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Lovetatum™ Jewelry was established in the summer of 2006. However, I have been designing and making jewelry since I can remember. I began selling to the local high-end beach boutiques in my hometown of Point Pleasant, New Jersey and later developed my jewelry into a full-time business. I found that there is a high demand for my unique style of jewelry. It expresses my point of view as a young artist who is ahead of the trends, while the sheer quality appeals to a wide range of clientele.

I am now based out of La Jolla, California and find that I draw my inspiration from international beach life, and translate it into jewelry for any and every occasion. I use a combination of corals from the Caribbean, briolettes from India and China, and hand-carved stone pendants from Hong Kong and Bali, just to name a few.

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My unique pieces are handmade with sterling silver and adorned with semi-precious stones and pearls from all over the world. To me, it is important that my jewelry express something personal and individual. Every man and woman who wears Lovetatum™ should feel that his/her piece is special. My philosophy has always been to inspire creativity and promote positive energy in the world, and I will continue to reach and enrich‌

the coral collection

My travels to Barbados and Jamaica inspired me to create a great statement piece. I had a vision of it in my mind, but what I was looking for was not out there‌yet. I dreamt of an authentic coral piece that had brilliant color, amazing details and embodied the life of the Caribbean. Now I’ve created just that and more, with the coral collection. 03 04


Authentic Red Coral Vine Necklace with Hand Carved Coral Flowers, TCC01N


Hand Carved Authentic Red Coral Flower Earrings, TCC02E

Howlite Nuggets with White Coral Teardrop Earrings, TCC03E

Authentic White Coral Necklace with Howlite Rondelles and Fresh Water Pearl, TCC04N


Authentic Red Coral Vines Pendant on Antique Sterling Chain, TCC05C


Rutilated Quartz with Peach Coral Vine Earrings, TCC06E OPPOSITE, LOWER LEFT

Authentic Red Coral Garden Bracelet, TCC07B OPPOSITE, RIGHT 05 06

Peach Jade Teardrop with Peach Coral Vines Necklace, TCC08C

the turquoise collection The first piece of jewelry I owned was a turquoise ring from a local beach boutique. Everyone should enjoy the natural beauty of turquoise. It is one of the oldest stones known and will bring wisdom to your wardrobe! If given a turquoise piece by a loving friend, that stone would protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good fortune. Turquoise is a symbol of friendship, brings peace to the home and is just the timeless color we need for the season.

Rare Chalcedony Colored Nuggets with Round Sinox Crystals, Magnesite Teardrops and African Turquoise Necklace, TTC01N

07 08


Turquoise Nugget with Custom Antique Finished “T” Charm Necklace, TTC02C

Turquoise Teardrop Pendant and Amazonite Briolettes on Antique Chain, TTC03C Magnesite Pendant with Gaspeite Handcarved Flowers Necklace, TTC04C Turquoise Teardrops with Turquoise Rondelles Earrings, TTC05E Gaspeite Handcarved Flower Earrings, TTC06E African Turquoise with White Coral and Amazonite Teardrops and Turquoise Rondelles Bracelet, TTC07B


White Druzy Agate with Black Fresh Water Pearls Pendant on Antique Sterling Chain, TDC01C All Druzy Agate Necklace, TDC02N (ALSO PICTURED, OPPOSITE) Labradorite Rondelles, Rose Quartz Teardrops with Champagne and Black Fresh Water Pearls Bracelet TDC03B Rose Quartz Teardrops with Champagne Fresh Water Pearls Earrings, TDC04E Petite Sterling Silver Shell Ear Studs, TDC05E 09 10

Golden Dusted Druzy Agate Pendant on Antique Sterling Chain, TDC06C

As a kid, I would play with my sister’s stone collection and was so fascinated by the natural crystallization in the stones. A bed of tightly packed crystals is the common growth habitat particular to quartz. When the bed has a very fine crystalline structure similar to sugar or salt crystals, it is known as Druzy. It was love at first sight.

the druzy collection

If it looks edible, I want it! The fun, whimsical appeal of my rock candy collection has everyone wearing smiles. I incorporate freshwater pearls and a rare stone called atomic labradorite. There is only one company in the world that heat-treats labradorite to bring out the natural metallic in the stone. Enjoy it, have fun with it and love it!

Rock Candy Pink Necklace with Bronze Fresh Water Pearls, TRC01N



Bow Tie Cherry and Rose Quartz Earrings, TRC02E

the rock candy collection


Atomic Labradorite and Mustard Fresh Water Pearls Earrings, TRC03E; Rose Quartz with White Coral Teardrops Earrings, TRC04E; Sandstone Nugget Earrings, TRC05E; Grey Freshwater Pearls with Rose Quartz Peardrops Earrings, TRC06E

Rock Candy Grey Necklace with Black Fresh Water Pearls, TRC07N



Sandstone Nugget Bracelet, TRC08B

Rock Candy Atomic Necklace with Mustard Fresh Water Pearls, TRC09N


the agate collection When I saw the purple lace agate for the first time, I knew I had to create a very special custom piece. I wanted to feel uplifted, and what better way than to put bursts of vibrant purple and olive jade with a hint of black. It’s dangerously colorful, but oh, so elegant.

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OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT Hawaiian Amethyst, Olive Jade Cushions and Smoky Quartz Bracelet, TAC01B OPPOSITE PAGE, RIGHT Amethyst Briolettes with Black Freshwater Pearls Earrings, TAC02E THIS PAGE, LEFT Purple Lace Agate with Smoky Quartz and Olive Jade Cushions Necklace, TAC03N THIS PAGE, RIGHT Serpentine with Hawaiian Amethyst Necklace, TAC04C

be the change My mantra is to create jewelry that inspires. This time it’s for both men and women. It’s doubly special because of its meaning and its green nature. Be the change you want to see in the world, a positive reinforcement piece designed to motivate us to achieve greatness. Made from recycled sterling silver with antique charms that are interchangeable. Now go. Inspire.

Men & Womens Recycled Sterling Silver Dog Tag Necklace, BTCC01C



Antique Flower Charm, BTCC02charm


Heart Charm, BTCC03charm For inquiries call 619 997 4096

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Lovetatum Jewelry Spring 2010 LookBook Collection  

International semi-precious stones and sterling silver, made for the unique individual." Our philosophy is to promote positive energy throug...

Lovetatum Jewelry Spring 2010 LookBook Collection  

International semi-precious stones and sterling silver, made for the unique individual." Our philosophy is to promote positive energy throug...