a special award and wins the adventure! He saves his family from being captured!


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Another Place, Another Time-Nate Bergman  

Another Place, Another Time-Nate Bergman