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Hello, My name is Amber Klein, I live in Montreal, and I've been making money online since 2006. I'm not rich by any means, but I've been able to quit my job and earn a comfortable income online. One money-making opportunity I'd like to share with you in this short, no-frills report is online paid surveys. This is exactly what it sounds like: You complete surveys online and get paid for doing so. You probably already have a ton of questions in mind, and it's at this point that you'll usually encounter one of three types of problem characters: sharks, sheep, and snails. PROBLEM CHARACTER #1: SHARKS The sharks want you to believe you'll become rich overnight or in X number of days doing surveys. This is extremely unrealistic, not to mention downright scammy. You won't become rich doing surveys. I personally make around $400/week doing surveys for around an hour each day. Now, you're probably thinking, “That's OK, I'll just do surveys for around two hours each day – or three hours, or four hours, or even sixteen hours – and make a killing.” Unfortunately, it's not going to work. The problem you'll come up against is survey availability. There aren't a limitless number of surveys for you to complete each day.

PROBLEM CHARACTER #2: SHEEP Next up, we have the sheep, or people who are scared of their own shadows when it comes to money-making opportunities. These people, aware the Internet is teeming with sharks, insist everything online is a scam, period. Their questions (or, rather, objections) seem plausible enough: “Why would someone pay you to take online surveys?” The answer, in case you're wondering, is that market research is big business. Rather than pay full-time salaries to hundreds of people to walk the streets of the world's major cities and stop people for their opinions, or rather than pay people $50 a pop to drive to some focus-group venue and participate, it's cheaper to set up an online system and give people $10, $15, or even more for each survey. “If this were legit, wouldn't everyone be doing it?” The answer: Not necessarily. Consider this: Virtually everyone knows you can get a fabulous body by working out and eating right, virtually everyone would love to have a fabulous body, but how many people actually bother to act? There's a natural inertia between knowledge/awareness and execution. If the inertia weren't bad enough, not many people have the knowledge/awareness of online money-making opportunities in the first place. Go ahead and ask people how to make money online, and see how many mention surveys (hell, go ahead and ask people about online scams if you'd prefer, and see how many mention surveys!). So “wouldn't everyone be doing it?” assumes everyone knows about it, and it also assumes that if everyone knew about it, everyone would act on it (but consider the exercise/diet example above – or consider the shocking fact of how few people act on general scientific knowledge).

PROBLEM CHARACTER #3: SNAILS Finally, we have the snails. These people are more open-minded than the sheep but are still skeptical in a few key places. They know you can make SOME money online doing surveys. But they sabotage their own efforts and move at, well, a snail's pace up the income curve. Their biggest problem comes down to following what's generally a good piece of advice for avoiding online scams: “If you have to pay money to get started, avoid it like the plague.” So the snails sign up to only those survey sites asking for no money, and they make only a few bucks here and there. Big mistake. Nobody wants to work for free, and survey aggregators are no exception. In my experience, the aggregators asking for no money aren't really committed to survey aggregation – they rope you in and then hope to make money from ad clicks or by pushing other products on you. Sure, they'll drip-feed you some surveys here and there, but it's not their primary concern. Worse, even the market researchers don't trust these no-moneyupfront sites and very often refuse to have their surveys there. Why? Well, I don't want to give anyone evil ideas, but imagine what would happen if someone gamed the system by creating multiple accounts on a survey-aggregation site and filled out surveys multiple times. That's why market researchers prefer upfrontpayment sites, where there's not only a deterrent effect for many forms of bad behavior but also a digital trail in place. OK, SO WHERE DO YOU GET STARTED? There are always better and more competitive survey-aggregation sites coming out, and this is great for the industry but bad for reports like this one – today's #1 aggregator site could be outdated next month! Luckily, some survey veterans have come up with a solution: Have one site that always redirects to the best aggregator available.

Here's the site: Visit that site, and it will always redirect you to what these veterans currently consider to be the best survey aggregator available for making money. I don't always agree with their top pick, but I agree with it at least 95% of the time, and the rest of the time, they still pick a great aggregator. Wishing you the best in your money-making adventures, Amber Klein

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Hello, My name is Amber Klein, I live in Montreal, and I've been making money online since 2006. I'm not rich by any means, but I've been ab...

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