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LoveTEFL delivers exceptionally high teaching services for schools and education systems across the globe. We recruit, train and continuously support all of our teachers to ensure that our services are tailored for the schools and institutions we partner with.

There are plenty of TEFL recruitment companies out there who will provide teachers with a TEFL qualification. However we are the only TEFL provider which continuously supports our teachers and partner schools throughout the entire academic year. We achieve this through investing time and resources in the countries where our partners are located. This enables us to develop long-term relationships with our partners through regular contact and frequent meetings.

Our expert team has more than 40 years of experience of TEFL including the delivery of high quality language teacher training, the delivery of English language programmes around the world and the support and development of native English speaking teachers overseas. The team has worked in both large international businesses and small bespoke organisations giving the breadth of experience required to deliver high quality programmes of this nature.

OUR TEACHERS We conduct a thorough recruitment process in order to select the highest quality teachers. Not only are our teachers highly qualified, but they are also handpicked based on their positive attitudes towards working and living in a foreign country. We recruit teachers for Kindergarden, Primary, Secondary, and Universities both in Government and private sectors.

THE SELECTION PROCESS The vast majority of our teachers come from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Each teacher is carefully chosen to suit the requirements of our partner organisations. We treat each of our teachers individually and conduct rigorous interviews in order to truly assess their capabilities and acquaint ourselves with who you would be employing. This way we can be confident that our teachers are fully prepared for their position so that we can guarantee a healthy commitment to the job and integration into life within your organisation.

TEACHER REQUIREMENTS The teacher profile will vary according to each partner organisation’s requirements. However a typical LoveTEFL teacher will: • Be a native English speaker • Hold a Bachelor’s Degree from a native English speaking University • Have a 120 hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate (TEFL) • Be passionate about teaching • Be open-minded and positive • Be passionate about cultural exchanges • Have a strong desire to help • Be a good role model for their students

OUR VARIETY OF TEACHERS The majority of our teachers are sourced to fill English teaching positions however we can also recruit more specialised positions such as subject teachers.


We aim to build a long-term partnership with as much communication and face to face contact as possible. This way we can work together to resolve issues and forward-plan future teaching requirements. We can provide support with in-country representatives who will be in place to support both your school and teachers throughout our contract. These representatives will visit the schools on a regular basis and assist with any issues that arise.


We will assist in attaining all the necessary documentation for our recruited teachers to facilitate their application and visa processing, including: Copy of Degree Certificate CV CRB (Criminal Record) Check Flight Documents Medical (where appropriate) TEFL Certification


Throughout the academic year we will encourage all our recruited teachers to maintain their on-going professional development. This will be delivered through on-line access to teaching resource banks and discussion papers. Our exclusive LoveTEFL community also contains extensive resources including lesson plans and professional advice. The teacher will be contracted for the period defined by the school to teach English Language classes and, subject to the wishes of each partner school, also participate in the delivery of other subjects through English. The teachers we recruit and develop will expect and wish to become involved with the full life of the school as directed by each school itself.


As part of our services we also offer a 120 hour TEFL course to your non-native English speaking teachers which can be studied anywhere in the world. Please enquire for details. Highly regarded in the TEFL industry, our 120 Hour TEFL Course is an excellent way to develop TEFL skills and provides teachers with an internationally accredited TEFL certification upon completion.

CONTACT For more information on what LoveTEFL has to offer please visit or contact us on:

Email : Telephone : +44(0)113 8293300

TEFL House Suite 1 Chantry House Victoria Road Leeds West Yorkshire LS5 3JB United Kingdom

Institutional member of IATEL and College of Teachers Registered Company No. 7935847

LoveTEFL School Brochure  
LoveTEFL School Brochure  

LoveTEFL are a unique organisation who provide quality teachers for schools worldwide. For more information visit our website: www.lovetefl....