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Tell us more about your band, what has been your musical journey so far? Ashton - I run a production company called Morph Productions and Cat contacted me via twitter to produce some stuff for her. It'd been a long time since she worked on any musical project seriously and she was used to doing her own thing. She said she wanted to do some shoegazer music which caught my attention because I loved that stuff in the 90's but never found anyone to do it with. Originally I thought we'd do a few tracks together and see what would happen but Cat kind of insisted that we have more a "band" relationship than a "producer/artist" relationship and I'm really glad she did. I've been having a lot of fun since we started. The idea behind the band was to release singles rather than albums because it would take us too long to get an album EP out and we really want to always be releasing something. From this philosophy we also decided to make proper videos for the songs we release as well. At this time we're focusing all our energies on creating songs and videos rather than playing live. At some point we may put together a live show but that's not what where we're at right now.

I have heard everything about my voice - "You sound like Belinda Carlisle and The Bangles..." Everyone needs to compare everything, that's how society works. I personally like and listen to more male fronted bands so I just sing from my heart and what comes out, comes out .

I've had a listen to your music and watched the video. Which is your favorite track to perform and why? Ashton -We don't really play live yet but I really love "Hearts Expire". All around, I just have no regrets with that one. Cat -I love all our songs. They stand up on their own, little entities and that's what I love about our band. Each song has Its own little world inside of it.

What is your dream for your music career? Ashton - I've had a career in music for 14 years now but my dream is to do only the things that I love and am passionate about. Sometimes that's not the case right now. Cat - My dream is to make what I love doing into reality. It has always been so. My dream for our band is that we can record something full length , keep on making fantastic videos and tour . That would mean fleshing out our band... but i totally can see it. I would love to see us reach and achieve as much as we can .

I love the video for Hearts Expire, can you tell us about it, where was it filmed and the crew behind it? The filming of Hearts Expire was a combination of a perfect day by making the best of a situation. Originally our plan was to drag two good friends of ours, Hunter Luis (director) and Jake Vincent (DOP) to Hamilton and film us with the back drop of Hamilton Ontario steel factories. The factories there are so ugly they're almost beautiful and we thought with the right clothes it would be a great backdrop and fit the mood of the song perfectly. Within 5 minutes of parking in front of one of those big factories we had security shut us down and we had to come up with another plan. Basically we drove around and started taking random shots, the highlight of which was a country garage sale. Roz Gracie, our editor turned all our footage into a really great video. We feel so lucky to have such talented friends. Can you tell us a bit more about the recording process for your album? Ashton- We write the songs together and then I finish the production. The writing comes very, very quick for us but we've learned that we always have to start the songs together. Maybe Cat and I will take an idea and work on it alone after it's initially started but it seems it's not an "As the CIty Rumbles Underneath" song unless we start it off together. It sounds cheesy but we have a very strong musical connection and the songs we write really are the sum of the two of us. It's a pretty incredible feeling. After the song is finished I finish about 80% of the production within a few hours and then I drive myself nuts for another month or so worrying about details that no one else cares about. I need the time to listen to the track and eventually details about what it needs become clear and I fill in the blanks.

What or who would you say inspires you? Cat -Everything inspires me. If I had my way I would be in the studio recording every single day. Nature inspires me, human beings inspire me, obviously love inspires me. I think that if you can't find anything to be inspired about in life - well - It makes me sad when I hear people say that . Life is beautiful, hearts are beautiful and there is always something to write about . What have you got coming up in the next year? 2013 was our first year of being a band and I feel we've really grown into a sound and a way of doing things. Now that we have everything a bit more solidified I feel we can accomplish anything. What we're aiming for next year is more licenses to tv and film (this year we licensed a track to Degrassi-Next Generation) and getting together a live show.

What advice can you offer to any other aspiring musicians out there? Ashton - It's so hard to "make it" and to "make it" you have to be at the very top of your game. To be in that position you have to truly love what you're doing and not just be "chasing the buck". History has shown that many artists who went against the grain of what was happening at the time became more successful because of their originality. It's impossible to determine what the listening public is going to love in the future so have faith in your sound. Listen to what others have to say but ultimately have faith in what you're doing. Cat - Love what You do. That's it, that's all... If you had to pick a favorite song what would it be, and why? Does it hold a certain significant meaning? Ashton - For me a song I often revert to is Depeche Mode's "Not Tonight". Just seems to have that perfect blend of melancholy and joy that I always seem to be drawn to. Cat - Too many favorite songs . That is the problem! There are days where I will be in a Foo Fighter mode and others where i will go into Contemporary Classical mode - i.e. - Dustin O'Halloran and just fall in love with each note over and over again.

Do you often get compared to anyone else? Cat - My Favorite comparison is that of being kind of like "Crystal Castles " . | 57

Love Music Magazine - Issue 6  

Love Music Magazine is a magazine for new music artists from ANY genre.

Love Music Magazine - Issue 6  

Love Music Magazine is a magazine for new music artists from ANY genre.