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Brooke Rowley Oct-18-19

Abilina And The Forest

Chapter: 1 Bergsvile, a very interesting town

There was a town named Bergsvile. It was pretty nice and always had a nice temperature in the spring. But the weirdest thing about Bergsvile is that only 5 days of spring it had sunny days. The rest of the days it was cloudy or even raining. Even in the middle of the summer, Bergsvile was cloudy with thunder and rain! Everyone in Bergsvile would usually stay inside during the winter, fall and summer because of how cold it normally got! During spring Bergsvile was busy with cars, pedestrians, and bikers. Bergsvile was covered with forests around the town


Most of the forests had sightings of giant monsters and the trees were 50 feet tall normally. If you went deep enough into the forest there were trees covered with a thick layer of coal all around there. Usually, no one went there because of the 99.9 chance of death. There were giant lakes filled with who knows what. There were always phantom black crows hanging around the towns, forests and the 50-foot deep lakes. The lakes had strange monsters there. Some of the townspeople said that they once saw the loch ness monster, but surely no one really knew if there were giant loch ness monsters or that the true reason why the kids were going missing was because of a giant snake that lurked around the lake.


Chapter 2: Abilina

There was a girl named Abilina, she had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, she was the 2nd oldest of 8 other siblings and hardly ever got personal space. All of her siblingĹ› names were Abvia, Kristiva, Brookvia, Kristina, Paulina, Krisalina, Brookilina And Dylan. But abilina did not like Abvia because she was so bossy she always told her what to do! Whenever abvia was her bossy self Abilina wanted to scream!! Abvia always told her what to do even though Abilina knew what to do! Abilina almost always babysat because her mom was usually away working on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Sadly AbilinaĹ› dad died


Abvia always had to hang out with her friends or go to her after school clubs. But Abilina was happy with her siblings too like Kristiva was the best out of all her siblings. “When will the yelling stop! “ said Paulina. Almost everyone else was screaming and fighting for toys “ I think theyŕe hangry” Abilina made chicken noodle soup and give it to all of her siblings “ Why do you hate chicken noodle soup” Said Dylan mockingly “I just don’t like the taste “ said abilina “I’m better off with a ham sandwich “ Abilina was making a ham sandwich “So you hate what you cook, how is that possible “ Said Krisilina as she finished her soup “ Lets play a game “ Said abilina as she got out fake food toys “ Who can make the best food! “ Said abilina some of her siblings were as happy as can be and some got mad and didn’t want to do it with fake food everyone was either saying “ Nooo boring “ or “ Yayyyy ¨ Abilina was sick and tired of the


yelling, it happened every day! Abilina said “ Abvia is coming soon, sheĺl make up a game but for now, let’s play hide and go seek around the neighborhood and with the other kids!! ¨ They all got up and played hide and go seek until Abvia got there then Abilina slipped away to bike sneakily to the candy shop, she had 2 dollars to get some tasty candy. She imagined herself eating a cocoś chocolate bar that martyś candy she licked her lips for the sweet taste. ​Finally, by myself, ​she thought as she biked


Chapter 3: A strange place

Abilina biked and biked until she took a wrong turn but then she thought to herself ​I got lost​ but so she got to the forest she saw a glowing caterpillars, she picked them up then she put them down because she didn’t want to keep them but the caterpillars kept on following her she got a little bit scared, but she was fierce so she didn’t run away, she wanted to adventure further in the forest. She looked at her almost broken sandals and said to herself “ Where am I? ¨ she saw a glowing stone and slowly picked it up she thought of every single scary story she heard of, then suddenly the stone made a yellow path for her to follow, she followed the path.


She didn’t know where the path was gonna lead her but she kept on following it. Abilina had the weirdest feeling that she had to follow the path and there was no turning back. She wanted to figure out where the path was talking to her as the walked the path. Abilina heard barking far away. But she didn’t come to see where the barking leads to, she just walked and walked the yellow path. She started to get hungry, she saw a big lake probably filled with fish in every corner. She grabbed a sharp enough stick and looked for an unsuspecting fish she saw a fish and pounced onto it with her stick, but she didn’t get a fish, she just saw the fish turn into a bunny in front of her, the bunny scurried away. Noticed all the fish figured she was ready to catch a fish so all of the fish were under a bridge. “ At least I have water ¨ she said to herself. She put the water in her bottle that ran out.


She made a fire out of rock and sticks and started to boil the water. She waited and entertained herself for an hour until she was ready to drink the water, surely the water wasn’t that tasty. But it was water, she got up slowly and went further on the light yellow path, looking side to side everyone couple of minutes just in case a monster would jump at her, she didn’t know what to do when a monster comes, she just knew she had to fight for her life.


Chapter 4: The Attack

Abilina walked and walked until she heard low growling behind her, she looked behind herself and saw a 15-foot dog that was dark black. Before it bit her she ran off, she looked for the nearest exit, she saw a tree ran up it. She was so scared when the beast scratched at the tree, it sounded like nails on the chalkboard. The tree fell down, when she did she ran off as fast as she possibly could. She didn’t even notice she was faster than normal and was following the path, she almost let go of the small stone in her sweaty hand, she rushed past a girl with black hair and blue eyes, the girl ran with abilina, she wondered about where the girl came from, she looked about 22, she was a little skinnier than usual and had wide eyes.


Soon the monster came so close to Abilina that it bit her, right at the arm but that didn’t stop abilina from running as fast as she possibly could. Finally, she saw a big treehouse. It looked quite old, but Abilina ran up it, she saw the other girl run to another treehouse then abilina noticed it there was a whole town of treehouses! Abilina got to the top of the ladder and jumped in the treehouse, she saw a tall girl with shoulder-length brown hair. The girl didn’t look surprised when she came in. Then she finally said “ Are you staying here until the monster gets away from the village? “ Abilina looked at her straight in the eyes and said “ Yes, indeed yes. “ The girl looked away for a moment then said “ What’s that in your hand “ she pointed at the stone that was clenched in Abilinaś hand “ Its a stone I found, it made a path leading me here “


Abilina unclenched the stone to show her, the girl looked surprised then the girl responded with “ Where’d you find this? “ abilina said “ I found it just randomly on the ground “ the girl fixed at Abilina’s stone and said “ You’re the chosen one, you’ ve been chosen to fight off the monster with 3 other chosen ones! “ Abilina said “ Then I’ll leave and find them at once, but before I go, what’s your name, “ the girl said “ I’m Via, now set your journey, and here’s a bow and arrow, you’ll need it. “ Via gave Abilina a bow and arrows. Abilina climbed down the ladder

Abilina saw lots of townspeople as she looked for another chosen one. She searched around. She went up lots of treehouses to see if there were any chosen ones there. Abilina searched and searched. She looked around for a snack, she


wanted a break from the restless searching. She found a quite large apple tree. The juiciest apples were too high up for her reach. So she climbed up the tall tree, grabbed a few apples and finally took a break


Chapter 5: The Defeat

Abilina took about 3 hours to find the 3 other chosen ones. All together their names were Zuly, Oceana, and Sunrise. Abilina thought their names were quite weird, they were all the same age, 10. Oceana said “Let’s go to one of the tree-houses and ask for weapons” “Good idea¨ said Zuly. So they went up a treehouse, knocked on the door and asked for weapons to defeat the monster. They went far to find the monster, they had no luck. Until the morning, luckily they slept so they were ready to fight. Abilina grabbed a sword and tried to swing at the monster, but she missed. The giant dog scratched her super hard, then sunshine shot a bow at the monster. The monsterś eyes went red, then the girls drank a strength potion, Oceana attacked the


monster. Above them, they saw dragons fighting each other. There were tons of monsters nearby. They chose to run off, figuring that the other monsters might get into their fight. They got to the treehouses and explained what had happened. Everyone they talked to said it was the right thing to do. Zuly found a small circular treehouse that they could stay in, once everyone got in the tiny treehouse, everybody settled in and Sunrise said “ It surely has been exiting in the past day. Everyone said “ I agree “ “Let’s go get a bucket of water together everyone,” said abilina. So everyone went out and went to get a bucket of water. Oceana slipped into the deep lake. She swam up fast, way faster than usual, everyone looked surprised “ How can you swim that fast? “ asked sunshine. “ Maybe I have powers? “ said Oceana “ Maybe we all have powers,


“ said sunshine. They started to test out their powers it turned out sunshine had fire powers, Abilina could grow things with her hands in seconds, Zuly could freeze things and that was it. They all went to the small treehouse for bedtime. When they woke up they headed to the darkest spots of the forest where a thick layer of coal covered the trees and grass. When you look up, you can’t see any sky. Just coal-covered branches and leaves. It looked like darkness was swallowing you up. Zuly said “ I think I heard it rustle in the leaves, “ she said, with her bow and arrow ready to shoot. Suddenly, from behind them a monster jumped from the trees and started attacking. Sunshine tried to burn the monster. Oceana backed up the animal with her water powers while Zuly kept on shooting it with a bow. The monster grew 15 feet in length


and its eyes grew red. Abilina grew vines from her arms and started wrapping them around the monster. Suddenly, the monster passed out

The girls wondered what to do with it next. Then they had an idea. The monster would go away from the light of the sun so they put the monster in the sun. It faded away, they didn’t stay for long, finally, they were done.


Chapter 6: Coming home

Abilina, Zuly, Sunshine, and Oceana talked to the townspeople at the treehouse town. One of the boys there said ¨ Don’t tell anyone about this place, you can always visit thought ¨ They kept on talking about the battle. As all the girls walked away with each other. There were four abandon dragon eggs. All of them picked the eggs up, they swore to never tell anyone about the eggs. It´d be very hard, but they would do it.

When Abilina got home, her mom asked here were shed gone “ I went to Janiceś for a sleepover, my phone ran out of batteries¨ Said Abilina lying through her teeth. “ Never do that again! “ Said the mom, Abilina had the egg in her backpack. She said ¨ Hi “ to


all of her siblings and told them the lie she said to her mom. ​Maybe I should tell them She thought. Abilina finally rested herself in her nice, comfy bed. She hid her backpack with the egg in it in her closet, under every single jacket or shirt she owns. ¨ Finally ¨ she said to herself, she fell asleep The End


Abilina is just an average girl, at least she thought she was until she finds a strange forest just from a wrong turn, and wow! That wrong turn flips her life upside down. Random Classmate Views Great book, mostly the name - Abby It sounds like snow white and the seven dwarfs- Paulina.R Montgomery It’s cool- Nate It is soooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool -​Olivia Arellano   Itś nice, its very nice - Joel 


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Abilina and the Forest-Brooke Rowley  

Abilina and the Forest-Brooke Rowley