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»Most managers think that if you are away from your desk, you’re not working. It needs progressiveness to recognise that someone who sits on a sofa can still be creating value for the company.« Tom Lloyd, PearsonLloyd


Innovation is achieved through dialogue. INTERACTION AND CREATIVITY take the centre stage. Modern office layouts promote face-to-face communication and create added value for the company. PARCS is A ROOM-SHAPING FURNITURE Programme that creates an unique working environment for meetings, teamwork, presentations, waiting and relaxing.


Efficient and dynamic collaborations are achieved through the design by combing the PARCS elements to form various settings. The design feels FAMILIAR AND UNOBSTRUSIVE, yet at the same time it is very modern. With PARCS, for the first time, the central COMMUNICATION AND WORK ZONES can be designed and furnished holistically along with many other zones and areas in the office.


The PARCS portfolio includes five typologies:


WING SERIES CLUB CHAIRS TOGUNA IDEA WALL The exciting contrast between the orthogonal Causeways and the organic forms of Toguna and the Wing series creates a varied and motivating working environment. parcS

CAUSEWAYS Furniture programme consisting of benches, fence modules, walls and cupboards. Combinable in a variety of ways. The different heights encourage users to assume one of three different postures: sitting, standing or leaning.




ING SERIES Wing Chair and Wing Sofa. The shape of the Wing series is based on traditional wingback seats. Lateral headrests provide a visual and acoustic shield and facilitate meetings that require concentration, focused work or recreation.

The workplace is not just a space where someone works, but rather the entire infrastructure of the office with all of its zones and areas.

AMERICAN DINER Two Wing Sofas are sociably positioned opposite from one another—ready for a meeting or for working together.

CLUB CHAIRS A furniture duo for communicative and relaxed work. Elegant, comfortably upholstered Club Chair available in two models. As a Club Chair or as a lighter model with a star base.


TOGUNA A circular, acoustically screened, halfopen space for brainstorming and short meetings. For sitting or standing. Its striking shape makes the Toguna a visual highlight in any office.

Phone Booth A private space for telephone calls in open spaces—acoustically and visually shielded. parcS

IDEA WALL A free-standing, angular wall element with integrated communication and media technology. Together with a standing table or Causeway combinations, it becomes an important place for presentations and discussions.


Idea Wall low with a rotating meeting table. For mediasupported meetings or video conferences.



PARCS offers multiple design options with its arrangement of different settings for diverse working landscapes.


Luke Pearson

Tom Lloyd

»We don’t consider PARCS to be a pre-defined product but rather something that EVOLVES along with changing technologies.« Luke Pearson, PearsonLloyd parcS