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Scofidio & Glazier Scofidio & Glazier The history of these two artists is pretty much the cornerstone of their sound having met in school to life having one become a male vocal artist in the form of Mark Glazier and the other becoming a guitar re-unite to create records and jam once more in one fantastic partnership. I have to admit the records uplifting feel; and I could imagine myself in a pick up truck in Southern America driving down country

jam together only to be separated by and music teacher. Only for them to of this artist do have a bit of an lanes in hot clear weather.

The important thing that strikes out from the music is that they are clearly enjoying the music they are making and trust one another implicitly in their ability and their role in the music, although you might think it is to be expected the guitar playing in their music is almost military precision in timing and sound whilst the vocals of Mark Glazier complements this with an almost rock-style voice that seems to go together much like peas and carrots. There is something about the tracks that seem to borrow heavily from historical folk music especially “1847” which tells a story you can all enjoy and tells a folk tale of love that is a marvel to hear, and you can almost imagine the records playing in a barn with haystacks however they seem to pull this off with aplomb, also their harmonies with Scofidio's backing vocals work surprisingly well in this raw rustuc sounding set-up, and you could most probably imagine them doing some duelling banjos between records. However there isn't any on the record itself. Ultimately these are very solid tracks; with one amazing vocal talent and one technically brilliant guitar player. More importantly the tracks are a joy to listen to because you feel a part of the friendship between the artists, and feel included almost being a part of the friendship yourself . Although you may think folk might not be your thing Scofidio & Glazier is accessible to anyone new to folk genre; and you do really want to join in and sing alongside them; which makes it a joy and pleasure to listen to. Especially if you like your music to be more traditional in style.

Ralf Dee Your Time Is Now

McCrei McCrei

I have been given just a brief snapshot into Ralf Dee's latest offering released on the 31st January 2014 but already it has made quite an impression. This Folk, Blues and country infusion is very well produced and is toe tapping good to boot. The two tracks I have heard one thing stands out and that is the striking rich vocals of Ralf and the tracks are amazingly catchy right from the very first listen.

These two ladies will have 5 singles available from all good online retailers and can also be found on Twitter and You Tube. Of course being rather fresh and new there are a lot of covers residing in their back catalogue. However this a very talented couple still trying to find their sound, however the dynamics are already there for this couple.

Ralfs influences and love for the genres from within his music are pretty plain to see, I must admit throughout the track “Blink Of An Eye” I found myself almost wanting to sing along with the whole record. In many respects there are a lot of traditional elements within the track; however there does seem to be a fresh modern undercurrent underneath it all, Ralfs vocals, the vocals of the rest of the band and the acousic guitar do seem to blend well, Having Ralf's rich voice complemented by a seemingly good solid and contrasting female vocal that gives a whole new depth to the track in question. In “The Lucky Ones” not only do you get folk blues and country as expected however there seems to also be the smallest hint of 1980's New Romanticism in his vocal performance. But not only this there is a summer-like optimism underpinning the whole track. There is lyrically some great story telling on this particular track; (which ultimately makes the record in my opinion) coupled with a silky smooth guitar solo, although the best feature of this particular track is the inclusion or concept that Ralf is playing in front of an audience. With you amongst them in the middle watching the band play on stage; which brings a very nice element of the track to the table and rounds the track off rather nicely towards the end. Not only this but the tempo is quite upbeat whilst still holding a mirror to an era that once was. Of course being that I only have a snapshot of the album I must admit the two tracks overall show an awful lot of promise in the new album. However this is an artist of which I urge you to explore and discover in your own way; because I get the impression that the album will have so many more stories and tales to be told; and based on these two very enjoyable tracks I urge you to pick up a copy of the new record and see for yourself.

All of the tracks are very acoustic lead and the vocals in themselves are extremely stripped back and incredibly delicate indeed. With most of the covers involved there is a completely different feel and pace to the original tracks by the original artists. There is a sense from within their performances that they really respect and admire the songs. The thing is is that both members do have fantastic voices that really do suit contrast and suit each others style. The guitar in particular adds some meat to the bones of their performances and there is a rather rustic, genuine and authentic feel to their You Tube videos with the sense you could see them in their homes living the dream with their hopes to make it in the music industry pinned to their sleeves. You do get the impression from the couple concerned is that even when they are not performing they are constantly singing at home watching TV or even whilst brushing their teeth. Which brings me to their latest offering of “3am Coffee” which brings a more confident and assertive duo to the table, also bringing a more cleaner soulful sound with it. Even the vocals have a more fuller richer sound which are very easy and smooth. This is the biggest sign of their intentions and you cant help but think they have got the mix just right in this performance. Of course the performance is much bigger and misses the quaintness of their stripped back acoustic performances however the piano is counterbalanced perfectly by both their vocal performances which seem to intermingle to produce a very pleasing sound and mix. This young duo are definitely ones to watch in the future. | 57

Love Music Magazine - Issue 8  

Love Music Magazine is a magazine for new music artists from ANY genre. #LoveMusic @LoveMusicMag

Love Music Magazine - Issue 8  

Love Music Magazine is a magazine for new music artists from ANY genre. #LoveMusic @LoveMusicMag