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India has witnessed the growth of the auto parts industry The auto industry has undergone a dramatic transformation in India in the last decade as a result of globalization and economic liberalization of the country. It was the auto sector in India comes only once to meet local needs is an important meeting point for many car manufacturers to build their facilities. In 2015 it is expected that the car market in India to parts of the U.S. to spend $ 700 million cars with leaders like Toyota, General Motors, Ford and Volkswagen and other sources and millionaires components. And it was always the most important factor in India in terms of low cost raw materials. However, the twentieth century saw the emergence of Foreign India investors moving India base, due to the level of the country and improving the quality of highly skilled workers. The nineties saw the liberalization of the Indian economy, which encouraged foreign investment in the world for untapped potential in India to explore. As a result, companies like Hyundai, Toyota, General Motors and Ford are not only defined by factories in India, but also encourage manufacturers to best practices from around the world the Indians, such as Six Sigma, TQM and efficiency to determine the industry etc.. On the contrary, Indian companies are willing to invest heavily in the modernization and consolidation of this dynamic industry. While many companies offer equipment and technology in an attempt to reach a global impact, identify the major manufacturers. And evolve through partnerships with some of the top European players and not give them access to the latest technology, but also the credibility recently. This has led to fears of the outside world for the quality of Indian products gradually disappear. In addition, parts supply overseas manufacturing giants such as Volkswagen and Renault - which had an office in India - the still existing uncertainties regarding the quality of the ingredients. Gradually, and has seen an increase in the number of components in India, the global automobile manufacturers such as Delphi and Visteon components opened offices in India.

India has witnessed the growth of the auto parts industry  

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