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Summary A regulatory framework with strong enforcement of intellectual property rights including copyright and trademarks is crucial to enabling creative industries to capitalise on their ideas and talent. The creative sector needs to be able to make money. The UK has been at the forefront of developing this framework in Europe and it is vital that we exert all influence possible in decision-making for as long as we are able. Key issues, such as the digital single market, are in active negotiation, with all to play for. But the government must understand how IP protection and the regulatory framework will be affected - and, in some cases, undermined - for British creatives when the UK leaves the EU. It should take action to plug gaps, enshrining appropriate additional protection in UK law, promoting IP rights worldwide and making strong protection a redline issue in future trade agreements. There are also common standards across Europe which make it easy for businesses to win business and work across the continent and must be understood. The UK should also be a stronger voice in international trade forums.


Brexit Report

Creative Industries Federation: Brexit report