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Issue 8 [Online] – February 2014


Love Song Special


Emma Shaheen, Bill Parton Trio, Gifted Kings


LJ Ayrten, Picastro, Iveza and Elements, The Strypes | 1

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HELLO and welcome to Love Music Magazine’s eighth online edition. We have crammed so much in to this issue that I don’t know where to start. We have a blogger exclusive feature detailing some willing participants to send your new music to. There is also a new column called “THE SPREAD” with Kevin Mann. He will be reviewing his top picks for the month. For those of you that don’t know, Kevin is a DJ on a few stations and an all round nice guy.

Unfortunately, Mark Wincott is no longer doing the LOVEIn :( I know, very SAD FACE! We have Jess Tilling taking his place, continuing the LOVEIn legacy. (BIG SMILEY FACE ) Welcome Jess and I am sure the LOVEIn will be BRILLIANT!! Thank you everyone for getting in touch with all your music this month. I have had some real good tracks coming to me from all over the world! Keep sending me more. I always listen to everything I get and I really appreciate that a lot of you have taken the time to promote your music to me. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day <3

Emma x @cherryb1983

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Emma Shaheen, and her brother Issac beaarez, collectively known as ESIB, are one Of Leeds’ best kept secrets. We find out more from Emma in this interview By Emma Walker | 5

Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine about you and your musical journey so far? Well, I’m a born and bred Leeds girl, my Mum is English and my Dad Kashmiri. I started off singing and writing songs when I was a teenager, I wasn’t really allowed to listen to pop music, but around the age of 16, 17, I found the likes of Erykah Badu, the Roots and listened to albums like Jeff Buckley’s Grace, Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions and Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation (one of my all time favourites). I joined a band at 18 which had big influence on my life - I learnt a lot about creating music with other people and gigging. It has been an up and down journey, I think a lot of musicians would relate to that. Sometimes you have amazing gigs and possibilities, other times you just kind of have to keep pushing on. I will have a lot of stuff out in the next year which I’m really excited about. I’m really enjoying making music right now. Tell us about the new ESIB collaboration with your brother? There are some great tracks on there.

Thank you! Well the last few years my brother has really started to get into production, we’ve always supported each other and chatted about what we are doing musically, listened to each other’s’ beats and songs, given honest feedback to each other on our individual projects. The truth is really like my brother’s beats and it was a natural progression just to write together and make music together, We have a very close friendship so it was always going to happen. And I’m sure there will be more to come to come from us. What has been the highlight of your career so far? Well actually, it’s the most recent thing, getting to grips with producing, I really feel like things have clicked. I feel I’m a really good place with myself that reflects musically. The highlights for me are when people feel the music and they are enjoying it. I can’ really ask for anything more than that and I really appreciate it, so thank you to everyone that has listened. Who or what influences your music? That’s a difficult that one. For me personally, music is just something I do. God, life, everything I’ve been through, or situations that I see my friends and family go through they all contribute to my music in some way. In terms of other artists and their influence, there are so many. If I hear a great tune, (just recently listening to Kwabs’ tune

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the Last stand, which I think is wicked) it will inspire me to make a beat or a song, it might turn into something, it might not. If you could offer any advice to new musicians who aspire to be where you are, what would it be? Be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s impossible or you can’t achieve, because you can. If you have one person in your life that really believes in you that’s all you need. Keep making your music because it’s important. I love the video for Heart Cries. Was that filmed in Leeds? I think I recognise some of the locations. Can you tell us a bit more about the process of recording the video? Well to be honest with you it was hilarious. Basically a friend of mine Joel Bennett who is a filmmaker amongst a load of other things (– please check him out because he’s wicked) came up from London for the weekend, and it literally took us 3 whole days from early morning to midnight – driving around places in Leeds, with no stylist, make-up artist or buffet lunches (!) - and filming as much as we could in places, sometime on random bridges that were closed and falling apart - I wasn’t entirely sure how safe they were, but they did not feel safe (I wouldn’t recommend it. It was all a bit crazy and tiring. But fun. (But I know what I’d do differently now!) What is coming up for you this year?

Hopefully in the next month or so I’ll be releasing my own solo single, which will be free download. I’m also working on my album which I’m finishing off, I’ve got quite a bit of mixing to do. The might also be some more stuff from me and my brother. | 7

This Russian trio are a well established metal band. We speak to the lead vocalist Andrey ‘Ind’- On the left, about what is in store for the band, By Emma Walker

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Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine about the band? Andrey ‘Ind’ (Lead vocals): GRENOUER was formed in the early 90’s in European part of Russia. That was the time of rapid political changes, and heavy music seemed a proper place to accommodate our hearts. GRENOUER started with rather extreme metal and gradually arrived to almost pop ideas. Seven full length albums are released to date and we are determined to go on. What has been the highlight of your career so far? I very much hope that the highlight is yet to come. There were great moments in our career like playing at big festivals, successful touring or supporting famous bands, still we haven’t walked the red carpet route yet. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

It would be very cool and useful to work with any top music producer and other professionals within music industry. I mean the highest possible level, otherwise GRENOUER is already collaborating with professionals. Describe your music in five words? The words that critics frequently mention today are melodic/ alternative/ modern/ metal/ rock. We ourselves like to call that “adult -oriented metal”, similar to AOR. “Blood on the Face” is an awesome track. How long did it take you to create the album and can you tell us a bit more about the process of creating it? Thank you very much! At first “Blood on the Face” seemed a mere extension of GRENOUER’s EP “Computer Crime”, yet its full-length sequel turned into a totally different piece of art. Three of five old songs were rearranged and recorded, supplemented | 10

with five new songs and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS cover. The schedule was quite tight and we did not know yet what exactly to expect but there was anticipation that the band was in the right direction. We have to give credits and considerable respect to the dysFUNCTION Productions team – Dualized and Eddy Cavazza. Besides mixing, they thoroughly toiled out sound design, additional keyboards and programming parts. And of course we can’t help expressing gratitude to all the people at different studios where we recorded tracks. I might also say that the overall sound got its shape and colour as the recording progressed, and that was also more than breathtaking. What is planned for 2014 for the band? Any tours? Yes, we do have some dates. The biggest event we can hardly wait is PPM Fest, Belgium in April 2014 where GRENOUER plays the same day with AMORPHIS, MY DYING BRIDE, RAGE and MASTERPLAN. If you had one superpower for the day what would it be and why? I would gather all politicians in the world and call to their conscience, yet maybe even superpower is not enough for that. Do you have any words of advice for new musicians looking to get where you are in their career?

You’ve got to be exceptionally stubborn, ‘cause even complete understanding of your destination is not enough to overcome strokes of fate and unmotivated haters.

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Rajdulari is a super confident lady with an amazing vocal talent. We spoke to her about her music and her confident message. By Emma Walker

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Image courtesy of Deyana Petrova | 13

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Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine a bit more about you? My name is Rajdulari, I’m a Jazz/Soul Vocalist. I’ve been a professional musician for about 16 years. I’m super passionate about music and about encouraging and uplifting other Curvy Women like me to embrace themselves and love who they are right now! How did you originally discover your talent for singing and song writing? Music has always been a soothing constant in my life. I started singing in church at 3 years old, and I’ve always loved poetry and lyrics. I initially wanted to be a tap dancer and actor but when I was in a play as a teenager I was asked to sing a Langston Hughes poem. A jazz musician friend of mine heard me sing and asked me to perform with her band. I had my first Jazz gig at 17 and the rest is history! I love the album, Journey of a Woman, it's such a passionate recording. What would you say are your musical inspirations? Thank you, and thank you so much for supporting my music! My musical inspirations are artists like Omar Lye Fook, Dianne Reeves, Ella Fitzgerald, Chaka Khan, Jill Scott, and Betty Carter. If you could ever collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? I’d love to collaborate with Omar Lye Fook, D’Angelo, Dwele, Robert Glasper, Sean Jones, Anthony David, Terri Lyne Carrington, Dianne Reeves my list goes on and on, but I really admire these musicians in particular. These musicians are incredible composers and songwriters and they cross so many genres (Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, Gospel) so I think that whatever music we created together would be complex and original. I also just think they’re interesting people, so I’m sure that hanging out with them would be great fun!

I love the message in Natural. Being a curvy girl myself, who is in touch with her curves, do you think having curves in a usually slender industry is an advantage? (Just for the record, I do! ;)) Thank you! Natural is my “Love Anthem” for my Curves & Natural hair. It’s a fierce musical celebration of my own personal journey, and a

reminder to Curvy Women everywhere to love who you are right now in your “Natural State”. And absolutely, I think being unique in an industry that celebrates one type of woman (slender, modeltype, etc) is definitely an advantage! Curvy women are complex, we’re fierce, we’re healthy and we’re gorgeous! I look forward to seeing more healthy images of women in the media worldwide. It’s only “Natural” that we continue to see positive and varied images of women in the media so that young girls of all shapes and sizes can be encouraged to love and embrace their unique beauty! What do you have coming up for 2014? Right now, we’re working on promoting my new album “Journey of a Woman”. We’re placing the album in retail stores and online (US and Globally). For our UK listeners, the album can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, and via my website at I’ll be coming back to London sometime this summer to perform, so stay tuned for more details! What advice would you offer to new musicians who aspire to be where you are in their career? Never give up. Learn as much as you can about the “Business” side of the music industry. It’s a tough business and you can’t just be talented anymore, you need to be a great business person to really get ahead. Be determined. Even if you get a “no” today, wait a little while and ask again. Never take no for an answer and never ever EVER give up! If you had the opportunity to have one super power for the day, what would it be and why? I would LOVE to have the ability to fly. When I’m on stage, and the music is flowing and powerful, it almost feels like I could just float off the stage, lol. I’ve always wanted to fly and feel the sensation of being high up in the clouds. That would be awesome! Instagram: @rajdularimusic | 15

Meet the Dissolutes, four men too young to give up and too old to give a f…………. By Emma Walker | 16

Can you tell us about your musical journey so far ? Its been relentless. A constant bare knuckle fight which kick started in a town called malice . What releases have you got coming up? Storm Gonna Lock You Up is the first single which is out now off the Album Brutal Theatre, which will be released in the coming months . Is there any advice you could offer to new musicians looking to further their career? Lock yourselves into your creative hubs and don't leave until you have written the best bunch of songs that will arouse a kind of madness in you . All the other shit will follow if its supposed to . What does 2014 hold for the band? To perform Brutal Theatre on as many stages as possible . Where can we see you performing live? We have a show in Fred Zeppelins here in Cork City on Sat 15th of March and there are lots more shows being planed so keep an eye on our social media pages for updates What would you say inspires you as a band? A Filthy Tone . Who would be your dream collaboration? It would be great to work with T Bone Burnett to see what the man would provoke and push out of us | 17

In an interesting insight, Marcus Valance is sharing some of the highs and lows of the recording process with us

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Making the Album By Marcus Valance While X-Factor fashion-driven pop clouds our credible being, there are so many talented people with so much to give but without the means and unfortunately, the money, to be able to create a quality product. Sometimes life gets in the way of our aspirations but as they say, where there's will there's a way. I wanted to create an album to be proud of. An organic album, with real instruments played by real people; to sound as timeless and to be as honest as possible so that that if nothing else, I could play it to my grand kids in years to come and say ‘I did that’ and they wouldn’t be too embarrassed to admit to it either. But with no guarantee of overnight or any success at all, to give it any kind of chance it needed to be able to stand the test of time and most importantly it had to be really, really good! The biggest problem was that I had no money and no label. What I did have was a job and an incredible friend and producer. So recording began. Everything was recorded live. No click tracks; just raw performances. Drums, bass and myself on piano at first and everything else recorded as and when I’d saved enough money for the next session. This continued and eventually the recordings were almost done. Graced now by Hammonds, grand pianos, horns and other weird and wonderful instruments there were just the string sections to be added. Recording the strings was one of the best days of my life so far. We were in Sarm West Studio 1 in Notting Hill where Band Aid had been recorded ’Do they know it’s Christmas?’ back in November 1984. There's no feeling like hearing your own music played back really loudly with everyone involved hearing it for the first time and seeing the smiles on all of their faces. That's a day I'll never forget. So here I am with these recordings and all that’s left to do is mix them. This is when it got a little complicated. After spending as much money as time on the recordings there could be no short cuts to the finish. After trying a number of mix engineers we ended up with an incredible guy who has done such an amazing job on the tracks. He’s given them an edge which has helped so much in getting radio play and gaining general interest in the project. Through this whole experience my threshold of patience has grown somewhat. Some days I was struggling to pay the bills and I wandered if this album would ever be finished. Other days seemed to last forever. But at the end of the end of the day, with all the help, encouragement, support and talent from everyone who was involved in the making of the album, we did it! And now the hard work begins! You can download two tracks from Marcus’ forthcoming album ‘Life in a Paper Cup’ here: You can watch Marcus’ gigs, interviews and videos here: Follow him here: And like him here: | 19

Karl Culley is one of those artists that completely chills you out. We catch up with him about his music here. By Emma Walker

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Can you tell us about your musical journey so far? My Dad bought me a guitar for my 18th so I taught myself to play, stumbled across various techniques. Was a singer in an indie band for a few years. Had my first solo gig at 23 - i exhibited an intense shyness and crippling nerves which I'v learnt to salve with well-measured pre-gig drinks. made some demos, sent demos out, recorded two albums with Triumphant Sound Records, the first on The Isle Of Jura, which i returned to to record my third Phosphor, working again with producer Giles Perring who released Phosphor on his label Sound Of Jura. These days I live in Krakow, with my Polish wife. I love your music! I've been listening to Bag of Tricks. What would you say inspires you to write your music? thank you. sometimes music, sometimes poetry, sometimes prose, sometimes film. the songs materialise from a kind of fever, sometimes they drop near-whole from a cloud. the beauty and violence of nature inspires me. I often write about myself and life events through it. processing my thoughts and feelings over time. perhaps i use song-writing as a kind of negotiation with the world. Is there any advice you could offer to new musicians looking to further their career? go to the crossroads. listen and read. immerse yourself. always ask yourself of a song 'can i do better?' What does 2014 hold for you? I hope good things. '13 was a mixed bag and seems to have further reinforced my tridecaphobia. Where can we see you performing live? I'll be in the UK for 3 weeks in April for some dates. still booking them in but live dates can be found here; Who would be your dream collaboration? I think Robin Williamson is an underrated genius and I've been lucky enough to support him. Joanna Newsom is amazing, although if i ever did actually meet her in person I'd be a wreck. | 21

With their album “Songs in a Flat�, clever little tramps are simply a joy to listen to By Emma Walker

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Can you tell us about your musical journey so far? We started out with just me and my brother Mark. I had a bunch of songs I'd written and he plays the bass so we would just jam the songs and work out harmonies and stuff. Then we started to record some demos and play a few acoustic nights but quickly realised we needed at least one more member, so I got in touch with Mike from my first band (The Blame) and he jumped on bass and mark switched to percussion and vocals. From there it just sort of all fell easily into place and we found our sound quickly and with little fuss. After sharing our EP online we started receiving messages about gig offers and support slots, we still get many offers however the new album is our priority at the moment, then its back to doing what we enjoy most, playing live. Your music is quite beautiful in its simplicity. Do you think this is because it relies on the vocal instead of the instruments? We try not to make our songs too heavy on harmonies, for fear they all sound similar to each other, but we certainly use it when we think it's required. I think nearly all the best bands that have recorded what people would call "classic" albums have included some vocal harmonies. And there's something about it that, when you get it right, just gives you chills. All three of us our fans of the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Beach Boys, those types of bands who use harmonies to kind of invite you to join in and sing along. So we were all more than happy to work out each other's parts and practice for hours until we got it right. We purposefully recorded the songs on the EP with a minimalist feel, so when we played them live they would sound as close to the recordings as possible. So on stage we use just three instruments, which is guitar, bass and percussion. On their own they sound fine, but we knew before we even started recording that we'd use our harmonies as a fourth instrument, whether it be accompanying the lead vocal or all three of us at once. But, like I say not all tracks need it all the time. For example "Saviour" on the EP has very little backing vocals but when it does come in it feels like it's entering the song at the right time. We always try to find a nice balance depending on the song. I think your EP title is brilliant 'Song's In A Flat'. Can you tell the readers about the recording process? Well the whole EP was recorded in our bass players flat, which is also where we rehearse for our gigs. The name "Songs In A Flat" was chosen because that's what we were doing, making songs in a flat, but obviously it has a the musical connection. We were in two minds whether to use it in case people didn't take it seriously and maybe thought we were just having fun rather than making serious music, but we do both, so we kept it. I think once you have a good amount of songs that you either gig with or consider finished, the next natural step is to want to record and let those who haven't been to the shows, hear what you have to offer. So we got together and chose four songs that, we feel, would give people an idea of what we're about musically. As for recording, we would meet up twice a week and lay down whatever tracks needed to be done at that time. Mike, our bass player, became our producer at this time really. He had some great equipment we used and we kind of followed his lead on how to go about things

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recording-wise. Normally we would start with a guide track of lead vocal and guitar then work and add what was needed onto it. Once we were happy with what we had done, individually and collectively, Mike would mix the songs, sometimes in his own time or with the rest of us. Once we were all happy, we would then do the same to each song until the EP was finished. We were always very relaxed about recording and took our time to make sure we were satisfied with the result. There were no deadlines and rushing around to get it done as quickly as possible, I think that comes across in the songs, there's a relaxed vibe. Is there any advice you could offer to new musicians looking to further their career? The best advice I've ever heard, and it's something I've done since I heard it, is just keep writing! Write whenever you can, jot down all your ideas, riffs, stories, chord changes and keep creating songs. I think the more you write, the better your songs become and over time you'll find it easier to craft a song you're truly proud of and love to perform. And always write to please yourself, if you're happy that a song is finished? Move on to the next one and keep going.

What does 2014 hold for the band? We are currently in the process of writing, jamming and rehearsing songs for our new album, which should be finished by springtime and live shows. We have gigs set in place already but we also hope to capture and generate enough interest to help us get some great support slots and see where we can go from there. With a hard work and a little luck you never know what the year will bring. Where can we see you performing live? In and around Liverpool and Merseyside normally though we are looking to go further afield as soon as the album is finished. I think Liverpool has the best music scene in the country and we are very proud to play a small part in such a big happening. What would you say inspires you as a band? Individually we have our own musical inspirations and they certainly come across in our playing and performing. But as a band we just appreciate really well-crafted music, whether it be simple or difficult, and when we see other good bands perform well, whether it's on stage or a great audio track, you just think " we can be as good or even better here, let's show ‘em what we can do". It gives us a boost to want to knuckle down and get everything right. As for the inspiration for the songs, they're mostly about the different things we experience in life, like love, loss, humour and the emotions we feel during certain times in our lives. Who would be your dream collaboration? Between us there's probably too many to mention but maybe of the "Old Guard" we'd love to do something with the likes of Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Bob Dylan or Roger Waters, great song writers and musicians. Of the more recent artists it'd be interesting to see what would come out of recording session with the likes of Guy Garvey, Jack White, Father John Misty or Bill Ryder Jones, great at their craft and they're always creating and bringing out fresh sounds.

| 25

Jess McAllister is a very talented and creative artist.. She has a really captivating voice and makes the guitar sing to her tune By Emma Walker

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Can you tell us about your musical journey so far? I spent years singing in my bedroom with my eyes closed and then one day, when I was 19, I walked into an open mic night at a local pub, alone, and played. They had just had the piano tuned for the first time in years and I was the first person to play it, and I played a Tom Waits song called Martha. A man there asked me outright to sing in his reggae band, which I did for a while. I have been gigging and recording and writing ever since! I stopped for a year or so when I had my son, but then becoming a mother sort of spurred me on to write deeper lyrics and work harder at it, and I really feel like the journey is just beginning! What releases have you got coming up? I spent last year working on a four track EP called Painted Faces, which I released in October. I plan to start building the foundations for the next EP very soon. Until then it's all gigs and live videos. In the next couple of weeks I will be releasing a video of a live performance of the track 'Never Mind Buying Time', so keep an eye out!

Is there any advice you could offer to new musicians looking to further their career? Gig loads because it makes you a better performer and a better musician. And if you haven't done this already, get good at using a computer… it helps. What does 2014 hold for you? This is the exciting thing… I don't know! Lots of gigs and lots of festivals hopefully. :) Where can we see you performing live? I am going on a mini tour in February with dates in Plymouth, Bristol, London, Totnes and Exeter… plus I will be playing at some festivals. Just confirmed Boomtown. :)

What would you say inspires you as a musician? EVERYTHING inspires me! But then there are those annoying times where absolutely nothing inspires me. I suppose the main things are listening to other peoples incredible music, and my family. Who would be your dream collaboration? I really love Thom Yorke so I would love to work with him (in dream world where anything is possible). Or Conor Oberst. | 29

As One of our first Australian features, Bill Parton Trio offer haunting melodies, well thought out lyrics and a huge potential to be the next big thing worldwide. By Emma Walker 30 | | 31

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Can you tell us about your musical journey so far? We started off by paying their dues performing on the local circuit in order to hone craft and make some cash. It’s crazy, we’ve done over 1000 shows and appeared live at over 250 different venues. Besides Pubs, Clubs, Bars and Wineries, again to make cash, we’ve found ourselves regularly doing private functions such as Conferences, Gala Dinners, Balls, Cocktail Nights, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Product Launches, Festivals and MANY (WAY TOO MANY) Weddings!!! We’ve played a bunch of festivals including ‘Music In The Gardens’, ‘Sea & Vines’, ‘Cellar Door Sessions’, ‘Copper Cove Marina’, ‘NATUZZI’, ‘A Day On The Grass’, ‘Whitmore Square Arts Fair’, ‘Crush Festival’, ‘Hoot!’ and many more! We made an appearance at the 2010 EMERGENZA World Band Competition and also qualified to the finals of the 2010 AACA National University Band Campus Competition. We hit the road last year for a 10x show Australian national tour with Melbourne band Artist Proof and Sydney soloist Nathan Leigh Jones throughout August – September. It was our inaugural tour and was great fun in that it provided a platform for us to put our live show on display in front of the nation. The response was great! I love the video for Falling for You Again. What was the process for making this? The song is basically about rediscovering a dormant affection towards someone that a person might have had at an earlier stage in life but disappeared for whatever reason and then came back later in life. I gave the track to our good friend and extremely talented award winning filmmaker Tim Pine, explained to Tim what the track was about and then he came up with the concept for the music video. All just fell in to place really.

Your music is a real mixture but is very easy to just put on and chill out with. Did you aim for this when you recorded it? Not really, we were working with an A&R Consultant by the name of Matt O’Connor (Beautiful Girls, The Whitlams, Thirsty Merc) and we initially had a track pool of about 20x tracks which we were advised to cull down to about 12x tracks by the time we were ready to record and then by the time we’d finished postproduction and were ready to manufacture, we were advised to cull the pool down to 6x tracks for the sake of having a record that represented a consistent brand of music. Is there any advice you could offer to new musicians looking to further their career? While people within the industry may take an interest in both your music and furthering your career, no matter what, no one else is going to care about your music and your career as much as you are. Something to keep in mind. What does 2014 hold for the band? We’ve got a few more video clips coming out, other than that, some serious time is going to be spent songwriting! Where can we see you performing live? TBA Are there any plans for you to come to the UK? Would absolutely love to! Just need a label/promoter to bankroll the operation. Know anyone? What would you say inspires you as a band? Nothing is more inspiring than playing to crowd who are singing along, at the top of their lungs, to songs that you’ve written! Who would be your dream collaboration? Would love to fill-in for Chris Martin as ‘front man’ for Coldplay next time they play Glastonbury. | 33

Jordan Riley just Makes us better with his music. We find out more about him and his music here. By Emma Walker

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Please tell me more about you? Well I never started out thinking I would be a professional recording artist. The fact that I am 6’6 I always thought I would be playing professional basketball, especially since I started playing ball when I was 4 years old and went to college to play ball. It was while I was in college that I broke out of being an introvert and began realizing that I had been given a talent and a love for sharing hope and love with people. In complete faith I moved after college to a town I had never been to and began my career. It was a crazy adventure, but one that began to pay off right away and not too long after I was performing around the nation and got several big breaks. Where did the influence for You Make Me Better come from? I always write music from personal experiences and want to have lyrics relate to my audience. You Make Me Better came from a former pastor and friend who stood by me during some really hard times in my life. Garrett was there when I needed someone. He gave his time to me, and listened to me when it seemed that no one else would. Two years ago he was in a tragic accident while helping someone else on their property and was almost killed. He was found by a passer by hanging by a branch off of a cliff and was life flighted to the trauma unit where he stayed for almost 2 months. He is now in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Despite his life changing accident he continues to be someone who makes others life better and I wanted to celebrate people like him and others who give of themselves without any thought of whats in it for them. I love the track and it sounds like it was a lot of fun to produce. What was your favorite part of the recording and video process? Oh yes, recording this song was probably the most fun I have had with any song I have ever done. Before changing to a pop/rock artist I had focused more on rock, but with this new song we went with a more upbeat/fun vibe that was so much fun to record. Also with the story behind this song I felt so much more connected than just about any song I have ever done. The video for this song which can be found at was a blast to film. I made so many new friends and got to spend time with old friends as we got together and shot this video. My favorite part of this whole process was looking around the room and seeing people that I didn’t even know singing my song as the cameras were rolling. I cant wait for you all to check it out. Who and what are your biggest musical influences? Most musicians have bands and singers that they look up to and pattern their stuff after. For me I really try hard to not do that. I work hard to not be a copy of someone else. I do love bands like Linkin Park, The Newsboys, and the Killers but for me I really wanted a sound that was my own so that when people heard it they wouldn’t think they were just listening to a copy of some other major artist. Also with the message of the song being so personal and important to me I really wrote from a place that I had experienced and let things come naturally from there. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, but my hope is that when people hear my songs that they not only recognize that its Jordan Riley, but that they are encouraged and want to share it with others. So tell me more about the last year of Jordan Riley, some of the highlights? This past year was one of my harder ones. I wouldn’t say there was a ton of highlights. It started out with me injuring my shoulder

playing football with my brother. That was not a fun time and ended up with having to have major surgery on my shoulder and spending months in rehab. For those who know me that is not an easy thing to sit still and relax. Luckily during my rehab time was when I really felt inspired to write and record this new EP “REIGNITED.” I was also very surprised that when I got to the end of the recording process that there were several celebrities and people in the music industry who happened to hear it and where not only impressed but contacted me personally with letters of encouragement which was a total highlight in my book. Also during this time many people came into my life to help with this project and I was able to make some incredible new friends in the process. Its crazy how a year can start out so bad and end up so good. I believe that how I ended up the year of 2013 is only a taste of how 2014 will continue. How do you spend your downtime? When I am not doing music or things related to my career I do my best to try and spend time with family and friends. I love working out, playing sports and going to the beach. Also because of my busy schedule I noticed that I had been neglecting giving back to the community that I live in which is something I am passionate about. So lately when I have free time I have been spending it volunteering my time to help with the homeless and with those who are in need. I don’t want to just be a typical artist who is only concerned with their music and with how much money is coming in, rather I want to be someone who gives back and is looking for ways to make a positive difference in the world. What have you got coming up. I have noticed the tour on Twitter. Tell me more? Yes my new “REIGNITE” tour is getting ready to be booked around the United States as we speak. I am very excited for this tour. Not only is the music the best I have done so far, but a renewed message of HOPE and LOVE is mixed in with this tour. I believe that anyone who comes to a concert that I do will be encouraged and will also know that no matter what they are going through in life that they can make it through. Also my first single You Make Me Better just got sent to radio, so if you all can go and contact your local radio stations and request that for me that would rock. Together we can take this message of Hope to the nation and help make other peoples lives better. Is there any advice you can offer to new musicians who aspire to be like you? The best advice I could offer is to always follow what's in your heart. Many people along the way will try to tell you that you are not good enough or that you cant do it. If I would have listened to those people I wouldn’t be at the place I am today. Each of us have dreams in our hearts to do something, but its those of us who push past the obstacles and work hard that see results. So get out there and play wherever you can and whenever you are given the chance. No matter how big or small the opportunity is you should go for it. Record yourself doing what you love and share it with anyone who will check it out. You never know who is listening and who can step in and will believe in you and help take you to the next level of your career. Any links that you would like us to share? YES is a great link for everyone to go to. If you go there you can purchase my new EP and by doing so you will not only get a free bonus song with your purchase AND you also get one free ticket to any of the concerts I do this year and you get put into a drawing to win an autographed electric guitar. | 37

The delightful quinn Archer.. Her music has a powerful and authentic message that will leave you hooked By Emma Walker

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Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine about you and your musical journey so far?

Kensington Palace. I sang in between Taylor Swift & Bon Jovi. Still on a high from it months later!

I think I was about 13 when I realised that I actually had a voice and was asked to join my first all-girl rock band at school. I moved to LA ten years ago to attend the Musicians Institute and that's where I really began to work on my own songwriting. My first band here was a hard rock band so I think my sound has definitely evolved over the years! It has not always been easy and there have been many times where I was like "eek maybe I should have had a plan B" but thankfully I was spotted by Philip Moross, the CEO of Cutting Edge music a year ago and finally got a deal so it was worth the wait!

What do you have planned for this year?

What would you say is your biggest inspiration? I would have to say Janis Joplin. I remember the first time I heard her and getting goose bumps. I never get bored of her. It's her emotional delivery that gets me. I love your track Dark Places. It takes me on such a journey, musically. Can you explain a bit about this track and its lyrics? Thank you. It is definitely one of my favourites. It is about a dysfunctional relationship which I think many people can relate to. One of my writing partners (Lewis Richards) played me a piano riff that he was working on and the melody and words came to me pretty much right away. I actually had a different chorus for it at first which I wasn't totally happy with and then changed it last minute right before we recorded it, thank goodness! What has been the highlight of your career so far? I think it would have to be performing at the Winter Whites Gala last November at

I am working on my album and hopefully will be on a small U.S tour later in the year but the album is the main focus right now.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why? Off the top of my head I’d say Chris Cornell. He is another singer who just strikes a chord with me when I hear him sing, and I love his lyrics. Walk Through the Fire is a lovely track. I especially love the video. Can you tell us a bit more about that? I wrote this song with Robbie Nevil and Steve Fox and it was another one of those times where it felt like something was in the air and the song almost wrote itself. I think we wrote it in about 3 hours which we had to do as we had to move our cars by a certain time before the tow truck came! The footage from the video came from a documentary about homelessness in LA called "Trollywood" directed by Madeleine Farley who I did a photo shoot with last year. The song is about overcoming obstacles so I was really happy that we got to use it for that cause. rMusic | 41

As soon as I heard the guitar at the beginning of “Dead End road� I was hooked. This band pack a serious punch. By Emma Walker

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Can you tell us about your musical journey so far? It all started with the first song that we wrote for the album 'Tell Me Something', it set the tone for the overall sound we wanted and the lyrics. Once we had that the rest of the songs fell into place. I love your track, I've had it on repeat! What process did you go through to make it? Thanks - 'Dead End Road' started on the acoustic, I had the opening chords that I liked the sound of and played them to Andy who came up with the electric guitar riff to go on top, the melody and lyrics came next and then we started to jam on it as a band. Is there any advice you could offer to new musicians looking to further their career? The best advice is to make the music that you really want to hear and forget about what anyone else thinks. What does 2014 hold for the band? We're releasing our album 'Lose What Makes You' this year so we're supporting that with gigs, radio shows and interviews. Where can we see you performing live? Our next gig is in Glasgow at the Buff Club on the 28th Feb 2014. What would you say inspires you as a band? We love 70's music, so it's always inspiring to hear a hidden track that we hadn't come across before or meet one of our heroes. Who would be your dream collaboration? That would have to be with Led Zeppelin Twitter: And Youtube channel:

45 |

As a Long standing DJ, Masahiro explains to us what he loves about his craft By Emma Walker 46 | | 47

Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine about you and your music career so far? Hello, you, the readers of Love Music Magazine. I perform music as a Japanese DJ and a composer aka DJ MASAHIRO 3.84. (REAG./BEYONDCONNECTION RECORDINGS/COOL.SOUNDS,RECODINGS/JAPAN) From my base in Sapporo, Japan, I started djing back in 1995.This coincided with the period of the House Music explosion and a time of many HOUSE CLASSICS. My live club sets vary between NU JAZZ, HIP HOP, R&B interspersed with House but applying my personal play style consequently having the effect of bringing a sense of elation to his crowd. I have worked alongside many of the big names in HOUSE over the years including JIMPSTER, RASMUS FABER, GRANT NELSON, DJ GOMI, SATOSHI TOMIIE in and outside the country. Among my many artistic works are releases attributed to me as MASAHIRO 3.84, released on iTunes in 2008 having taken 5 months to create the mini-album. Next came another mini album, LIFE 3.84, in 2009, which I expanded into the full album 10 months later as the aptly entitled NATURE. In august, 2010 came the release of my 3rd album ENTRANCE TO THE FUTURE. Now, my musical work is carried out in the REAG name. I've had a listen to some of your mixes. They are great and one of my favourites has a very good 90's theme to it. As a DJ, what is your favourite genre to play and why? Thank you for hearing my 90's MIX. I am an age which has the intensity which started a DJ's career in the 90s. In the area in which I live, HOUSE MUSIC was rising at the time. DJ PLAY is also carried out centring on the taste of the 90's HOUSE MUSIC. I think that it is being able to do a mix of old and new DJPLAY also has a career as HOUSE MUSIC is very much current. Parties with a 90's theme are carried out even in Japan. Although much DJ MIX of 90's made in the past is contributed to MIXCLOUD which can be heard by streaming reproduction. My DJ MIX of 90's is the most popular of all my mixes regardless of HOUSE and R&B. Although I have DJed a lot in Japan, it is about the PARTY concept and an age group, or CLUB, a LOUNGE style, and the genre and atmosphere that decide the party mood. It is the purpose of DJing, to delight an audience. And I must not forget I also need to enjoy myself... If you had to pick five all-time favourite tracks, what would they be? DJ MASAHIRO 3.84 2014 DEEP HOUSE & UNDERGROUND HOUSE TOP5

48 |

01.Vakula - G Lady - Bandura 02.Librah - My Love Is 4 Ever - Yore Records 03.REAG. - Deep Dish(Main 125bpm Remix)-BEYOUND CONNECTION 04.Washerman - Solitaire Deepness - Drumpoet Community 05.JMX - Believe it - Seven Limited Tell us more about your radio show? I am involved in a number of shows on internet radio station based in France, London, NYC and Japan but can also be heard on LWR(London/UK) every Sunday 16:00 to 18:00 hours, JR FM RADIO NETWORK(NYC), (France) first Friday of the month, 12:00 to 13:00,YDM NETWORK(NYC) one time per month, GROOVE9(JP) one time per month, Quest internet radio streaming live from London (London/UK) – regularly playing you a healthy mix of the best in DEEP HOUSE & UNDERGROUND HOUSE and 90’s HOUSE CLASSICS. What is the Japanese music scene like at the moment? Does it have a lot of Western influences? Japan differs in fashion by the area. EDM is the most popular genre at the moment in clubs. What is coming up for you this year? I am promoting my music heavily this year. Of course, offer of REMIX or DJ MIX and my DJ MIX can be provided anywhere the in the world. If there is a country that needs my LIVE DJ performance, I will go out anywhere and will carry out LIVE DJ. REAG.(Remix Entertainment @ Groove.) REAG. is a House music duo formed in 2010 at Sapporo, Japan, and consisting of Japanese Djs Dj Masahiro 3.84 and Dj Hiromi .Dj Masahiro 3.84 & Dj Hiromi was the pioneers of house DJ in Sapporo, Japan. Do you have any social media or web links you would like to share? SM (social media: facebook, twitter etc) has become very important. It has brought me many connections, including this interview with Love Music Magazine and Emma Walker. I also participate in radio thanks to SM in the UK, FRANCE, and NY DJ MASAHIRO 3.84(REAG.)Official facebook page DJ MASAHIRO 3.84 Official twitter | 49

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On the cover of this issue is the lovely Jelisa Shanel. Her lyrics speak from the heart and captivate the listener. By Emma Walker | 51

Can you tell the readers a bit more about yourself? I've been singing for years now but only more recently started putting videos on Youtube. I was extremely nervous about what kind of feedback I'd get because I've seen how brutal Youtube comments can be! People were really encouraging though and I later released my mixtape Defying Gravity. Since then I've performed at the Jazz CafĂŠ, Proud 2 at the 02, I Luv Live, Boxpark, Boombox, King's College and quite a few venues around London. I love your music and you have a fantastic voice. When did you discover your talent? Thank you! I was always singing and writing songs from my primary school days just for fun. My friends and I would put on shows for teachers and classmates as well. When I was about 11 I decided that I actually wanted to be a singer. My Dad was the first person to organise getting me into a studio and I loved everything about it and continued pursuing it from there. Wasted, one of your tracks, is a great rendition of a classic song by Frank Ocean. Where do you take most of your inspiration from? I get inspiration from life, whether it's my own experiences, friends' experiences or conversations that I randomly overhear. Writing Mission Statement, for example, was one of the easiest songs I've ever written and it just came naturally as I sat on my bed and started thinking about my life. When someone makes me angry, sad, happy... that's all inspiration for me to write. Mission Statement is a very frank and honest lyrical track. Do you think the music has kept you strong through your life and what music did you turn to when times got hard? Mission Statement was a song where I particularly challenged myself to be as open and honest as possible. I remember there were a few lyrics in there I wrote and I stopped to think "wait should I have said that... maybe I should take that out." But I didn't because I believe that in order for people to connect with you, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable at times. I think that's the main reason people like that track. Music has definitely kept me strong throughout my life. It's my refuge and sometimes when you don't want to talk or can't necessarily explain how you feel. The right song can shed light on a situation or just comfort you by knowing someone else has felt the way you do. I listen to a lot of India Arie's music and I particularly feel she is an artist who listeners can connect with because her music is spiritual and honest and her lyrics are powerful. So what is coming up this year for you? This year I'm focusing on writing and making great music. At first I felt the pressure of constantly releasing music because people who support you always ask when the next song will be out. But now that I know people are willing to listen, I want to work on some great music and not focus on getting it out as fast as possible. I feel as a new artist quality control is important and respected. Consistency is key but substance is more important than speed.

52 |

What music motivates you? I love to listen to Lauryn Hill. It's amazing how she wrote some of her songs so many years ago but the lyrics still stand true today in terms of the social issues she addressed. I also enjoy listening to Emeli Sande and Teedra Moses because not only are they both amazing singers but also fantastic writers too. I'm motivated by artists who have taken the time to nurture their craft and can produce timeless songs with great lyrical content. Who would be your dream collaboration? There are so many people I'd love to work with. Production wise I think my dream collaboration would be Disclosure or Rudimental. If I could work with them I'd be ecstatic. As for another artist, I'd love to work with J. Cole. He's one of my favourite rappers. If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why? BeyoncÊ seems too obvious haha! Perhaps Rihanna? She seems fun and as though she lives a wild and carefree life. Or maybe Eva Marcille just because I think she's stunning. Is that really a reason though...? What advice can you offer to new musicians looking to get where you are in their career? Don't let your fears stop you from getting started. I Luv Live was a stage I never thought I’d be on a few years ago but I got there. Stay focused, keep pushing and embrace the journey! | 53

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Hi, I'm Kevin and this is my new column for Love Music Magazine "The Spread". In this column I will be offering my pick of music artists. I am also on the radio. You can find me on: Krystal Radio Sunday 12 noon - 3pm UK Time Total Radio UK Monday 4pm - 7pm UK Time WRFN1025 Monday 7pm - 10pm Saturday 12 noon - 3pm UK Time Chestnut Radio Tuesday 9pm - 12 midnight UK Abscape Radio Friday 4pm - 7pm UK Time

Keep an eye out for your monthly music feast!

@SpreadShow | 55

Edward Heartline Lost EP Edward Heartline is rather striking for two main reasons first is the young voice and a rather polished mature rich sound and second is the incredible vocal range of the singer himself which is an unexpected surprise in itself. The Lost EP in itself does sound like a bit of a love letter to a loved one and you could imagine him writing or singing about somebody close to him, and in many respects comes across as a personal record from Edward Heartline and full of emotion with a dash of blues mixed in. The EP in itself is a very stripped back affair and is almost a very naked record with a simple “One boy and his instrument” feel; however the compositions in of itself are rather delicate and intricate affairs that compliment his voice and vocal range well. However because Edward Heartline is young I could imagine him getting a much romantic attachment to the listeners and fans of his music. I must admit in much of the EP there is a rather melancholy undertone to the whole EP especially to the tracks “I Wont Let It Go Away” and “She Loves Me Not” however this doesnt detract from the record at all and there is a consistent feel throughout the record. In fact the whole EP seems to flow exceptionally well telling a tragic love story from beginning to end. Although the EP does come with a few surprises in store as well. Like the very atmospheric and slightly more uptempo “I'm Fine” which in all fairness I could consider to be a rather decent pop record with soul which rather stands out from the Lost EP. Also the sudden switch from guitar to piano in “She Loves Me Not” which almost takes you back but it is a fitting end to an EP even if it is out of step with the rest of the album. The one thing that strikes me about this artist is that his music is very easy listening and could fit in quite easily with any middle of the road radio station playlist, however there is this modern contemporary young fresh twist in the classic mix which makes this rather a compelling record to listen to. Although as time goes on I could imagine him fitting in easily with the likes of Michael Buble, James Morrison and James Blunt.

56 |

Marcie Mycroft Valid Marcie Mycroft is one artist that has been around in and out of bands (with a lot of time outside of music) since the age of 16 and recently has released a new album called Valid available from all good online retailers. I must admit the tracks of this album really do stand out and there is something very different about this artist that sets her out from the norm in many ways. The first thing to hit you about this artist is the unique deep and rich voice that startles you when you first hear the tracks. However after a while the vocals as well as the rest of the composition really do start to grow on you little by little. It isn't a surprise to hear that the track “Scratch” is doing really well on websites such as Reverb Nation where Marcie Mycroft has been really astute lyrically and you can tell that it is the artists experiences that really do drive the records that she produces. The records in themselves are quite inviting pop and rock records that are very simple and enjoyable to listen to (which are also quite raw in places) and although the records contain experiences we all relate to about dating and relationships you do find the tracks uplifting and there is an air of optimism that runs right through all of the records; and there is a retro undertone that harks back to records made in the early 1990s of which sometimes this combination really does work especially in the track “fine” when things just seem to fit perfectly. In fact as the album Valid goes each track seems to become more polished as you filter through the tracks. The major strong point of the album is that within the music itself (pushing the vocals to one side for a minute) you really can sense Marcie Mycrofts experience as a musician and being a member of a band really does come to the fore in these records where the musical compositions really have been thought through, and on a lot of the tracks complement her unique voice really well. Overall eventually you do find yourself bopping along to the tracks and some of the lyrics you will associate with quite strongly in what is a fun well rounded record with some good decent tracks that everyone can enjoy

Scofidio & Glazier Scofidio & Glazier The history of these two artists is pretty much the cornerstone of their sound having met in school to life having one become a male vocal artist in the form of Mark Glazier and the other becoming a guitar re-unite to create records and jam once more in one fantastic partnership. I have to admit the records uplifting feel; and I could imagine myself in a pick up truck in Southern America driving down country

jam together only to be separated by and music teacher. Only for them to of this artist do have a bit of an lanes in hot clear weather.

The important thing that strikes out from the music is that they are clearly enjoying the music they are making and trust one another implicitly in their ability and their role in the music, although you might think it is to be expected the guitar playing in their music is almost military precision in timing and sound whilst the vocals of Mark Glazier complements this with an almost rock-style voice that seems to go together much like peas and carrots. There is something about the tracks that seem to borrow heavily from historical folk music especially “1847” which tells a story you can all enjoy and tells a folk tale of love that is a marvel to hear, and you can almost imagine the records playing in a barn with haystacks however they seem to pull this off with aplomb, also their harmonies with Scofidio's backing vocals work surprisingly well in this raw rustuc sounding set-up, and you could most probably imagine them doing some duelling banjos between records. However there isn't any on the record itself. Ultimately these are very solid tracks; with one amazing vocal talent and one technically brilliant guitar player. More importantly the tracks are a joy to listen to because you feel a part of the friendship between the artists, and feel included almost being a part of the friendship yourself . Although you may think folk might not be your thing Scofidio & Glazier is accessible to anyone new to folk genre; and you do really want to join in and sing alongside them; which makes it a joy and pleasure to listen to. Especially if you like your music to be more traditional in style.

Ralf Dee Your Time Is Now

McCrei McCrei

I have been given just a brief snapshot into Ralf Dee's latest offering released on the 31st January 2014 but already it has made quite an impression. This Folk, Blues and country infusion is very well produced and is toe tapping good to boot. The two tracks I have heard one thing stands out and that is the striking rich vocals of Ralf and the tracks are amazingly catchy right from the very first listen.

These two ladies will have 5 singles available from all good online retailers and can also be found on Twitter and You Tube. Of course being rather fresh and new there are a lot of covers residing in their back catalogue. However this a very talented couple still trying to find their sound, however the dynamics are already there for this couple.

Ralfs influences and love for the genres from within his music are pretty plain to see, I must admit throughout the track “Blink Of An Eye” I found myself almost wanting to sing along with the whole record. In many respects there are a lot of traditional elements within the track; however there does seem to be a fresh modern undercurrent underneath it all, Ralfs vocals, the vocals of the rest of the band and the acousic guitar do seem to blend well, Having Ralf's rich voice complemented by a seemingly good solid and contrasting female vocal that gives a whole new depth to the track in question. In “The Lucky Ones” not only do you get folk blues and country as expected however there seems to also be the smallest hint of 1980's New Romanticism in his vocal performance. But not only this there is a summer-like optimism underpinning the whole track. There is lyrically some great story telling on this particular track; (which ultimately makes the record in my opinion) coupled with a silky smooth guitar solo, although the best feature of this particular track is the inclusion or concept that Ralf is playing in front of an audience. With you amongst them in the middle watching the band play on stage; which brings a very nice element of the track to the table and rounds the track off rather nicely towards the end. Not only this but the tempo is quite upbeat whilst still holding a mirror to an era that once was. Of course being that I only have a snapshot of the album I must admit the two tracks overall show an awful lot of promise in the new album. However this is an artist of which I urge you to explore and discover in your own way; because I get the impression that the album will have so many more stories and tales to be told; and based on these two very enjoyable tracks I urge you to pick up a copy of the new record and see for yourself.

All of the tracks are very acoustic lead and the vocals in themselves are extremely stripped back and incredibly delicate indeed. With most of the covers involved there is a completely different feel and pace to the original tracks by the original artists. There is a sense from within their performances that they really respect and admire the songs. The thing is is that both members do have fantastic voices that really do suit contrast and suit each others style. The guitar in particular adds some meat to the bones of their performances and there is a rather rustic, genuine and authentic feel to their You Tube videos with the sense you could see them in their homes living the dream with their hopes to make it in the music industry pinned to their sleeves. You do get the impression from the couple concerned is that even when they are not performing they are constantly singing at home watching TV or even whilst brushing their teeth. Which brings me to their latest offering of “3am Coffee” which brings a more confident and assertive duo to the table, also bringing a more cleaner soulful sound with it. Even the vocals have a more fuller richer sound which are very easy and smooth. This is the biggest sign of their intentions and you cant help but think they have got the mix just right in this performance. Of course the performance is much bigger and misses the quaintness of their stripped back acoustic performances however the piano is counterbalanced perfectly by both their vocal performances which seem to intermingle to produce a very pleasing sound and mix. This young duo are definitely ones to watch in the future. | 57

58 |

February 1st, 1986- Diana Ross weds Norwegian billionaire, Arne Næss, Jr. This was Diana’s second marriage and they have 2 kids. Even though they divorced on February 11th, 2000, Diana claims Arne to be the love of her life. Arne died because of a mountain climbing accident in 2004 and she even attended his funeral. February 19th, 1995Actress/model/producer /showgirl Pamela Anderson married Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe after only knowing him for 4 days. They wedded on a beach with Anderson in a bikini. Pamela’s mother was unaware and she later got to know the news from the magazine. They have two sons together.

February 8th, 1980 – This day marked the official divorce of the couple, David Bowie and Angela Bowie after 9 years of marriage. David got custody of their son, Zowie. Angela had met David in 1969 and they married the following year when Angela was 20. David Bowie’s songs, ‘Golden Years’ and ‘The Prettiest Star’ were written about her. During the good times of the couple, Angie also accompanied the singer on his international tours



February 14th – On this lovey-dovey day, we see that a lot of music celebrity couples took their big step to marriage. We have,

1974, The Captain and Tennille duo, Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille. 1980, Lou Reed and Sylvia Morales 1984, Elton John and Renate Blauel 1994, Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia and his third wife, Deborah Koons.


“Hey folks! It’s been a while and I hope all of you are in good health. Since it is the month of February and love is in the air, we thought we’d do a special for this column! So let’s dig some of the famous affairs, marriages and sadly, breakups that happened this month. Well then, let’s get started. “

February 11th, 1965 – Drummer, Ringo Starr of The Beatles marries his first wife, Maureen Cox, with manager, Brian Epstein serving as the best-man. It also had Lennon and Harrison in attendance (Paul was on vacation in Tunisia). Soon afterwards, the couple spent their honeymoon in Sussex, England. They had 3 children together, Zak, Jason and Lee. The couple’s matrimony was the subject to the famous US song, ‘Treat him tender, Maureen’ by the Chicklettes. The couple however, divorced in 1975. Gavin DeGraw, 4th (36) – Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses), 5th (49) – Sully Erna (Godsmack), 7th (45) – Robbie Williams, 13th (39) – Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), 17th (41) - Rihanna, 20th (25) – Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), 27th (56) – Emma Walker (The EDITOR), 25th (31) | 59

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Right now, I'm listening to The Jawbone Club, Hollywood Ending and Heartless Breakers. Also love The Wild Young Hearts, Katie Boeck, Candy Hearts Band and Tiffany Houghton, all of whom I recently interviewed | 61

Issue 8 – We asked TV Chef’s and Student Radio stations their favourite love songs

The Demons at @DemonFM went for something a little more romantic as their favourite love song. “For us Jess, it’s Love Story by @Taylorswift13 it’s got everything, a disapproving family, romance, country!”

62 |

Chef Gizzi Erskine (@GizzieErskine) couldn’t decide on just one favourite love song, instead she said, “I like happy music”

@1449amURB over at the University of Bath chose ‘The Thong Song, every time’ as their favourite love song to play!

Master Chef favourite Gregg Wallace (@GreggA Wallace) went for something a little more traditional and chose “Moon River” as his favourite love song.

@radio_hud at the University of Huddersfield chose a classic love song to play this February “Can't beat a bit of Al Green - Lets Stay Together!”

Celebrity Chef Mark Sargeant (@MarkSargey10) chose “Red Sauce ‘Im all out of love’!” as his favourite love song, branding it a ‘Classic’.

@LatitudeRadio over at the University of Greenwich chose “ The original – I love you baby” as their favourite love song to play on the radio this February. | 63

64 |

LJ Ayrten– 66 Picastro- – 67 Ivesa and Elements – 68 The Strypes -69 | 65

Fairy Lights and folk tales (2014) LJ Ayrten is a singer songwriter from London. Her debut release on Late Records was ‘Unconventional Girl’ in November of 2012. Followed in 2013 by both ‘All the Stars’ and ‘Deep Down Rebel’. Fairy Lights and Folk Tales will be her 4th EP release set for January 31, 2014. Like her previous releases, ‘Fairy Lights and Folk Tales’ is packed with intelligent lyrics and an unexpected perspective. Her weaving of a moment in time encapsulates and stirs into being memories, bringing them into the forefront as glistening sequences our mind plays out as her voice glides over the scene projecting the intensity of emotion that moment generated. Her ability to control the intonation in her voice enables this EP to be intense in its vocalization of love’s power over us as well as the lushness of the mind. Each song is packed with a delicate balance in a relationship becoming solidified, ready to break, or is already broken and the need for fulfillment in all four songs. Starting with “Yours”, an eloquently written song with a mix of a ballad and pop music it brings this EP out of the gate gracefully. Her soft ethereal vocals cascade through each lyric with an emotional tension that pulls the listener in to hear the message the music holds. Her lyrics shift the listener to be not only a passive audience but a participant in the mind of the narrator. As the story unfolds in the song we are carried along grappling with the same intense feelings and needs.

By Tracy Perry

The EP flows into “Wait in the Rain” a tender exploration into the scene within the touch of love. That sphere of the world the lyrics reside within “Until you save me again, I’ll wait in the rain…” at once melancholy, entreating, but a profound emotion pouring forth bringing the worlds everyday pieces into sharp focus. This is my favorite song on the EP as its perspective is within a tight bubble of emotion that stops the world even as the flow of rich vocals pierces the sequence of action bringing the clear statement of sentiment to the forefront. The lyrics in “Mrs Rochester” being a prime example of emotional and a well thought out dialogue for a character that doesn’t have much backstory in Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’. It encapsulates the yearning to be understood whilst being mixed with the well-known instability that the character emanated in the book. The division of seeing the world for what it is, yet wanting to be heard in a way that would cause a commotion, showing the profound hurt and yearning without the music itself mirroring this violent intensity, presents an immense ability to contain the emotion while portraying it at the same time. LJ Ayrten’s voice at once evokes a gorgeous rich quality with an effortless deepening of the tone placing emphasis just where the lyrics require. The acoustic nature of this EP heightens the songs by placing the emphasis on the unfolding scenes each song opens up like petals falling out of an envelope, each with its own history, emotions and well-crafted anecdotes. There’s a confidence inherent in this EP in her ability to use not only intonation to present the emotional but the clarity she sings with while placing emphasis just so to catch the listener’s ear to the lyrics. The EP comes to a conclusion with “Fairy Lights and Folk Tales”; a lushly detailed realm within the mind with her voice as a fabulous guide. The cadence which she uses for this song is at once slightly sorrowful but entrancing in its beaconing to an inner place we all have. This song marks not an ending at all but only a beginning of the majestic cascade of scenes this EP encompasses. With each listen this song’s lyrics bring forth that place within us we wish could be. Ms. Ayrten’s EP is a small collection of synergy between the rich vocals and flow of music that wraps the listener gently and takes them on a trip through emotions that we can understand and empathize with. Multiple listens of this EP bring forth more rich sequences from our own mind as the messages in the lyrics weave within our memories. Watch her first lyric video from the EP for “Fairy Lights and Folk Tales” on YouTube. | 66

You (2014)

Picastro has been around since 1998 and has been through many changes over the years in band membership. Currently Liz Hysen, Brandon Valdivia and Nick Storring are the band. ‘You’ will be released on Function Records on February 10, 2014. Their latest release ‘You’ is full of haunting, lush songs. There is a concise feel to the whole album, where the dissonance is carefully sequestered and the vocal range of the singing is a clean cascade through the notes invoking emotions from deep within, a pool that’s untapped yet becomes assessable through this journey across 10 songs. The album opens with “Mountain Relief” swimming in low harmonies combining with music that ranges from moving waters to rapids complete with slight dissonance lurking in the corner of the mind. This combination draws within the lines for only a tiny fraction before the canvas itself swarms out enveloping the listener and you find yourself leaning in, closing your eyes and not wanting it to end. This track is online at Soundcloud on I Like Press’s page. A melancholy charm resides over “Two Women”. Like a strife filled yet equalizing relationship, spilling out words “Talk to me now…” drawing passersby into the dance within this song. The violin carries the tune to its conclusion as we feel our fingers glide up into the air to capture the fading scene memory has let escape. This song is also on Soundcloud within the band’s page. “Darkness, Darkness, I do believe…” starts my favorite song on the album “Endlessly”. There’s this hauntingly discordant quality about it. The lyrics, at once what seems like a narrated beautiful letter, and we are looking into a scene to a woman at a writing desk with slightly sinister furnishings moving around her to the music’s rhythm. “When it’s time for me to go, I’ll let you know”. This world we are drawn to but can’t cross the threshold, can’t turn our eyes away, can’t stop the beautiful language that runs over us, through us and circles back. The shortest song on the album “Vampires” mixes a musical cocoon around the listener while the vocals become a sensual introduction to the lyrics. A web that at once you never want to end, but is all too soon over and the replay button so easy to press.

By Tracy Perry

Starting off “That’s It” are vocals coming as though from underwater until the music takes over, holding the hand of the listener gently, guiding them through to reach the vocals once again. The beaconing gentleness is melancholy but achingly irresistible. At first listen “Temur” is not for the faint of heart. Its lush guitar and dissonant instrumentation weave an uncomfortable web that the vocals take full advantage of, providing an arena that takes us from calm to our minds wail with the vocals, a contained rage dampened then able to rise yet again, pushing the boundaries of containment. Cave in to the temptation to turn it up loud and start your own discordant dance, lifting the head to let out that inner creation. Leading into “Judas Claim”, the vocals are horrisonant but this along with the stripped down music brings the vocals to bear on the nerves like they are grasping the listener, imploring to be heard yet not harmful but imploring. “where…” said over and over, this aching question never answered but we replay the song just the same, asking the wind as though our core is streaming outward. “State Man” progresses into the nullification of the described persona. The music set the stage the embodiment of the lyrics resides upon, standing there for the listener to scrutinize and marvel at the way we want to sway to the vocals whilst not condoning the story within. “Baron In The Trees” as the longest song on the album, collects the world from silence, to an opening into a forest of sounds, familiar and some slightly in disharmony. Taking over a minute and 50 second for the vocals to cascade in, the narrator spilling out a story, lugubrious yet the cadence to the voice is very pleasing then flows back into the lush landscape we wandered into. When the vocals come back in, a craving emerges to hear just a bit louder and longer this tale before it again drifts into the melody and comes back stronger. Rounding out the album, “February” brings in Nick Storring’s voice. The strumming of the guitar places the vocals in discrepancy as the lyrics are from a women’s point of view but carry their weight gracefully yet slightly menacing; gliding into the dissension, harmonies pouring forth like intonations. This song perfectly closes this album; bringing the discord within to fruition and carrying the listener back to the beginning where the album waits to be heard again, opening its secrets slowly, unforced, elegant in the unfolding patterns and stunning vocals. | 67

Modern, Trippy, Fast – are the 3 words I’d use to describe this band. I’m not really a fan of this genre, so my views might be a bit biased but having said that, I must also mention that the reason I’m reviewing them is because they have an element of metal in them which I really dig. Metal-Electro is one of those orphan genres which you don’t get the pleasure of listening to every now and then. So when music is unique and catchy, that’s your chance to open up to newer genres. With that brief ranting, I introduce to you the really ‘unique’ and ‘catchy’ Serbian band, “IVEZA AND ELEMENTS”. They don’t have a full-fledged album yet but I had the pleasure of listening to 4 of their singles (in the order of my preference) - Revelation, The World Is Gonna Stop, My Brother and Fireman. ‘Revelation’ is more on the metal side. It starts in a really trippy way and then gets heavier with those awesome riffs followed by the partial-harsh vocals. It’s not really your everyday growls and screams and that’s where the band’s uniqueness comes in and before you realize it, the song gets you headbanging. Although, personally, I don’t like the modulated voice much. Anyway, next we have ‘the world is gonna stop’ which is one of their more popular songs. It’s electronic and has a dance rhythm to it. Not to mention, the intensity of the emotions. This song’s video is the only official one released as of now and it’s about a girl in all her physical and mental struggles, very appealing. ‘My Brother’ doesn’t have much lyrics but a weird mix of dual vocals, so it’s an interesting listen. And last but not the least, we have ‘Fireman’ which sounds very techno to me, mixed with harsh vocals on the chorus, it’s a good listen but one of their lesser attractions according to me.

By Chiru K

Techno/Alternative/Electronic/Metal, you name the genre of the New Age, you have it in I&E’s songs. Overall, my comment on this band is that their uniqueness is definitely something you have to listen to. And I’m certainly looking forward to their debut album. Support the artists, Give them a listen. You never know, their songs might take forever to leave your mind. | 68 29 January 2014

I have been waiting for The Strypes from Cavan, Ireland to make it to America since December, 2012. It finally happened. It was well worth the wait. The teenage blues rock quartet is Ross Farrelly (lead vocals/harmonica), Josh McClorey (lead guitar/vocals), Pete O'Hanlon (bass guitar/harmonica) and Evan Walsh (drums). They are managed by Elton John's management company. On Tuesday January 28, Sir Elton John was sitting up in the balcony at the Troubadour. He was watching his lads give everything they had on the very stage as lead guitarist Josh McClorey yelled out "The Troubadour...The very stage Elton John got his start in America." This band began their set in a rock n roll frenzy and NEVER let up for an hour and a half. They played the first hour of originals from their current EP release "Blue Collar Jane" and their upcoming Snapshot full-length CD. The highlights of the originals were the slower bluesy "Angel Eyes," the fast-driving "I'll Still Drive You Home," the current singles "What a Shame" and Blue Collar Jane." These young musicians (ranging 16-to-18-years old) has obviously been well-schooled in the blues rock tradition of a great vinyl record collection at home. Their parents have supported them being a band since they were small kids when they formed in 2008.

By Marc Platt

It's hard not to put them in the "Retro" box, but I have to say, they do it with bravado, authenticity and passion. There were teenage girls throughout the club going out of their minds. There is a swelling hype surrounding the band having fans like Jeff Beck, Dave Grohl and The Jam's Paul Weller. Their PR people know how to use that fact in the build up, but you know what? They deliver in a big way. These guys took no breaks and ripped through at a pace Bruce Springsteen would have marvelled at. It was impressive start to finish. One good way of judging a band's authenticity is being to identify which songs are original and which ones were covers. I happen to have the same kind of record collection as the Strypes and I knew Slim Harpo's "Got Love If You Want It" and Willie Dixon's "You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover," but my girlfriend, as well as the people in the club kept asking is that theirs or a cover? This is always a good sign for this kind of act. Their writing is good now and it will get better. Their choice in Nick Lowe's "Heart of the City" from Rockpile was a fantastic choice for this band late in the show. The rhythm section of bassis Pete O'Hanlon (who also wields a mean mouth harp) and drummer Evan Walsh are impeccable. Lead singer Ross Farrelly is also a fine guitar player, but only played on one song. The band in the past year made a decision to free him up to just sing and play harmonica, which he also excels at. The Strypes are exciting visually, engaging performers and authentic as hell. I think they will go far if they keep growing. Strype-mania is beginning in America. Check them out. | 69

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