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ACTING CLASS – SCENE #2 PERFORMANCE DAY: Tuesday, October 30 Scene #2 scenario due: Tuesday, October 16 Students are encouraged to revise scenarios based on the instructor feedback and resubmit for more feedback. Scene #2 – Scene should be memorized by Tuesday, October 23 in preparation for in class acting exercises. Scene #2 Scoring due: day of performance, Tuesday, October 30 (you of course can submit earlier for more feedback). Students will prepare the scene included below or substitute an APPROVED scene from a produced play of their choice. If students opt for an alternative scene it must be approved by the instructor by Thursday, October 18 (Scenario for the scene would also be due on this day). If you are interested in doing a scene from a play please email me ASAP and let me know. Possible Contentless Scene #1 A: And that's all you have to say about it? B: What else do you want me to say? A: How about sorry? B: Well, of course I'm sorry. How could I not be sorry? A: You haven't said it. B: I'm sorry. A: No you're not. (Pause) I'm going. B: Um . . . A: What? B: I, uh . . . A: Yes? What? What is it? B: I just think you should realize I have been under a lot of strain lately. A: I see. B: And maybe, I've, you know, handled some things badly -A: You're under a lot of strain? So is it now all my fault? B: Why is it always that way with you? A: What way? B: Always the victim. Always under attack. The whole world is out to get you. One of these days you are going to learn that you are the not the center of the universe. A: Look, I'm leaving.

B: Where are you going to go? A: I'm going to lie down in traffic. I'm going to let a cross town bus roll over me because my life no longer has meaning. I'm going to my room (you may change “my room” to something else), you idiot! B: You are so dramatic. A: I am not being dramatic. This is a very big deal to me. B: What is that you want me to do? I've told you I'm sorry. I have honestly tried to help. I am not . . . Do you want me to get down on my hands and knees and beg your forgiveness. A: That might be a start. B: Look, I'm wrong. I'm sorry. I will never do it again. Mea Culpe. Mea Culpe. A: Oh, shut up! B: Fine! A: What is that supposed to mean? B: Nothing. Go. A: What? B: I thought you wanted to go – go. Nobody’s stopping you. Get out. A: I don’t have to go. I can stay as long as I like. (pause) You are so mean. I don’t know why I ever . . . B: Look . . . A: If I . . . B: Don’t start that. I’m tired of you, I’m tired of the argument, I’m tired of the whole situation. I think you are right. I think you should go, but if you don’t I will. A: That would be just fine with me.


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