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BUTORS JOURNALISTS Alex (Raychel Spore) Gypsy Faith (gypsy64093) James (Cerebrogasm) oO Ursula Oo (oOUrsulaOo) Scara (Scaramouche Dryke)

PHOTOGRAPHERS Aloy (MilenaTulish) Bronvyn Zamari (Bronvyn) Deja Moss Diavolo (abbie Ormstein) Gia (GiaBlossom) Gypsy Faith (gypsy64093) Lara (sweetheartlara)




A Letter from the


When I decided to start this magazine I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I expected some success, some setbacks, and some struggles. I never thought we would have the success we have had after only one issue. I want to take this moment to say thank you to everyone who has advertised through us, helped us gain exposure, and most of all supported us. We truly appreciate all of you. Along with the success also comes hate and pettiness. No matter what I will always be fair and unbiased when it comes to delivering articles and information to all of you. I will not do anything to compromise the integrity of this publication or values that I believe in and hold dear. Moving on‌ *smiles* As we all know Spring is upon us and that means several things: flowers, chirping birds, Easter, sunny days, and Weddings! With that in mind, we present our Wedding Edition. We are showcasing five wedding businesses and showing you how beautiful it can be to celebrate love in SL. You will also find some special treats like the Wedding Word Search, as well as, several interesting articles from our talented writers. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your feedback. Thanks,




Amazing & Beautiful We are a group to give to any affiliation for charity and or do a sponsorship that will reflect in helping others in second life and real life. We contribute every year to several charities and this year we tend to personally give more and help others! Follow us on Facebook for pics of events!


Is He/She the One? Written by James (Cerebrogasm)

Photography by Lara Hawthorne (SweetheartLara)

Online, usually long distance, love affairs, are often fraught with emotional and even physical dangers. This article will hopefully give you a needed pause before you pledge to a higher level of commitment in your relationships. I’m not talking about “flings” or swinger lifestyles here. Here, I’m looking at those heading toward a kind of SL exclusive engagement with another. This precautionary tale will be the first of many articles on this topic: the subject is widely pervasive issue in SL. In this article, I’m explicitly referring to Second Life Residents. This research comes from a year of SL interviews and years of RL experiences. I have drawn from those of us who have ended up seduced by the influences of a perfect (virtual) world, (which can also exist without technology – that feeling when you feel you’re falling in love), with an apparently perfect potential lover or escalated committed partner, or even emerging from Second Life to Real Life. Here’s a first blush of what to watch out for when meeting anyone new in SL when you are captivated in developing an exclusive relationship, (this advice can apply in RL as well and obviously excludes the Swinger Lifestyle). This first entry aims at straight or bisexual women that are predominantly heterosexual. I hope to cover the entire LGBTQ spectrum in upcoming articles for LoT on relationships as well. Although much overlap exists, some specifics are typically outside the purview of heterosexuals. 1) Meeting someone new: once you get past the standard social greetings or flattery (“what a beautiful avatar you have…”), what does he say next? Do you get the vibe that he is always directing you toward sex? You’re correct – in most cases – but not all. And generally, you should hold off for a while from any form of dating, if you also like him in return. Engage him, but don’t submit, to his initial seduction. Let him simmer (let him miss you – the art of seduction is a kind of power game at the outset).


Nearly every woman I’ve spoken to for my novel has told me: “he’ll next do whatever he can, say whatever he can to move me toward sex.” Many of these “players” have entire on-screen, open documents, filled with seductive dialog (some plagiarized from great literary masters), of which he has used on a myriad of women, refining it constantly, and then cutting and pasting those eloquent words to his IM’s to you – you may as well be talking to an artificially intelligent “seduction bot.” Red Flag: vulgarity, of course – (in which case, look at this situation as if you’re interacting with an emotionally arrested 14-year-old, who is likely to be chronologically in his 40’s or 50’s, in a dead marriage, or living in his mother’s basement, writing his future best-selling novel, while playing World of Warcraft). Then there’s the guy IM’ing well-rehearsed and well-phrased seductive flattery (you can usually spot these players by a mistake they almost always make: “too much, and too soon”). Also, be very careful of, “I love you” statements – many of such proclamations are about a fantasy infatuation he has developed over your online “projection,” where he has little to do with the actual “you.” However: In some cases, he may be actually interested in the real you. Think of virtual world “SL-life” in this way: our avatars are projections of some part of ourselves, our real selves – of which he may have picked up and finds appealing. Men do not like reading “My SL life has nothing to do with my RL, so don’t ask.” Everything about those Profile comments are read as, “go away, don’t bother.” Profiles with comments like this often wreak of bitterness from some previous emotional hurt (emotional baggage you need to resolve before rebounding into another relationship – in RL or SL). Avoid writing such comments – they typically work inversely – the better guys will not approach you while the jerk will see this as a challenge, and likely drive you to the point of blocking him. Note: that profile comment is also disingenuous. Of course, your RL has something to do with your SL projection: your SL avatar functions as a composition of a multitude of choices you made in RL. What head did you choose? What body? What skin? What AO? What is she wearing? What tattoo’s (if any) did you select? What is your hairstyle? Is she more realistic or more unrealistically voluptuous? What did you write in her Profile? Did you write about anything that’s actually authentic about yourself? The list goes on and on – and we typically are unaware that those choices made to bring our avatars “alive” came from RL decisions. Even the sim you are on (or frequent), or your SL friends, have something to do with whom you are in RL. Your Profile “Picks” list even further details your projected identity – with its origins in RL. And typically, as far as looking for a partner, or attention, your avatar is a kind of RL projected into SL: a kind of “bait,” a lure to engage. Remedy: many women have told me that they may want sex as much (or more) than the men they encounter in RL or SL. Unfortunately, they too often find meaningless SL sex as increasingly dull, and, at best, a possible masturbatory stimulus, (and often re-played in imagination with RL sex with a boyfriend or husband), with no future between the SL lovers intended (a dangerous hubris). If you do find an attractive male – whom is confident, but not arrogant – and appears genuinely interested in the woman “behind the curtain” of the avatar displayed on your computer screen (you), then you can move further with him, but go slowly. 2) Verification: since fraud is so easy to perpetrate with online love interests, the more you know (assuming you want a real relationship), the better. Remember, most “cat-fishing” fraud is not about what a potential partner tells you, it’s what he omits that’s often more important. Red Flag: Ask him to voice verify – use Skype or something similar to at least determine if you are speaking to a man or woman. If he consistently finds a reason not to do this, with elaborate excuses, lose him. I’ve met several couples, partnered, claiming to be in love, where each has defrauded the other for months to years in SL. In every case, they have never used SL audio or some other means, even to have a short conversation.


Be very careful of finding yourself making excuses for his refusal to voice-verify because you believe you are in love and you trust him. You can also pick up a lot of other details by hearing him speak – education level, nuances, ethnicity, relaxed speech, approximate age, etc. Women that find themselves in this position making excuses for the evasive lover are in too far and need to either break away from SL or build an alt and avoid him (caution: don’t get into the game of testing him with an alt – you will be compromising your ethics and integrity). Remedy: if he sends you photos – ask him to take a selfie of himself holding a piece of paper with your name on it. Give him 30 seconds. Here is a quick way to verify his pictures are actually of him. Another quick way to check his images are indeed images of him – now – not when he was in high school, (although this process can often be faulty, as I have personally discovered) is to use Google or Tin-Eye pixel matching services – free. 3) Sexual Barware’s: You will encounter men that are on SL for a reason (if they are looking for a woman – masturbatory sex - romance and commitment - female companionship - or just someone to talk with). But you are equally likely to meet deviant men that portray themselves as complete gentlemen, filled with romantic passion, and mature enough for actual commitment. It’s a mine-field out there. Unfortunately, many “women-haters” or men that see women as “chattel,” use this behavior as a disguise to lure you into a romance filled partnership – and will one day reveal his true motivations – with you performing aberrant (to you) acts to “please” him. You’ll discover you are now emotionally unable to extricate yourself from him, as well. These deviants are usually highly skilled: be very careful what details you tell such a guy, should you find evidence he may be psychologically dangerous.


Example: he also may introduce you to a darker side of sexuality – D/s, BDSM, cuckolding, humiliation, sexual slavery, and more, blacker. The more significant danger is that he may awaken a curiosity in you, a curiosity that stimulates you in some way, and then escalates, like an addiction – and you may find yourself needing this level of stimulation in RL. Many RL relationships are severely impacted by this change in you. Caution: A close family member of mine is an ED and ICU nurse. She once told me of knife wounded patient admitted to the Emergency Department wearing a poorly dressed gauze bandage on his bleeding arm. His blood was seeping through the wound out into the open air - where airborne pathogens could easily infect his arm. I saw her patient’s description as a metaphor for the phenomenon I called, “bleed through,” in SL (a story in my novel by the same name). Parts of the RL us “bleed through” into our avatars, while, at the same time, exotic (activities we tell ourselves that we would never engage in, in RL), “bleed through” to RL, and change the nature of whom we are – or at least thought we were. The SL deviant’s influence over you has now metastasized into your Real Life. This phenomenon can result in actually being forced to wean off SL, as in any addiction. But, depending on what you experienced, even removed by the physical nature of a computer screen, serving as a protective glass wall, what is important is how you integrated this experience into your thoughts and emotions. His poison may be with you forever. Always be vigilant if you feel this is happening to you – usually those closest to you will notice first – listen to them. Thanks for reading this article – much more to come!

James (cerebrogasm)




I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with Jenny Love (Jennylynnm1980), owner of Aisle Be With You Weddings. Her assistant and minister, Mrs. Leah Blood (Dragonzgirl) joined us as well. LAUREN: Tell us about yourself and Aisle Be With You Weddings? What made you decide to go into the wedding business? JENNY: Well, I started Aisle Be With You on October 1st 2014. I was and am a sole owner. I have coordinated several weddings in RL and really loved it so I brought it to SL and it has been a success ever since! LAUREN: Do you have a mission statement that you operate by? JENNY: Yes! My main goal to make Aisle Be With You Weddings a “household name,� if you will as well as being the most trusted place to have your wedding and so far we have done a pretty good job of getting there even though we still have a ways to go.

Interview by Lauren LeGrande Photography by Aloy (MilenaTulish)

LAUREN: What is the favorite part about your job? JENNY: Everything! LOL! But, most of all I love hearing & seeing how happy all of our couples are; their happiness is what makes what we do so well worth every bit of it.


LAUREN: What do you find most challenging about your role? JENNY: Honestly, I would have to say the upkeep of appearance. You always want to be sure that you are along side of or ahead of others so you can offer your clients the very best you can. It can be challenging at times, but again, very worth it. LAUREN: What is the most unusual request you have been asked? JENNY: Well, we have had several. We coordinated a wedding where it was three people getting married to each other instead of the average two people, and of course, naked weddings. But we never discriminate regardless the request. To each their own... LAUREN: What is the biggest lesson you have learned since starting out? JENNY: Oh, we have learned lots of lessons that made us make a lot of changes over the years to solve them. The biggest one would have to be that everyone you encounter is different. In order to be able to relate, you should get to know them and their personality so you can gain their trust and that is a big lesson I think we all have learned. I think Leah will agree. LEAH: Yes LAUREN: That’s good‌and I can say... as a bride... that it matters to me seeing the level of care that you take with us. LEAH:We have made some great friends over the years JENNY: Thank you, That is very much appreciated! LAUREN: Why should couples use a company like yours, rather than do it themselves? JENNY: Well when you really map it out.. once they are finished purchasing everything they need for a wedding and hiring all the services like minister, photographer, DJ etc... and then of course, the time 23

it takes to create a wedding venue, by the time that is all done, it is either equal amount or cheaper to just hire a full service agency. So this way, the stress & time spent is off your shoulders and you can sit back and relax and enjoy every moment. LEAH: We take the stress out of you having to worry about everything JENNY: Exactly. This way you know everything is taken care of. LEAH: It’s about the Bride & Groom, not worrying about anything but enjoying your special day. LAUREN: Do you have any new additions for your venue that we should look out for in the months to come? JENNY: Actually, we had just created a few new venues this past month to start the new year. But I do plan to add a few more honeymoon villas into the mix. We have four of them now, and they are rented daily. which is amazing! So we need more! *giggles* LAUREN: Why should people choose your business over any other out there? JENNY: Everything we do here is custom made. All of our wedding venues were personally created by me as well as our Invitations, cakes, etc. This way, we can be sure that we offer things that other places/ agencies do not and vice-versa which is what makes us very unique. A lot of people love that! Not to mention all of our venues, cakes, invites, etc. are all color customizable, so we can transform everything you ever wanted to your liking. We always thrive to keep our prices below all other wedding places/agencies. And we offer much more in our packages than most others do. We also create custom packages for those not interested in the main packages we offer. We also offer individual services as well for those getting married elsewhere. We offer Ministry/Officiant with or without rehearsal coordination, DJ services, Photography Services, Coordination services as well as a live Greeter and Security. LEAH: Plus all the ceremonies are personally handwritten by me and I take into consideration what the couple wants in the ceremony not just a traditional ceremony


JENNY: And, ultimately.. a big part of that is my amazing staff! We are all OG’s (originals) and they have been with me since the beginning when I started this business back in 2014. We have a very solid system that seems to work very very well. We all have a role to play and everything is always planned out & coordinated perfectly when we all work together.


Owners - Fotis & Hoya Calas Established - August 2015 SCARA: Tell us about yourself and your company FOTIS: Our company was founded and made with love, since the moment Hoya and I met we have wanted to offer the same amount of love to every couple that walked into our office. We offer 12 different venues to satisfy any kind of taste and trust me, many times we have bent over backwards to help our couples. Making sure the decorations are perfect, the ceremony is just right and to make them happy. We have had very positive feedback so far and everyone has been delighted with us and what we offer. Interview by Scara (scaramouche.dryke) Our venues have an automated minister to Photography by Bronvyn Zumari make the ceremony easy. All you have to do is just sit on the pose ball and it takes you through the walk down the aisle and to the alter to say your vows, exchanging rings and walk back without a hiccup. But sometimes couples want a ‘real’ minister which is not a problem, we have a real professional minister at hand. We also provided poses and walks for bridesmaids, groomsmen and plenty of seating for guests, our record is a party of nearly 100 people on sim. We even provide a tasteful honeymoon suite and a very pretty proposal area. As I said, we try to make everyone is happy, we do it for the love


of it and we charge only 500L for our simple ceremonies, that also includes the reception and party. We don’t do things to become rich here, just for people who are in love to feel special and happy on their perfect day. SCARA: What made you decide to go into the wedding business? FOTIS: I met my partner and co-owner of Calas Weddings, Hoya, 3 and half years ago, we fell in love and wanted to create something for couples to be happy when they decide to take the leap. After many tries we finally made what we have now, we are not about money, we are about the celebration of love. SCARA: What’s your favorite part about your job? FOTIS: To see the couples who are getting married be so happy, honestly, it gives us a satisfaction after every wedding we perform. Also we enjoy creating different venues, we are both very creative people at heart and it is great fun to do all the decorations and set the mood of each of our venues. Always ensuring it is perfect for every bride and groom. SCARA: What do you find most challenging about your role? FOTIS: To accommodate all the different kinds of taste couples, have. There are so many out there and we do our best to achieve them all. It can be hard work but the most challenging weddings are also the most rewarding ones. SCARA: What is the most unusual request you have been asked? FOTIS: *laughs* luckily we have not experience anything too crazy so far. Most have been fairly normal and sweet. Just once someone asked if we can do a Vegas style wedding, like a really fast one. Similar to a drive through wedding or an Elvis minster style. All I remember is they wanted a very fast ceremony.


SCARA: What is the biggest lesson you have learned since starting out? FOTIS: To have patience, not with our couples but also with each other. It is sometimes stressful and we work hard and long hours, but we always do our best to have patience with everyone who comes to our office. SCARA: Why should couples use a company like yours, rather than do it themselves? FOTIS: I personally believe our ambiance, our level of attention to detail and all that we offer is something you cannot do yourself for the price we offer. Yes, you can go and buy a venue and get married but the level of detail and love we put on each and every venue is very unique and something you cannot recreate. SCARA: Do you have any new additions for your venue that we should look out for in the months to come? FOTIS: We are always working on new venues, we recently finish a sweet romantic venue, beautiful, small, intimate, full of white roses and overlooking the sea. Perfect for more intimate weddings. SCARA: Why should people choose your business over any other out there? FOTIS: So here’s the thing, there are many companies in SL that charge a lot of money for a wedding and there is nothing wrong with it because they have a whole team of people to pay for. They have wedding planners and photographers and many more members of staff and designers. We on the other hand, keep it very simple, we have beautiful venues with automated or non-automated ceremonies. Even when it comes to hiring a real minister and photographer our prices are still unbeatable.



ALEX: Tell us a little about Star Crossed Weddings. JULIET: We want to provide couples with the most professional experience for their special day. By creating an amazing experience, we hope couples will be able to celebrate their Second Life love as close as they desire to real life love. ALEX: What made you decide to go into the wedding business? JULIET: Back in 2009, I was invited to officiate a few weddings and there was one that stood out. While the planner was a lovely woman, things were not well organized. The wedding started over an hour late due to poor planning, lag, and some major details being neglected on her part. I just thought that day that there had to be a better way to do things and I set out to try and make weddings better for the couples and their guests. I opened Star*Crossed Weddings™ in February of 2010 on a small parcel of land and we have grown from there.

Interview by Alex (Raychel Spore) Photography by Bronvyn Zumari

ALEX: What’s your favorite part about your job? JULIET: My favorite part is to stand in a corner and oversee the wedding reception, watching the happy couple dance and have fun with friends and family. At that moment I sometimes think back at the journey I had with the couple, from the moment they first stepped into our office up until the beautiful reception. That is my favorite part of being a wedding planner.


ALEX: What do you find most challenging about your role? JULIET: My biggest challenge as a wedding planner is when things go wrong, things that are beyond my control; could be that the officiate crashes right in the middle of the ceremony and is unable to log back in, or something happens to the DJ’s software making them unable to DJ etc. Basically, you need to be able to think on your feet to make sure the wedding couple doesn’t notice what is sometimes going on behind the scenes. ALEX: What is the most unusual request you have been asked? JULIET: We once had a lovely couple request to be married in non-traditional avatars. We have no issue with this whatsoever, but when one person wanted to stand on two legs as an animal and the other partner wanted to stand on four legs as an animal, that was hard to set up! We did it though, with some creativity and perseverance, and everything was wonderful! ALEX: What is the biggest lesson you have learned since starting out? JULIET: My biggest lesson is to respect and appreciate that each couple is unique, with their unique desires and requests. Being a wedding planner is not about performing weddings on an assembly line. ALEX: Why should couples use a company like yours, rather than do it themselves? JULIET: We have performed close to 1000 weddings, from intimate elopements to big and exclusive weddings. We take pride in providing a service where the couple feels listened to, no matter how big a wedding. We strive to make the Second Life wedding experience feel almost like a Real Life wedding. Our staff is a tight group constantly working together to ensure that absolutely everything runs as smoothly as possible. ALEX: Do you have any new additions for your venue that we should look out for in the months to come? Juliet: Due to exciting, and sometimes time-consuming things, going on in the real lives of many of the Star*Crossed staff, we have made a decision to offer off-sim services only until May. This is to ensure that our Real Lives did not cause a deficit in service for our outstanding customers in Second Life. Make sure to check out our awesome off-sim services! 31

Even though some of our wedding services may be reduced, we are now offering some new and exciting opportunities. On sim, we now have a resort for rent for vacations and honeymoons all year round! This resort location travels around the globe to a new destination each month. We also have a full restaurant and hotel here for you to escape the drudges of Second Life or rent out for your family to use for other wedding related activities and events such as bridal or baby showers, rehearsal dinners, or wedding brunches. Also, when May comes around swing by the sim to see our new immersive wedding experience. ALEX: Why should people choose your business over any other out there? Juliet: The most important reason why people should choose Star*Crossed Weddings over any other in Second Life is because we take each wedding very seriously. We have many years of experience doing this and we will do whatever we can to help our clients have their absolute dream wedding. This is what we live for in Second Life!



Sunrise Weddings is brought to you by Jude Bean with the help of her husband Gunner. They offer sensational wedding packages that are just absolutely astonishing. With a quirky and wonderful sense of humor, June absolutely loves what she does therefor in turn patrons will love their weddings. I had a blast doing this interview with the both of them so read on for yourself and then, go check it out. Wedding or not, it’s a wonderful place to see. GYPSY: So, tell me a little about yourself and your business JUDE: I started Sunrise Weddings as a business in 2012. Totally my own ideas and my own visions. I knew what I wanted to achieve and I feel I went out and grasped it with both hands! It has grown from strength to strength over the years. I use a bespoke automated system and I can hand on heart say, any other venues similar to mine are mere replicas!

Interview by Gypsy Faith Photography by Deja Moss Diavolo

GYPSY: What is it that made you decide to go into the wedding business? JUDE: I was looking for an affordable wedding venue and found there was absolutely nothing that met my expectations. I wanted to be able to marry in a beautiful location, just the two of us but found it impossible, unless you were wanting to pay over the odds for a full wedding. Originally, it was an automated wedding venue/elopement service to fill a gap in the market. As time went on, I was asked by many if I was able to offer a non automated service to make it more personal. I listened and obliged and hence non automated weddings began.


GYPSY: What is your favorite part about your job? JUDE: I love everything about it. It is an absolute privilege to be trusted with the most important day in a couples Second Life. Especially when I work independently, I know it all falls back on me. I love hearing the couples expressing their vows to one another. It is a very personal moment and an absolute honor to witness. It is the best feeling in the world hearing guests saying it is the most beautiful wedding they have ever attended in Second Life. Knowing I have given a couple their dream day means the world to me. Having spent years tweaking and perfecting the sim it means so much to hear and see others appreciate it. Knowing I am offering couples the BEST wedding in Second Life at an affordable cost and for a fraction of the price others charge makes me feel content within myself. Nothing can beat that! GYPSY: What do you find most challenging about your role? JUDE: Working independently, knowing the only person accountable is myself. That is probably the most challenging aspect of my role. I know I do a good job so; in one respect it is a blessing as I do not need to hope anyone is working well or will turn up when needed. I just hope I manage to fulfill every single person’s dreams that trusts Sunrise Weddings with their special day. GYPSY: What is the most unusual request you have been asked? Jude: There have been a few in my years running the venue. Possibly 2 dragons marrying? Trying to ensure pose balls matched up perfectly. Oh maybe a couple having their dogs as the Bridesmaid and Best Man. There have been a few but nothing that cannot be overcome with a little bit of planning ;) GYPSY: Tell us, what is the biggest lesson you have learned since starting out? Jude: Be reliable, honest and patient! Have a fantastic relationship with your client from the offset. Do not ever promise anything you cannot fulfill. Have a sense of humor. It is a wedding but it does not have to be intensely serious. You can get through anything Second Life throws at you if your clients have trust in you.


GYPSY: Why should couples use a company like yours, rather than do it themselves? JUDE: I offer the most amazing locations. Both my Beach Venue and Forest Venue are simply beautiful. It’s all done, ready-made for them with love, to turn up and enjoy their day with no fuss. Couples should not have to worry about renting land, clearing prims, buying sets, setting up poses, finding reception area, getting a DJ or music stream, etc. This is what we do best! Of course, I offer the chance for them to personalize it to their own specifications but I find most are completely happy with what I offer or just an odd item or so placed To replicate my venue for one day would be a lot of work and a LOT of expense. Why take on the pressure when I can do it all for you? I offer everything a wedding venue needs and more for a fraction of the price most other venues charge. NO hidden charges/extras. Whether you elope or have the full package with reception. We provide everything you need to ensure your wedding is perfect in every possible way. My prices are by far the best in second life and as my mission states: “ A wedding venue that does not compromise in any way, shape or form just because the prices are so competitive. Have a look at my web site, the testimonials reflect this! GYPSY: Are there any new additions for your venue that we should look out for in the months to come? JUDE: We take pride in providing some wonderful photo poses, animations and scenery. Although the venues are established, poses, props and scenery change fairly regular to create some new surprises for people who come back.



Interview by Kitty Vicious Photography by Gia (GIaBlossom) KITTY: Tell us about True Hearts Weddings TAVI: True Hearts was established February 1, 2018 by me and Tig (TwistedTigress). We will do our very best to make your wedding the dream wedding you deserve without breaking your budget! KITTY: What made you decide to go into the wedding business? TAVI: It’s all for the love of LOVE! My business partner and I both love doing things that involve love. We both have always wanted to help people have their dream weddings that most of us cannot have in real life. so we take it that extra step and do all we can to make sure you can have that dream come true in second life. we are not in it to get rich, just to make dreams happen, fantasies come alive and hearts come together. we get our pleasure and reward from seeing them happy and wrapped up in their dreams coming to life. KITTY: What’s your favorite part about your job? TAVI: It is so hard to pick one favorite part lol, there is the decorating ... which I sometimes do a touch too much of... and the creation of personal vows which always make me cry as I write them, and the


fun of choosing colors and textures and patterns for all the parts of it. it is the total experience that is the favorite part for us lol. Seeing the couple’s dreams come true and knowing we, as one big happy family, helped that to happen! KITTY: What do you find most challenging about your role? TAVI: The biggest challenge we face is not breaking our own budget as we get as excited about each wedding as the clients do, it is hard sometimes to tell our own selves when to stop! KITTY: What is the most unusual request you have been asked? TAVI: The most unusual request I believe would be when we were asked to do a ceremony for “imaginary friends” of a little girl. that was not only odd but extremely entertaining! It really brought the kid out in all of us! KITTY: What is the biggest lesson you have learned since starting out? TAVI: Time balancing, when to time rehearsals and such. Tig has always done these things so it seemed like such a small step for her, but for myself it took lots of practice to make sure I timed all the steps perfectly. I learned it like a fine dance, it all has to be set in a certain rhythm and pace or it becomes a mess. this is why many brides turn into “bridezilla” as the reference goes lol. So learning to not get ahead of myself is my biggest lesson learned. KITTY: Why should couples use a company like yours, rather than do it themselves? TAVI: Wouldn’t you prefer someone to do all the hard work of decorations and settings and all the small technical stuff? I now at my real wedding, I did it all by myself and wanted to call the whole thing off well before it even started, it was so much to think on and stress over! Let us do that for you! you simply answer some questions, get your outfits and rings and let us do the rest!


We offer custom builds and themes that some may find challenging to buy the settings for or beyond the building skills they may have. Also we take the stress of making sure every detail is done so the bride and groom do not have to worry over this and may enjoy the process! KITTY: Do you have any new additions for your venue that we should look out for in the months to come? TAVI: We are currently researching setting up a Gorean Ceremony and a possible Jungle theme. We think they would help add to the variety we can currently do and cover almost any option anyone could want! KITTY: Why should people choose your business over any other out there? TAVI: We are not in this to get rich, we simply love making the weddings and ceremonies! This is how we can work with your budget! and on top of that, we make every step very personal, each detail carefully arranged so that it is YOUR wedding and not just some package deal from places trying to hurry and get you done and out for the next customer. Here you are not a “customer� but our client and our friend. spend time with us and find out!




LIVE DJ events: Tuesday: 6-8PM SLT Friday: 6-8PM SLT Saturday: 8-10PM SLT Partying and extra kink on event nights! For Friday nights, only 150, V.I.P members get special low prices to have fun with our strip GODS!


The Guest List Written by Gypsy Faith Photography by Lauren LeGrande

As Valentine’s day roses start fading away wedding season starts to come into full bloom for brides tying the knot in 2018. One of the biggest decisions there is to make is the guest list. Now is the time to sit down, both of you, together. In this moment know that this is one of the first decisions of many that you will make together. Agree to let love lead the way. First, decide on the venue and how many people it will hold. That makes a huge difference. You really don’t want to be worrying about having too many people. That in itself could lag everything out and make it impossible for the bride and groom to get to the pulpit. Now, I am sure you may have this huge idea of who will be the maid of honor, the best man, how many bridesmaids and groomsmen you may want. If you both have several a piece you need to take into consideration that not everybody has a super computer and the more people you have in the wedding procession, the more flowers and lag causing materials are required that could stop the wedding in its tracks and cause people to crash. It’s a hard decision to make but in Second Life we all know that these things can happen. Maybe limiting yourself down to the maid of honor and the best man and flower girl would be best to insure everyone will make it without crashing. As to the guests, first things first. You have to think about the family. Parents are usually the first to make that list especially if they are helping to flip the bill. At the wedding, of course ,there will be the bride’s side and the groom’s. At the reception though, one big no-no that may be considered is placing the bride and groom’s parents at the same 44

table. If you can, you might want to consider a horse shoe type arrangement of the tables that way grooms’ parents and family can be on one side and bride’s on the other. Then comes brothers, sisters and their spouses or boyfriends and girlfriends. Now comes the point where you really need to breathe and not let yourself become overwhelmed. You have to remember that this is “your” big day! Don’t let anyone ruin the mood for you. Don’t invite those that you know are quarreling or may do so. Also, remember that this is Second Life. Once the toasts have been made, the cutting of the cake has been done; the removing of the garter by the groom’s teeth is done; then the first dance will ensue and everyone will start dancing as well so everyone’s assigned seating will not be an issue. So, now, aunts, uncles, cousins and all of their children are all going to probably play a large part of that list. Along with those, there will be the consideration of co-workers. Do you think your boss is really going to come? The hosts, DJ’s and other people that play a part in your job? Think about that. The list could really start getting long. So, maybe go by ranking. Who are those that rank highest in your life? Do you talk to them on a regular basis? How long has is been since you have talked to these other people on your friends list? Do not just share that wedding invitation with everyone on your friends list. That can get to be very tedious if your list is long. Another thing to think about is when sending out the wedding invitations is requesting the R.S.V.P. One way of making people realize the importance of this is to state on the invitations that the R.S.V.P needs to be returned by a certain date. This way, the venue can place their names in the security orb to ensure that they are able to get into the venue. Also, and this can not be expressed enough, those that are in the wedding procession must be at the rehearsal. The stories are endless about weddings taking much, much longer than they were meant to because people could not see the pose balls that take the best man; the bridesmaid; the flower girl, bride and groom to the pulpit. Another point to make is to make sure that everyone in the wedding and those that may just be coming to the reception are aware of lag and the things that cause lag. Scripts like to hide in the least expected places. Make sure that everyone knows that they can make copies of most jewelry pieces, hair and those unexpected laggy articles of clothing and delete the scripts in the copies that they are wearing to the wedding. Once that guest list is complete, the rest of the wedding planning will be a breeze. Remember that the wedding is such a incredible part of your lives. But also remembering that it is only a three or four hour moment in the rest of your lives will put things in perspective so that it can really be enjoyed by the two of you and will really be a moment you will remember the rest of your lives (or at least have the wedding video to remind you, in your old age of course). It can also set the tone for the honeymoon. That being said, congratulations on getting married from all of us here at Love on Top!


Sexy Singles 46

It’s that time again!! We are now accepting submissions for our Sexy Singles segment. Interested? Stop by HQ and click the board to get the questionnaire then drop the notecard in the mailbox by the door. Once we have your information, I will put your image on one of the Sexy Singles boards. You and your friends can come by and vote for you. The top 5 people with the most votes will be featured in the April issue. It is $L10 per vote and voting is unlimited!! Hurry and drop off your submission, voting ends March 15th @ midnight SLT! Here’s your ride!!


Asha Nozomi Ito Monday (asha.philly)

REZ DATE: February 21, 2010

Describe your perfect date. Someone who is kind and honest and is very humble. What do you find sexy in a significant other? Their personality, confidence and the ability to make me smile What would you do for a night in with a significant other? I like to be surprised. What traits do you think are important for a significant other to have? Must be honest, humble, faithful and positive. What qualities do you find as a turn off when dating a potential partner? When someone starts the conversation with sex. I will stop at that point.



Ayree Arado REZ DATE: February 16, 2008 ABOUT: Just a reserved, witty, and charming city gal

Describe your perfect date. Drinks and amazing conversation in a dark, sexy, and intimate lounge... followed by an even hotter make out session... but only that. What do you find sexy in a significant other? Confidence... and a sense of humor What would you do for a night in with a significant other? Awesome movies and greasy Chinese food, while cuddled up on the couch... and then some fun time. What traits do you think are important for a significant other to have? Honesty, emotional maturity, and open mindedness. What qualities do you find as a turn off when dating a potential partner? Insecurity for sure! Be confident in whatever it is you’re doing. Second guessing yourself around me is the wrong way to go.



Raeni Nola Swade (taraji.deed)

REZ DATE: February 4, 2010 ABOUT: Very Strong Minded, Family Oriented, No Drama, Sexy, Independent and Submissive

Describe your perfect date. Something on the Beach, Candles, nice music, Great Food, with some good conversation What do you find sexy in a significant other? When he is attentive, pays attention to the smallest things What would you do for a night in with a significant other? Cook Dinner nice neo soul music and wine then a good movie to curl up to cuddle What traits do you think are important for a significant other to have? Honesty, Good Communication, Respectful and Trust (to Include sexy ass AVI) What qualities do you find as a turn off when dating a potential partner? Talks only about themselves not really interested in me or finding out and not being attentive while on a date



Tish Theory (brookejones777)

REZ DATE: May 9, 2013 ABOUT: Same lips that be talking about me is the same lips that be ass kissing .... You heard she going do what from who? That’s not a reliable source. So tell me have you seen her let me wrap my weave up!!!!!

Describe your perfect date. My perfect date is honestly staying in for the night under the covers watching movies. What do you find sexy in a significant other? Someone who know how to be a real man. What would you do for a night in with a significant other? Watch a movie. What traits do you think are important for a significant other to have? He needs to talk a lot because I don’t and he needs to be funny. What qualities do you find as a turn off when dating a potential partner? His sense of humor.



GG McMillan (geoffmcmillan)

REZ DATE: February 15, 2011 ABOUT: I’m the kind of girl that loves to say “yes”. I do find pleasure in giving pleasure to others but, there are some “no” on me too so to save hours of pointless conversation please be aware that I do NOT do Voice, Skype, Email, Phone, RL pictures and, positively no RL/SL crossovers. I consider myself a nice, fun, passionate, easy going person; submissive when with the right one but, you do not want to cross me - I’m a tough cookie

Describe your perfect date. Perfect date is the one where my mascara runs because of happy-tears and my lipstick runs because sexy kissing. What do you find sexy in a significant other? Sexy? sexy is to feel the partner would be able to physically overpower me anytime he/she wants but instead he/she leads me into sweet willfully submission. What would you do for a night in with a significant other? Dress casual but sexy, bake a homemade pizza for him/her. What traits do you think are important for a significant other to have? A spine. What qualities do you find as a turn off when dating a potential partner? Rudeness, bad manners, disrespect.



The Number Game Written by Scaramouche Dryke

Photography by Aloy (MilenaTulish)

Is age just a number? Second life is a beautiful platform where anyone can be anything. It is where many of us explore the idea of perfection and ideal within a virtual universe. Your body is a representation of your idea of perfection and a creative outlet for attraction. It hides our true flaws behind a model avatar, and we lose our most unattractive features with a few clicks of a mouse. With so much hidden, can age also disappear? Can those weathered faces and creased curves of skin not seem as important? Where love is concerned, many would say age is unimportant. You can not help who you fall in love with, and you can not help who you feel attracted to. It is normal human instinct to find a sexy mate and create a relationship to birth little ones. As shallow as it may seem, in real life, we are attracted to beauty and looks before personality. Matter of fact. It is what makes us seek and desire the perfect mate for us. Yet, when it comes to second life, the attraction is all around us. Everyone’s avatar here has a tip-top healthy perfect body. Even when everyone has their own sense of style, there are not many avatars that are not appealing to the eye. Many appear to be of an age between early 20’s to mid 40’s. I do not know of many avatars who are elderly looking, hopping along with a walking stick in hand. For many, our true age is not shown. So what happens when you fall in love with that sexy blond with the smoking hot body? Or the rugged tall dark handsome man with arms that could crush a ship? It starts off as a fantasy. We connect, we spend time together, watching our avatars play out perfection like Barbie dolls. We may even hear their voice, and melt into their accent and tones of delivery like it was chocolate for the ears. Often real-life images of each other are not shown straight away. Either because we want to keep the fantasy alive or we are too shy to show who we truly are in fear of rejection. We are left with the ideal image which we all dream of and loose our every thought to. Then, sooner or later reality hits you hard. It may start off with sharing ages. You may be lucky, and find someone who is of similar age or within a 10 year age gap. Or, suddenly you are given the realization that they are old enough to be their parent or young enough to be your own child. But you press on. This person makes you feel amazing, and you are still looking at that damn sexy avatar and personally connecting to the human behind it. But then, a photo may be sent, or Skype cam reveals the true image of the person behind the avatar and you are left in shock and surprise. This is when the age gap can cause a crack you never saw before in the growing relationship. That person is either someone you would never have looked at as you passed them in the street. They may be the complete opposite of what you find attractive in another human being. You are left, contemplating what you have shared with this other person and all the good memories, and even intimate times you had together. Does it change the relationship? In many ways yes. You can convince yourself the age gap is un58

important. You may grow stronger as a couple and become even closer after you have accepted these differences. Love may bloom and blossom for you, and you can count yourself lucky. So many second life relationships fall once the dreaded numbers have been revealed. Ladies left wondering where 15 years younger Mr. Perfect went after he saw their picture. Older men jump with joy when they see their young other half but then realize the limited truth of actually being with them. All kinds of couples can feel awkward and unsure how to handle such a delicate situation. For many, its the start of the end of what was a love played out only via their avatars. But can it still work? If you are able to move past this hurdle and focus on what brought you together in the first place, then yes. You need to be strong, supportive and understanding towards each other. Respectful of the age gap and be aware you may not be able to connect to everything due to growing up in different generations. And rather than criticizing each others generation, learn from it, it may be a time period where you know little about or were not even born then. Its what made your special someone, learn how they came to be who they are. With penitence and understanding, the dreaded numbers can become a thing of the past. It does take hard work, but with an open mind and positive attitude, and of course your love for each other, you will be able to overcome the number gap.




Ash Falls

Picture Perfect 144, 229, 34 62


The Peak

Orchid Lagoon 26, 174, 31 64


Looking Glass Horizon Dream 222, 122, 26 66


Gale Storm Aphrodisia Isle 10, 177, 33 68



Pillow Talk with Ursula is a brand new in-world sex, dating, and relationship advice show where viewers can come to a live show and ask our sexy host, Ursula, the burning questions they’ve always wanted answered. Ursula is not afraid of any topic and is willing to handle anything that is presented to her. Live shows are every Saturday at Equinox Theater on the Benevolence sim 8pm SLT and will go for approximately an hour. This show is not for the faint of heart as our topics may veer off into the raunchy side.  We encourage audience participation during our live shows and who knows, you may just end up being featured on one of our forthcoming webisodes! Come out and meet our sexy host Ursula and don’t be shy, she won’t bite unless asked.


Do you believe you can find real love in SL? The quick answer is yes, yes you can find true love in SL. The emotional connections we make in SL are very real and can make us feel elated no different than in RL. Emotions of Love/Hate are no different in RL than they are in SL, remember …there is a REAL person controlling that avi! That being said, I am sure you are aware of the many pitfalls of this in virtual world. Distance/time zone/RL situations (i.e. Married in RL) career/children that factor into this equation. The emotions of “REAL” love exist no doubt about it. The follow up question to yours is…should we pursue it? Look, I am a firm believer that as a civilization we should embrace love in its many forms. Love is indeed what makes the world go round. A word of caution, once you take this “real love” into the RL then you might find it is not what it is cracked up to be or even possible. Don’t be sour, embrace your emotions but walk in with both eyes wide open.

My husband works three 12 hour shifts and expects me to make his lunch, get his clothes for him every day so he can get ready, make him food before he leaves for work, all while I am also working (while our son is in school) taking care of our son, cooking and cleaning, doing all the grocery shopping. On my husband’s off days he does nothing but sleep. He refuses to do any dishes, do any laundry, take out any trash. I was raised quite independent, and he was raised dependent. Is there anything I could do or say to ease what I have to do on a daily basis? Yikes! First of all, my assessment is that BOTH are you are over worked, inside and outside the home. Now as you read this…take a breath. A marriage is a PARTNERSHIP…meaning it takes more than two parties. I can understand where BOTH of you are coming from. You are not alone in this domestic struggle. Have you addressed this with your husband? What I mean is, a sit down, heart to heart conversation about your feelings/his feelings on the matter. No playing the blame game – no pointing accusing fingers, an honest to goodness conversation between PARTNERS. Now, if he is not receptive to reason or won’t hear you out…. then let his dirty socks sit in the middle of the floor for a few days. He will come crying to you once he runs out of clean underwear, or better yet he will do his own load of laundry. Either that or he can spring for some help around the house, which I feel may be a wise investment.

If you are dating someone in SL that has a RL committed relationship, can they really be committed to you? No, Never, not happening. Let’s take SL out of the equation for a moment. Let’s pretend this love triangle exist in RL. If that person is in a “committed” relationship, then there is no room for a third wheel right? I’m not saying it CAN’T happen. I don’t know the circumstances of what they are looking for in SL, i.e. companionship/erotic elements that are missing at home. Even if you are providing these things that are missing in his/her home life…. keep in mind that you are the rebound and it never works out well for the rebound person. On that note, enjoy your time together but don’t guard your heart because you are the one that will walk away wounded in the end. 72

Should I feel obligated to share real life information with someone I am in an SL relationship with if I have no interest in bringing said relationship into my real life? NO! That would be a big fat NO! You should never feel obligated to do anything in RL much less in a virtual space…. ever. Be very clear with your SL partner from the get go even if you have no interest of bringing the relationship to fruition. This will give your SL partner an opportunity to asses if he is ok with this or if he needs to find what he is truly looking for, which may be a RL situation. Do your partner and you a solid on this? You may think you are hurting his feelings now but in the long run it is what is best for you both.

So my partner and I have been married, and his ex came to our house the other day and left a prim baby on our doorstep saying that he’s the baby daddy? How do I handle this? Right click – Edit – return. (wait, why does she even have rez rights at all?)

In all seriousness, do NOT engage HER, I repeat do not engage her. Do not feed the troll. This is a conversation between your SL spouse and you. The proverbial A & B conversation where C is not included. Ask your partner to remove her rez rights and you block her. There are two possible scenarios in place. A) She is trying to get under YOUR skin as revenge for being left by your SL spouse. If she was a stable adult she would know better and walk away from someone who clearly doesn’t want her anymore. B) he is cheating on you. In either scenario you must have a come to Jesus talk with your spouse and share your point of view on the matter. If he truly loves and respects you as his spouse, then it is in HIS hands to protect you from this outside garbage. In the meantime, don’t let her win. She is out to cause drama because her life is empty like that and some people thrive on that poo in SL. Chin up and just know I am very good at digging pixel graves in-world, hint.

When a girl “squirt”, is it just pee or something else? “Female ejaculation” sounds exotic but I can assure you it’s most if not all …. urine. While this substance is comprised mostly of urine there are indications that there is trace amounts of prostate- specific antigen (PSA)which comes from Skene’s glands not unlike men’s prostates. It’s just pee, but thanks to a robust male input into the porn industry it is now a “thing” that which to sell more …. porn. Ladies, this is entirely normal. Please do not feel shame if you ummm make the sheets a little more wet than intended. If this concerns you, look into Kegels first and if that fail seek the advice of a medical professional. 73

What do I do if my partner is revealed to be the opposite gender in RL? Dunno, what do you want to do about it? Does this bother you? Does it alter your perception of them and how it impacts your SL relationship? Look, we exist in a parallel universe where we can be anything we want to be, a mermaid, a wolf, a dog or even a gender opposite of what we are in RL. I am sure you have been around SL long enough to know that our Avis are an existential part of ourselves and not necessary who we are in RL. I mean really, I am not a blond with triple D’s (for the record) in RL. Now, your partner should have shared this information with you prior to making a commitment to you, that would have been fair. To give you the opportunity to choose and make an informed decision based on facts. If the relationship was never supposed to transcend into RL anyway and its strictly “fantasy” then maybe not such a big transgression. One of my oldest, dearest friends in SL would not voice with me. Always had some excuse about her microphone not working. Finally, after about a year she shared that she wasn’t actually a “she” in RL. It did not change my perception of her or affect our friendship in any way but it may have and she did take that choice away from me. To this day I love her as a dear friend so no harm no foul but then again partners are a different story all together. If the situation bothers, you then move on. This is your choice to make since you were not given the option in the beginning.

I am straight but the best relationships I have ever had in Second Life are with women. If a woman wants to be your significant other, do you think it could really work and how would you do it? One play the man in a male avi? Or what? It is the year 2018…. why do we insist on labels and antiquated ideas about gender anyway? To your point however, love should have no bounds or restrictions. Being with a female even though you are straight does not a lesbian make (if we insist on using labels) I am a heterosexual woman, have always been and will always be, it is at the very core of who I am. Put bluntly, I like cock too much. There was a time in my past when I found myself in a sexual relationship with a woman. Even she would often point out that I was a “straight”. We both walked into our relationship with clear and concise objectives. She was not going to “turn me lesbian” and I did not ask her to act like a guy. Taking this model into SL brings about an interesting twist. Yes, your scenario could work. If the woman in question wants to wear a male avi, she should. If she doesn’t think that is for her then don’t force the issue, this is about both parties being happy and love transcends genitalia.


Need advice on love and relationships? Have a question for Ursula? Send in your submissions HERE!




Written and Photographed by Tatum Rose Monroe Spade










Spring is such a fresh season, lambs are being born, beautiful flowers are popping up all over the place, and of course the fresh smell of couples singing their blessing. Spreading the wings of love and covering us all in a beautiful blast of color and glitter with mountains of wedding invitations. Get ready to have your inbox stuffed with invites, March until April are the most popular months of the year for wedding invites to be handed out. Of course, being a member of the Second Life community, there is no waiting around for the seasons to change or the weather to brighten the day. Every day here is filled with perfection and beauty in many forms, so planning a wedding should be easier here than in real life, right? Well, many would disagree. In real life, we are all restricted to our choices. Either the budget is not as big as what you would wish, or your location doesn’t offer much in options for venues. As much as a wedding is daunting to arrange, at least in the real world you know your limits. While in SL, your imagination is your limit. So much to do, so much to see and so many ideas buzzing in your head that all the champagne in the world cannot help numb them. You can have your perfect ideal wedding in SL, the problem is, what do you choose? A fantasy castle overlooking a perfect sunset? A tropical beach with dancing dolphins? Or even a wedding on top of the Eiffel tower in Paris? There are certainly no limits in the virtual world, and that is why we are going to look over and discuss the top 5 popular wedding themes and venues in Second Life today.......


Rustic/Country You can just see it now, the beautiful whitewashed wood, the worn and used furniture, the vintage cutlery on the dinner tables and traditional softly colored flowers scattered around. It is no wonder it is one of the most popular wedding themes of recent years, in both second life and real life. The simple rustic feel combined with pearls and royal touches makes a beautiful combination of two popular themes in themselves, just leaving out the stiff formality of traditional weddings. 88

There is something magical about taking a very simple yet comfortable setting and draping it in ivory, countryside flowers, and lace that makes it all feel so homely and welcoming. It’s a way of having a traditional wedding that reflects the past without being too formal and stuffy. It also represents more of an intimate affair for couples who want a more personal touch to their wedding. The shabby chic or rustic theme helps create a more relaxed yet detail look for everyone to enjoy.



Hearing the ding dong of church bells and people singing harmoniously together, and the happy couple taking their vows in front of the local vicar has been the traditional view of how a wedding should be for generations. And even in today’s virtual world, with all the possibilities of going over the top, many couples do still choose the traditional theme. And who could blame them? As children, we are shown the image of the bride and groom standing in front of a church at their wedding as standard. So, it makes perfect sense many would still prefer a stone church as their choice of venue. 90

Church ceremonies are filled with tradition and proper ways of doing things, and many couples take comfort in these traditions and being married in the house of the lord. It adds a spiritual dimension to a marriage. And of course, the church buildings themselves can offer a stunning backdrop. For some people, a traditional theme simply seems like the proper way to get married. Churches, cathedrals, and chapels can be described as ‘peaceful’, ‘serene’, or having an atmosphere that makes marrying there a particularly special experience.



A wedding with nature at the center as its theme can come in all shapes and sizes. You could be under the arms of beautiful oak trees taking your vows or within the snowy landscapes of a winter wonderland. Maybe even on the perfect tropical beach with the sun setting in the background. All have one thing in common, they are within the church of mother nature. Having the natural world as your backdrop to your wedding has only been a common theme in the last couple of decades. It has become more and more popular to brave the outdoors in recent years. But within the wonders of a virtual world, you can be confident your outdoor wedding will not be disturbed by clouds, blizzards or rain.


A winter wedding gives you some unique decorations. It can look like the perfect winter wonderland without the chilly breeze. And of course, any color theme goes with white, so no stressing about clashing tones. The ambiance around a winter wedding is equivalent to that of the first winter snowfall, it’s magical and very romantic. From the cold to the hot, a beach wedding is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. Kicking off the heels and burying your toes in the sand while getting hitched sounds like a dream to many couples. And being in second life means you can have the dolphins perfectly timed to jump at ‘I do’. Woodland weddings have a dreamy, rustic vibe and are guaranteed to amaze your guests. They are more in touch with nature than your shabby chic rustic theme and strip a wedding down to the bare essentials. Keeping things simple and naturally elegant within the trees is many people’s idea of the perfect day and is perfect for those who have more of a mother nature lifestyle. 93


If pastel colors and glitter aren’t quite your thing, then why not have a Gothic-themed wedding? Many believe a Gothic wedding should be filled with grand gestures and dramatic decor, but really, they can be just a simplistic and beautiful as any other wedding. Little touches can make all the difference, so always be on the lookout for them. And not all Gothic weddings are like Halloween, many included touches of traditional Victorian 94

values and art, and are not all covered in black drapes and blood-red roses. Personally, I have always found Gothic weddings to always be set in such beautiful locations. Either the ruins of an old church or a medieval castle, both are just as grand in their structure. There are so many wedding rules you can break to create this incredible theme, from black wedding dresses to skull themed invitations and even more Gothic wedding ideas that are so unique, it will make all your guests throw out the idea of a white wedding and accept the dark side.



We have talked about having any kind of wedding you want and however, you would like it. Well, how about taking on the theme of a location? Many happy couples are now wanting to tie the knot in locations you wouldn’t be able to in real life. Fancy getting married on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Not a problem, there are many locations where Paris is yours to enjoy. Or maybe, you fancy saying your vows in the daring arena of the Colosseum in Rome? The world is your oyster, and many brides and grooms are happily gobbling down. It is becoming a new uprising trend to be married in second life in some of the world’s most iconic places.


The beauty of this is you can have a theme centered around these iconic landscapes and buildings. Mount Fuji gives you the opportunity to have a Japanese cultured wedding or maybe throw on some traditional Celtic furs and be married in Stonehenge in England. There is so much offered, it is no wonder this has become one of the fastest growing wedding trends in second life.





Diamond Estates 101


Palladian Palace 103


Rodeo Manor Drive 105


Bel-Air Mansion 107


South Beach 109

On February 21, 2018, Delta Theta Nu sponsored an event for the #MeToo movement in which brave individuals spoke on their experiences dealing with sexual harassment and assault...

Delta Theta Nu wants to take this time to thank each and every person for taking time out to join us for our Me Too Movement discussion. We understand that you could have chosen to spend your Wednesday doing anything you chose, but you chose to come down & spend that time with us. For that, we thank you. We want to thank the ladies on our panel.

Deianira Havana Snow Iota Chi Epsilon Sorority Inc.

Ryan Skye Taylor Founder of Alpha Theta Xi Honorable mention to Aiyana Orchid, who had to leave due to RL, but we are hoping all is well. Keep us posted. For voices like Paris & Novaleigh, who added to our discussion by sharing their experiences as well, thank you so much.

Sake (Bracyn) Alpha Theta Xi


Sexual Harassment and Assault have been the norm for far too long. No matter your walk in life, it is something that can happen to any one of us, and unfortunately it happens in the most unlikely of places and is sometimes initiated by the people we know and/or trust. Tonight’s discussion was a small wind in the warrior’s sails, but it’s a small wind that can determine if the ship will sail or remain standing still. Your support tonight proves that WE WILL NOT STAND STILL. Even if you have never experienced harassment or assault, your being present for a topic that can become somewhat uncomfortable shows that you are willing to get educated about the topic, and pay that education forward. It takes a village. Always has, always will. For those who may have not wanted to speak up tonight, but you feel you are being harassed or have been assaulted, just know that there are people who will support you, and that you DO have resources. Please report it to your local authorities, take someone you trust with you if that will help, and DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO MAKE IT YOUR FAULT. For those that may be experiencing harassment or assault in the workplace, IT IS A FEDERAL CRIME. The link for workplace harassment and/or assault is placed below for your convenience. Devi was honored to be your host, and have the opportunity to share her experience as well. DO NOT LET THE CONVERSATION STOP HERE!! We’ll end this now by saying how much we appreciate your support of Delta Theta Nu. The Greek Community, and our extended community, are truly amazing!!! -Delta Theta Nu EEO LINK:



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Love on Top March2018  
Love on Top March2018  

Spring is upon us with all its beauty. This month we present to you our Wedding Edition. Enjoy!