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Some news articles from various media sources to show the future trend of the Motorcycles India market in India. Ultra Motor India is planning to launch three scooters, including one in the high-speed category, and import a high- end model to India by next year. "Electric vehicles category is becoming more and more important globally and it will substantially grow in India as well. We are planning to sell 55,000 units in India in 2009-10," Ultra Motor Chairman and CEO Joe Santana said. In India, the launch of the first bikes was made because of the need for better patrolling by both the police as well as the army. After this, bikes became quite an inherent part in the lives of most of the Indian population. In India, bikes have secured a really firm place. These days, people not just purchase bikes just because there is a need to do so, but bikes in India has also become part of their personality as well.

Ultra Motor Chairman and CEO Joe Santana said  

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