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Issue 5 [Online] – November 2013

Docman, Florida Room, Sofia Vondell , La Godiva and many more

This month we speak to Tattooists about their favourite music tattoos

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and welcome to Love Music Magazine’s fifth online edition. This month we have been so busy! I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for all the help offered to the magazine. We are getting a lot of interest in all the right places so there has never been a better time to get involved. If you would like to feature in LMM or help out with something behind the scenes, please get in touch. We have lots in this issue. Common Tongues, Jo Hamilton, Sheila Lord, to name a few. We also have an interview with Scratchylus, the creator of Reset The Mindset , the official Black History Month single release. Enjoy and see you in December! | 5

Tell us more about you, what has been your musical journey so far? We're based in Wolverhampton. The Midlands is famously known for the origins of metal so playing our mix of electronic/Indie to Midlands crowds has sometimes been a hard task. We formed in 2009, honing our sound before releasing two EPs: Paint Me As You See Me (2010) and Himself.Unknown.Too Late (2012). Both EP's gathered a positive response from the press and public. Along the way we have supported bands such as School of Seven Bells, Chapel Club and Esser. We have played London venues such as The Dublin Castle and also travelled to various venues across the country. We wrote and recorded an album over the space of 12 months and signed to UK independent Integrity Records in late 2013. We release “Gold Tag” on 25th November, which will be the first single from our debut album “Ever Moving Happiness Machines”. Till - Vocals, Guitars Jay Cuthill - Samples, Keyboards, Production Ben Blewitt - Keyboards Xander Roberts- Bass, Vocals Ben Dargue- Drums Ann Perry - Violin

Do you often get compared to anyone else? People often approach us at gigs and compare us to bands and artists that we love as well, such as Sigur Ros, M83, DJ Shadow, Nick Cave, Bon Iver, Radiohead. Even quite obscure stuff like Blue Nile and Giorgio Moroder get mentioned. More recently Chvrches are being mentioned - this makes me happy! We've never been compared to Oasis or 30 Seconds to Mars so we are doing things right (in my opinion!). What or who would you say inspires you as a group? Musicians that inspire us are Thom Yorke, Matt Berninger, Nick Cave. Writers also inspire the lyrics, people like Charles Bukowski and JG Ballard. Influences also come from classical music, composers like Arvo Part, Michael Nyman, John Tavener and Library Tapes. Electronic artists too such as Burial and Zomby. We may not sound anything like these but they inspire us to write our own stuff. What have you got coming up in the next year? We are releasing our debut album 'Ever Moving Happiness Machines' early next year, which means a tour will ensue!


What is your dream for your music career? I dislike so-called stars and would never want to be one. Some seem to treat music as a means to an end, with an 'I'll sell records to make money' attitude. For us it's about creating something new from nothing, exploring the terrain and stretching our capabilities. Always trying to top the song with a better one, or explore a new avenue. If success comes our way, great. Can't think of anything better than being able to support myself and make music full time. Also, bigger audiences to play to would be nice! Not too big though, couple of thousand maybe. None of this stadium shit. What advice can you offer to any other aspiring musicians out there? Write a good tune. Then write another good tune. Then another, and so on. If your music was a sandwich what would it be? A BMT from Subway with everything on it. So much salad, cheese and sauce you can't close the bugger. When you eat it, a menagerie of flavours hit you all at

once, you are left with a very messy face indeed. If you had to pick a favourite song what would it be and why? Does it hold a certain significant meaning? Of mine? It would be Scuff Marks. It's about me trying to preserve the dawn of love but inevitably the dew gets sucked back up by the sun and there's nothing i can do about it. Of all time? No Surprises by Radiohead. I love the incongruity of the song. The mix of a lullaby with the disenfranchised, suicidal, down-trodden lyrics. The melody is perfect and the arrangement is breathtaking. Can you put any social media or web links here? l | 7 | 8

Katie & the Queue is someone to look out for in the future, with her musical talent, strong determination and wonderful personality is a joy to hear and feel the music that has been put out there for the people to listen to and cherish. Check out the interview that took place in a coffee shop in a windy Greenwich. By Mark Wincott

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Katie Q, can you tell the Love Music Magazine readers about yourself I’m a singer song writer; play guitar mostly, currently working with John McKenzie bass player for Eurythmics Tina Turner and David Bowie, got a bit of backing from soundcloud and twitter, that’s as far as it goes at the moment. What was the moment you realised you wanted to be a musician? This is an interesting one, because I have always had a conflicting character, when I was growing up I was always drawn to music, musical instruments more than music, so I’d have a cricket bat pretend it was a guitar. Always felt like I had an instrument in my hand. As I got older, that would manifest to a point where I’d be given a guitar or a toy piano. I always wanted to do it, my personality and character is rather a shy one, don’t like attention at all, really uncomfortable I won’t even do fuckin’ Karaoke. So for me it was never a career choice it was more of a hobby. It wasn’t until November 2011, I moved to London, I had absolutely nothing to do. I had just been dumped and on my own with no mates and everything was really scary and then one day I was watching YouTube, I just thought fuck it I’m just gonna go for it. There was a desire in me and it was burning away and it was like becoming corrosive. I was split in two, one half of me wanted to do it, other half of me wanted to go and introduce a new kind of music. Every time I listened to the radio I was getting down, as everyone seemed to be singing about materialistic shit they don’t have, that I don’t have. So I wanted to bring back more of a nostalgic music, but I realised I got in the way, so in 2011 I made the decision that I am gonna go for it, I decided to approach it like a project not a career as it would be too daunting and I approached it step by step then. You have used social Media for people to hear your music, how do you think social media like Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud have helped your profile? Has this opened many doors? It’s great, it’s almost like having a gobby friend, your immediately accessible, people can approach you, and the spot light is on you. it gets to a point you don’t know where else to go, for example you got so many followers and you got so many interests, you start gigging. It’s then you need to take the next step away from it. I am not at that stage yet. It gets you to the point where you are noticeable and kind of centre of attention it’s great. But you do then need an introduction of a backing, something a bit more corporate or industry wise. So it’s absolutely fantastic, but you do need that extra bit to get to the top. What has been your favourite Trend you have seen on Twitter? Yeah I don’t know what a trend it (at this point I was about to leave) I don’t really join in with them. Errrm I swear a lot on them, but I don’t really join in with them, there was the Miley Cyrus thing at the award ceremony with her tongue out and stuff, where she was humping that guys leg, also XFactor on Saturday is normally on my feed, is that a trend? I’m like fuck off. Is there a song that you wish you had written? Yes White Rabbit by Jefferson Aeroplane, It’s all about drugs and I knew exactly what she was on about. The Guitar and everything sounds so complicated and complex, but the song-writing and vocals is so simplified, among this psychedelic background there’s this comforting powerhouse voice on top of it. So for me every time I hear it I immediately think...wooo good times and then second thought I am like oh that is just brilliant....But drugs are bad. How would you sell your records to someone who has never heard your music before? I would sell it as to not put it on before you go out. If you want to hear something different, a little quirky and someone who is not singing

about something I don’t own....I don’t like bragging like a lot of bullshit out there. I like storytelling and real things, I always aim to be relative and hopefully people can relate to it. Maybe the tempo of it is probably Americana but diluted because it’s....English. If you could read anyone’s diary alive or dead (not Just a musicians) who would it be and why? OH MY GOD, going to have to be someone really seedy, as it has to catch my attention. I’m not a reader you, I get bored easily. I’m alright with short stories as it gets to the point, if you read the back you kind of get what happens anyway. Maybe someone who’s squeaky clean and then they release this diary and it’s really shocking like orgies and shit....Imagine that, that would be good to read. Is there anyone out there you would like to collaborate with? I dunno, I’m at that stage where a lot on twitter ask to do collaboration together; the thing is I can see what they want to do, they want to bring to creative minds together, but unless you get it really right, it can really kind of bleed. I’m talking from a point of view that as a photographer and as an artist. When you kind of collaborate with someone else you don’t create a style so it’s half of what one artist and half of the other artist does. It’s not powerful in its own way. I’m normally rather put off. I’d rather work in a photography sense with someone taking pictures ns creating a set for them and that, I’d much rather collaborate that way. I can’t think of one duet that has stuck out, but saying that Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel did do a really fucking good one. But nothing else has stuck in my head. Love music magazine tries to help new artists, what advice would you offer to an aspiring musician? The only advice I can give wholeheartedly as I am not fucking out there, I’m not in the charts errrrm so the advice. You never ever hear from the people in interviews how they talk about the people around them, how they make you feel. It’s the people around you that can upset the journey, since I started doing this seriously; I have lost a majority of my friends. You would not believe that people I have known for 20 years don’t like what you are doing and don’t get you anymore, they are either scared by that so they sort of shy off, saying she’s doing her own thing, she’s mixing with the stars. I’ve heard this shit and I’m not, the only thing I am mixing is tea bags with milk, going to my room to practise, so they get it in their head, that you’re either better than them now and you don’t want to know. Or they try and become quite problematic, I’ve had a few that whenever I say I am in the studio or writing with somebody they’ll ring up with some drama, they will only save it for the moments I am trying to work on music. Expect to be lonely for a while. If you go for a dream expect to be lonely for a little while. Just keep your eye on the goal and be aware socially, I can count on my hand my true friends. Your guitar style is impressive, please tell the readers how often you played and are you self taught, what was the first song you learnt to play? With the guitar, I have always had one I have always had an instrument, I never really start focusing on the guitar until last year (I interrupted and almost spurt my very strong coffee over the floor of the shop) what you’re hearing now is nearly a years’ worth of constant practise. That’s no credit to me; I’m not talented at all. (Again I interrupted and asked so, what someone else is doing it are they?)I just got fuck all to do so I do it aaaaall the time, I am no Santana. SO I have only been playing since last June, some days I can’t because my fingers are so torn, I’ve given up on nice hands and | 11

fingernails. When I approached the guitar I tried to have lessons, I probably had two lessons in the past. First time I turned up and he gave me some really boring shitty chords and then the second time I turned up he’s just telling me what I can’t do and that was just like, no, no I am sorry, anything beautiful and music is beautiful shouldn’t have rules it’s wayward, it should be allowed to grow. I went to Thailand for a bit travelling, and I found this little island it had been left alone, no one was there is was derelict, I went swimming basically, which I shouldn’t probably have done, but I was rebellious. There was this part of the island and it had been left alone to grow how it should have done and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Now if you can translate that in to any piece of art writing music, you’ve got to understand you have to let go of the control. So going to the guitar lessons and being told that doesn’t fit in with that chord or that doesn’t fit in with that key it’s a bit like a slap in the face to me. So what I do I learn the chords I can play I’m not gonna break my fingers some I can’t get my fingers around, I’m not bendy. I do what I can and then I just allow it to grow. Now that’s not transferable I understand, when I go to the studio sometimes with John he has to then kind of narrow it down a little bit and dilute it and make it more structured. So as an artist it serves you to be really quite raw and that is the epitome of where I am at the moment, my voice and everything, I do what I can ad allow it to go that little bit wayward and outside the box. I studied classical music for a bit and did classical singing and it was so narrow minded and tunnel visioned that if you went slightly outside you’d get penalised it was so controlled and although it does sound beautiful in its own way, when you try to translate classical music in to this form of art it’s just going to sound horrendous, and that’s when you get I think a lot of artists that want to try this genre mixed with this genre and put it together and it just doesn’t work. With the guitar you just get what you can and let it breathe as such, the style itself it does sound quite complicated and a bit slappy, I do that as I was drummer for a while so there’s always a percussion part of me that I Can’t just play, strum, I do it like a drum. Even with the piano when I play the piano I just press the keys like I’m doing it like a drum , it’s irritating but if you make it sound nice it’s alright....I’m sounding right up my own arse. Don’t learn to play guitar, just go get a chord book and let it play. Who was/is your inspiration while growing up and who do you look towards in the today’s musical world? OK tey very different, the ones I grew up with are like Whitesnake, Guns N Roses and errm Alice Cooper, I fuckin’ Love them, I’d sit on my burger bean bag as a kid and watch Guns N Roses live and my mum would be like look at her the little rocker, I weren’t a rocker or anything, I was quite tailored even when I was a kid, but I was like fuck yeah they’re marvellous. I liked the rebelliousness of it. I always liked that era a little. Whenever one of those songs comes on it is like fundamental pleasure of what music is about, just to feel it like the moment you’re in a car going down a hill and that blip in the road makes your stomach jump, that emotional feeling of pure sex. But now I don’t really have idols as I don’t want it to dilute what I am trying to do, so I am very focused on what I am making, my iPod I try and have as many artists on as possible. But there is an artist that I absolutely think highly of and that is Clare Maguire. She’s on twitter at the moment and she’s doing a few gigs, she’s incredible. What I like about her is that mentally I get her, she’s intelligent and when I was at college and studied art you have to look at all the painters, you have to look at all the musicians you get a momentum of who was really genuine ad who was around for a long time, who has something about them. Claire Maguire really stands out as one of those, She’s incredible, strong, strong minded and musically she’s changed her style a little bit. Claire did get a number 7 album, Light after Dark that was very kind of classical, may be a bit Kate Bush style and that genre. Now she is going more Rustic, she’s very clever how she can go from one to another she cannot be pipelined. Recently she seems to be coming out from a different way of thinking from what I understand from her interviews. So In some ways her new material is a

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resurrection rather than a crucifixion. So I expect....No I don’t expect I’m not her fuckin mum, I know this girl is coming out fighting. Claire is a UK artist, so I will blow smoke up her arse whenever I can. You got to fly the flag, some artists just want to focus on themselves, and life is about people...really. In 10 Words describe what music means to you? Ok it’s a stimulant, Motivational, mood changer, oh they all mean the same thing anyway....ok In a sentence?....I wouldn’t be able to live without it. Katie do you have other areas of expertise apart from singing and song writing? Away from the music, I am a bit of a career woman, I have quite a bit. I’m no teenager, I’m in my thirties. I have helped people grow businesses, been in board meetings. I applied for and went for an audition for the apprentice. They invited me back, but I actually said in the interview this isn’t for me, it’s a load of shit and the camera was on me....they won’t be able to find the footage as it was before the televised thing; they put in the camera to add some pressure on you, it was just a fuckin’ farce you know. Away from music I am analytical studying art, creating art helping people get there and focus on shit. If you could go back to when you were a child, what would you say to your 12 year old self? What would I say...oh don’t get fat. Seriously, I’ve been fighting it ever since, I got fatter and fatter when I was a teenager....just wish I didn’t get like, fat....been trying to fight the fuckin thing. When I do weights I’m short and I look like fuckin popeye. I have started running and swimming, the only cozzie I could get, had a bow on it, I look like a fuckin Easter egg. What do you wish for the future to hold for yourself in a musical aspect? Hopefully I get to where I want to be, it is what I want to be, and hopefully I won’t get barred from interviews and would like to be able to do it financially, but mainly be happy with it all and help anyone on my way on this amazing journey and meet some amazing people. Facebook: /KatieandtheQueue Twitter: @IamKatieQ Soundcloud: Instagram: @katiequeueee | 13

Docman rhymes lyrics like no one else, He is unique, he is stylish and most importantly, he is in this magazine. By Emma Walker So tell me about you and your music career so far. I am from Queensbridge New York, home to notable artist Nas and Mobb Deep. I'm 19 but my birthday is November 5th (So I guess you can say I am 20). My music career is ok for now, being that I am in school, but I want to take it to the next level. I had a listen to your soundcloud and you really have an impressive repotioir. Whats the best thing about making music, for you? The best thing about making music for me is that I get to say what ever I want. There is no restrictions. Music is the one art form where a person can really express how they feel; and I do that every time I write lyrics down. Can you offer any words of advice to musicians looking to get where you are in their career? My advise to other artist is to build your brand and advertise. also, stay independent. It is hard in the beginning but once people start catching on, then everything will feel 10 times better. Who would you say is your biggest musical inspiration? My biggest music inspiration is Makaveli. It is like I am his unborn seed, and it might sound crazy, but some nights I feel like he is talking to me telling me what I have to do with this music. It's like he is telling me to stay on my grind and buss shots at all the marks in the world that aren't doing it right. so that's what im doing. people always ask why I take shots at chris landry. that is because he is a buster. That is real talk. If you had to pick a music collaboration with anyone, who would it be and why? My collaboration would be with Kendrick Lamar, because I feel like if I get on a track with him, then im going to have to step my lyrical game up; and I love to be challenged. this rap game is a sport and I love to see when competition brings the heat. What gigs do you have coming up? I have a Coast 2 Coast 5 city tour in the works. Are you releasing an ep or album soon? Yes I am. The title of the EP is going to be called "NoVember". It is the month I was born in. it symbolizes my true beginning into music. expect a smooth Neo-Soul feel to it; sorta like Common or Mos Def Put any social media links here Twitter: @EmpierDoc Instagram: @00266419

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Tell us more about you, what has been your musical journey so far? Well since the bands start in January 2012 there's been variety of line ups, when it first started the idea was to just play live cause that's what we loved to do so we spent the first six months doing exactly that as much as we could and then around the summer time we took a while off to do writing and just get better as a group and during that period we got the backing of management which over the past year has helped keep us on track. We did a recording session at the back end of 2012 which helped the shape the first track that we ever released which was 'Wheels' for a free download around April this year, people really took to it a lot and it gained us a lot of good press and earned us radio play with BBC Merseyside and a host of unsigned radio stations in the UK and USA, it also gained us top shows with Dave Monks (BBC Merseyside), Tramlines Festival and Astral Coast Festival and since then we've played the odd show here and there, been doing some writing and focusing on the single release of 'Iron Net' on the 24th of November. Do you often get compared to anyone else? Not very often actually, we did at the start but I think when people started coming to see us live it was a bit hard to pigeon hole us as any one thing.

What or who would you say inspires you as a group? As far as music go's we all have very different inspirations but i think collectively we all are inspired by playing the music we play together and just bouncing off each other with ideas etc. We tend not to focus a lot on who we like as artist when we write together or when we are in the rehearsal room together as more than often it can be a lot of bands downfall.

High Violet are the Wirral’s latest talent. Let’s With a new single ‘Iron Net’ released on 25th November, we find out more. 16 |

By Emma Walker

What have you got coming up in the next year? The single release through Porcupine Records is out on the 24th of November and we'll be doing a few shows around that in different place's and after that I think we'll probably spend a month in hibernation over winter doing some writing and maybe a bit more recording then the plan next year is to just keep moving forward with more shows, recording, writing and just progress and learn from the experience we've gained this year. What is your dream for your music career? To be able to make music the way we want to make it and to be respected for it. What advice can you offer to any other aspiring musicians out there? Write, rehearse, read a book, go to a gallery, go for a walk, watch a movie just do anything that inspires you really.

If your music was a sandwich what would it be? Probably a dagwood sandwich If you had to pick a favourite song what would it be and why? Does it hold a certain significant meaning? I think that most of us would say Strange Beginnings but as for its meaning, well that's a secret... Official Twitter - @violet_high | 17

Beautiful and talented, la Godiva is the musical version of Love Music Magazine, She crosses many genres, effortlessly. By Emma Walker 18 | | 19

Tell us more about you, what has been your musical journey so far? I started my musical career about a year ago, when I started recording some of my many songs in a studio in Stockholm. They got later launched on different music store sites, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. Some of them were even aired on radio stations in Sweden, the Czech Republic and the UK. I've also been doing some live performances on festivals in the aforementioned countries. The most current performance was on a TV Show in the Czech Republic. Your musical style is quite varied, you go from dance to piano ballad. Is there a particular favorite genre for you? Not really, I cannot set any specific boundaries when making music. I like the freedom to create a melody based on the significance behind it rather than just narrow myself down to one genre. I like to combine different styles and creating new sounds. But if I had to pick one right now, then I'd say that I'm leaning more towards EDM. Do you often get compared to anyone else? Yes, I've heard that I sometimes sound like Christina Aguilera, which is of course a big compliment because I really like her strong voice. What or who would you say inspires you? I'm inspired by many Soul musicians, and most of all the queen of soul: Aretha Franklin. What have you got coming up in the next year? I have some plans for upcoming festivals in the summertime in Europe, and releasing new songs that are currently in production. What is your dream for your music career? My dream is to make a meaningful influence in people’s lives through my music, whether it's making someone happy or spread a message, sharing ideas by means of catchy tunes is rewarding. What advice can you offer to any other aspiring musicians out there? Don’t rely too much on your talent. Hard work is inevitable. If your music was a sandwich what would it be? BBQ Sandwich because the delicious meat can vary and my music style is a mix of different styles. The sandwich can be served hot just like I hope my music is. If you had to pick a favorite song what would it be and why? Does it hold a certain significant meaning?

Fooled Me Again, Honest Eyes by Lady Gaga because the way she performs it is so powerful and it cheered me up after a tough heartbreak. 20 | | 21

We speak to theLights about World domination with a bit of added sparkle! By Emma Walker

22 |

Tell us more about you, what has been your musical journey so far? We are a hard working bunch from The Black Country, who want to bring a bit of sparkle to peoples lives. Our journey has been a long and winding road, which has taken us across the universe, it's been a bit of a helter skelter ride but in spite of all the danger and misery, we can work it out and get back, all together now, being for the benefit of Mr Kite! Do you often get compared to anyone else? It depends which songs people are talking about, sometimes it's Civil Wars, some times it's ELO or Fleetwood Mac. What or who would you say inspires you as a group? I'm being inspired by Russell Brand at the moment! But that's just me. What have you got coming up in the next year? Next year we will be finishing our second album, it's sounding good so far. Then lots of gigs and festivals (hopefully Glastonbury as I didn't get tickets!), before world domination. What is your dream for your music career? World Domination What advice can you offer to any other aspiring musicians out there? Grow thick skins and a sense of humour If your music was a sandwich what would it be? It would be something with meat, ice cream and chilli sauce, on gluten free bread of course. If you had to pick a favourite song what would it be and why? Does it hold a certain significant meaning? Each of us would pick something completely different. Every good song has a significant meaning, it's only the really good ones that don't need to. | 23

24 |

Sheila Lord is an impressive Essex Based 23 year old acoustic musician who has an abundance of character and talent to go with. Learn of her passion towards ex boyfriends and preparing herself for a new EP for all to hear. By Mark Wincott | 25

26 |

Sheila, can you please introduce yourself to the readers of Love Music Magazine? Hello Love Music Magazine, you look great, did you do something new to your hair? I’m Sheila Lord, a singer/songwriter from Essex who has tried hard not to pick up the accent. I seem to write a lot about the boyfriends that have wronged me, I often hit my guitar in a Newton Faulkner type style, it helps let out the anger. I do have a softer side though, one that plucks at the heart strings of my guitar, it helps me admit I’ve been in love. Who were your influences when growing up? My dad’s musical tastes influenced me a lot. It’s because of my dad I love the sixties stars like John Lennon and Joni Mitchell. I remember playing my dad’s The Beatle’s Anthology cassette tapes growing up, I found the wrong takes charming. Apart from music, just general life events used to influence me, not all of it bad relationships and such, occasionally happy songs would be written too. Are there any musical people in your family? My dad taught me some basic chords when I first picked up the guitar, he can also hold a tune but I wouldn’t say anyone in my family is particularly musical. My family are passionate about music though, granddad loves his big bands and Rat Pack songs, so I grew up with a lot of different music genres around me. Apparently you bang your fist on your guitar between melodies because of exboyfriends, is that true, any funny boyfriends stories you want to share? Aha, yes I mentioned this earlier. Hmmm... I did have a boyfriend at university who said “I was going to get you some flowers but then I thought they were too expensive”. I wasn’t offended, I actually found it funny that that he had that level of social ineptitude. I told him in future to just not tell a girl if he didn’t buy them something, it’s not a good tactic.

If there is anyone’s diary alive or dead not just a musicians, who’s would you read and why? I’ve read Persepolis, which is an autobiographical graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, it’s just about her childhood among an Islamic revolution and several moves away from home. I tend to like diaries/autobiographies of lesser known people. I’m not really interested in reading about fame, I prefer real life stories. I know this answer is pretty vague, but next time I’m wandering through Waterstones I’ll let you know what I decide to pick up. What would you say your musical style is? Is there a genre you associate yourself with? I think a lot of the time I call myself “acoustic” out of convenience. It is true as I play an acoustic guitar but it’s such a broad term that when you say it, people don’t really associate it with anything specific. I think it’s hard to label my music any other way though as I’ve taken influences from a lot of different genres, it’s been said that my songs are bluesy, soul influenced, rocky and ballad like, so I guess it just is whatever people chose to associate it with. Track, Born with it, is a ponder style tune, can you tell us the story behind this? I was with that boy at university that I mentioned earlier. It was a very on and off relationship spanning about 2 years I think. We both knew the next time we broke up that that would be it. I wrote it before the eventual final break up. It’s just a song about being irrational and in love, wanting to be able stay friends afterwards as you know the relationship isn’t good for either of you. I think he first heard at it a gig of mine when we were still together. I don’t so much associate the song with just him now though, it’s become more universal, Born with It is the song I get the most reaction from, everyone’s been in love and had to deal with heartbreak, I’m glad people can relate to it the way they do. | 27

You appeared on Busker Tales, are this something you still do, how did this start and where did or do you busk? I only busked briefly while at university, it’s not something I do anymore. I actually started because of the Busker Tales programme. It’s something I came across online and thought it would be a good to promote myself on. Perhaps selfishly I’m not a huge fan of busking because I don’t have a huge repertoire of covers and I prefer to spend time writing my own than learning other people songs. When I did busk I would play my own songs too, they did go down well but it’s not the same feeling as playing a gig.

Is there any advice you could offer to someone who is struggling with entering the musical world? To keep at it, there are the gigs where it’s just you and the barman, but there are the gigs where people actually listen. Also remind yourself why you love it when you’re hitting the tough times.

Favourite venue or area you have played and why? I played at The Regal Room recently in Hammersmith, it’s a lovely little venue, the audience are attentive, which is not something I’m always used to, and it’s intimate. I do love playing around my home town Southend-on-Sea. You get to know all the local musicians as you often end up playing the same bars and venues. It’s a really friendly scene and musicians are supportive of each other, I am lucky that Southend has a lot of venues for live music.

Love Music Magazine like to help new up and coming bands and musicians, if the readers had to look out for someone, who would you say? Well, she’s not really up and coming anymore as she’s just got huge but I loved Lorde as soon as I heard “Royals”. I think she’s only going to get better and better.

Are you with a management and if so how did they approach you, if not how do you manage to get yourself seen by the audience? I am with management. I first responded to an ad I found in the Stage Newspaper regarding a producer wanting to sign new artists. I went to a few auditions, did a few recordings and he offered me a production deal. His management knew me through him and they decided they wanted to work with me. I often book my own local gigs, so far management have got me a tonne of writing sessions with some amazing songwriters, my song writing has improves immensely from this.

28 |

Who has given you the best advice concerning life and what did they say? My parents. It’s not necessarily any specific advice, but simply that they’ve always been there and supported me. They’ve always wanted me to do something I love and that makes me happy.

Using a dishwasher do you put the fork in where the fork is facing down, or do you put the forks in the dishwasher facing up? Well... I don’t have a dishwasher, I have a sink, but , I would put the fork in facing up. Otherwise you’ve just got a load of cutlery handles and it’s like a lucky dip. You want to know whether you’re getting a fork, spoon or knife from the off! What is the future for Sheila Lord? Still lots of writing sessions, the more songs the better, a lot more gigging – London based too, and then choosing the songs for my first EP release. It’s all go go go and I’m loving it. sic | 29

30 |

Multi talented Jeanette Murphy agreed to meet Love Music Magazine in Angel North London, it was a pleasure talking music and listening to her experience in life, from being found by a record producer while busking on London underground to today, where Jeanette is arranging an open mic night for new musicians that wish to be heard and preparing her latest album By Mark Wincott | 31

Afternoon Jeanette Can you please tell the Love Music Magazine readers about yourself? I’ve been singing songs and writing music for about 18 yrs now, I started as lead vocalist for a melodic rock band and it grew from there. I now play guitar and write original songs and have so far brought out two solo albums. The first album, ‘Biting’, was after being discovered busking on London Underground, the second, ‘Sugar& Spice’, was released on my own record label Close Studio R. Recently I got a band together to help create the new album ‘Defining Moments’, which is a rockier, with full on electric guitars as opposed to the previous album, that on being more of an acoustic studio project. You were noticed on London Underground what station did you play at how much did you make? I was busking before I signed a recording contract with Ocean Records for the first album. I busked with a friend from the band I was in, Image What Image, which helped pay for band rehearsals and stuff. I guess I was a sort of ‘travelling’ busker, so no set station and played at times on the underground trains. The songs I played were usually my own, interspersed with covers, it’s a good place to try out a new song on the commuters to see what kind of feelers it gets. People would come up to me afterwards and say how they enjoyed it and ask where was I playing next, which sometimes surprised me, in a good way. Cover songs I enjoyed playing were by artists such as Adele, Macy Grey, Seal, Shania Twain, Joan Armatrading, Judy Tzuke and Bob Marley. You have set up your own record label Close Studio Records, what was the reason and are you on the lookout for new talent? I set up the label purely for my own music, as when I finished with Ocean records, I couldn’t get any temptation from other labels because I was still tied to Ocean records at that time. So if someone wanted to speak to me I thought it more professional for people to contact me under one banner, as I not only write and sing, I produce also and I created Close Studios to handle all publishing and licenses. Eventually I would like to find and help new artists if the opportunity arises and I am in a position to do so. For now, if I hear or meet someone I like, I will invite them to record, I can maybe help give them a start with a good audio track to pass around and also offer some excellent experienced advice as to the many pitfalls, like for instance I dropped in. What is coming up for you in the next year? Apart from the new album being completed, I hope to be taking the band out, to do some festivals and UK gigs. I’m approaching promoters and tour agents at the moment and also looking for some artist Management. There is a new project in the pipeline which should be fun: I play in traditional Irish music sessions and over several pints completed, we have discussed the idea of recording an album of Irish music performed by some very talented musicians who play at the SW London sessions. This will be a great opportunity for musicians who have been playing in pubs forever and a day and have never been recorded. What was the moment you realised you wanted to be a musician? It was the second time round, when I came back; it was when I was in Wales doing a festival which had Shane Macgowan and the

32 |

Pogues, and Errol from Hot Chocolate performing. It was great hanging with the guys and enjoying the time. Nik Turner (Hawkwind) joined me on stage and played Sax on a few tracks. We talked about football and I don’t even like football. I was just happy to talk with him. I think of myself as a performer. As for being a musician, I don’t think about it really, it’s just a part of what I do to create. Playing and creating music allowed me to express myself. I’ve always come back to music and now it’s just something I know I love doing. There are so many moments, the spinal tap moments, this is what a musician is all about. If you could read anyone’s diary alive or dead (not Just a musicians) who would it be? Probably Whoopi Goldberg – for me, ultimately she was the first black actress that was out there when there were so few lead roles for black actresses. I wonder what she went through and how she got the parts she did. The first film I saw her in was The Colour Purple which still brings shivers up my neck, such a powerful film. She is an amazing all rounder . Is there anyone out there you would like to collaborate with? I like a lot of different music, but one person who I’m inspired by and would love to work with would be Joan Armatrading. She is such a great musician and has written so many incredibly beautiful songs. She’s quite special and a fantastic guitarist, if you listen to her stuff, there are some amazing guitar solos and it’s all her she’s a good musician. What is the best part of the recording process? I like it when a plan comes together. Love music magazine tries to help new artists, what advice would you offer to aspiring musicians? For new artists out there I’d say, always have faith in what you do, never be afraid to try something new. You don’t have to follow the mainstream, the people who have created the most amazing music are the people who have never been afraid to do something different, and you let the other people follow them. Never be afraid to be an individual. What has been the best live venue you have played at (sound feel etc) Bedford Arms (national peace day festival) the sound was gorgeous, excellent engineer, the first time for me that the sound that was just bang on. Have to say the engineer was such a pleasure to work with. What is the trickiest thing you have come across in music and what is the best thing to come across? Trickiest, is trying to get the band in one room for a rehearsal. The nicest is people coming up to you and saying how they enjoyed the music, whether I was busking or at a gig. Playing with great musicians, like the band I am setting up now. I’ve got a great drummer, Paul Hayden, and a wonderful bassist Steve Gee (Landmarq, a prog rock band in the early 90s); he is just totally amazing, he can play any style at the drop of a hat. Best of all is the collaboration of musicians, getting together to create something new, who know their instruments and are so professional about it. I am really looking forward to taking the band on tour.

COMING SOON! Join the mailing list at to find out more | 33

34 |

Sofia has many artistic talents and has already placed many styles of music on the Soundcloud website. WE find out more in this interview. By Mark Wincott

Hey Sofia, can you tell the readers about yourself, where you‘re from etc? I grew up in Florida. I spent most of my life being sort of a Vagabond as I still seem to be today. My longest pit stop was in New York, Brooklyn to be exact. My other longest stays have been in the many landscapes of California. I’m living in between California and Florida right now. I’m in the mood to settle, but not sure where as of yet. My family dynamic was not the most conventional. I had a very strange growing up, but cannot elaborate as they may not want me to. A lot of your music involves the piano, when did you start playing this, what was the first song you learnt? There was always a piano in the house and I always remember playing it. I took lessons at age 8 which is really old for a classical pianist. I became discouraged by the advancement of my peers, so I eventually stopped. I was always better at playing from the heart and writing my own songs anyway. If I had to choose a favourite classical pianist I would have to choose Chopin. He played from the heart and was an amazing individual. I usually play mostly guitar as far as bands I’ve been in, and will do more of that again. My focus right now is Ivory Walls. Piano is in my heart. You have so much music out under different guises; do you wish to share with use what they are, and why you have various pseudonyms? I look as music as an art medium. I write all kinds of music. I may have more Soundclouds in the future. Simply, I’m just organizing ideas in a way that make sense. They are all different concepts. Ivory walls as I have said, is my complete focus right now. You are also a painter, who influenced you and what would you say is your style? | 35

36 |

I love to paint. I’ve only been a serious painter for about four years. I don’t allow myself to be influenced by anyone, even though there are a lot of great painters that I truly love out there. I tend to like street and graphic art a lot. I’m not even sure if I have a style. I just paint images that I like to visually see and mean something to me. My mother’s Polish Parents were amazing eccentric artist and they are probably my biggest influences artistically. I’m interested in a lot of mediums. I make jewellery, crafts, screen prints, and really want to start doing chalk-ware. I’ve been experimenting with film lately. I just want to utilize all my creative energy and get as many ideas out there before I die. I realized lately how fragile life can be. Who has been your biggest cheer leader with your music career up to date?

Not sure. I’ve got a lot of support from many friends and family. What were you listening to when growing up? Who would your family listen to and what gave you the taste to be an artist? I really love the first wave of punk coming from NY…….The Cramps, Iggie, Dead Boys, New York Dolls, Suicide, Blondie, Gang of Four, Joy Division James Chance, Lydia Lunch, and ESG. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. California’s Crime and The Germs were great bands. The Raincoats and the Slits. The Make-Up and the British bands in the 90’s, especially My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain. I can’t forget The Smiths. I love vocal Jazz and early soul like, Nina Simone, Dean Martin, James Brown, Etta James, Screaming Jay Hawkins and Sam Cooke. I like old Rockabilly and Doo Wop. I love Link Wray and Janis Martin. I like early Dub and early 50’s-60’s Ska. Velvet Underground is amazing of course. The Rolling Stones, T-Rex, Led Zeplin, David Bowie and The Ramones. I could go on and on. As far as my parents my dad always played early country. Johnny Cash, Elvis, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lyn, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and of course my favourite Patsy Cline were always playing in the house. If you could read any person diary alive or dead musicians or not who’s would it be and why? Alfred Hitchcock | 37

Sparrows, under the guise of Ivory Walls is beautiful, can you explain the meaning of the track? Thank you. I like to keep my artistic ideas up to interpretation. People may come up with their own meanings that are special to them and I wouldn’t want to distort that. Thanks to Soundcloud I first heard Le Tre’Sor which is beautiful also, what has social media platforms meant to you as an artist? Just Soundcloud for now, but I’ll use more platforms soon. I’m working on some stuff for You Tube. I have a blog and two stores on Etsy www.etsy,com/shop/HoneycombHearts, I’m on Twitter @SVondell. What advice would you give to any musicians trying their hand at making music?

Just get your ideas out there any way you can and be true to yourself. Love Music Magazine love to feature new and up and coming artists, who would you recommend that the magazine and its readers to look out for? Horizontal Halfspear, Indian Jewlry, The Chromatics. Are you aware of how your music makes the person listen to it, feel emotionally?

I only know how my music makes me emotionally feel. I get different interpretations all the time. When was the first time you ever got those goose-bumps when you first heard a song? What song was it? Maybe “Sometimes” by My Bloody Valentine. Who would you love to know has your music on their MP3 or IPod? Beach House, Indian Jewelry, Horizontal Halfspear, My bloody Valentine, Chromatics, April March, The Long Wives, Aur Revoir Simone, Chain and The Gang, Lana Del Ray, Cat Power, and Echo Lake just to name some. What are you plans for the rest of the year and foreseeable future? My only focus as of yet is to finish Ivory Wall. Start playing out. Work on my collaborative project Cross Tabou. Work on as much art as possible. Get as many Ideas out as possible. Travel more, Learn new mediums, and simple enjoy life

38 | | 39

40 |

Franco has some impressive co-writing experiences over the last year. We catch up with him to find out more. Tell us more about you, what has been your musical journey so far? It's been a long and rocky road! Was first played on Radio 1 in 2007, had a good single out with the band I fronted, International One, got signed to a major label, went badly wrong, ended up in debt to the label to the tune of ÂŁ150,000. Went solo in 2010 to escape it all and never looked back. Played some great gigs and festivals all over the world since.

By Emma Walker

Do you often get compared to anyone else? Guitar wise I get compared to Paul Simon, vocally they say I'm unique! What or who would you say inspires you as an artist? 2 things, the 10% of music in the world that I'm in awe of and the 90% of music in the world that I know I'm better than What have you got coming up in the next year? Got my debut album coming out, looking at going back to LA in Easter too to write with some great people I've worked with out there What is your dream for your music career? Be able to gig every night and work with top producers / musicians and writers every day What advice can you offer to any other aspiring musicians out there? get good, get really good, dont accept mediocre skills, practice relentlessly If your music was a sandwich what would it be? A meatball marinara with jalapeĂąos, instantly gratifying with a spicy twist! If you had to pick a favourite song what would it be and why? Does it hold a certain significant meaning? I could only ever say what my favourite song is right now, I get fixated with individual songs and listen to them about 15 times a day for a week until I find another one. This week it's "Belong to the world" by The Weekend @FrancoDnought | 41

42 |

Stephanie Santiago has a voice that is pure soul. Expect to see a lot more from her soon By Emma Walker

Thank you for being in this issue of Love Music Magazine. Can you tell us more about yourself and your musical journey so far?

Thank you for having me on this issue. Well, I've been singing since I could remember. I’ve always been surrounded by live music as both my parents were in bands performing salsa, vallenato and cumbia my mother as a singer and father as an accordionist. Your tracks are really good and you are a very talented vocalist. When did you discover your talent? When my father first heard me sing he made me sing along to his songs. Shortly after I joined the school choir. At secondary school I started singing gospel with a music tech group and started songwriting and performing. At 15 I joined a reggaeton band doing local gigs and supporting international reggaeton acts. Shortly after joined a rock band for a while. Once I reached college I was a solo artist, a singer song writer guitarist with soul influenced vocals and since then I’ve been performing, recording, songwriting and developing my sound. I always knew singing was my thing; I was in my comfort zone. I notice you sing in more than one language, which other countries have you performed in? I haven’t had the chance to put on an official gig abroad yet. I have done the odd open mic when there is the opportunity during my holidays. What has been the highlight of your career so far? Highlights so far are being able to perform in great venues such as o2 Indigo, Jazz Cafe and Ronnie Scott’s. To receive positive feedback from fans and musicians and being viewed as an artist, it’s something that keeps me motivated to keep moving forward. If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Bonobo as I love he's style, he's music is mesmerising. I'd also love to work with naughty boy I think he's a highly talented producer who is not afraid of experimenting. | 43

44 |

Who inspires you as an artist? I don't have a particular artist that I'm influenced by, my influences vary. At the moment I listen to the likes of Jose Gonzalez, Daughter and Jhene Aiko. I may have been influenced a little. What is coming up for you soon? Music releases, gigs, appearances? My single ‘Scarred' remixed by Silkie Rose is soon to be released and my EP in mid 2014. Meanwhile, you can check the latest gig updates on my Twitter and Facebook page. Can you give any words of advice to new musicians out there who aspire to be where you are? My advice would be to chase the dream not the money. Believe in yourself and challenge yourself to be the best you can. Facebook /StephanieSantiagoMusic @StephSanti | 45

Love Music Magazine had the fantastic opportunity to speak to the writer and creator of the official 2013 black history month single, “Reset the Mindset� By Emma Walker

46 |

So please tell us more about you and your musical journey so far? Scratchylus’ musical journey started in London in the late 1990's on sound systems such as Java, Nuclear Powa, One Love Sound and many stage shows up and down the UK. The highlights being London Cafe De Paris and London, Bristol and Luton Carnivals. Inspiration for Reset the mindset came when I went on tour to Belgium in April 2010 followed by a tour to The Gambia where I met His Excellency Dr Yaya Jammeh the President of Gambia. He told me that the 3 words Reset The Mindset were the most powerful words he had heard from a musician for a long time. He gave me his name Sene Jammeh which means prophet. While in the Gambia me Luciano and Mikey General performed at the national stadium before 40000 fans, the President, and his ministers. When I came to Jamaica I was determined to redo Reset The Mindset with the original Jamaican sound i.e. live bass, live horns, and live guitar. The combination with The Legendary Kiddus I was perfect his voice is melodic as you can hear in his famous iconic movie, Rockers where Kiddus I sings 'Graduation in Zion' The first musical song I did in Jamaica was called 'A True' a tribute to the Legendary Dennis Emmanuel Brown featuring Bushman. The song featured on many charts and the video can be found on YouTube. The second song I did 'Our Story' was with the Legendary Inna De Yard, Sizzla kalonji and my daughter Empress Reggae. It was a big hit in Jamaica, Africa, America and all around the world. It was chosen for Black History month song 2012 in the UK. Then I moved on with my up-tempo 'Dem Can't Visit The Frontline with Junior Reid which is still topping the video charts in Jamaica and around the world. Other songs include slave master a tribute to Gregory Issaac, 'Choose your lover right' which is done with The Legendary Alton Ellis and 'Who built the pyramids google it google it' with my daughter which is playlisted around the world We love the single "Reset The Mindset" can you tell us more about it and the inspiration for this? | 47

This single is being released as the official single for Black History Month. Can you tell us more about how you became involved with creating this positive track for Black History Month? My inspiration came from the 'need to show context in education, join the dots, to raise the next generation and its mind over matter not matter over mind. We encourage people to act accordingly and recordingly. It came to me from my ancestors. It was a vision to cleanse mankind. People thinking before their words and actions is people resetting their Mindset. Do you have any words of advice and inspiration to offer to any new musicians who might be reading this article? My advice is prevention is better than cure. It's mind over matter not matter over mind. Thinking and thought comes before words and action. When you are doing your music make sure it is from your heart. Have a strong melody in your song with a positive message and you should be on the right track. And do your utmost best to make sure your music contains live instruments. What would be your dream musical collaboration? My dream collaboration would be with someone who had the same vision and determination to uplift and enlighten the children of the world and to create a situation where we can provide food and shelter for the under privileged. Kiddus I is starting a project like this called green fa life. You have had a great musical career can you share some of the highlights of this with us? Some of the highlights in my career include 1. DJaying on a big sound system in front of 1000s of people. 2. Doing a song with The Legendary Alton Ellis. 3. Appearing on the BBC Carnival programme performing my songs. 4. Performing at the prestigious Cafe De Paris 5. The overwhelming response that Reset The Mindset Compilation has received. Twitter @Scratchylus

48 | | 49

We speak to the Radio version of our minds. Nikki has Everything and the kitchen sink 50 |

By Mark Wincott

Nikki please tell us about yourself so the readers of Love Music Magazine can begin to love you. I have been surrounded by an eclectic mess of music from the very beginning. In the house music ranged from Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Boney M (yes I said Boney M) ABBA, Dolly Patron, Bob Marley and Polka music. Yes even Polka. It wasn’t until I hit my teenager years that I found my own music niche. That’s pretty standard with everyone I think. By age 14 I was in the throes of punk music, DRI, Dead Kennedys, Suicidal Tendencies, also rap like Public Enemy, NWA. At 15 it was ska music specifically Jamaican and two tone ska, and at 16 it was the even more punk with the Riot Grrrl movement. After that it’s just a complete mess of eclectic music mayhem. What else about me? Well, I am a mom; I have two kids, 17 and 5. (Yes I am old) Even though I have a family, and work, I have never given up my love of music. Sometimes I go out and support the music scene by going to shows. But mainly, I try to support the music scene by doing radio shows. Your show is Everything and the Kitchen sink, what led up to you taking on your own show? Well, it all started a little over 2 years ago with twitter actually. I was on twitter to get the most recent updates of bands and somehow I stumbled on a internet radio show through mixlr. I can’t remember how, but I was in love with the idea that folks were playing music that they loved and shared it with the listeners. I was asked then if I wanted to do my own show, and it was a struggle at first as I am not the biggest techie, but I have been doing them now for 2 years. When and where can EATKS show be heard? I broadcast live for Fusion On Air through Mixlr, and that’s mainly for the social interactions via the chat box. The show is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and streaming on the Fusion On Air’s showreel. Because I have such a busy life, I haven’t been able to properly set aside an actual regular time when it can be heard. That’s probably my biggest downfall for me right now for the show because I don’t have a set schedule. But this is how it goes. What is the funniest/embarrassing situation to happen while on air? I have soooo many. Literally, I make mistakes in possibly in every show, I don’t keep count, but it seems that way. I don’t take them seriously and it’s always funny. An Example? I don’t wear headphones when I do my show. (I hate the sound of my voice, and the echo freaks the hell out of me, so I refuse to use them) That makes for awkward moments of silence or the same song playing again. It’s mayhem! Oh! And there was a time that I screwed up saying Oslo Norway, when talking about bands I was playing from there. It was AWESOME. Listeners still to this day joke with me about it. That would have to be one of the most embarrassing but funniest moments ever. If your show was a movie character, which character would Everything and the Kitchen sink be? I couldn’t really answer this one myself. So I put the question out on the twitterverse to my listeners and I got some very unique responses. The responses are as follows: @old_punky Forrest Gump - energetic, unpredictable, headstrong, chaotic whilst being engaging, warm & mesmerising plus you learn something new. @Sixgun77 Travis from Taxi Driver .@MrTumshie All of the Marx brothers combined, except for Gummo, who was even duller than Zeppo.@MickCollins002 Hit Girl from Kickass @SKtheWombelle Tank Girl. @Strummerfest Joe Pesci @Fenoim Freddy Kruger (because he just might be a Slayer fan) . How would you suggest to someone who wants to enter the field | 51 of internet radio?

I think the most important thing is to do it because you love music. There is no fame or money to be had. If someone tells you there is, it’s almost always bullshit. There are so many radio shows/podcasts out there so just being thankful that you even get listeners is enough. If you’re doing it for others reasons put your mic down and GTFO. And also, always ask questions, and there are many folks out there willing to help you out. I have been grateful for the advice I have been given from podcasters, professional DJ’s and music industry folks. Best advice I got, was to be myself. What are your favourite lyrics from a song and why? This is a tough one, because it depends on my mood. But I would have to go with The Clash’s I’m Not Down lyrics. Because really, no matter how hard things get you can always get back up, why? Someone out there has it a helluva lot worse than you about 99.9% of the time. If you could interview 3 people alive, dead and/or fictional who would they be? What would be the first question? Joe Strummer, first and foremost. I am probably the craziest Strummer fan out there. I do put 3 Joe Strummer tracks in every show and do 2 Joe Strummer Specials every year. Yeah, that’s a little overboard but that’s what I do. So question, this is tough........ If you could make only one statement about music would it be to the music industry or the people and what would it be? Second would be Boba Fett. And the question. How does a badass Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter get thrown in a sarlacc pit? And third person would be Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill and that would be another tough one to ask a question. But this would be it. What’s the one thing/idea you wish you could have pushed more during the riot grrrl movement in the 90’s that you feel fell on deaf ears? In 10 words tell us what music means to you? 10 words? No, I rather go with a statement. Music taste will vary because it’s so very individually driven. There is no right or wrong to music, because music feeds the soul. You, like Love Music Magazine wish to help push unsigned and undiscovered bands/Musicians to the ears of the music fans, who has, up to today been the band you are pleased you have located, and why? Wow, this is a tough one again. There are literally tons of bands that I have uncovered that I absolutely think are brilliant but to pick one means that I would also be picking a genre. And being the eclectic mess of a girl that I am, I could never choose just one genre of music. However, I tweet out my faves from my discoveries from soundcloud, bandcamp etc on Friday nights usually. But right now I am really digging The Defektors , The Delegators, The Howling Bullets, Say Yes, Rebuild Repair, The Ballantynes, Los Furios, Christian D and the Hangovers, The Brage Band, The Shondes. I could really go on here. If your show was only allowed to play 5 tracks, what tracks would they be and why? Only 5 tracks??!!!!! You’re killing me here! I listen to more than 5 genres of music so ummm yeah, if I only had to play 5 tracks I shouldn’t be doing a show!! How long did it take for you to settle in the DJ role? What do your listeners like about listening to your show?

52 |

I don’t think that I am truly fully settled in. Doing live shows scare the hell out of me, it’s a weird concept talking into a mic and talking to listeners that are or aren’t there. I have to say that I think it’s easier when you have a co-host, because you have someone you can talk to besides talking into a mic. I think it took me about a year to finally settle in and be less awkward. As for what the listeners like? Based on the feedback from listeners, they enjoy the eclectic mess of music that I play, and that I am always myself on the show. The mess ups, the swears, the choking up telling a story, or getting super excited about music or a show; yup I’m definitely not a professional show host. What does the future hold for you within the DJ world and other areas of life? I am not really sure. I didn’t have any big expectations for Everything and the Kitchen Sink. I am still floored that folks actually like the show and that the listenership is growing. I am going to keep doing shows until it’s not fun anymore, that’s when you hang up the mic and walk away. What has been the most memorable gig you have been to watch? Front row centre seat at Massey Hall to see Sinead O’Connor back in 1997. I paid a scalper for the tickets and it was well worth the money. First goosebump moment brought on by music? When I was 8 years old I got a walkman for Xmas. (Back then those suckers took 8 AA batteries!!) And that changed the way I heard music forever. The first tape I owned was given to me by my father and it was a mixed tape of sorts. One side was Boney M, the other side was ABBA. First song that gave me goosebumps probably was The Rivers of Babylon from Boney M. The steel drums, the harmony and the bad disco beat in the headphones. I still like that song. The whole purpose of this website is that it's a one stop place to find everything that I do for Everything and the Kitchen Sink As I post videos, blog about music (rant really) and promote bands, podcasters, radio stations. | 53

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The Lovely Florida Room. The longest yet I have waited for an interview but it was worth it By Emma Walker

Tell us more about you, what has been your musical journey so far? OK so we're a four piece outfit based in Clapton in East London. We all met at our studio, The Elderfield Studios, which we all shared in different bands. Jelle originally offered to mix a few demos for Martin and Mike and I happened to be on the lookout for another band at the time. We all got ourselves in the studio one day and it was great because we were all coming in with different musical styles and tastes and it all just worked from the get go. We started out working on old ideas and wrote a few songs which eventually became our first EP After The Autumn Hours which we released last year. After the EP we did a live video session at our studio to unreleased track Letters To Berlin and a reworked version of The Hours which is the last track off the EP. We opened up for Bush in Holland last summer which was ace, the crowd over there really seemed to enjoy out stuff. We also spent most of the summer playing shows around Europe and the UK. Do you often get compared to anyone else? People generally compare us to a lot of different bands actually. I think that comes from the sound of the EP and us live. The EP itself explores a lot of territories. From beginning to end you're kinda pulled from one place to another. So it's interesting to see what people pick up on based on who we get compared to. What or who would you say inspires you as a group? Inspiration comes from everywhere. Generally we tend to draw from whoever we're listening to at the time. We caught Grizzly

58 |

Bear at Brixton last year and they just delivered everything you could ask for. The depth of their sound and the performance just raised the bar for the music we wanted to create. What have you got coming up in the next year? We're in the studio right now working on a couple of tracks we're hoping bring out next year. That and loads of shows!

You just gotta believe in what you're doing and remember that people will shoot your music down, it's a simple fact but you just gotta keep pushing and believing in what you're doing and saying with your music. If your music was a sandwich what would it be? I don't know how to answer that.... Next question please!

What is your dream for your music career? We want our music to be out there for people to hear and enjoy what we write. We want to be able to make a living out of it too obviously! We all have our day time jobs which helps fund things, so I guess having our music sustain the band who be really great. Also having the time to allow yourself to be more creative. We have a set limited amount of time to get all our ideas out each week which can be frustrating at times, especially when you may have your creative spark in the middle of your work day. I have way too many notes and voice memos on my phone of song ideas, lyrics and bass lines just because of that which sometimes lose their meaning when I revisit them. Sometimes on listening back I think where the hell was I going that???!

I love your music. If you had to pick a favourite song what would it be and why? Does it hold a certain significant meaning? Ah thank you very much! Right now my favourite song is a track called Other Lives which is going to be our next single so you'll have to wait to hear it sorry! But I've picked that one because of the lyrics really, it's a real statement about us..I'll say no more!

What advice can you offer to any other aspiring musicians out there? I'd say that you have to put the effort in if you really want to achieve. I think there's a real 'get rich quick' culture going on right now which a lot of young people buy in to and don't appreciate that most people out there have had to struggle to where they've got to. The love of doing it is vital and if you're just thinking about the final destination then you might as well give up. There's tonnes of avenues to explore thanks to the internet for budding artists to get their music heard.

Off the EP I really love All Love Lost. It holds a lot of meaning for me as it was our first single we put out and kind of set us up officially as a band. Plus I love video too which we shot at The Rocket on Holloway Road. The lighting and the isolation of just playing in that massive hall just really gave the track another level. | 59

By Emma Walker

60 |

Tell us more about you, what has been your musical journey so far? I just posted my first track ‘Sadie’ on soundcloud, which is the result of working with my manager and producer P*NUT since two years. I started working in a professional studio at the age of 14. I was so nervous when I met people like Leon Jean Marie, who worked with super famous people like Mark Ronson. Now at the age of 16 I still get very excited before gigs and when I saw the reaction my song triggered on the Internet, I sometimes cant believe what’s going on. I mean, going to school and trying to make a record is pretty crazy, but cool. Do you often get compared to anyone else? Yeah, everyone is talking about Lorde and me, because we are the same age. I think she is super cool, she worked really hard, and I like her style, so its not a bad comparison. People also hear Lykke Li in my lyrics and voice, I am a fan of her, so that’s kinda cool too.. What or who would you say inspires you? Not sure about ‘Inspiration’. I get up and do it, coz I love it. I get such a buzz out of this and to be honest I don’t wanna do anything else in my life but make music, it’s the best feeling when a song just sounds right, or a recording take was good. Just makes me happy. But of course I admire Rihanna and Beyonce, because of their diversity in terms of music genre and their amazing voices and self-confidence. What have you got coming up in the next year? Well, we have a Video coming out for my song Sadie and another release early next year with a video to follow up. Taking a trip to NYC, to meet some people to work with in the future and just keeping working at completing my album. What is your dream for your music career? Doing what I love and also continue the way I am going forward now, step by step. I was already invited to play a few shows over in the US, so a tour would be amazing. And I wanna make a proper dance video, totally choreographed, because my second passion is HipHop and dance, love to drop some moves with a dance crew! My dream is to encourage and inspire my audience to think about situations in different ways and off course that they enjoy listening to my songs. What advice can you offer to any other aspiring musicians out there? Well, sometimes when I get really nervous around people who are much more experienced then me, you have just got to remember they all started out somewhere at some point and we have a saying in Germany ‘Übung macht den Meister’. Never give up, which you naturally won’t do if it’s your dream. If your music was a sandwich what would it be? Definitely a Club Sandwich! First of all because I love my music, it is international and because it includes a variety of messages. If you had to pick a favourite song what would it be and why? Does it hold a certain significant meaning? My favourite song at the moment is Nobody’s Business from Rihanna because I believe that it doesn’t matter what people say about you, if in public or behind your back, as long as you feel confident and comfortable with yourself and have someone you can absolutely rely on Soundcloud: Facebook: | 61

Tell us more about you, what has been your musical journey so far? I've spent the last 10 years travelling the world, bringing my mouth music to the masses and trying to do something new, challenging and exciting on each step of the journey. Highlights have included tripping out the entire stage power at Glastonbury, recording with Bjork and performing a Concerto for Beatboxer and Orchestra. Do you often get compared to anyone else? People often group beatboxers together, like Beardyman and Dub FX. They're both amazing, so I'm flattered to be compared to them. What or who would you say inspires you? I'm inspired by the music I love - Stevie Wonder probably comes top of the list. What have you got coming up in the next year? I'm currently touring a new one man show called #HumanGeekbox where I mix my beatboxing and songs with dramatic moments from my life. Meanwhile I'm creating the songs for a musical, making my new album, and writing a beatboxing piece for the National Youth Choir.

What is your dream for your music career? I've been doing more and more composing and directing lately and I'm loving it. I'd love to direct a hit beatboxing stage show in the West End! What advice can you offer to any other aspiring musicians out there? Be original. By all means learn from imitating others, but as soon as you put your own spin on it, you're unique and nobody can take that away from you.

If your music was a sandwich what would it be? Full English breakfast, in a sandwich. If you had to pick a favourite song what would it be and why? Does it hold a certain significant meaning? Man In The Mirror. It's just amazing.

62 |

One of the best beatboxers in the world who’s credits include working with bjork, tripping off Glastonbury's stage power and a jules holland appearance., we got the opportunity to ask Shlomo some questions By Emma Walker | 63

64 |

When it comes to Jo, words fail me. She is beautiful, her music is beautiful, just find it and listen and prepare to seriously chill for the rest of the day By Emma Walker | 65

66 |

Hi Jo, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. Not at all, thank you for asking. Your first album Gown was so well received. How does it feel to get so much recognition for something you love doing? I find it encourages me to create more.

Prince and his band 3rd Eye Girl performed Liathach on their US tour. Again, a massive compliment. How did this feel knowing such a massive artist was performing your song? It's an honour. I never pictured anyone doing a cover of a song of mine, let alone Prince. I have noticed that you are quite the expert with the air piano. Can you tell us a bit more about that and how you have become so well known for using it? I was looking for something new to play live with the band and came across the inventor performing on the airpiano online. I was drawn to it for its simplicity (it looks like a plank of wood); it's non-contact so looks as if I'm plucking sounds out of the air; you can put any sound you want through it. It has 8 light sensors across it, each sensor having 3 layers making a virtual matrix of 24 keys. The recent song you have written for Italian charity, outlining the plight of child soldiers in the Congo. How did this opportunity come about? The advertising coordinator at the advertising agency is a fan and approached me as being the one person he could think of suitable for writing to the video they'd made. Is this something that is quite close to your heart? Can you explain why? Just a few months before I was approached to write the song, I had watched 'Machine Gun Preacher' which enlightened me to the plight of these children. I was very grateful for the opportunity to help in a small way. Your music is such a work of art. What inspires you to write? | 67

Thank you. The beauty of nature and our world, memories, travel and peoples' stories are some inspirations. If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why? I'm open to work with anyone who offers a new insight into life and music. If you could offer any advice to new musicians, aspiring to be where you are in your career, what would it be? If music is what makes you happy, then don't let go and work very hard.

What is coming up for you? Is there another album coming soon? I'm currently working on the next album and planning a tour after it is released in 2014. I have noticed that a lot of thought goes in to your music videos and videos in general. Are these ideas all yours or do you contribute to them in some way? Some I have filmed myself, and mostly I have contributed to. What has been the highlight of your career so far? A man came up to me after a show and said that his young daughter had died in a tragic accident a year previously and that on his first listening to 'Think of me' on "Gown" he had been able to cry for the first time.

68 | | 69

70 | | 71

Featured on the cover and in this interview, we speak to Common Tongues about their music By Emma Walker Can you tell me more about Common Tongues. Who is in the band and what part you play in it? I'm Tom, I sing and play guitar. Then we have Oli on lead guitar and vocals. Andy plays anything he can get his hands on, In this case we try limit him to singing, playing violins, mandolins and keys. We got James with Drums and vocals and Beau with bass and vocals, it's nice that everyone sings, means we can do some interesting stuff! Your new Single Beasts, is out on the 11th November. How long has it been in the making and what has been the inspiration behind it? Beasts actually started out as a little acoustic number, quite a lot of our songs start life like this. I think those elements still remain at its core and if you search online you can find a couple of different versions. Me and Oli brought in the song and once the other guys got involved we began adding layers of mandolins, organs and eventually switched some parts to the electric guitar and the single version of beasts was born. I guess the song is about a battle between your inner beasts, everyone has them I'm sure. sometimes you need to figure out if they are traits of your personality, or if they are actually projections of something or someone else or both, the song is about answering that question.

72 |

I know you have had some very good radio plays in recent months. Can you tell us more about these and what you hope to come from them? We love doing live radio sessions, and we really enjoy the ones we have done with the BBC. The top of the pile for that has to be playing on Dermot O'leary's BBC radio2 show covering the Cambridge Folk festival. I grew up in Cambridge so have always known about it, so it was a really special for me to go and play there. There is strong history to this festival and many great bands that have been through it, it was almost like a homecoming for me and Oli! The luck came when Dermot came to see us play and liked it so much he invited us on his show. We hope that these radio sessions will ultimately help our music reach a greater audience. If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why? I think I can only really answer that question for myself, as everyone in the band will have a different choice! I would love to do something with Feist, I have always wanted to get that touch to one of our tracks. she has

such an incredible voice and plays the guitar like a badass! Her instrumentation and arrangements are big influences on my songwriting, I wonder if she will read this? If so, I'll get to work writing that song! If you were to offer any advice to new musicians who aspire to be where you are, what would it be? Firstly I would say try network as much as you can. You will meet lots of people, from all walks of the industry, you never know if those people are going to be able to help you along the road in some way, it might not be relevant now but in years to come they might be invaluable contacts. Secondly I would say have faith in your music. It's hard as a writer to sometimes figure out if what your producing is any good because you are connected with it on a fundamentally emotional level, it's almost an extension of you and you can spend an infinite amount of time trying to figure out how to make it better. You can go round that loop forever, so at some point you have to say to yourself " that's really good I have written a great song there!"..there will be both good and there will always be bad songs , the key is to keep writing them!

We are off for a little stint in Ireland for the last weekend of October supporting Villagers for the Sligo live festival there on the 27th. For the last weekend in November we shall be up in Scotland at Darvel town hall followed by December 1st playing Skegness's Great British Folk Festival. You can preorder our new single "Beasts" here : If you want to check out anymore free videos, photos and music, plus our latest tour dates swing over to :

What has been the highlight of your career so far? There have been a few highlights to the career and like I said above Cambridge was definitely up there. My highlight has to be touring through Germany with the Larkin Poe guys, the gigs were really great to play and the crowds really receptive. Plus Larkin Poe were just great, those gals sure know how to play the guitar!! I guess it's just always a whole lot of fun touring with the band. Have you got any tour dates planned? | 73

74 |

November 16th, 2005 The UK Music Hall of Fame inducted various honorees including, Pink Floyd, The Kinks, Eurythmics, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Who, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and a few others. The second annual show, which took place at London’s Alexandra Palace, featured some momentous reunions, including the gathering of the original Kinks and a performance by the classic line-up of Black Sabbath, featuring Ozzy Osbourne.

November 10th, 1975 – One of the best-selling singles of all time and particularly, the song that was considered “The Nation’s Favorite Number One” for over 60 years, Bohemian Rhapsody’s promotional video was recorded by the Queen. The director Bruce Gowers took 4 hours to complete the recording with most of the special effects being achieved during the recording itself rather than editing (shaped lens for honeycomb illusion etc.). It was only after the success of this video that most of the record companies started the practice of promotional videos for other artists’ single releases. It is also the only song to have been UK’s Christmas number one twice with the same version, having held the top position for nine weeks. November 1st, 1985 – The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) agreed to some demands by the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Centre). The prime concern of PMRC was children’s access to music which was violent or had drug/sex related content. The PMRC suggested that the RIAA and the music industry go with guidelines and/or rating system and more importantly, give a “Parental Advisory” label for music with adult content. But these labels were put on selected releases at RIAA’s own discretion. Also, these were generic, unlike the original idea of a descriptive label categorizing the explicit lyrics. Many record stores refused to sell albums containing the label (most notably Wal-Mart), and others limited sales of such albums to adults. The label became known as the "Tipper sticker”. Many musicians have criticized or parodied the PMRC and Tipper Gore including famous bands like Megadeth, Anthrax, Sonic Youth etc.



November 25th, 1976 – In San Francisco, The Band made their farewell concert appearance after 16 years on the road, it was called “The Last Waltz” and 2 years later, on the 4th of November, Martin Scorsese’s documentary on this concert was premiered in New York City. This movie featured all the members of The Band and also, other famous musicians such as, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Dr. John, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, The Staple Singers and many more. It’s considered as one of the greatest concert films till date and has many awards and nominations to its credit. The movie highlights the friendships, harmonies, and in general, the band’s career in a nutshell.

ALBUM RELEASES November 7th, 2011 – Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the pop star, Michael Jackson. During the meticulous trial held in Los Angeles, the prosecutors told the juror, ‘Misplaced trust in the hands of Murray cost Jackson his life’. Murray’s defense lawyers insisted that Jackson had self-administered a dose of propofol (when Murray was out of the room) which along with his previous 8 tablets of lorazepam was lethal. The testimony showed that Murray stayed with Jackson at least six nights a week and that he was regularly asked and sometimes begged by the insomniac singer to give him drugs powerful enough to put him to sleep. But, the district attorney argued that the drug should have never been administered outside a hospital setting and without proper monitoring equipment in the first place. Hence, Murray received a penalty of 4 years of incarceration. However, because of California prison overcrowding and good conduct, he was expected to serve two years less and is currently, set for release Monday, October 28th, 2013.

Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), 1st (50) – Bryan Adams, 5th (53) - Greg Lake (King Crimson), 10th (65)- Kirk Hammett (Metallica), 18th (50) – Mac Rebennack (Dr. John), 21st (72) – Miley Cyrus, 23rd (20) - Matt Cameron (Soundgarden), 28th (50) | 75

76 | | 77

78 | | 79

80 |

Shhh Apes – 87 Nina Baker - 88 | 81

Painkiller 7/10 I am Thin 7/10 Fall 7/10 Three Horses 7/10 Angel Coming Down 7/10 Released 12th October Mark Foley – Vocals & Creator Andrew Plain – Drummer & Percussion Stuart Michel - Guitar Lewis Griffiths - Trombone Lianne Francis - Vocals

Shhh...Apes. This is not a warning concerning primates, but in fact it’s the name of Welsh based rock band whose name is Shhh...Apes. The release of this five track record The Shape of Apes to Come, is out now. Mark Foley the man behind this concept, the busiest man in Welsh music has put together something rather beautiful, but has taken him 5 year to actually get this record off the ground. It’s finally here readers, it is finally here. There’s background chimes of a beautiful mood fuelled guitar, the Ok Computer feel to it reminds me of the emotion music brings out to the world. There’s much happening in each of these tracks that it feels to me that if Mother Nature was relaxed and calm this is what style of music she would learn to play. Painkiller strolls in and the atmospheric tone with the dark mesmerising vocals of Mark Foley and Lianne Francis works so well together. There’s the haunting vibe I get, that I get while listening to Radiohead, this is what Painkiller has given to me. The ambient theme for track two I am thin is a slow protruding sound that gathers pace but not too much of a pace, half the song is a mellow instrumental, until Mark and Lianne enter the frame with their haunting vocals. With this mesmerising moment which is accompanied by a beautiful piano playing, slowly closes with the unnerving sound of the xylophone. Fall treads the water in the same veil as the previous tracks, the vocals between Lianne Francis and Shhh...Apes founder Mark Foley is beautiful; the distortion sound which reminds me of One inch Punch gives that kick to this. Coming to the end of the record with Three Horses the ambient flow of this record hits me. There are aspects of a prog rock feel to it. I have mentioned Radiohead, but also I felt some Portishead, PJ Harvey with a dabble of Tricky, these guys are definitely one to watch. The ending of this five track EP brings in a synth feel to it, a faster pace than the previous tracks. Lianne Francis is a vocal talent, such a classy voice, mixed with the trombone playing in the background Angel Coming Down is a tune that fits perfect to close off this debut record from a band that for me personally will release more and hopefully be involved in a UK tour.

82 |

By Mark Wincott

Welcome one and all to the review of debut album Quite Frankly by Nina Baker. Quite Frankly has been recorded in two amazing studios first at Rockfield studios in Wales and finished in London at the Abbey Road studios. If you are unaware of musician Nina Baker then let me tell you that she had signed up to MTV’s brand new unsigned competition of 2013 where Miss Baker ended up finishing second which had over 500 other competitors and she had only decided to sign up just before the deadline. Miss Baker brings to the table an eclectic mix of styles, from pop, blues, jazz mixed with some rock to folk. With the band she has ensembled is quite frankly and yes I did mean to do that, quite frankly beautiful with her piano riffs mixed with bass and guitar from her band is enlightening. Quite Frankly starts with a beautiful flow from soon to be released single, Single bed straight away has got that up tempo flow. Single bed will be released as the first single from this debut album on November 14th I recommend you readers to check it out. It is rather like a fluffy cupcake with a surprise once you bite in to the middle.

Nina Baker

1. Single Bed 2. Bruising 3. Breaking Every Rule 4. When Im not with you 5. Little Fibs 6. Tell Me 7. Clown 8. The Price that I pay 9. Whats it all about 10. Game you play 11. Tied up in you 12. Stupid mistake 13.Falling

By Mark Wincott

Little fibs is a stand out for me, it is up tempo with a sexy sound from the brass section. The lyrics, I hate going dancing with my two left....that there is me to a T. This is musically uplifting and reminds me for some reason of a Frank Turner track, a total stand out for me. What I am pleased with is that there isn’t one speed throughout the records; it shows to me how talented Nina and her band are. The melodies which can be a wonder to hear but also makes the emotional side of the situation come out. For instance in track seven, Clown there is strength coming from this track, such a powerful tune to hear. Stupid Mistake track 11 another stand out on this 13 track record, the flow of the keys the atmospheric instruments help bring the emotion of what this song means to her and for the people listening to this, I always wonder if musicians are aware of what music does to the listeners.

Quite Frankly is a well produced record and the talent that Nina Baker has is something that will grow and Miss Baker will be one of the singer songwriters to look out for especially with her gaining fan base in the UK and also in the States. This woman is not only a wonderful musician but a beautiful person that has been through some times that is tough and is still here bringing music to the unheard. | 83

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