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E. Dog Town Press


No. 10 April 10 2011

n o s a e


e l a n Fi

Lovick & Suess in

" The Dinner Part B"

Somewhere deep in Meluso’s lair. I haven’t slept in weeks, but it’s all worth it to create a LOVICK CLONE!

Meanwhile a socially ostracized Lovick begins his journey into the void.

Why is it so bright out?

Like many men before him, lovick heads to the top of a mountain to seek solace.

Solace with a side of self-pity.

Back inside.

Get it through your head, we’re not a couple.

I once ate a fork. Didn’t even notice. Did you go to the doctor, Suess? A doctor I was needin’, cuz I had internal bleedin’.

And I never want to see your smug mug again.

Babe, we just had our first fight.

Okay I haven’t been listening to why you’re mad, but....

Where’s Lovick?

He’s so present

I have to go check on something.

Gaurd the cake. I should’ve gaurded my heart.

... but I know what will stop this little hissy-fit.

What am I gonna do with this nutbar?

You need some ‘Radar Love.’

Wait wait!

Not you again. You still owe me $150 from last week. Check’s in the mail.

Where to? I’m a van!

Lovick, come back to the dinner part b.

Meaner-while. Ahahahah ahahaha hahah ahaha hah ha hahah ahabananaha haha

Ahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahha hahahavanah hahahahah hahahahh

Is this heart burn, or heart break?

This should shut you up.

Think quick CJ.

I know, I’ll sheepishly duck and let that pig peck the cow.

And he rounds first.

Not again.




Go away Suess.

Okay, well I tried.

Poor Suess, you just don’t get it.

Is this all because of CJ?

It’s not just CJ, it’s everything.

What about Farber?

Farber? Show me Farber. She hasn’t been around for weeks.

She’s been busy.

Don’t sugar-coat it!

Are you jealous of me and Rose?

Would a jealous man do this?

There it is.

That wasn’t so bad.


Wait something’s off here. Hip-bone connects to the… Oh no.

Listen CJ, you’re getting a little clingy. Maybe we should dial us back a bit.

Rader, I can see what tactic you’re trying to employ here, and it’s not going to work.

Okay it’s working a bit.

I can’t take this smothering. I’m outtie.

Wait Rader...

It worked.

What about our readers?

Don’t you get it? Lovick and Suess is over.

It’s time to fly solo.

You can’t even swim solo.

Bite me.


Reversed by a totem-pole body-slam?

You’re still touching ground, right?


I’m sorry about what I said. We make a great duo.

And I’m sorry it took you so long to realize.

Not a real apology, but given the present circumstance, I’ll let it slide.

Hey is that a Mario tube?

Shzzzooop! I think my guests have arrived.

! d

u h T

Did we fall down a well?

Where are we?

You’re not going to like this.



Lovick and Suess, meet my newest creation.

There’s a new

w gal in town.


To be continued... in season two.

The Adventures of Lovick & Suess Men with modest gifts

April 10, 2011

episode 10 “The Dinner Part B”

credits featuring Chistopher Lovick Piet Suess Jeremy Schuetze Carly Pope Amber Rothwell

photos by Isaac Sterling Jeremy Schuetze Piet Suess

written by Chistopher Lovick Jeremy Schuetze Piet Suess

post prodution Piet Suess

E. Dog Town Press 1213 N. Main st. 90012 Los Angeles, CA

10 - The Dinner Part B  

Continuing from where we left off, the gang's dinner party gets split up. Suess leaves Rose to go look for Lovick. Rader ups his campaign to...

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