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An epidemic that is called Autism Learn to recognize the signs early, and be patient with your autistic child, you and your child will soon live a normal life. A neurological disorder, Autism sets in a child as early as the initial first three years, perhaps even earlier. The development of the brain activity is hampered and simple activities seem difficult and are avoided. While the cause and cure of the disorder are being scanned and understood by scientists, the numbers of people being born with this disability are reaching an epidemic stage. Back in 1960s, for every 1000 children, only 4 had autism; but recent statistics say that for every 110 children there is at least 1 diagnosed with autism. Which could also mean that autism is occurring more frequently than childhood cancer, pediatric AIDS or juvenile diabetics combined? Around the world the statistics are far disheartening. While 1.7 million autistic individuals are in India, and one in 58 person is affected with this disorder in the UK; it’ s time we understand the nature and keep check the epidemic. Let us pause and try to understand what probably causes this huge rise in the number of autistic babies? Does the stressful modern lifestyle cause havoc during the neo-natal child development? Is the Pollution, environmental degradation and hereditary factors to be blamed? Children with autism exhibit symptoms like being into one’s own self, communication impairments, and show no emotions. Some kids indulge in repeated behavior like spinning or walking in circles, and prefer to stay away from social company. The remedy for this type of disorder comes in the form of patience and skill teaching. Since the brain cannot function or remember routine skills, repeated teachings can help these kids. Children with autism need to be taught to brush their teeth every morning and how to hold their toothbrush right. Even simple things like removing their hand away

from hot objects or wearing a jacket when cold should be taught. To refrain from outburst of emotions or screaming, the children must be taught to speak softly. When the child turns older, specialized schools coach and train students. Education for autistic children come in the form of workshops and behavioral therapy sessions. The Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is the most common among the lot. Other successful patterns of teaching such kids is by drawing or comic pictures.

Even depressing is Autism Spectrum Disorder. A number of similar autism related diseases, characterized by certain symptoms can occur in patients. Sometimes collectively or just an individual, autism spectrum disorder is as difficult as just autism. Asperger Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative disorder form part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. So if your son doesn’t utter the words mama or papa by the age of one, please get him medical attention at the earliest, and look out for further symptoms. Nothing is better than an early treatment therapy.

An epidemic that is called autism  
An epidemic that is called autism  

Learn to recognize the signs early, and be patient with your autistic child, you and your child will soon live a normal life