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Its not just the music - I just can't help falling in love with you

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We cannot force ourself to who we truly love or adore. Just like we can't force our favorite music to stop because we just want to continue it on. Above all that, we can't help to who we fall in love with, its not just the music, "I can't help falling in love with you." But Elvis Presly really have a point in his music, so again, its not just the music, its what we truly feel when we love someone and can't force ourselves to stop it.   But there are always the "What if'." That would run thru our head, like, what if that person doesn't like me back, what if that person was only force to love me because of pithiness. If you live your life thinking of the possible outcomes that would happen, then you'll missed out in actually feeling the reality of the outcomes. Its all about courage, when you want someone then tell them or show them what you feel because you might end up with the real "what if." in your life, and regreting what could have happened and it should have happened. Its not anyones fault that a person can't help falling in love with someone, because we never expect love to come in our way. It just happens and we feel it all of a sudden. We fall deeply in love and we can't bear hiding it for ourselves. So if you are truly in love with a person, then show it and tell that person what you truly feels. Because you might end up being together for the rest of your life, and all the "What if." will just be a memory that never happened in your life. But if you are already with the person and it seems that your relationship is at a very 2|Page Copyright Š Blog/

low level, if you really love them then fight for your relationship because in that situation, you losing the one you love is what you can't stand. So you will probably make a song about it, "I just can't stand losing you and yet i can't help falling in love you."    

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Its not just the music - I just can't help falling in love with you