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Home Security Tips For The 21st Century To prevent your home from getting broken into, check out the below article to learn some excellent tips on protecting your home. You should always make sure your home looks like its occupied. You can buy timers to have radios, TVs, lights and other electronics go off and on at different times. This will make your home look like someone is in it. This can be a terrific method of securing your home and keeping burglars at bay. Switch from the standard code for garage's remote opening system. The code that comes with the unit is the same for every unit sold. Thieves can walk around trying openers until they are able to open around a door. Are you aware of the value of your home's wires? A lot of people do not know this until a thief steals them from the house. Experienced criminals can make a decent amount of money quickly by stripping copper wiring off of houses in order to sell it at a scrapyard. Be sure to keep your wiring hidden or difficult to reach. Use exterior lights that have motion sensors. The motion sensors turn on the lights whenever anyone approaches your home. The lights will notify you of motion and also deter would be burglars. Make sure you keep fresh light bulbs in your motion activated lights so that they will work correctly. When you move into your home, change the locks. Who knows who has a key? Installing new locks means just you and your family have keys. If your keys are ever lost or stolen, it is also a good idea to change all the locks. Make sure that you consistently alter your code for the garage. It's standard code is the same for all units, so your door may be opened by other opening devices. Intruders will try the most common codes as well as the default codes to get into garages. Get in the habit of checking your security system regularly. Have a worker from the security company take a look at it. Many factors cause issues with security systems like nature and wild animals. You might be unaware of problems that arise in some cases. A dog is an excellent burglar alarm. Dogs protect their territory diligently, and tend to make noise if something goes awry. A big, vicious guard dog isn't necessary. Even tiny dogs that make a ton of noise will deter a potential crime. If you haven't gotten a paper shredder, it may be time to purchase one. Thieves can get lots of information simply by looking through your trash. If a shredder is too expensive, at least tear relevant paperwork into small bits.

You can hide your valuable items inside your walls. No need to damage your walls. Most homes are pre-equipped with these handy spaces. For instance, consider using an electricity socket that is unused, and stash your precious jewelry in there. There is no telling when an intruder may break into your home. Rather than just counting on luck, do what is necessary to protect your own home. Follow the tips presented here and stay up to date on the latest home security information to protect your home and family against crime.

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Home Security Tips For The 21st Century  

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