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Adventures in Boat-Ville By Josh Bernstein

Chapter 1

Boat-Ville is a place where a man and a boy are watching boats. City people can hear boats honking, cars honking and city noises, and the ocean waves. The buildings look like skyscrapers. At night, the people are getting ready for bed. The weather is cloudy and chilly. The black and white fence keeps people safe from the water.

Chapter 2

Bennie Goldberg is the son of Morris Goldberg, Bennie likes to sailboats in the ocean. He doesn´t like waiting for the tide to rise. His family likes to play sports games, Like, Baseball, Basketball, Kickball, Soccer, Dodgeball, and Football. Bennie’s feels excited because he is going on a boat to the Boat-Ville hotel with his Dad.

Chapter 3

One day, captain Morris was sailing with Bennie, Morris, and Bennie were having fun sailing, and all of a sudden, Morris hit a rock. The boat was sinking, Bennie and Morris had to jump on the lifeboats. Bennie and Morris went sailing on the lifeboats, while they were sailing, they found good stuff on the boat. They found Mini Brownie Skillets, Mini Cookie Skillets, Cheesecake, and scoops of ice cream.

Chapter 4

At last, Bennie and Morris have arrived at there hotel. The hotel was called Josh´s TV hotel and resorts, the hotel had fun stuff, the bedroom had bunk beds, Morris slept on the bottom and Bennie slept on the top. The hotel also had a pool with a waterslide, Bennie and Morris went down the slide. The pool also had a jacuzzi, Bennie and Morris went in the jacuzzi, and it was so warm. The hotel also had a really good Italian restaurant, Bennie and Morris shared a pepperoni pizza for dinner, and then for dessert, they got a brownie skillet. Bennie and Morris had a busy day, they are getting ready for bed.

Chapter 5

Bennie and Morris were getting ready for bed, they took a shower, they brushed their teeth, they got their pajamas on, they got into their beds, and they read a story, and then they went to bed, Goodnight Bennie and Morris.

The End!

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Adventures in Boat Ville- Josh Bernstein  

Adventures in Boat Ville- Josh Bernstein