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HELLO and welcome to Love Music Magazine’s thirteenth online edition. So, I had a bit of a break last month, I think I deserved it! Now, I am back, brighter than ever and have lots more of exciting new and established musicians to whet your appetite. I have been on the radio again last month, on All Star FM, when I paid a visit to the studio in Leeds with Scratchylus, Empress Reggae and J Bravo. This was a great experience for the magazine and for the Love Music Awards. I also visited Unity Day in Leeds, and went to Oporto to catch the Carnabells and stumbled upon Nothing But Thieves in the same night. Speaking of the Love Music Awards, by the time you read this the nominations will be closed. The tickets for the finals will be on sale soon. Taking place in October this year. This promises to be a fantastic event to be at. I hope to see a few of you there.

Keep reading and an eye out for all the fantastic developments coming up for Love Music Magazine and the Love Music Awards.

Emma x @cherryb1983

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Thanks for being in Love Music Magazine. Can you tell the readers a bit more about you? We are The Mispers from London. Although none of us are actually from London. We just came together here, we're actually from all over the world. It makes for quite the ecclectic set-up! What has been the highlight of your career so far? Highlight so far would be between KOKO in London and a festival we did out in Germany. KOKO was just crazy.. to play in front of over 1,000 people in London was just madness. And then this one show in Germany was unreal, everyone sat down at a family festival, by the time we had finished they were up ramming the stage despite heavy rain! Amazing.

Lots of artists get compared to music that is already around. What would you say is your most recent comparison? We often get Arcade Fire because we've got a female violinist.. That's probably the closest comparison we can think of and its obviously hugely flattering! Loving 'Dark Bits', your newly released EP. Can tell me a bit about the production of it and what have been the best things to come from making this EP? We recorded Dark Bits with Rich Turvey up in Liverpool. He's a very talented producer and one who always dips his toes into as many genres as possible. So it's nice to work with someone who shares that ambition of intertwining all kinds of sounds and influences. The best thing to come from this EP would have to be that MOOG bass sound, it's something that we definitely want to keep exploring. What advice would you offer to anyone looking to get where you are in their music career? take your time. You always feel so eager to get going but just take as long as you need to really get the music right before jumping into things. Once the music is there, everything else will come naturally. | 7

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Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine about you? We are a five piece band from Bath, have been together for about 2 years playing in Bath, Bristol and London mostly. We all share a love of old style rock music like Stones, Neil Young etc What has been the highlight of your career so far? Our Glastonbury performance this year was amazing, the power went down to the whole site as we were starting the 5th song of the set and we got cut off. Luckily we had brought acoustics with us and we had a singalong with the crowd for about an hour until the power came back on and we could finish our set. It was a special experience playing unplugged to a few hundred people! I'm loving the album on Soundcloud. Can you tell me the inspiration behind it? In terms of influence we are very into Gaslight Anthem and Springsteen, Nirvana, Led Zep. Our debut album is very raw and is a work compiled of songs written over the last few years, it was amazing being able to record it properly with our producer Richard Causon in his studio in London and take our time getting the sound exactly how we wanted. Can you tell us what is coming up for you? 10 |

We will be playing some UK gigs in august and then doing some dates in USA in September. We have a few new songs out this summer so it's time to play them all live! Then we will probably do some more recording in autumn / winter. What advice would you offer to other new musicians looking to get where you are in their career? Stick it out at the beginning until you start getting the good venues and practice as much as you can. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen because they seem to write hits so effortlessly and they play such a broad range of music. If you had a superpower for the day, what would it be and why? Time travel, I would like to meet Henry VIII and ask him why he was so angry. All our FB, Twitter links etc you can find on our website here | 11

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Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine about you? I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Jazz was my first true passion in music, starting at the age of 13. I have been singing and performing professionally for over ten years now and love entertaining. Whether it's Sinatra or Led Zeppelin, I enjoy listening to and being inspired by emotionally charged music. I also have a long-standing love affair with golf and take out the sticks when I get a chance. What has been the highlight of your career so far? Definitely when I had the opportunity to sing for Tony Bennett. It was one evening last January at my favorite venue here in town, The Brass House. Meeting him afterwards was a dream come true. I have so much respect for Mr. Bennett as an artist AND as a person. Can you tell me the inspiration behind your music? Trying to find "standards". Whether they are old or new, covers or originals. I don't want my music to be labelled old school, I'm searching for timeless. Can you tell us what is coming up for you? I am always performing, always working at getting better. I am also writing with some good friends and looking ahead to my next studio project. What advice would you offer to other new musicians looking to get where you are in their career? Patience and perseverance. It's very easy to get knocked down in this business but ALWAYS listen to your heart. You must stay true to yourself. I'm a firm believer in that. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? Wow, I have so many ideas; from Melody Gardot to Yo-Yo Ma. The most formulated idea... Harry Connick, Jr. Not as a duet but as a concept record. So many people don't know his full genius as a piano player and arranger. I'd love to work with him in that capacity. If you had a superpower for the day, what would it be and why? Honestly, since I was a little boy, I have been a Batman freak. I don't want a "superpower", I want human ingenuity.

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Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine about you? Hello readers of Love Music! My name is Robert Bearsby, I am a singer/songwriter based in London. I started out my career busking because I totally ran out of money in Australia which was rubbish, but, during that time I started to write songs about my experiences and people started to listen to them. Once I'd made enough money busking to get back to the UK I felt like if I could do that I could do anything so I set out on a career in music. Wish me luck! What has been the highlight of your career so far? For me, the highlights are whenever I go to play shows in different places around the country and I find that people know the words to my songs. It blows my mind every single time. Can you tell me the inspiration behind your music? The inspiration behind my music comes from all of my own experiences. I can't sing it if i don't believe it and so I always try to be totally honest in everything that I write. I have had a lot of life experience thrown at me in my short few years and so that has given me a lot of stuff to talk about. Can you tell us what is coming up for you? I'm really lucky because I have so much fun stuff coming up over the next few months. I have my first show in Italy next week which will be great, I am releasing a new single called These Strings on August 4th followed by a few shows in Germany, a big announcement on the 21st of August and then my 'live in your living room' tour in September which I'm really excited about. I then have a few things coming up in October/November/December which I have to keep a secret for now! What advice would you offer to other new musicians looking to get where you are in their career? The best bit of advice I've ever heard is a quote from the incredible Don Henley of The Eagles - "Make music that you like, put it out there yourself and don't think that it happens any other way.". If you had a superpower for the day, what would it be and why? I would love to have that power from the film Jumper. He could jump to anywhere in the world if he could picture it. I love to travel and that way I could go and see everything I've ever wanted to see and be back in time for tea! Happy days! 18 | | 19

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Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine about you? We're a 4 piece Alt Rock band. We've been playing gigs all over the midlands since the age of 12/13 and recently broadened out a bit playing shows in cities such as Manchester, Newcastle, Tewkesbury and the like. We've always prided ourselves in playing completely original material; this has allowed us to progressively evolve as songwriters and to deliver an eclectic and exciting sound, still all at the age of 16. What has been the highlight of your career so far? The highlight so far has certainly been the release of this EP. It is a long due release that nicely rubber stamps our first couple of years as a progressing band. Playing Lakefest (Toploader, Athlete, Reef) in Tewkesbury for the first time at the age of 14 is definitely close too! I'm loving the EP on Soundcloud. Can you tell me the inspiration behind it? I think the influence behind this EP is just being ourselves. All the lyrics have been written about personal events in each of our lives, and they have been put with music that we enjoy playing and listening too. There is no specific genre to the EP, we have just written the music that we want to write. Can you tell us what is coming up for you? Gig wise, we are heading out on a UK tour in August to promote the EP. Dates are as follows: 13/08 LONDON SURYA 14/08 NORWICH WATERFRONT 15/08 NEWCASTLE THINK TANK 16/08 BIRMINGHAM THE RAINBOW 17/08 MANCHESTER FACTORY 251 We have also just released 'The Middle Ground' which is the second single from 'Deliverance', leading up to the official EP release on 1st August. What advice would you offer to other new musicians looking to get where you are in their career? Just get out there!! Too many people worry about what people will think of their music, but the truth is, you're not going to know what they think if you don't get the music out to them. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? Wu Tang Clan, because they're Wu Tang. If you had a superpower for the day, what would it be and why?

I would be invisible for sure. Honesty is the best policy I'm a nosey guy, we all are. | 23

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Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine about you? I am a student teacher, juggling assignments, work and music. When I am not working, I find myself with friends, more often than not with my guitar. I get gigs and really enjoy what I do. I like to play acoustic sets, using my loop pedal wherever I can! I perform a mix of covers and original songs. I am also looking to work with other songwriters and musicians in order to get an EP recorded and released.

What has been the highlight of your career so far? I wouldn’t exactly call it a career, not yet anyway! I first realised that I might be able to take my music somewhere after winning an amateur competition at the age of 15, where I put my £500 winnings towards the guitar I still have today. Aside from that, getting my first paid gig was definitely a great feeling! Can you tell us what is coming up for you? My calendar seems to filling up quickly, involving private parties, pub/club gigs and even weddings on the odd occasion. I guess for me, I still try to find a balance between my Plan A and my Plan B. My education is hugely important to me, however my music will always be my main aspiration. I do have an important charity gig coming up, taking place on 18th October, raising money for Pennyfields school in Leeds. It is a school for children with special educational needs and we are raising money for a wheelchair swing! Feel free to come down, the date is 18/10/14 and will be at Moortown Rugby Club, tickets are £6! What advice would you offer to other new musicians looking to get where you are in their career? My advice to other musicians… Never give up! If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? If I had the opportunity, I’d love to work with Christina Perri. Aside from the fact that she’s easy on the eye, I think as vocalists we’d work well together. If you had a superpower for the day, what would it be and why? Time travel, hands down. I’d go see all of the late music legends in concert, maybe learn a thing or two! 26 | | 27

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Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine about you? Hi everyone! I'm a clone made to produce 90s Detroit Techno and all kinds of house music. I like Mojito cocktails, Vedette beers and Tigra cigarettes. What has been the highlight of your career so far? The last year was one big highlight. Before that, no one was interested in what I'm doing. Today, one year later, I'm part of five record labels. Like you see, everything can change very quickly. I also want to thank Emerald & Doreen Records for all the chances and support. Can you tell us what is coming up for you? Some remixes for different bands & producers + a 3rd EP on Emerald & Doreen Records. A first EP on Natural High Records. And there is also a collaboration with Pat Lezizmo, another Belgium producer. I also hope to do some live acts in the future, in some different countries like Spain, Ibiza, Germany, England... That would be a real highlight in my life!

What advice would you offer to other new musicians looking to get where you are in their career? In the first place, make music for yourself and not for someone else. Don't focus on what other people like or what other musicians do or what record labels like continue to experiment with different styles and it's not good to be satisfied quickly, making a track is a process of weeks, months. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? No specific names. There are so many good musicians... And today there is a lot of emerging talent. I would love to work with a good singer for some danceable tracks. Preferably a woman with a soulful voice. Men are also eligible hear, no discrimination. If you are interested, take contact with me on my soundcloud page. If you had a superpower for the day, what would it be and why? Peace for all. Image courtesy of Sam Walcarius

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Can you tell the readers of Love Music Magazine about you? Acoustic/Folk/Indie band; The Office enthusiasts; good bunch of lads. What has been the highlight of your career so far? Attracting 3 labels to our gig in Village- serious buzz. Best gig of our lives. Can you tell us what is coming up for you? Great Summer ahead- EP Launch in Village on June 20; Independence with some incredible acts on August 2. Album early 2015 What advice would you offer to other new musicians looking to get where you are in their career? Patience is difficult to maintain but is really vital. We have a song called Good Luck is on the way- all about this J also, set out realistic targets and when you meet them, set new ones. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? Currently we are covering Magic by Coldplay in our set. Would love to write and record with them- Chris Martin always tunes his guitar in new innovative ways so would love to learn as much from them as possible. If you had a superpower for the day, what would it be and why? Very relevant question- John recently wrote a song about this called “Easy to be your hero�. We will be playing it on June 20! @huntingthebrave | 35

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I was in Leeds for your performance the other day and really enjoyed your music. Can you tell the readers a bit about you? Cheers! We're a 5 piece band from sunny Southend, Essex. Price has got no kneecaps. I think you almost sound like a cross between Radiohead and London Grammar. Do you think that is a good comparison? It's definitely a compliment. Radiohead have been a band we've always listened to so I guess it makes a little sense. Its a tough comparison though, I mean how do you top it? To be compared with something new like London Grammar is great too, we've seen them play a few times now, what a voice.

Conor, your vocals are amazing. When did you discover this talent? My Dad is a great singer and always used to play old jazz records in the house when I was younger. I kinda just fell into it. Not to leave the rest of the band out, because you are all exceptionally talented. Tell me about your respective parts in the band and how you all got together? Joe and Dom both play guitar, Phil plays bass and Price plays drums. We all met during school and started playing in various different projects just for fun. Things started to kick off a bit when we left school and began writing ourselves.

Can you tell me the highlight of your career so far? 38 |

There've been a few cool moments. Our first Radio 1 airplay from Zane is one that stands out, we used to watch him on MTV as kids. This tour has been such a laugh as well, it's been great to experience every Travelodge in the UK. What would be your words of advice to any other musicians looking to get where you are in their career? Don't wanna sound preachy... but write, rewrite and write again. We spent a lot of time writing before we released anything. That was horribly frustrating because we just wanted to get out there and play but we knew the songs had to be ready. What is coming up for the band? I know you have some further tour dates planned. Tell me more about this and anything else.

We have a few more festivals to get through over the coming month - Y Not (this weekend), Brownstock and Southsea. (Apparently we may be playing in Gibraltar?) We're also trying to get some dates together to play some shows in the US. | 39

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So I’m here with the Carnabells outside Oporto in Leeds. Good to see you guys, really good set tonight. Did you enjoy yourselves?

Yeah loved it yeah So you are all from Leeds, what is it you love about the Leeds crowd so much? Even if it’s a Tuesday night, they are all still up for it. I know everyone isn’t going to be going mad on a Tuesday but the fact that they came out and came to see us. The scene in Leeds is one of the best. We have done a couple of shows up and down the UK in different cities. I know we are from here but Leeds has definitely got something about it, so many good people. Tell me about Glastonbury? I must admit I was shocked when I saw the post on Facebook. It was amazing, it was Steve Lemacq who put us on. Alan Raw, from West Yorkshire Introducing, forwarded us to him and we got an email saying Steve Lemacq has chosen you to play at Glastonbury. It did seem like a weird experience from getting the email to being there. We owe quite a lot to BBC, Alan Raw and Darren from Introducing. The festival itself was amazing and we had a really good time. We played on the Friday and on the Saturday we had a bit of a party. We were blown away by how big the tent was. We thought it was going to be a smaller stage. So what it is you have coming up? I have seen you announce another festival appearance on Facebook. We have Leeds and Reading coming up. We are doing the Festival Republic Stage we find out which dates we are doing soon. 42 |

Don’t they happen on the same weekend? Yes but I am expecting it will be one on one day and one on another. But one way or another, you are playing at Leeds and Reading which is really really good. How does it feel again to get such a good booking like that? We aimed for it this year. Around Christmas time we were like, we want to have a good festival season and make sure we get a couple of decent shows to make sure we boost our profile as a band. When you do these kind of festivals, people start to notice a bit more. A lot of bands say the festivals are a great experience. A lot of bands have been going for a few years and we have been there as the audience and from being in the crowd to getting the opportunity to play it is going to be ace. Love Music Awards, you have been nominated for Best Music Video for ‘Magazine Dream’. How does it feel? Shot by Sodium did the video and they are a really good Leeds based video production company. I would recommend them to anyone. They are really good at shooting videos, one of the best in Leeds. We went in to a room with a load of beers and shot the video. They really captured the energy of the song. Anything else you want to add in? We are recording in September and we will be announcing some UK dates soon. Keep a look out. This brilliant group seem to be going from strength to strength. | 43

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Hi Quinn! Good to see you again. I know you have been really busy since we last spoke. I have heard that your Kickstarter campaign raised over ÂŁ23K to produce the video for 'Dark Places'. That is an amazing achievement. The end product is fantastic. Can you tell us a bit more about the video and how the Kickstarter campaign helped with its production? Thank you so much! I couldn't believe it did so well. We were initially trying to raise $11k which we made in the first day. So crazy but thank goodness as it cost a little bit more than we had anticipated! I really have Twitter to thank for that! And the director Jacquie Gould who came up with the idea of going the Kickstarter route. The support from my fans, Rachel Nichols fans and the fans of the show "Continuum" blew me away. I had no idea that was possible. Your single 'Dark Places' featured on 'Continuum' Season 3 Episode 12 on June 15 How did this amazing opportunity come about? I had sent an early version of "Dark Places" to a bunch of people and one of my best friends (Rachel Nichols) who is the lead actress of 'Continuum" passed it along to her friends and that is actually how the video and my song appearing on the show came about. People started reaching out and wanting to get on board to get the song out there. It was awesome! Some of the cast also featured in your Kickstarter campaign. Again, this is a great bit of promotion for you. What are you doing at the moment to promote the video?

46 |

Everything I can!! It's hard as there is always so much momentum and excitement leading up to something and then you have to fight really hard to keep that going. How is the full band single release of 'Dark Places' going down with your fans and listeners? I know this was released in June. So far so good!! I always get a little nervous looking at reviews but the response so far as been really positive so hopefully that will continue The Dark Places EP is released on the 29th July. What can we expect from this? Everything I have put out so far this year as had more of an acoustic vibe. The EP is more edgy with the full band. I'm calling it "Rock n Soul". It still has the emotional element but with a bigger sound. I know you are nominated for two Love Music Awards. Best Indie Artist and Best Music Video for 'Walk Through the Fire'. How does it feel to be involved in this first ceremony of its kind? It feels amazing! This is the first time I’ve been nominated for anything! I am beyond grateful and excited. The EP can be found on Hard Copies can be bought on Twitter @quinn_archer youtube QuinnArcherMusic | 47

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Thank you for being on the cover this month. You have been in Love Music Magazine before. What has happened in your career since then? I just been working harder to take my career to the level it needs to be on. It's an honour to be featured on the cover of Love Music Mag I just want to thank you for the support. I have big things in the works you just have to keep up with me and stay tuned. You career seems to be going from strength to strength, what is coming up for you? I have a lot planned out for the future so far things are picking up I will be taking trips and hitting shows with my artist Chox-Mak soon. We are just continuing to build our fan bases and getting the people involved. I work on building every day I don't take days off I know I have to keep working and something epic will happen for me. There’s no time for sleep with what I want to accomplish so I make sure I’m always working on something. We are holding the Love Music Awards soon in London UK. Who would be your new music award winner and in what genre? You can't pick yourself! I'm still learning about artists overseas I like the electronic group Chvrches I think that their dope and should be heard more. Everything they do is unique they have that different sound that no one is really hearing out here in the U.S. I would definitely work with them if I had the chance to. I know we will in due time.

What has been the best experience in the music industry for you so far? The best thing is connecting with the people that love what you do as much as you do. I get a lot of love on line and when I hit different cities they love to see us make moves and take this music thing by storm. We are now starting to get radio play and things are really picking up. I can't wait to see where we will be this time next year. Thanks for being in this issue and we look forward to seeing and hearing more from you. Facebook: DJ YRS Jerzy Twitter: @IAMDJYRSJERZY Soundcloud: DJ YRS Jerzy | 51

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Hi, I'm Kevin and this is my column for Love Music Magazine "The Spread". In this column I will be offering my pick of music artists. I am also on the radio. You can find me on: Sunday - 12 noon - 3pm - Krystal Radio - Monday - 4pm - 7pm - Total Radio UK - Monday - 7pm - 10pm - WRFN1025 - Wednesday- 2am - 5am (Tuesday 8pm Columbia Time) - Bunka Radio Saturday - 11pm - 2am - QMR Two - Sunday - Vaping Cloud Radio - 8pm - 11pm - Keep an eye out for your monthly music feast!

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How To Avoid Art


Believe it or not The Spread radio show has a very proud history of showcasing electronica music and that is always set to continue however one of the most recent of these is How To Avoid Art which I must admit is a very interesting name. I must admit i heard about this artist from a friend and the American outfit also has the unique genre title of Christian Electronica which quite frankly is a surprising mix within the artist’s tracks and repertoire. I must admit that a great friend of mine first introduced me to the artist and I will forever be grateful to them for the introduction.

Apparently their name is pretty much pronounced like the fruit and to be quite honest the name actually sticks with you in many ways; and is very memorable indeed however there are some very big pop and rock tracks to really back that up in a major way. There are some extremely intricate records that this band has produced however there is most definitely a clean and extremely polished sound.

Saying all of that the music doesn't disappoint and there is a slight Christian theme to the first record on the Reverbnation very much indeed. There is also a mixture of different feels to each record as the first track really does have a slight 80's feel whilst Monk Q has a harder feel to it. In many ways How To Avoid Art is very traditional electronica in many ways with hard hitting synths mixed with futuristic and slightly robotic vocals and quite frankly I personally have a soft spot for that style. Saying that there is a darker feel to this music and the Industrial genre is also part of the artists genetic male-up of sorts. A kind of night-time midnight feel of which demonstrates the ying / yang nature of the music within itself, however with darkness in mind it is worth noting that there are one or two tracks that do contain swearing (Despite its Christian nature) and maybe unsuitable for minors (However the others are fine) and it may be worth seeking parental guidance. The tracks and music also has a split personality and balances itself well Showing both the lighter electronica tracks with The darker nightclub industrial tracks within its midst. Considering the artist name is called How To Avoid Art there is A certain artistic quality to the music itself, as in many ways it is extremely creative and not your average music, there is a lot of the artists expression in each of the tracks involved. Even by the very nature of the track names in themselves like Monk Q amongst others seem quite artistic within themselves but perhaps that is the point. There really is a message behind the tracks that the artist really intended for everyone to hear, but all in all there are some good solid tracks here that pretty much can cater to most electronica tastes and the tracks in themselves are incredibly good stand-alone tracks that I think everyone can enjoy from your electronic pop enthusiast to your hard core industrialist. If you like electronica in its purest forms; this artist is for you.

There are two things to point out here there is one amazing and delicate lead vocal emanating in this band that really does give their sound an extra depth to the tracks in fact to a small extent it does remind me of Matt Belamy of Muse in a lot of ways. However there are some major differences, Peur are definitely less theatrical and otherworld in their approach. In fact quite the opposite, however still producing very big tracks that really do grow in stature as each record passes. Some thought really has gone into their unique sound and there are some really massive and epic guitar solos that are really worth paying attention to as they really do make the record and there are some very intricate riffs to match that really do give each record an epic presence which really can’t be ignored and there are a variety of different riffs on display here that really are technically precise and brilliant to match. There is a massive variety in their music from the more accessible pop rock to some much darker records in their discography and repertoire in fact it is the darker records that really do make a massive impression on me and the fact i could listen to them again and again and have a late night driving feel to them. You almost certainly know that these tracks really could be heard fantastically live or at a summer music festival somewhere out there. They really are a tour de force aurally and I believe many fans of Muse work would tend to love Peur in particular as well even if Peur doesn’t employ the same over-theatrical techniques as Muse however their music does cover an awful lot of scope in sound and artistically. Saying that overall their musical offerings do attract a wide and varied audience with their polished, confident and slick style and deservedly so. | 55

Cloak I must state that the electronica theme of this article is set to continue with this fantastic artist all the way from Bournemouth. These guys are pretty much part of an expanding scene in the UK. However unlike some of their contemporaries in the Electronica scene these guys are much lighter than their darker industrial cousins and like some of the others have formed part of the staple of the bread and butter that forms The Spread radio playlist. The first impression is that there is more of an emphasis on pop and melody in their productions; however this makes for an easier chilled back listening experience; I must admit that their introductions to songs like “Absolutely” and “Burning Heart” really do make my hair stand on end on occasion. The Synth and Synth Pop can sometimes be very intricate and quite delicate in places. In other tracks it can be straight out modern day pop mixes almost bordering onto the arena of Dance music with beats and rhythms that could even compete with the likes of the Pet Shop Boys albeit with much less showmanship. Lyrically speaking there does seem to be a central plank or theme to the tracks that Cloak produces seem to be centred on the notion of love and relationships. The way they wrap around the electronica around the lyrics almost gives me that late 1980's to early 1990's glow about it. Of course I have a massive soft spot for the 1990's; so as you can imagine I connected with the music straight away. In places lyrically they do remind me of Air or Royksopp in places with the rather chilled back records that they produce. I must admit vocally they do produce an extremely polished performance and the lead vocalist Kevin Prior almost fits in perfectly with his surroundings and has a voice perfect for the genre. Not only this there is almost a inclination to say that he almost sounds like someone’s potential partner expressing their feelings through the medium of music; but alas I think I take it too far when I say that but hopefully you will get the general idea of what I am trying to say. You do get the idea that he is singing personally to you in places, The backing vocals in particularly in the track “Set Me Free” inspired in places. Of course like with most decent electronica in the market, there is almost that futuristic aura with some of the tracks and this really does stand out with the track and quite frankly that is what you want all in all. I must say that Cloak really do some excellent pieces electronic pop that are really easy to listen to and serves as a perfect introduction to anyone to the genre itself. .be

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Alex Gordani A bit of a pop-rock number this one, and one of the artists that hasn't yet featured on The Spread radio show just yet. I must admit that this particular review I am doing blind. Mainly because I think the bio's in themselves colour the judgement of the music. Saying that first impressions of the music produced by this artist is the fact that the tracks within themselves are extremely polished and in many ways I think are chart worthy. There is a bit of a James Morrison / James Blunt / Coldplay feel to these tracks of which have a fantastic melody and rock quality to them. Although they are not exactly what I would call Power Ballards there are some uplifting tracks by this artists mixed with softer numbers which doesn't make the music uneven in any way and rounds off the offerings in a good way. The most notable thing about these tracks are the way the guitars and synthesizers are very well joined together in harmony and there are some great summery riffs which really do give the tracks re-listenability. To be honest there are some fantastic pop tracks here that have the touch of The Killers about them however with the main difference is that Alex Gordani is the sole musician and have stamped his authority on all the records and I must admit that the artist is completely aware of who he is and their identity, while many others are still experimenting this artist knows exactly which direction he is heading in and that extra confidence has come across well in the music. Admittedly the artists music has moulded the rock and the softer elements of his music to his voice perfectly, and this is the vocal point of all his performances. Very confident and arguably perfect in places. I must admit that each track is an extremely polished performance, very solid tracks that could very well appeal to a mass audience and very much air-play worthy in many respects.

Centro Plastic A bit of an international affair this one however an electronica artist all the same, coming to you from the country of Argentina no less. In fact just recently the track “Inacayal” received air-play on my syndicated radio show. As the name of the artist suggest they aren't your run of the mill electronica either in many respects. Some of these are quite catchy ditties that have a rather melodic synthesizer feel to them and in the case of the track “Bomb” reminds of a Glockenspiel. In fact the first thing to note is the first track of their EP is just the artist members talking which serves as an introduction to the band and what they do, although admittedly this track is not in English so you may need a good bilingual grasp to understand their introduction to the band and ultimately to themselves. However I find this a unique feature as not many artists do that in modern times! I must admit that there are a lot of answer machine electronic voices in there but that is to be expected in a lot of ways, although I must admit despite their catchy nature most of the tracks on their EP really are under 2 minutes long and some may regard the records as a little too short in general. In many respects the tracks are finished just as about as you are starting to enjoy the rich tapestry they are creating. However you cant take this away from the individual tracks in question. However there is one electronica track of theirs that lends itself very heavily to traditional music in the form of the track “Inacayal” of which you could almost imagine a dance or a storyline being a part of the track within itself; almost as if it is being used in theatre or even a movie. There is a very international and continental flavour from certain tracks like “I Love You Honey, I Need Your Money” Trust me on this one the way to get the best of the artist is to really wear headphones, if you do this you really do get the full effect of the work that has gone into the short tracks in question. For example there is some fantastic bass from within the track “Stoned Love” that you may not catch if you play it through ordinary speakers. There are some fantastic stereo sound-scapes from this artist where you can only appreciate fully with headphones. There are some very good tunes on their latest EP and they are well worth a listen, the artist also has some fantastic ideas out there in the mix that could well be expanded upon hopefully in their next releases. Somehow I expect big things from this artist in the future; and hopefully some longer tracks to see what they can really do, however they really are worth a listen.

Sacred Wind This has got to be one of the strangest yet most enjoyable albums i have ever reviewed in many ways. The self-titled album which also carries with it a book and also a growing radio show of its own, I must admit that the introduction serves as a great story track of its own and leads into some really big and brash stadium rock the stuff you used to hear in the 80's and possibly early 90's and of course it is quite uniquely an comedy album of which people largely would associate with the legend of Spinal Tap. However these guys have gone to blow them away with their metal and their eternal stench. Admittedly Sacred Wind do some exceptionally good rock in its own right with strong solids electric guitar riffs, some great lyrics (more about that later) and somehow I am transported back to a time where Stadium Rock ruled the world. Saying that i absolutely love the OTT tongue in cheek word play and double-entendres that pretty much litter the entire album in its glory. Treading there way through double-entendre and proper rock with ease. There are some songs that really do stand out in particular the extremely catchy track "Metal & Curry" and "Dragonships & Womens Hips" which is particularly Risqué in places however these are the best tracks with exception to the title track and the rather outlandish introductory piece about magic cheese and flatulence in places the whole album reminds me of a comedy version of Jeff Waynes War Of The Worlds and the imagery really is fantastic So the whole album is set in an alternate reality 1980's with knights, quests and adventure. Even though the actual line-up and make-up of the band is rather trans-Atlantic in nature. I must admit that I am impressed in the attention to detail in not only the construction and portrayal of the alternate reality and the painstaking exuberance of which the 1980's style Stadium rock has been constructed. Admittedly the two main stars that shine from this is the powerful lead vocal really is spot on in all the tracks and because there is such a wide variety of tempos within the whole album the lead vocalist has done an exceptional job of balancing true powerful vocals with the more comedic elements of the album coupled with some exceptional lead guitar which really is to die for and I love it in spades the guitar really does sound big and brash and every track is a huge artistic undertaking of its own. If you are a huge fan of Classic Rock, Spinal Tap, Cheese and Flatulence this is for you! | 57

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August 16th, 1977 – Following the death of Elvis Presley, the book “Elvis: What Happened?” written by Steve Dunleavy sold over 3 million copies. It was officially released 2 weeks earlier in the US but the book was a sudden interest to anyone seeking answers about how he had died so young and suddenly as it had stories of his drug use and personal life.

August 6th, 1989 - With their song "Fuck tha Police" causing uproar, Detroit police stopped N.W.A's performance before they could perform the song and escorted them back to their hotel. No charges were filed but the officers told the rappers that they just "wanted to show the kids that you can't say 'fuck the police' in Detroit."

August 10th, 1972 - Paul and Linda McCartney were arrested backstage in Gothenburg, Sweden, for possession of six ounces of marijuana, which was mailed to them by someone in McCartney's office who thought they would like some weed on the road. The couple was released after paying a combined fine of $1,200.



August 18th, 1982 – The Beatles’ hometown of Liverpool, England renamed some streets in honor of the band members. There was John Lennon Drive, Paul McCartney Way, George Harrison Close, Ringo Starr Drive, and even Sutcliffe Street (in honor of the original bass player, Stu Sutcliffe).

August 26th, 1987 - Sonny Bono of ‘Sonny And Cher’ announced his intention to run for mayor of Palm Springs, California, after frustration over his inability to get a new sign approved by the city council for his local restaurant, “Bono's”. He won and served for 4 years (1988-92) and eventually became a Congressman for the district in 1994. He was instrumental in spearheading the creation of the Palm Springs International Film Festival, which is held each year in Bono's memory.

ALBUM RELEASES Joan Artist- Joan Baez Released – August, 1967 Genre- Folk Light of Love Artist- T. Rex Released- August, 1974 Genre- Glam Rock, Hard Rock March or Die Artist – Motorhead Released – 14th August, 1992 Genre – Heavy Metal Metamorphosis Artist – Hilary Duff Released- 26th August, 2003 Genre- Pop Rock Teeter Slaughter Artist – Buckethead Released- 5th August, 2013 Genre – Experimental, Avant-Garde

Andy Bell (Beady Eye, Oasis, Ride), 11th (43) – Frances Bean Cobain, 18th (21) – Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), 20th (43) - Serj Tankian (System of a Down), 21st (46) – Donna Jean Godchaux (Grateful Dead), 22nd (66) – Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys), 22nd (40) – Liam Payne (One Direction), 29th(20). | 59