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Our solutions for Hotels & Resorts have been taking businesses to the next level. Mainstream your operations with our interactive touch products, our custom units can go anywhere and do anything! Wayfinding, booking an excursion, making reservations, and displaying admin announcements simultaneously are just some of the amazing features of our award winning products. Stand out from your competitors and permanently mark your hospitality spot as the best by streamlining your engagement, propelling your efficiency and giving your customers the service they will never forget.

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TURNING YOUR VISION INTO REALITY SINCE 2001 BrandM3dia group is an interactive technology and end to end solution agency that has been active for 17 years. We strive to help businesses by conceptualizing then implementing efficient and cost-effective custom solutions. We specialize in the manufacturing of interactive technology, end to end solutions, apps, software solutions and marketing strategies.

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There are many benefits of choosing BrandM3dia. We have a wide range of clients spanning in all industries. BrandM3dia has been actively taking these businesses to the next level for 17 years. BrandM3dia directly manufactures all our products, saving you the cost and cutting out the middle man. Due to the vast range of clients in all industries, BrandM3dia has extensive knowledge and research in all fields. We are able to find the perfect solution for your business. Global reach with offices in Toronto and Dubai, BrandM3dia Group offers 24/7 support.

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THE FAMILY IS READY TO SUPPORT AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS! * Designed & Manufactured over 40 models

Benefits Of Using Our Kiosks To add onto the many benefits of choosing BrandM3dia, our products and services come with their own advantages! Engage your visitors with the most eye catching interactive technology up to date, generate more revenue by upselling advertisement space on the units or convert more leads with the help of the units. We want to mainstream your process and get you a return on investment with the most efficient, dynamic interactive touch products and get your hotel/resort recognized as the best hospitality spot of the year. We also offer incentive programs.


Mainstream Operations

• Monetizability

Long & Short Term Savings

• Lead Generator

Dynamic Customizable Content

• Online & Offline Metrics and Analytics

Streamline Engagement With Your

• Data Collection


• Social Presence & Campaigns

Solution That Will Eliminate Your

• Full Turn Key Package

Company’s Points of Pain

• Eliminate Waste

Interactive 3D Environments

• Wayfinding

Comparisons Apps

• & So Much More

Your message matters. That is why we have created the SmartOutdoor Kiosk. Able to withstand temperatures at ice chilling -40C to sweat boiling 60C, market to everyone in even the most extreme weather situations. Find your way with just a touch of the screen, display custom videos, rotate through dynamic advertisements, order toiletries or even make reservations right from the unit. We make things easy for you, so your clients can have an experience they will never forget.

Many Features: • •

Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Interactive Touch or Non Touch Options •

Display Interactive Information •


One click dynamic content change in a flash

Meet, SmartOutdoor.

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Our award winning SmartKiosk is the most advanced technology of its kind. The eye catching 55” interactive touch screen, complimented by the chic build and custom apps, makes this the most dynamic advertisement tool up to date.

Many Features: • Ad system • Wayfinding • Ordering Right From The Unit • Advanced Data Collection & Analytics

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Our multipurpose Wall Mount can go anywhere. Embed the unit in the elevator or have it displayed on a stand, the Wall Mount is with you wherever you go. Marketing just got easier.

Many Features: • Display Admin Notes & Announcements • Sign Up For Excursions or Events Right From The Unit • Dynamic Interactive Videos & Promotions

Meet, Wall Mount.

Wall Mount

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Our interactive Table Top has been our hottest product this year. Being able to flip between Ultra 4K and interactive touch is just one of the many unique features of this unit!

Many Features: • Interactive 3D Wayfinding • Display Interactive Information • Check In/Out Right From The Unit

Meet, Table Top.

Table Top

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