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Hardwood Flooring: a Luxurious Choice

In case you are not aware, having hardwood flooring inside your place does not necessarily speak on traditional flooring alone. The fact is that hardwoods can either be a traditional or a modern choice, depending on how they are being perceived by you. For many centuries now, hardwoods have been the popular choices of many people during those years. As a matter of fact, because of the luxurious effects and the durability they possess, people would often claim that hardwoods are truly great in terms of how they can transform a simple home into something more elegant, regal, sophisticated, and modern. Because of these, hardwoods have become so popular in the construction or enhancement of many homes, offices, commercial establishments, and other places not only in the United States but in all other countries of the world as well. The Diversity of Hardwood Flooring When it comes to the diversity and range of hardwoods, you are given the assurance that you will definitely eat your heart out shopping for them. The truth is that the diversity is actually extended not only to the finishes of the woods but the kinds of stains and surfaces available for every kind of teragren bamboo product available on the market today.There are kinds of wood floor products that have been carefully planned in the mill and they offer you with smooth and well-refined surfaces that can never be found in other hardwood floor products offered and sold on the market during these days. Another kind of hardwood which has become so popular to homeowners and professionals is called the hand-scraped hardwood. What does this kind of hardwood entail? Well, this is a special kind of hardwood which has been carefully made by the hands to come up with even and seasoned surface contour. With such kind of surface, the hardwood plank would surely give you a more rustic and modern look, and a profound sense of lived-in look. Different variations are also available for tesoro woods and they all depend on the kind of stains which have been applied on them. The fact is that there are kinds of stains which serve to bring out the natural look of the hardwood. There are also those that have been completely changed in terms of their colors while the other ones are free to show the species’ natural hue or color. In case you are not aware it is the hardwood which is known to be the most versatile and flexible choice in terms of appearance and a customer’s personal taste. The Popular Kinds of Hardwood Species When it comes to hardwood floors new jersey, you will definitely get yourself overwhelmed by the number of species available on the market today. However, if you are aiming for something that would give you the best outcome then you have to go for the ones which are popularly known and widely used all around the world today. Here are some of them:

White Oak and Red Oak These kinds of hardwoods are actually characterized by a pale color and the red ones usually come with pink traces running through the wood. Oaks are highly known for their versatility in terms of different applications although the white ones are known to be a little stronger than the red ones. Hard Maple – this kind of wood species is considered to be much stronger or harder than oak. Its surface is resistant to abrasion and offers a uniform texture, making it as one of the top choices for flooring purposes. Hardwood maple has been the favorite hardwood of the early residents and settlers in the US and until now, its popularity still continues to go stronger and stronger each day. American Cherry – this kind of wood specie is highly preferred for flooring and cabinet making. It comes with attractive texture and you can work with it with much ease. Brazilian Cherry – this kind of wood specie is also known as Jatoba. It’s an exotic type of wood with its unique color that’s actually reddish brown that usually ages into a fabulous and lustrous burgundy. This kind of wood specie is also excellent in terms of hardness compared to other types of wood species out there.

Hardwood Flooring: a Luxurious Choice  

As a matter of fact, because of the luxurious effects and the durability they possess, people would often claim that hardwoods are truly gre...