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Compatibility of the opposite sex: Opposite Attracts

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Have you ever wondered who you're going to be with the rest of your life? Are you compatible with each other? Most of us want our future someone that we would have in common. Like the same food, music, art, people and hobbies. We wouldn't want our future someone to hate the food we eat, or hate the music we listen to, or the people we like and hate the things we do. But what we really don't see is that opposite attracts. How is it possible that an opposite attracts two opposite sex? First things first, if you like the same things, you already know what to talk about. You are already aware of everything since you two have in common. But it doesn't mean that you are not attracted to one another. What does opposite attract means? It mean that if you may find someone who likes you and have opposite likes, you will see the efforts on how that person that likes you. If you both have different taste in music, if he/she likes you, then they will learn to love it. You and your partner will explore each others lives and learn to love them for who they really are. Thats what true love is, there is always an adventure in real love. You don't know whats coming, and it just surprise you one day that they know he lyrics of your favorite songs, cook for you your favorite dish, be friends with the people they don't have in common with and support you with your hobbies. Love is about sacrificing, if all is playing safe, your love life will just be boring and you don't expect anything at all since you and your partner have a lot in common.

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But again, its not bad in having things in common, its just that where is the adventure and fun in that? But also, the fact is, in real life, no opposite sex have everything in common. There is always that thing that you don't have in common and you just learn to love it because of how they love it too. Its about learning and accepting.  

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Compatibility of the opposite sex: Opposite Attracts