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C. The association between Colombian medical students' healthy personal habits and a positive attitude toward preventive counseling: cross-sectional analyses. 7. Is a medical student’s diet a predictor of attitudes towards nutrition counseling?

A study by Duperly et al. (2009) revealed that those students who had a daily intake of at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables were more positive towards nutrition counseling. 8.Does a medical student’s tobacco use have an influence on his or her opinions about giving advice about smoking to patients?  

One study showed a more positive attitude towards tobacco counseling amongst non-smoking medical students (Duperly et al. 2009). 9.Do women medical students have more positive attitudes towards counseling patients about alcohol consumption?

According to Duperly et al. (2009) women medical students do not show a more positive attitude towards alcohol counseling than men.

Colombian medical ss  
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